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  1. Maybe my shop just didn't want to do it then.
  2. As of late last year Foothill seemed extremely busy. I was eager to take it to them with money in hand but I could never get my emails or calls returned.
  3. A lot of invasive metalwork is required and my shop quoted me an obscene, "please-don't-take-this" price. So I'm stuck with the stupid whip. This is what I had put in (when the old ELT failed recert). I do feel better having a 406 MHz but am hoping never to test its true capabilities.
  4. Like everyone else is saying, you're as prepared if not more prepared than most who transition. Find a good Mooney-experienced instructor.
  5. Come on, let the boy sit in your plane! Can we stop this cruel game! Is it so bad to see somebody happy?! I can't stand to see him in this much pain!
  6. Sometimes Spruce. When I need oil quick, just don't want to wait for shipping, or want to browse, I use the local pilot shop on the field, which has a surprisingly good inventory of parts and other maintenance items most stores don't seem to carry.
  7. Closest I came was my GTN 750 screen getting garbled while having some electrical issues, but this was very likely caused by under-voltage (according to an electrical engineer friend). Electrical issues (a chafed wire behind the panel) were fixed and GTN has been rock-solid since. Caveat: one year in service, almost 200 hours.
  8. Is the only change you made the replacement lens? Or was something else required?
  9. I would love to install it when I repaint the plane but they were extremely not interested in providing a clean one without a hole for the landing light (mine are in the wings, I don't need a hole in the cowling). Seemed pretty rude about it too. Oh well!
  10. @sleeper-319 Catalina is a great trip! I've probably landed there at least 20 times. It's smart to bring a CFI or at least do some thorough homework first. Some first-timers handle it well (especially if the conditions are the same as the ones they've studied: headwind for RWY 22, no strong gusts, etc.) but I've seen first-timers struggle, including a Cirrus that had to go around three times in gusting conditions favoring RWY 3 before finally getting it on the ground. And don't forget to set your altimeter! It's easy to forget when you're talking to SoCal across the channel and they tell you to squawk VFR right as you're starting to manage your approach.
  11. Does yours have the landing light in the cowling or in the wings?
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