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  1. I'm a new Mooney (66E) owner and mine does the same thing. Never shows positive. It moves slightly negative when I turn the non-led landing light on. Voltmeter always shows 14 volts. I'm looking forward to what other folks say about this.
  2. Any idea what the proper mount is? I've looked around but can't find a mount that would attach to the tube. I have the Precision PAI-700 Compass. Is this the right mount? https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/pacmovmn.php This looks like the mount that will attach to the center section of the 2 piece windshield that I already have. Will this also mount to the center post once the 1 piece windshield is installed?
  3. Thanks for the info and pics. Did you notice any difference in sound? If the sealant is critical what sealant did you use and would you recommend it?
  4. I'm preparing for my annual in February and I'll be replacing my windshield. Cracks... Currently I have a standard 2 piece windshield in my 66E and I'm not sure if I should stick with a 2 piece windshield or replace it with a one-piece. (not the 201) I'm opting for the solar control green so it matches the rest of my windows. The price of the 2 piece and one-piece windshield is basically the same. So I have a few questions: 1) Thickness... Regardless of a 2P or a 1P windshield, is the .250 thickness any more difficult to install? Am I going to need to modify a
  5. I've meet Chris a few times now. Really good dude. He flew me back from Mount Pocono a few months ago. Moyer aviation. I had my Prop overhauled, governor replaced, right mag IRANed, surefly installed (left), fixed an oil leak... so on... I could go see those guys again but due to distance an owner assisted annual would not work for me. I still might do that but I'm looking for all options where owner assist is possible. I'll look into Princeton.
  6. Its also a SB (M20-118) to have a good boot in place. Your aileron control rods are through that hole. Someone dropped a flashlight down there and lost aileron control... hence the SB
  7. I considered changing them but they weren't in awful shape. I glued it back in place and it turned out pretty nicely. There are more important things to address at the moment like getting ready for my first annual... I'm nervous as hell as I don't know what to expect. I'm hoping to find an IA who might be willing to do the annual in my hanger so I can be heavily involved. I want to know the systems of this plane inside and out and learn the process of an annual. Any IA recommendations around MGJ, Orange county, NY?
  8. Ah. No not Lasar. I used the Aerocomfort boot. It was in stock and a grand total of $72 with shipping. I had it in 3 days. Since the old boot was really bad I just cut it off... Once it was out of the way, I pulled all the carpet back and started cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. I also removed the plastic cover from around the nose gear well. It took a while but MEK did a good job getting all the crap off the aluminum and left me with a pretty good surface to adhere to. Then I had to jack up the plane so I could swing the J bar and slide on the new boot. The positioning really
  9. To what air flow are you referring? I've been correcting air flow issues for a while now...
  10. So I had my plane on jacks to replace my J bar boot and took a look at the gear for the first time retracted. It struck me as odd that the mains stick below flush from the bottom of the wings... I assumed that the gear would be completely recessed in the wing. Both mains are below the bottom of the wing the same distance. Is this normal? 66 M20E I threw in a photo of the boot too. thoughts?
  11. That's exactly what I did. I was tapping the tapered bolt pretty hard and I really didn't like who it all felt. I'll try using a rivet gun as Doc suggested. Although I might just wait and have someone do it at annual...
  12. So I need to remove the yoke for AD 77-17-04 but I can't get the tapered pin out... Tried a few sharp taps with a hammer, didn't like doing that. I tried squeezing it out using padded pliers. It looks like this has fought other people, before me, due to the markings around the hole. Is there a special tool or technique?
  13. Thanks all. I don't know how I would ever turn the valve anyway... The scat tubing that feeds the fresh air intake is in the way. I would need to rotate the handle down to close the valve. Not possible with the scat in the way. I'm just a VFR guy so I wont be flying in the rain anyway. Sorry for the close photo. Photos under the panel are difficult sometimes...
  14. This is not my photo. I used a photo from Raymond J because its better then the photo I took. What's the purpose for the part circled in Blue? Is it a valve? for what? The one in my 66E is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. I tried to turn mine but it didn't budge and the effort was starting to bend metal so I stopped and thought I'd ask the experts!
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