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  1. Don't forget some time to remove wiring for the old stuff. I have a box with at least 20 lbs of old wire, not including the 40lbs of 1990s electronics. I removed my own interior and have been using the bench time to rehab things that haven't been touched in some time. They told me 120 hours for the GFC500, given the progress the tech has made thus far.
  2. Good that you are working the bucket list. So many pilots say "I've always wanted to do that...its on my bucket list" which in my experience usually refers to a seaplane rating. They never make the time. If it isn't on the calendar, it isn't going to happen. Sounds like your issue was getting it on the calendar through no fault of your won. I did my comm multi at one school with a Seminole and my MEI at another school with two Seminoles, both with other peoples' money. Always use other peoples' money whenever possible. Good luck.
  3. I have two, one above the other. I am going to take the harder to reach one out, which should make oil changes less messy.
  4. Suction pump has to stay in mine because I have the cheap speed brakes. Jealous. Just rand down the plumbing today to figure out where it goes and I guess we flip coin to see which vacuum pump goes. Do you spend the time to remove the hard one now, or later when you have to replace it?
  5. Trying to figure out if this was more dead weight that I could remove or if it went to something. After taking everything out I can’t imagine there’s much original Mooney stuff left except for perhaps interior lighting and exterior lighting.
  6. Ok. @bradp got a little closer, also found a thread where @carusoam mentioned wiring diagrams are in the the long-body maintenance manual, I seem to be missing section for wiring diagrams (think they were provided by SN). @thinwing do you have the wiring diagram for 27-0062 that might help me find what these plugs go to?
  7. You are still trackable, if only you know where to look. 900AGL/95KTS when I looked. https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=a03d97
  8. Never mind the spaghetti. Can anybody help with identification of this item in the front of the instrument panel? I have run the numbers M-RC218A on Google, asked a local MSer, gone through the parts manual and I still can't find it. Maybe old avionics component running to the back?
  9. Keep your fingers crossed and mine will be out of avionics early May. I’m always up for a ride.
  10. GI275 Cutout CAD file View File Working on an avionics install. Had the installer get me the the CAD file from big G so that I could 3D prints spacers/retainers to fit into existing panel holes. Submitter PilotX Submitted 04/05/2021 Category Avionics  
  11. Well if you are not in a hurry. I will need to test fit (my legs) I allegedly have 3" extensions (according to the logbooks) and I am average height (~6'3") so I may not need them. I will get to crawling around on Monday since my Bravo is pretty much in a bunch of pieces at the moment with the interior refurb and avionics (they worked me over and added the GFC500 too) install.
  12. Last good one for sale was sold on 3 March. Sorry.
  13. Are you talking about refurbishing existing? Aero Comfort. If you are talking about new plastic, then Plane Plastics.
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