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  1. Other than the over lapping doors being newer and sexier. What's the benefit with the overlapping doors competed to the old style? 10 knots faster? reduce fuel burn by half? gain 2 inches?.. (manifold pressure you pervs)
  2. Well you guys were spot on again! I looked around my intake tubes multiple times and didn't see anything wrong but then a small shadow caught my eye... One of the intake orings was out of its seat and causing an intake leak. My guess is that the intake tube was pushed too far into the casting and part of the oring got snagged on a sharp spot starting a tear. After I removed the intake tube the oring was completely torn through. If I continued to fly like this I think my problem would have gotten progressively worse as the oring would have split in place. I replaced the oring and the
  3. Gents. I've been chasing down a slight vibration and my attention is currently on the nose gear doors. I'm installing new heim joints for the retract links but the length of the doors caught my eye. The aft portion of both doors extend over the belly 2-3 inches but the front of the gear doors don's sit on anything... Their just in the wheel well hanging from the retract links. Shouldn't the front of the doors overlap on the lower cowl? And yes, I know my one door is bent and not aligned properly. These photos were in the middle of the repairs. I also know that these doors are getti
  4. I want to install a copilot PTT switch as my bird currently does not have one. I have spa-400 and the manual for it. I traced the wires to this connector. See photos. I could cut this connector off and install a new one but I'd like to keep this connector if I can identify it and find its mate. Anyone know what this connector is called?
  5. Reporting back. Since I could find no record of the last time someone actually took the whole exhaust off the plane. I did. Here is what I found: -All 4 of the flanges that bolt to the head were a smidge off from being flat. They were filed mostly flat before installation. The rest of the exhaust was inspected and found in good condition. -While the exhausted was off, I took the opportunity to change out the orange intake orings on the intake tubes. They cant be removed with the exhaust on. 2 of them looked great (but not round anymore) and the other 2 had some small cuts
  6. There are tons of them out there. Many are poor quality and some are not. Even if you consider these disposable, $15 is a pretty cheap cost for diagnosing our engines. I don't know the brand but the one I have has lasted me 20+ years so far.
  7. The screwdriver trick works but this is better. I bought one years ago and have use it for all sorts of problem solving. Airplane, cars, motorcycles, even plumbing. https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-52500-Mechanics-Stethoscope/dp/B0002SQYSM
  8. I took a look at mine. It's outboard on the pilots wing. It's connected via a push pull tube, not cables.
  9. There is a bit of slop in the alierons on the ground. Once in the air there is no slop at all.
  10. Any instructions on how to "exercise" the servo?
  11. So recently my auto pilot started oscillating back and forth. The plane stays on it's heading but it feels like the autopilot bouncing back and forth from where center should be. See video attached. Any ideas on what causes this? PXL_20210528_142035180.mp4
  12. Any chance this is the door seal for an E model? I didn't see one on the Geebee website.
  13. Because its been working for 50 years! A little TLC after 50 years is fair. I might get another 50 years (out of the starter, not me).
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