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  1. "Under the terms of the confidential agreement, uAvionix will be able to continue offering and supporting these products in the market." Press release here; AOPA story here.
  2. It’s been hit or miss, mostly hit, but enough misses to notice. I’m usually wearing a Lightspeed PFX or Tango. Like @mgtrevor, sunglasses will occasionally mess with it, especially when reflecting bright sunlight. For the most part, FaceID does work for me with sunglasses and a headset on, but it’s definitely not 100%. Probably a 70% success rate. And I have an iPhone XR.
  3. If that's true, then that's fine. We used to have the other side of the story to consider, but it was deleted.
  4. Okay, so you don’t like freebies in the buying process. What do you call the nonrefundable deposit?
  5. If you wanted to have this debate, why did you delete the other thread? It’s a lot easier to complain about criticism after you’ve deleted it, huh.
  6. Friend of a friend bought one only to find out he had to sell it because he couldn’t get insurance. Have heard about some high time requirements also but haven’t shopped personally. YMMV.
  7. 210's can be difficult to insure, so you might want to check with your broker to make sure you can get coverage first.
  8. I'd suggest basing your plane at Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (KTRM) in Thermal, CA. Here's how it does on your criteria: 1. Palm Springs has lots of outdoor recreation, including hiking, Joshua Tree nearby, easy Mooney access to various ocean/lake cities and national/state parks, numerous golf courses if that's your thing. You are also just short flights away from Catalina Island and Big Bear Lake, which offer opposite ends of the weather spectrum but are rich in recreational opportunities. There's Santa Barbara and Paso Robles wine country (Temecula Valley is even closer), beach destinations in San Diego, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and more, and Northern California's lush forests and redwoods are also within a day's reach. Pretty much anything you could want outdoors can be found a Mooney ride away. When you want to get out of California, there's Arizona and the Grand Canyon, Utah, Colorado, Nevada. You can fly to Las Vegas for the weekend on a whim, see a show, and be back in no time. 2. While you'd be in California, and thus would pay California property taxes, the prices for Coachella/Thermal/Indio-area real estate are much more reasonable than you might think, and certainly more affordable than living closer to Los Angeles or San Diego, let alone the Bay Area. If you wanted to spend a little more for luxury you could look in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indian Wells zip codes. 3. Palm Springs International is maybe 30 miles away, Ontario International is within an hour's drive, and LAX, BUR, SNA, and SAN are all within reasonable driving distance for direct and connecting flights. Lufthansa has a major presence at LAX; I see their giant A380's running back and forth to Germany out of LAX every day. 4. TRM is a growing airport with plenty of undeveloped space; there is a great opportunity to build and own your own hangar. I can't speak to the current existing structure availability but it'd probably be very reasonable to buy and build on the field, and end up with exactly what you want. 5. I've always been treated well when visiting Thermal/Palm Springs. The local municipalities and politicians proudly support airport development. A lot of investment in Jackie Cochran Regional has sprung up in the last several years. There's been some talk it may eventually get an FAA tower but for now it's uncontrolled. 6. Tons of universities in the LA basin alone, including UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount, UC Riverside, Claremont, and the universities in San Diego are also close by. 7. Warm, desert climate. TRM is actually below sea level. Density altitude is a factor to consider when it's hot but all of the airfields in the Palm Springs basin have long enough runways to compensate (TRM's 17-35 is 8,500' while 12-30 is 5,000'). Wind can pick up and gust in the afternoon, but the mornings are more sedate. I've visited several times and only had gusting winds once, and they were quite manageable thanks to TRM's choice of primary and crosswind runways. 8. Longer flights to Germany than the southeast, there's no denying that, but LAX is close enough for convenience and you can get direct flights on Lufthansa. People complain about the traffic, but it's more than manageable if you plan ahead and schedule accordingly. On days when you just can't stand the traffic, Santa Monica (KSMO) and Hawthorne (KHHR) are there as options for Part 91 "connecting" flights to LAX. With all that said, maybe Palm Springs just doesn't work for you, but in my humble opinion there's a lot of potential for an aviator's retirement destination.
  9. You could get a GTN 750 with the remote-mounted GMA 35c audio panel, saving a little panel space, and keep one existing NAV/COM as your #2. If you haven't tried the 750, there's an iPad simulator app you can play with to see what you think. Or if you just want to go nuts, you could install a GTN 750/GTN 650 stack. And if you're already doing that, I'd at least think about installing a G5 or two as primary flight instruments.
  10. Signature East's people have been really nice to me in the past. You might try calling ahead and asking, couldn't hurt. I believe the prop park (Park VNY) also has transient parking available, but I haven't used it. Or just use the prop park's self-serve fuel station to drop her off while also refueling.
  11. Your VSI must be very confused living its life out in a Mooney...
  12. "Registration Pending" as of yesterday, September 9. Broker might be re-registering it (the broker's P.O. Box ZIP code and the pending registration city appear to be a match), or it's already been sold to a local. If it hasn't been sold yet, maybe the broker bought the owner out until they can get it sold. As for the plane, the listing's reference to a "July 2018 annual" would suggest some questions need to be asked.
  13. And without a single official photo!
  14. I haven’t been flying long enough to know if that’s true for mine, but for what it’s worth, Lightspeed customer service has always been excellent to me.