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  1. This was two CFI’s I really respect telling me this, so for my first time — I decided I’d better listen.
  2. Anthony, as a guy who enjoys your thoughtful lists, is 25 a personal best?
  3. KSMO isn't much further than KSMX, especially for a 201! If there's ever a chance to see this beaut in person please let me know.
  4. To me it's very different flying around in Southern California where it's never truly "night," with the ocean and all the persistent lights on the ground as far as the eye can see. If those lights suddenly disappear, you're in the clouds. Otherwise, you really have to make an effort to get lost or lose sight of the horizon. I renewed night currency Tuesday night and flew out to Point Dume and back, never losing awareness of where I was thanks to the massive lighted guidance system we call sprawl. It's easy to recognize LAX as a landmark, too, thanks to the steady stream of moving lights constantly coming and going. I know, I'm spoiled. But with that said, while I'm very familiar with the LA basin at this point, this familiarity ratchets up my caution and risk assessment if I'm going to be flying somewhere I'm unfamiliar with at night. I recently flew a friend to Palm Springs for an event and made the decision early on that we would stay overnight, and not attempt any part of the flight at night because of the mountainous terrain, the relatively narrow Banning Pass, and my unfamiliarity. Even though I never would have been far from seeing lights on the ground, I couldn't ever be sure of where the mountains were, and that alone was enough to stick to day VFR. Add in the unforecasted surprise of low clouds or haze, and I could easily see an accident chain starting. This has been a long-winded way of saying I agree with your overarching point: we each need to understand our own limitations. Reviewing recent incidents certainly helps with that, whether there's a full investigation done or not, simply by supplying topics for consideration and discussion. If we refrain from analysis until the report comes out, we miss out on a lot of teachable moments. Any one of those moments could be the one that keeps us alive.
  5. Just curious, where did you read that? I've only seen this.
  6. Depends on whether or not you knew it was stolen...
  7. ArtCraft is known as the best around, but since it makes sense to get two quotes for comparison shopping, you might also look at Corona Air Paint. They have a nice looking Mooney in their photo gallery, and I know one of the flight schools on the field here goes there for all of their paint work. Might even be a better bet for a small job in terms of price and availability.
  8. I know Kim Davidson Aviation at KSMO has handled a lot of Mooneys, including a friend’s C for 20+ years and another friend’s J for 15, just to name a couple. Don’t know what their availability for pre-buys is, though. What year J are you looking at?
  9. I remember seeing TFRs of a similar shape near the Camp Fire burn area but, unfortunately, I can't find any screenshots, and I'm not sure if they were even related to the fire. It was a tube-looking TFR at a higher altitude connecting two normally shaped, surface-to-ceiling TFRs to each other, and all three together looked in profile like a lower-case n or upside-down u. For some reason I remember the tube connecting TFRs surrounding Colusa (O08) and KBAB, but I could be wrong.
  10. "Swiping" apps away in iOS, a.k.a. force quitting, does nothing. iOS is designed to hold them in there, unused. When you "quit" them you lose the quick-switching ability, slowing down your phone and decreasing battery life. Even Apple personnel all the way up to the late Steve Jobs himself recommended not doing this. Details here.
  11. Good point @Hector, I forgot to mention the battery life. Even better than the XS.
  12. Skates, I’ve been talking with a few of the local avionics shops recently. High Desert is probably booked into June by now if not later. Leading Edge might have more immediate availability, but no doubt filling up fast. Might be worth thinking about making a reservation now if you’re thinking anything more involved than a SkyBeacon ... just my 2 cents. There are a ton of airplanes flying around SoCal that aren’t compliant yet. It’s the perfect storm.
  13. 2018 Get my PPL - success! Pass the 100 hour mark - almost. 98.9 Don’t crash - success! Research everything I can about buying and owning an aircraft - in progress, will never end 2019 Complex endorsement ACQUIRE AN MSE Complete Mooney transition ADS-B compliance, if the airplane I get doesn’t have it 75+ hrs Visit family in Oregon and Arizona using my own airplane Pass the instrument written Begin instrument flight training Don’t crash
  14. By the way - the iPhone Upgrade Program might be an option for anyone who prefers a more reasonable monthly charge over paying full sticker price. It’s the closest thing to the old carrier model of a subsidized upfront cost followed by an “upgrade” every one or two years.
  15. Smart phones have always been expensive; it’s just that carriers no longer subsidize the real cost like they used to. The 16GB iPhone 5 retailed for $649, 32GB was $749, 64GB was $849. That the iPhone XR costs the same for more storage, better screen, FaceID, faster processor, and more, it’s practically a steal.