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  1. There was still a guy on the Unicom last time I went, and it was still his job to collect fees. I hope they use some of the money to repair the taxiway after four months of heavy supply traffic used it while the runway was closed.
  2. It might be $150, there are two different prices on the website. But yes on unlimited landings. Camping is half-off the other campsites; I don’t know how much it costs, if any, to camp at the airport or under your wing. But now I want to find out...
  3. I used Sporty’s course for my PPL but have never tried King. For you recently minted instrument fliers especially, please help me choose. Which do you prefer, King or Sporty’s, and why?
  4. Camping at the airport itself is only available to Aero Club members (the ones who pay for a membership to get unlimited landings). I believe the camping area is at the end of RWY 04, and there are a couple notes on the website that Aero Club members should “ask about underwing parking.” Club members also get 50% off the island’s other camping site fees.
  5. That's a really good point. Hopefully anyone who decides to visit takes the time to visit the Conservancy's website, which covers all of the pertinent information, including the recommended arrival procedure, and it also warns about downdrafts on short final in addition to the sloped surface. Still though, the last time I went to Catalina before the closure, somebody broadcast on his first call that he was making straight in from John Wayne despite three other airplanes operating in the area. If he'd read the website first, he'd know straight-ins are discouraged and must yield to aircraft flying the pattern. You'll really enjoy it once you get to go. Before I departed I created a custom waypoint for Two Harbors in my nav. From there it's a left turn toward the airport, which puts you on a 45 to join the downwind for right traffic to 22. Made things pretty easy. And for anyone coming from the north, if you pick up flight following out of the LA Special Flight Rules area, you can occasionally get a clearance into the Bravo south of Torrance, giving you an earlier climb to a more comfortable altitude for the water crossing.
  6. You really do not understand Catalina. AVX is a private airport open to the public that is owned and managed by a non-profit private land trust called the Catalina Island Conservancy. The $25 landing fee is charged and collected by the conservancy. You can also receive unlimited landings with an annual $125 conservancy membership. We can criticize how the Conservancy uses or doesn't use that money, but it's not a fee imposed by any city or the State of California.
  7. What happened with the F?
  8. I flew in the last weekend before closure and can't wait to return.
  9. ZuluZulu

    Whelen 650E and 500 install

    Awesome! Would a short walkaround video showing all of these lights in action be too much to ask?
  10. ZuluZulu

    Ramp Fee Question for Attorneys

    There are a lot of good reasons for that...
  11. ZuluZulu

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I'd like to sign up too, please. @gsxrpilot
  12. ZuluZulu

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Blends in pretty well. Would love to see what it looks like all lit up, if you get the chance and don’t mind.
  13. ZuluZulu

    What is this?

    I haven’t been here long, but I think I already know what to do: @M20Doc
  14. ZuluZulu

    WTB: LASAR WingTips for M20J

    Belated and I apologize, but thank you!
  15. Another data point for this discussion: It took about six weeks for my shiny new PPL to arrive after a mid-September checkride.