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  1. well I updated to 8.00 hopefully I get to try it out tomorrow
  2. Hi, I am curious to know how often people or have the their local avionics shop update their software on the G5 , GFC500 ? I hope that I at point to finally finish up on my instrument rating had to pause training last year when I had the GFC500 installed. I had mine installed a little over a year ago with 6.20. early after installation I had teething pain when one of my G5 intermittently failed on me. Took about 2 months to resolve the issue . I haven't been flying hardly at all this year to really get a good baseline on how thing are functioning on the airplane. I know that there have been a few updates since then but I am little skeptical of causing too much of a change or unsuspected change. I was wondering what people thoughts and experiences with the software updating process. is it like the nav data every month is when they update software version? or ??? Thanks in Advance, James '67C
  3. I did that with my Insight G3 Engine monitor but temperature ( uses a J type thermocouple ) and Sandia STX 165 Transponder which used RTD (resistive thermo Device), both mounted in the NACA Duct(s) one in the left side and one in the right. I found the readings to be inconsistent and erratic in some cases. when compare to OEM windshield Temp probe and left under wing GAD 13 & GTP59 temp probe on the G5. I expected it to be like a compass deviation card you could just add or subtract the deference and get the temperature correction to get true OAT temperature. It wasn't true in my case. I suspect the Avionics guy didn't want to run the wiring. Just my 2 cent. James '67C
  4. I tend to stick what works. mogas and others fuel substitutes can contain alcohol and other chemical that can attack seals o-rings and other components in the fuel systems. Just ask one of the guys who have done tank seal if they want to do it again? do questionable or unknown chemical component in the mogas or other fuel substitute that "should work" let alone octane rating as others have pointed out. If were a drop in replacement like GAMI G100 then I would be interested.
  5. Removed several years ago. Was working when removed. Fuel Senders will need new gaskets other than that wiring is intact and oil temperature bulb , Current shunts for ammeter. The Fuel Senders are 0-30 ohms for the 26 gal (156 Lbs) senders per tank. Asking Price: $450 plus shipping. James '67C
  6. Glad it was an indicator problem and not a flight control problem. my stab trim indicator cable had broke several years back the cable had separated from indicator. I was able to get guy to weld/braze/solder it back together and check the travel against the travel board all is good.
  7. Here is example of what Garmin revision history shows as of today.
  8. So I am at S/W version 6.82 as well. If memory serves me correct, you have to enable the data logging for it to work. I know I had to do it on 6.82 s/w version, it is possible that this may have changed in later G5 s/w versions. I suspect that new SD card bought at store depending on the size/capacity could be formatted as NTFS. The (FAT-32 formatted, whatever that means) means that new micro SD card could be formatted as NTFS (Windows NT File System) format as opposed to FAT32 (File Access Table 32 byte) as opposed to FAT16 (File Access Table 16 byte) which real old hardly ever used except maybe in real old DOS computers. There are several other File Systems formats out there. I don't remember what the default Format is for micro SD cards and other SD cards. Garmin probably made mention of it to make sure that is format is correct to ensure proper results. I am surprised that you can't set the 'V'-speeds. all the pin 3 being grounded is doing telling the unit who is primary and who is secondary in a 2 G5 configuration. I had to play with mine to remember how to get to the V-speeds page. off the main page in the configuration mode 'Airspeed'. I had set it long time ago. One thing you could try if you haven't tried already is power on G5 that is configured as the ADI and keep the HSI configured G5 powered off. to see if that would allow you get to the Airspeed menu in the configuration mode. should be off the main menu page in configuration mode. You have to push in on the rotary knob while powering on the G5 unit to get it go into the configuration mode. Hope this helps, James '67C
  9. I have had a similar issue with G5's and GNC255(Nav/Com) being of 2 to3 degrees off when I do the VOR/VOT check. I thought it was odd. I had the GNC255 CDI indicator many years ago by an avionics shop it was spot on. It never occurred to me that it could be the G5 that is off. Curious to know what version of s/w is ran on the G5's? I haven't updated mine over a year after the GFC500 autopilot install. James '67C
  10. so then are you then notching out for fuselage skin as oppose the setting the table saw blade at an angle ? almost like ripping a piece of wood except not ripping in two?
  11. by chance do you have a picture of your table saw jig for the bevel windows ?
  12. In the cool overcast of the PNW, Renton, WA (KRNT)
  13. I appreciate your response. 1) Oh yeah .... I have probably most expensive install of the NGT9000+ in a Mooney. if not the most expensive installation of the NGT9000+ cost just about the same as the GFC500 installation last year. 2) The so called "Avionics Shop" had lied to me, and had never had installed NGT9000+. They had claimed they had when I asked, only discovered after picking up the plane. I had to clean up the "Avionics Shop" wiring mistakes and the person running the "Avionics Shop" is no longer. Yes I have reached out other Avionics Shop (including one on this form ) but no avail. It just keeps cost me more money. I have tried the firm ware update in the past It didn't fix "TAS External Fail message" message Jim from L3 had help me. So I am orphan customer. regretting my mistake Thanks James '67C
  14. Curious to know what message are you seeing ? I have had nothing but trouble with mine. I keep getting "TAS External Fail message" I have tried switching out the supposedly incorrect RG400 cables going to the NY156 Antenna with L3 Antenna L-Band Antenna Green cables and the correct antenna connector tray mount. it still didn't fix my problem. Jim from L3 was a great help but I believe he has moved on. So I am not sure who we have to reach out to. James '67C
  15. I have replaced my whole 6 pack OEM engine gauge cluster and senders out of 67C. Replaced them CGR 30C&P, and CIES fuel senders. They were working when removed. If you are interested for spare/backup parts. James '67C
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