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  1. If the flight stream is that unreliable on loading the nav databases. how reliable is it when trying to download your foreflight flight plan from your Ipad ? and if that is unreliable what else is it good for? Thanks, James '67C
  2. Looks like Gill finally added the Mooney M20C to the PMA/STC list. I remember many many years ago when I noticed the G-35 battery didn't have the M20C on the STC/PMA list they had the M20B , M20D, M20E, M20F, M20G but no M20C. I called them up ask why, I don't remember their exact answer but they seem pretty determined not to change their STC/PMA paper work on their end. I always thought that was weird to leave of the M20C one the most produced Mooney models off the list. Good for them they Added the M20C model on the PMA/STC list for the 7035-28 model . Though could have done better in th
  3. Curious to know How often do the Vacuum Regulator fail in a Mooney? I have heard of Vacuum pump fail and Instruments fail. I was having problems with my Vacuum system many many years ago. I was temped to shot gun trouble shoot the problem by replacing vacuum regulator. The ol' replace the easiest component first philosophy or in the electronic realm biggest chip first . It wasn't until I had talk to the instrument shop and quit trying to treat the pneumatic circuit like electronic circuit by me kept trying to add a return which was my problem. In my case I had added the First G5 and
  4. I went the expensive route.... when installing My G5 several years ago under something like rev1 of the G5 installation manual. I installed the Comant 2480-201 Com\GPS (non WAAS) antenna this was before the glare shield GPS antenna was an option. the com antenna is for my GNC255 nav/com. My rational was I didn't want to drill more holes in the fuselage for another com antenna and new GPS which would have also cost me money. Though the cost would have been not as much and also in the reduction of drag department and again probably not enough to justify the added cost but over many yea
  5. On 4/4/2021 at 10:32 AM, Tim Jodice said: What is the difference between firmware and software? Serious question I don't know. Typically the firmware unit specific like a N number or Engine parameter(s) as such or to expand a capability of GPS or ADS-B unit . So say you sold Engine Monitor or ADS-B or GPS unit to another Mooney owner. The Mooney owner that you sold it to has different Prop operating limits or different tail number in ADS-B etc etc, more than like likely that is going to be a firmware update. Depending on the vendor they may allow upgrade in the field or yo
  6. I would expect the wing leveler to work if he keeps the turn coordinator which controls roll stability. Unless he has an autopilot then he would need some form heading source. don't quote me on this... I think someone here on MS has figured out how to connect the G5's using a GAD29B to the autopilot I can't remember if century or brittian autopilot. When my turn coordinator died the local instrument shop wouldn't repair the turn coordinator. so overtime I pulled entire wing leveler system . For the vacuum gauge and goes you may consider keeping the gauge for the wing leveler to ensure t
  7. If you are still looking ... I have some that I have removed from a '67C Mooney if still interested James '67C
  8. What does flag notes 3 & 5 say ? I have heard several iterations on what type of CAN Bus wire should be used. It seems that it changes depending on if you are installation GFC500 autopilot and what revision of the installation manual that your are using. One avionics shop told me that the latest G5 manual they have gone back from using the expensive 3 to 4 dollar a foot extra shielding cable. I haven't confirmed that. LPM I believe is the lighting protection module and heard that Garmin was going away from that if I recall my conversation with Garmin correctly. I guess my point
  9. Some might consider pouring 17k into an airplane that is worth ~ 34k to 45k not a wise investment.
  10. I had wing leveler on my 67C about 4 years ago and turn coordinator died on me. making the wing lever system inop. The instrument repair shop near me wouldn't touch it. they told me it would be $1200 plus to get it fixed. at that time, I was thinking Garmin and Others would have there autopilot on the market. Oops missed that. I can tell you that I sure miss the wing lever. The flight controls much Lighter with out the wing leveler removed though I never had problems with heavy ailerons. Hopefully soon i will have a GFC500 Installed. Though financially not rational in c model. At least th
  11. I was watching Wasabi Flight Test on a Lancair . They guy had put a flare at end of the cowl flap. My understanding is that having the flare at end of cowl creates low pressure to get more heat out cowling. Unfortunately there isn't a lot material to work with on the Mooney's. https://www.facebook.com/WasabiAirRacing/posts/hakan-calls-it-a-cowl-flare-but-whatever-you-call-it-i-was-excited-by-the-chance/1715308705299459/ Thank you for saving me the grief.... Are you still making/ selling sabre cowl(s)? James '67C
  12. I didn't realize that they had DME in GA planes in '64. 21.2 lbs
  13. Wow I wished I had asked this question years ago. I had bought a spare left engine cowl and had some slots water jetted in it. Like Cessna 182,210 and some Bonanza have hoping it would cure my occasional high CHT problem usually on climb out for cylinders 2 &4 and sometimes cylinder 3. It sound like you have already tried this.
  14. How is that? I would think that you would be allowing more heat to escape and it's above the wing low pressure area creating a suction.
  15. I wonder if it would effect CHT temps on climb out
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