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  1. Thanks. Will you let me know how it all worked out when you get you prop installed?
  2. Now THIS is good info!. I'm not sure I would have caught that. The power of Mooneyspace! This website has been one of my best resources!
  3. Thanks. I said it somewhere else that my pre-purchase inspection was pretty poor. It was done by MSC. I specifically whet out of my way and paid more for the PPI to be performed at a MSC... They picked up the plane where it was located and brought it to their center then flew it back when done. They didn't say anything about this and many other things they really should have identified. I'm looking forward to bringing my plane to different MSC in the future.
  4. It sounds like, by this point, every vintage Mooney has/had this problem...
  5. Good advise, thanks. I'm looking into options for jacks so I can lift the whole plane and check all the landing gear. Ive got an engine hoist for the front but I need to locate a set of wing jacks. I don't feel my pre-buy inspection was worth a Damn... I want to see it all myself and see if meets my standards of quality as well as the service manuals. I'm going to check all linkages as you suggested.
  6. I'm differently going to keep an eye on it and if she stops leaking, I stop flying. I hope your right about it costing 3 AMU for an overhaul. I'd be much happier with that cost. I've heard that east coast propellers is a good place to go. Anyone have experience there?
  7. Thanks! I'll call Lasar tomorrow. Their website states they are currently sold out of these but I'll call and see what they say. I don't know if I want to drop the nose if I don't NEED to. The taxiways are pretty bumpy where I am
  8. It's really very minor. The photos are after 6-7 hours of flight since I last cleaned the prop. I'll probably wait a while. My annual in due Feburary. I plan on doing a few things this annual already and not another 5k for a prop overhaul... I had the same feeling about an overhaul on a 22 y/o prop.
  9. 1966 M20E. I finally had my wife with me at the hanger so I can get a video of the steering horn while she gently oscillated the rudder(1st video) and the rudder peddles (2nd video). The plane has a decent amount of play while taxiing and landing is a "wild ride". I don't know what a new steering horn feels/looks like so I was hoping you all could give me your thoughts. VID_20200724_154428.mp4 VID_20200724_154544.mp4
  10. I've had my E for a few months now and I'm starting to notice little grease/oil streaks going down 2 of the 3 blades. I've seen worse but I don't know what acceptable amounts are... If any. I'm not one to put off maintenance if something is needed. Strange thing is most of the little streaks don't start at the base of the blades. It looks like the spots start a few inches from the base and go out. Is it flung up there? Or am i just an idiot and these are bug guts or something? The prop was new in 1998 and has not been overhauled or resealed since. 950 since new. What do you all recommend? Estimates on cost?
  11. I'm interested in this topic. Next week my left mag is getting replaced with a surefly and my right mag will need overhaul or IRAN or swap. My A&P is going to send my right to texas had have it overhauled I think. I'd love to hear about what others have done.
  12. yea... The RTV was more of a testing aid. I had a feeling it wouldn't be smart to leave it there. Once I talk to my A&P, we will remove it and fix it correctly.
  13. Thanks for the info. Currently my #2 has 2 gaskets AND RTV just so I can do some run-ups and see if it solved the problem. Now that I know it does I need to get it fixed correctly. Before I perform something that is unrecoverable like filing, I'm going to get buy in from my A&P. Its getting a new surefly (left) next week and the right mag is getting sent for overhaul so the plane will be grounded for a bit and he can take a look.
  14. I wanted to report back after finding the cause!. I found that the the #2 cylinder and intake tube did not meet up flush. The aft part of the intake tube touched the cylinder head first and left a 1/32 gap on the front side of the intake tube. From the outside, the intake gasket looked to be in good condition but after removing the tube you could clearly see that the rear side of the gasket was compressed and the front didn't even make contact... It was sucking in enough air to mess up my mixture. I replace the gasket with a new one that was a bit thicker and the problem almost completely went away. It still not flush, and sucking in some air, so I'm going to have my AP look at it again when he gets back from vacation... Its a relief to just know the cause of the problem. I'm hoping some RTV can completely solve the problem but it's never that easy is it? Also, While i was searching for this issue I found that my intake duct had 2 tears... I'm pretty upset that this wasn't found during my pre-buy inspection. This is one of those mooney things that is well known and should have been found by a MSC. I'm discovering that my pre-buy inspection was not worth the money I paid.
  15. Good find. I too am hunting for an oil leak. I'll be sure to check all my hoses. I had a pre-buy at an MSC (shall remain nameless) and they missed quite a few things. If they had found the mechanical issues I might not have purchased this plane or at least negotiated the repairs into the sale. How is it that I (a first time plane owner) can find issued that an MSC didn't? I've heard great things about some MSC's and will follow the recommendations of other Mooney owners. I'm sure its more isolated and they are not all bad.