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  1. I am interested as well, particularly in EI (Electronics International) CGR30 C&P engine monitors. is the output a csv file or text readable file? Is constantly streaming the data when a master switch is on or there smarts built in that looks at airspeed or altitude or??? I like the fuel sector Idea where you are looking at the position of the fuel sector. maybe include a count down timer based upon the tank selected you would how time remaining total and by individual tank. so you cross check with fuel flow and fuel quantity. Though in model I fly, the fuel sector knob is recessed and close to my feet. My feet are heavy and very clumsy be afraid breaking the reed switch. Also some us have fuel lever knob extenders for switching tanks These knob are made various material from Aluminum to PVC. the extender isn't necessarily fool proof at least one I have you can put on either way it will switch tanks. James '67 M20C
  2. I have one that I removed from 67C If I can find it ... pm me an address send it to you and it's yours
  3. weight shift control for roll control interesting
  4. Oops. Let me try again. The picture is still crummy.
  5. Not sure if this applicable to your situation . ..... with two G5's installed and recent GFC 500 installed. I would get a "Attitude comparator" message from the G5 Data_Log file on the micro SD slot (with data logging enabled on the G5). In my case with 2 G5's EADI and G5 HSI was reverting back to the ADI prior to GFC500 install. I thought I had fixed this ADI reversion problem when I discovered an open CAN bus terminator and replaced it. This problem was very intermittent problem and very annoying because some flights it would fail and other flights it was fine very random problem. After changing the CAN bus terminator it seem to much more reliable but I still had my doubts in the back of my mind. It was only after the GFC500 install did it reveal that problem had not been fixed. We couldn't have never have diagnose the problem properly without the GFC500 being in the loop. The installer swapped G5 positions ADI with HSI. it worked flawless after that and the "Attitude comparator" message wasn't showing up in data_log file and no ADI reversion on the HSI G5. this meant that my original G5 (an oldest) ADI has a bad Attitude comparator or so it appears. My installer had mention to me that it could have been almost any Garmin device on the CAN bus loop giving the "Attitude comparator" message since most of the newer Garmin units have the AHRS circuitry embedded in them. It may sound simple but the more CAN devices (nodes) on the bus especially the GFC500 the more columns appear in the Data_log file. The 2 G5 installation with GMU11, GAD13, GAD29B configuration(before the GFC500 install) had no column for the "Attitude comparator" message which appears in the "Autopilot state" Column since it didn't exist at the time. Hope this helps, James '67C
  6. I figured it out the little red button is thread once unthread it the silver collar came off and the switch dropped out the back. the picture is crummy. Thanks
  7. I had misspoken earlier the silver collar unscrews but that is as far as I can go. This silver collar doesn't complete come off , if it did I could back out the AP switch from the mounting (Ram horn shaped ) sorry picture are sort of blurry I have to get better picture next time.
  8. I was referring to removal of the Garmin AP Disconnect red button see below. The silver collar backs off easy but doesn't come off the rest of button assembly didn't want to move. I have already removed the PC wing lever button that is where my PTT is located. James '67C
  9. How do you remove the Garmin AP (bottom switch) I have removed the silver collar but the switch won't budge. I have similar setup except I put a bushing hole for the wing leveler disengage button and mounted my PTT switch. I didn't want damage it. I want to try out a different arrangement. Thanks in advance, James '67C
  10. I could sell one that I pulled out of my '67C about 5 years ago. no yellow tag but was working when removed. PM if me interested
  11. i would be interested making it me 6+
  12. I have a set ones made out of thin plywood but most of the markings are unreadable. I tried to get a throphie engraving but the person wasn't Interested in making them for me.
  13. They seemed to have changed their customer service model within last year year and half. I was really surprised to hear that a Garmin installer that I have heard of was having the same problem getting support. It my understanding that these Garmin dealers a pay premium to be a dealership to get virtually no support or valuable information.
  14. You are probably correct. When I installed Garmin G5 the early Installation manual revisions. One of the antennas that the manual called out was for the ci 2480. i thought I had read some where that It was a non WAAS gps. Not sure where I saw that though.
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