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  1. That's where my new JPI OAT probe is too, except on the right wing. I'm not sure where the G5 OAT probe is but it reads 20 degrees hotter (!) so I am talking to my shop about relocating it.
  2. I called them and they reacted as though they had no idea and told me to call Precise Flight.
  3. I have the Monroy tanks and an EDM-730 (which I just upgraded to an EDM-830). The EDM has fuel flow and the fuel capacity can be configured by the pilot in the factory setup menus. Mine was set by the prior owners to 93.0 gallons capacity, even though it actually has 94, I assume they had some sort of safety margin in mind. With fuel flow, and as long as I remember to tell the EDM whenever I add fuel to the tanks, I have found it to be very accurate. I personally think having four separate sensors for each of the main and long-range tanks would be overkill. And the way I gauge its acc
  4. I think I have the exact same switches. Do you know what size the speed brake cap is? That's the only one I haven't been able to cover, and the avionics shop didn't know either. P.S. Does "checklist" talk to the G500 TXi? P.P.S. What do you use CWS for now that you have a GFC 500? I had my shop map it to Garmin's Teligence and it works great.
  5. This screams GTN 750! Slide the GNX 375 down underneath it and that would be a beautiful little radio stack. People are upgrading their "legacy" GTN 750s to GTN 750 Xi, so there is a relatively active used market that could nab you one for around $10,000. You could add dual G5s to the left side and be set for years until the money is there to go nuts with 10" screens and whatnot. Or GI 275 if you don't want to go without your flight director for the time being. But I do agree you should add an engine monitor pronto. If you're going to add a 10" screen later and you know you want to u
  6. That's ok! Hover your mouse over my screen name to the left of this post. A little menu should pop up within a few seconds. Click "Message" and you're off to the races!
  7. Extremely reliable. Instantaneous push to iPad of changes. I tap "activate" on the GTN 750's Direct To and within less than a second the iPad asks if I want to transfer the updated flight plan. Going the other way also happens in mere seconds. I update my charts using the 510's SD card function; I do not use Garmin Pilot.
  8. Bumping a very old thread to ask: those with the JPI EDM-730/830 and a 201, what HP CONSTANT setting do you use? What MAP ADJUSTMENT do you use? What high battery and low battery settings do you use? (Mine seem to be random guesses by some prior installer.)
  9. It concerns me that paint is first on your list after a ferry permit. IMO it should be last. Unless the plane will be kept outside and the paint is in such poor shape that it's providing no protection from corrosion, there are bigger fish to fry first. Plus your new paint is likely to get scratched and damaged during all the other work you have planned if you paint it first. Because it's been hangared, the current paint will probably look perfectly fine with a little elbow grease and a quality polish. Find what needs fixing first. Fix it. Then invest in extras and aesthetics. My 2
  10. "Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun."
  11. Bass guitar (and Mooney ownership!)
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