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  1. Who needs a radio? My ADF picks up every AM station I could ever want!
  2. @donkaye Just curious: How thoroughly have you explored all of the GFC-500's failure modes? Do you know what it will do in virtually every kind of failure yet? Would appreciate hearing any insights you've gained thus far as one of the first Mooney GFC-500 guinea pigs.
  3. F33A v. M20J is a fairer fight.
  4. A friend swears by Victor Aviation in Palo Alto. He had his M20C overhauled there.
  5. Don't know if they offer the standalone service but I'm sure Santa Monica Propeller could at least point you in the right direction. 800-421-9995 or 310-390-6233 local.
  6. When the first photo in the listing is a close-up of the hat rack, that’s a red flag...
  7. "Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun. Today, man settled for the next best thing: the Moon(ey)." (But seriously, long live Mooney.)
  8. When three existing threads just aren’t enough...
  9. Does it have the Monroy long-range tanks?
  10. Respectfully, we’re talking about government issued documents they already know about and utility bills to confirm your address. Leave me out of this narrative, please.
  11. Nope. That story looks like it was posted back in April. They've been asking for the correct information for a while now, and it took virtually no effort for me to assemble a package of documents that proved everything they wanted in about five different ways. It was all stuff I already had on hand. Like I said, a total non-event. I was in there and out in less than an hour, and my ID came in the mail about 10 days later. Simple.
  12. I did not have to wait three hours and all of the paperwork was routine, already in my possession, and easy to assemble. Getting my Real ID here in California was very easy. A non-event.
  13. We need a water cannon salute over your laptop @carusoam! Anyone got a couple garden hoses I can borrow?
  14. "Under the terms of the confidential agreement, uAvionix will be able to continue offering and supporting these products in the market." Press release here; AOPA story here.