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  1. It's great, no real complaints at all. On the EFIS version, one or two of the planes I've flown with a G5 installed didn't have the V-speeds configured, and the unit is much more useful with those on the airspeed tape. It's a simple design, attractive looking screen, and very easy to get used to. For some reason I always initially turn the knob the wrong way to change the altimeter setting, but that's not the G5's fault. When flying it in conjunction with a GFC-500, I found I preferred dialing in altitudes and headings on the autopilot control unit instead of on the G5, since it's a little faster that way. On the G5, you have to push the knob in to select, rotate, rotate. The autopilot control unit is just a little more direct. For the HSI version, I found myself wishing the HSI used more of the screen surface area, perhaps with a semi-circle design. The HSI seems a little small as it's depicted in the middle of the screen with a good amount of blank space surrounding it, but you get used to it quickly.
  2. Haven't heard anything negative about High Desert up at KWJF, and they're a lot closer than 3 hours. I've flown behind a lot of their installations, too. Of those installations, I have almost no complaints. There's one button placement I wasn't wild about (the PTT switch on the pilot's yoke, which was relocated to accommodate electric trim and A/P disconnect, tends to interfere with yoke-mounted iPads) but all you have to do is tell them where you want it. I've flown behind their G5 installations, both single and dual, and even a GFC 500 installation which performed beautifully. But I'm assuming one of those quotes you have is from them already.
  3. The only thing I'd add to this excellent hierarchy of priorities is an ADS-B transponder, because it's starting to get too close to the deadline to comfortably defer it, and you may not be able to find a shop to get you in before January. You could do a skyBeacon as a $2K stopgap if you find a plane that otherwise checks all the boxes, but ideally you'll find one with a permanent in/out 1090ES solution already in place. Unless a skyBeacon covers everything you need for the flying you're going to be doing...
  4. Does the sale include the Scream mask?
  5. Since I'm kind of being called out here, I guess I'll respond. The reason I asked that people contact me first if this ever happens to me (not that I stay nameless or that the information can't be posted) is because, IMO, the pilot should have at least had a say in how and where this was shared. Everyone on here recognizes his plane. Especially in light of his history posting here, he should at least get a chance to explain what happened from his perspective before his mistake is exhibited to the entire world. Maybe it'd be a different answer if he was videotaped buzzing a school bus full of kids at 50' AGL, but that's not what happened.
  6. If there's a way to blockquote text, I can't figure it out, so here's the statement in italics: As many of you know, we had an incident during Mooney Caravan 2019. During the en route portion of the flight, a slowdown occurred during a rejoin to fingertip maneuver. During this same time period, an en route course change also occurred in the direction of the rejoining wingmen. As such, an overrun occurred and both pilots took corrective action. After landing it was noted that contact had occurred. No other elements of the formation were placed in danger by the incident. Currently, a team of Caravan individuals is analyzing the event in order to come up with procedural recommendations. This team is in the process of gathering and reviewing all available information. While our internal investigation is not yet complete (and will not be until the NTSB makes their analysis and recommendations public), there are several takeaways that we are working on for future Caravan operations. These recommendations will likely include more thorough training, more focus on emergency procedures and emergency calls, as well as more detailed written emergency procedures. Please be patient with us as we try to decipher the information, and come up with meaningful conclusions. It is important that the NTSB report comes out prior so that we can incorporate all data into a thorough Caravan safety report.
  7. Just for the record, I, too, prefer that people not publicly post evidence of my myriad mistakes on here without talking to me first.
  8. With all that said, plane looks amazing! Now that it’s yours I’m looking forward to pireps once it’s back in the air where it belongs.
  9. Well you did publicly post your intentions on the Internet, so...
  10. If I recall correctly, you have the sequence backwards. They’d already decided to have a parachute to begin with and rather than undergo costly spin training, they convinced the FAA that spin testing would not be necessary thanks to the parachute.
  11. They should have one "Featured Vintage" on display every year to show what's possible in the older models. Partner with Garmin, or Dynon, or Aspen, or whoever, to feature the best installations. Start with @Bob_Belville!
  12. Kinda defeats the whole point of having a tent though, no? If you're not going to have anyone knowledgeable enough on the product to engage potential buyers, you can still project the image of a compelling product with your display models and go for a halo effect with downmarket buyers. A little passion for the brand goes a long way. Greet visitors with enthusiasm, act like you're happy to see them. If staffing is an issue they could partner with other organizations to fill the need for volunteers. For example, I know plenty of 99s who fly Mooneys and know a ton about them. There are other groups that would work too. Have a nationwide essay contest for student/new pilots and pay for people's trips to Oshkosh to staff the booth. I bet you'd end up with some passionate advocates for the brand that way. Not everyone is going to be able to talk details of flying them, but that wasn't being done anyway. Inspire interest in pilots who may not be able to afford an Acclaim but might think enough of it to pull the trigger on a well-sorted C or E instead of that Arrow or 182 they've been thinking about. And at least have a well-stocked merch table and promotional giveaways to spread brand awareness. Anyone can sell merch. And I didn't attend KOSH so I'm only going off the reports from people saying the energy level was flat.
  13. I can understand why those of you who "know" are choosing not to say what you know, but I humbly suggest it only fuels speculation to announce that you know but won't be sharing further. It's human nature to keep pushing and speculating until the secret finally comes out.