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Random Mooney/Aviation Stuff - Pickup or Ship

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Here is a bunch of stuff ready to join a new Mooney home.  Make me an offer and pay shipping.  You can also pick up in SoCal.

Please review the photos.  Feel free to PM me with questions or ask for more photos.  And if you really want me to quote you a price, just ask.  Otherwise make me an offer, I'll google the item for like a minute to see if you're close enough, and make a quick decision.

Here's my best attempt at a list:

  1. Swivel joint engine control, PN 660051-005
  2. Various inspection panels
  3. Airwolf can cutter (from Spruce)
  4. Taxi lights, 28V, PAR36
  5. ALT FIELD diodes (supposed to stop the ALT FIELD breaker from popping out, you will need to research how to install or ask Don Maxwell)
  6. Icom HM-112 handset
  7. Analog manifold pressure gauge
  8. Tempest AA472 oil filter torque wrench (from Spruce)
  9. Vacuum suction gauge
  10. Turn coordinator (core only, INOP)
  11. JPI sensor PN 5050-3
  12. Compass
  13. Recognition light assembly with bulb
  14. Insight strike finder antenna
  15. Assorted nav lights and bulbs
  16. King autopilot hardware
  17. Four Barry Hi-Damp mounts
  18. Intervox intercom
  19. Transponder and DME antennas
  20. Oil filter drain tool (from Spruce)
  21. Garmin GNC 255A USB adapter for database updates, PN 320-00726-00
  22. Original M20J visors (one is missing the screw)
  23. ATS Spark Plug Gap Gauge, PN ATS450
  24. Headliner speaker faceplate cover, PN 130308-021
  25. Various incandescent interior lights, 28V (they are in an Aero-Lites bag but are NOT LED)
  26. Glareshield lighting assembly with some of the light housings and lights still in, PN 130323-013
  27. Original M20J tie down rings and tail tie-down in Mooney Commercial Green (as removed for stainless steel)
  28. Guardian I pump
  29. Vacuum regulating valve
  30. Rapco vacuum pump
  31. Hubcap cover?  Not certain what the white disk is
  32. KMA 24
  33. Film Velcro Disks
  34. RAM double suction cup mount with ball
  35. M20J shades, well used























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This kibig liar asshole is a scammer.  PM me directly if you are interested, I am never going to contact you from some random, brand-new account, and tell you to email someone else, obviously.  Shame on you, kibig, you're a piece of shit.

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Hey everybody, thanks for your messages. Just a quick acknowledgement here because I know I’m keeping a few of you waiting. I will get back to all of you as soon as I can, just have a very unexpectedly busy day today. Preference will be given according to the order your messages were received! 

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On 5/29/2024 at 10:31 PM, MB65E said:

Just was pm’d by this goof from my questions above. Probably not the op. new member  log on 47min ago.





On 5/26/2024 at 9:28 PM, ZuluZulu said:

PM me directly if you are interested, I am never going to contact you from some random, brand-new account, and tell you to email someone else, obviously.

Sorry about these scammer scumbags.  Maybe we should have a new rule that new users have to wait 7 days to PM?

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I have an additional item to throw on the pile:

B-Kool swamp cooler, 28V, non-remote version.  The flexible arm is getting brittle and has split in a few places.  The majority of the airflow will still be directed as desired but it needs to be taped for leaks or replaced with a new flexible arm.  With that in mind, price is $100 plus shipping.





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If I PMed you asking for your ZIP code, please provide it as soon as you can.  For anyone interested in an item, and to save time, please PM me your ZIP code so I don't have to ask for it.  Normally not a problem but when I have to send 5-10 messages asking for ZIP codes it gets really time-consuming, and I'm moving in a week and need to make this as efficient as possible.  Once I get everyone's ZIP code I will go get shipping quotes.

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