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  1. Surefly has a pretty good setup procedure. I just installed one on my 67'c a couple of weeks ago though I haven't much of chance to check it out. The first problem we experienced was as we were turning mag gear to get the LED to out and the LED was rapidly flashing and didn't seem to matter how slow we turned the gear. So when we removed the cap over the manifold pressure port that seem to fixed that problem. Second problem was the Magneto gear installation (as others of mentioned) I had a brand new gear but couldn't timed to the engine as prescribed in the instructions. so we pulled the Surefly and re-installed the magneto gear. If I recall correctly initially the part marking of the mag gear was 6 o'clock position then we moved it to the 8 O'clock position. we had a 50 % percent chance of getting correctly the first time. Just a hindsight comments and observations .. if you watch the Grumman installation video from the web page, they kind gloss over this point in the video IMHO. It has two different power terminals/posts and by terminal I mean the gold color bolt head is the terminal posts one is for "TIMING" and the other is for 'Power". These terminal post have a 6-32 thread in the center shown in "Timing" position in the picture below. So for timing procedure You use the timing terminal once for initial setup then your done. This is the light flashing sequence step to indicate the timing of the dip switch settings (also other have previously mentioned). The other "POWER" terminal post is the power from the battery and has the inline 10 amp slo-blow fuse. the Silver terminal on the side is for the P-Lead. and of course the is fun once you have installed the SIM on the engine. trying to installed the 6-32 screw terminal into the power terminal post can be a bit of challenge . As others mentioned, there really wasn't one part number for the slick Ignition Harness. It is more of if have a model slick mag installed on a M20C here is a lists of part numbers that are suitable substitution for slick magnetos harnesses and there were several. I believe it was Jason from SureFly suggest that I talk to New Horizons who uses Aircraft Ignition services (903 378 7205) as their sales distributor. For the left side slick Ignition harness, I elected to use the New Horizons "Maggie Ignition system" slick cable harness (L2-5AS-II) . This is supposed to be Left side slick ignition harness replacement .The routing made it a little short when compared the harness routing to the Bendix Left side Harness. Since the PMA part I used as is. I paid about ~ $264 from Aircraft Ignition services from Honey Grove, TX. Also elect to use ElectroAir's EA15000 start panel. I am overly paranoid of the starter button exposed with no guard while on the ground. I pulled the Ignition Circuit breaker when not in use in the hangar. While in flight I am overly paranoid of bumping the rocker P-lead switches could lead to a exciting and exhilarating experience. But hey :~) I got rid of reoccurring Bendix switch AD.. Probably was not worth it. Not much of the Mooney original wiring remains. It runs like a singer sewing machine very smooth. So far no complaints though I haven't received the bill from my IA for the annual . I had the Right Bendix Magneto overhauled. since it was approaching the 500 hr inspection. there was intermittent occasional miss. James "67C
  2. too many wires for a voltage regulator. though I could be wrong...... I believe there are typically 4 20 awg wires and maybe 2 additional wire for over voltage light. James
  3. I am not too sure how well this work since you said you had slick magnetos., I am not sure if you can mix and match bendix and slick, since I have never heard of any one doing this. but I just pulled my left Bendix S200 that has about 320 hrs on the Mag off 0360A1D from a'67C and pulled the SOS box. I installed the Surefly on the left side. I can NOT yellow tag it but if you want try it for ground run only .... I am about 25 nm south of you \@ KRNT. James
  4. Great report. Boy now there is going to be a influx left side S200 Bendix magneto's on the market for sale :-O... I just installed a Surefly in the left position as well while I had the plane in for annual. I think biggest obstacle was in getting Magneto gear in the correct position while keeping the LED out once we figured it it when pretty smooth, except the typically no room to work. I had purchased my slick Harness from Aircraft Ignition Services, Honey Grove TX. My left side routing made it a little short but functional. I have not gotten a chance to really check it out. The weather up here is being a stinker and I have work schedule that isn't cooperating other than the 0.2 hr flight back to my home airport. It did seem weird to me on climb out I typically pull the throttle back to 24" or 25" and then the prop to 2400 or 2500 rpm when I looked at MAP it was at 23" I don't remember pulling it back that much but could have. I wasn't me since I had been messing with lelft side P-Lead dropping resistor value and the Manifold pressure line spark adviance. I will have to wait for more predictable weather with higher cloud bases which could be awhile. James '67C
  5. I am curious on how and where JPI picks up the RPM? And does the JPI only do one mag ? Thanks, James
  6. So JPI use one RPM Pickup ? what happen if your right mag dies does that mean you have no RPM indication ? Just curious, Is JPI using the P-Lead as the RPM pick up point ? or??? I am currently installing a Surefly with EI CGR30C&P Engine monitor, Surefly FAQ's say to use 18K ohm resistor. I guess I will find out soon enough. James
  7. I am not familiar with plane power voltage regulator setup but I can speak to Plane power Alternator and Zeftroincs voltage regulator setup. I was hooking connections after an upgrade. I had miss a ground lug going to voltage regulator Over voltage light came on I had never seen the over volt light come Since 2007 when I installed this setup. I would suggest doing continuity check on all your grounds and connections to your master switch. Sometimes wire connections can look fine at a distance but once move them around a few times they just break. Another thought what vintage is your wiring? (I could tell what year and model?) the connections maybe tight but if the 50 year wiring has worked harden to point failure or hanging by a few wire strands the could be the problem. Hope this helps, James '67C
  8. If you have a GNC-255 you can drive the G5 Loc/GS via RS232. if you are trying drive both or mechanical cdi (syncro/resolver type ) as others have stated you going to need a GAD29B.
  9. in my case..... the master switch is located below the ignition s/w so when look at the master s/w I just need look up slightly to make sure the key is out. however I gotten to point that I pull the key a put in my flight bag subconsciously. the tow bar problem scares me especially since our Mooney's nose wheel has turn radius limits.... you know those tow turkeys.
  10. I would agree, I have added making sure the master s/w is off before moving the Airplane back into the Hangar to the check list and was taught to treat the prop as if the mag was always hot. But usually the one time you don't check check that gets you into trouble. James
  11. My main concern is that I remember to leave right magneto grounded during start sequence. My other concerns accidentally bumping the switch while in flight. I have it placed similar in the the picture above. And of course lack of security. James