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  1. What happen was that I was considering on replacing my throttle cable, So I started removing some of the connections after I realize the scope of the task and the potential amount of time that was going to be involved, I chickened out. I have it now where the the gear warning horn doesn't go off after the gear retracted. Thanks for the help and link. James
  2. I have a '67C with a manual gear. I was wondering if there was any trick or technique in adjusting the throttle position micro switch on the throttle? The gear horn goes off when I retract the gear on take-off. I thought I had it adjusted I could hear the clicking of the micro switch but it seems to intermittent. Some times you hear the click as you move the throttle forward and other times you don't it seems to be completely random. I didn't see detail on how do this in Service Maintenance Manual.
  3. Below is picture from Top Cylinder #3 with Surefly SIM and Maggie Ignition Harness and factory tempest fine wire gap. Sorry the Picture isn't the best. I have close to 90 hrs on them. I had forgotten the labeling on the Maggie Ignition harness leads was labeled incorrect also Ignition leads on Cylinder's #2 & #4 they fit but they are too short they wouldn't follow the same routing of the Bendix leads along the cylinder rocker covers that go to the bottom plugs. About 90hrs down and about another 1910 hrs to go before the Surefly needs an overhaul and about 410 hrs before the Righ
  4. I am not sure which altitude encoder you have. I have the ACK 31 altitude encoder since there some short stringers running along fuselage. I put an aluminum square tube side of the fuselage to clear the stringer(s) then placed an aluminum plate with nut plates for the ACK 31 altitude encoder and the GAD 13 to mount on. I used the 2 screw holes on the side of the fuselage previously used for the wing lever rate gyro just off and above the pilot's knee. The previous installer had mounted it on the right side but I wanted to keep my static lines fairly short. James '67C
  5. I have been told by the Garmin dealers that if you plan on Installing the GFC500 autopilot which requires the special CAN bus cable. something like $4 to $5 a foot. I believe there is 120 ohm load in the cable not sure of the specifics as how it's made or made different maybe another layer of shielding but it does have different electrical properties than the MIL C-27500.
  6. I have started to removing the 53yr old throttle cable with the mcfarlane purchased through lasar. I would like to Know what others have experience With Mooney's mcfarlane Throttle cable? I had mine slip on me many years ago. the throttle was stuck at 1400 rpm. It took me 2 times around the Patten before I realize what the problem was. Since I hadn't flown in about 3 months I thought it was me. but I figured by using mixture Control To pulse power Output I could deplete excess energy and land. Similar to what the German's did in WWII with the v2 buzz bombs to control their thrus
  7. I am probably stating the obvious here but Be advised that not pin extractor are created Equal there are a lot of knockoffs that work worth A darn. same wire stripers and crimpers. There is a lot bait switch On the internet It's really hard to tell. For non high density Pins I use I believe it's maded by amp red and white Metal extractor. it works great but I have tried red&white metal extractor knock offs that doesn't work worth a darn. I use the 90 degree 22 ga tweezer type and yes they expensive for the hi density pins but they work reasonably well. Hope This helps, James
  8. If I remember correctly the prestolite vs Chrysler has do with polarity Of the voltage regulator of the field circuit on the alternator. Don't quote Me on this I believe most on Mooney's are type 'B' let double check First. Hope this helps, James '67C
  9. I have not. Does shutting off the cell effect Internal GPS signal of the I pad? If the WIFI problem connection continue persist, I will have give shutting off the cell a try. I have to get better flying weather to get more data. Thanks, James
  10. Hum I must be misunderstanding you... So I get the part when say you hit “activate approach” on the GPS since there is no activate approach on the GNC-255. Still in my case, where I have two independent G5's displays and two independent navigation sources plus a GAD29B that make all this happen. Say for the sake of argument that the Pilot had the GPS slaved to the CDI needle on the G5 but you wanted to do an ILS approach. Someone (other than the Pilot) on the CAN bus would have to over ride the Pilot's input of the previous selected GPS option for CDI on the G5 to now be slaved to I
  11. Thanks for the followup question Derek, I have had a couple of problems with wiring on the PIM (WIFI) module/dongle. I miss spoke earlier when I had said the installer didn't use shielded twister pair wiring they did. The strip length of the shielding was longer than most that I have seen. In the past I had found that the original installer had way over crimped the pins for the TX & RX signal on the DB9 connector. So over period of time the connection would work harden and break. Since the NGT 9000 + was installed in 2017 there was a service bulletin (not sure if was technically
  12. Purely speculative on my part. But as others have said or eluded to. being that G1000 is more Of integrated unit where as The G5's or GI275's and having separate navigation sources such as GNC-255 and GNX375|GNC-355|GPS175. I couldn't see how 3 separate and independent systems could possibly negotiate what the pilot is thinking and when to make the switch from GPS signal to ILS signal. I think that would be hard problem to solve and integrate into independent systems. I would be Great if they reliably do it.
  13. Not sure if the GI375 has the GAD29B equivalent builtin but in to the unit. However in the case Of 2 G5'S G5'S GNC-255 (Nav/Com) and GNC-355 (GPS/Com)setup. There's is a bit Of Symantec's in terminology and physical location different navigation unit. My case the GNC-255 sits above GNC-355. so physically the GNC-255 is my com#1 on the audio panel . but as I recall I think it's SDI on the G5 it see it and Nav signal number 2. Once working correctly you really don't even think twice which nav signal is #1 and #2. It's either being driven by GPS or the VOR/LOC/ILS signal on the G5 it tells Wh
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