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  1. Everglades City (X01) is a great little strip to fly into! Make sure you are on top of your speeds and short field landing technique. There isn’t a restaurant on the field however if you call in to Camellia Street Grill (239) 695-2003 an hour or two before you are going to be there and give them a heads up that you will be landing at the airport they will have someone pick you up. I would land and as soon as I shut off the engine I would call in, by the time I had secured the plane and gotten pax out and everything a car would be there waiting at the gate. It’s a great little s
  2. Is there such a thing? I have only heard tell and legends.
  3. Alright MSrs, So I may be jumping the gun a bit here, and let me know if I am, but after seeing all the posts from Sun n’ Fun im feeling pretty excited for Oshkosh this summer. Is there a Mooney group from SoCal/SW that is making the trek up? I feel like there has to be an official Mooneys or vintage Mooneys to Osh that stages at an airport nearby to do an arrival en masse? I haven’t been to Osh yet. I have been saving it until I was an owner and last year it happened so here we are. Any tips or recommendations for the whole Osh experience and/or camping? -Trent
  4. M20B model. I am 6’1” and 250. I wear a size 48 suit jacket. I have broad shoulders and I find it very comfortable solo and moderately comfortable with someone slightly more narrow in the front with me. Just did a cross country from LA to Tampa with my buddy (5’ 9” and 220) with no issues. As far as height and leg room. It is not a Cessna or a Piper. Your sight picture, distance to panel, and seating angle are very different. Cessna is to a Ford Ranger as a Mooney is a vintage Corvette. When I tried to have my seat all the way up to replicate the distance to the pedals and sight picture of a C
  5. This was precisely the conclusion that I had come to as well via some light reading and this article. The recruitment for a willing A&P starts at dawn! Haha
  6. Hello MS! Does anyone know of an STC for the leaky three piece avionics panel that allows for a single piece? On the older B,C,E models. I am wanting to close that area up better as I look to start IFR training. There was a headache of a few hours in a bad rainstorm (hurricane) with wet radios shorting out and a couple gauges that went inop (I posted about that one a few months ago). or is there another route to work with an AP/IA and a FSDO to get a field approval for a modification? Or a 337? I'm sure folks have done it. I would love to hear how they did it *In accordance wit
  7. I just delt with this when replacing the pucks. We did not install the additional laser collar when we did the new pucks on the front gear as it didn’t show in any diagrams that we could see however 1 trip around the pattern showed that there were huge ground controllability issues from the front wheel yanking the plane one side to the other and same on landing. Make sure that you refer to the correct directions weather it’s stock or the Lasar mod. -Trent
  8. So my knee jerk wasn't that it was salt water until I looked at my trim wheel and saw salt crystals forming. I was at albert whitted KSPG. They are right on the bay, the storm surge splashed enough salt water on to the runway and ramp for there to be some standing water and I think the wind blew it around everywhere.
  9. Thanks for the rotation! I didn’t notice any issues with the pitot static system however the previous owner rewired the static system tubing in the back to go along the top of the fuselage instead of the bottom to prevent clogging and allow better drain.
  10. I found out the hard way that the avionics access panels are less than good as keeping rain out let alone a hurricane. I completed my cross country trip today with my return back to John Wayne however 3 days ago I cringed when I returned to the condition my plane was in after being stranded on the ramp during Eta this last week. I was at St. Pete Fl (KSPG) and they were fresh out of any hangar or covered space. I also foolishly left my Bruce’s cover at home because I was concerned about W&B. Suffice it to say I will NEVER leave it at home again. I will leave a couple pair of jeans hom
  11. Howdy Robert! I was in your shoes about 2 months ago. I have since purchased my Mooney M20B Model. If you are interested in a road trip my plane in at South Lake Tahoe currently. I had to terminate a X-Country flight a week ago due to weather in the Pacific Northwest. I fly into Reno Sunday October 25th and would be happy to show it to you if you wanted to see it then. DM me if you are interested. Trent
  12. wow so glad everyone is safe! I have a B Model without the interior egress latch. It popped open in my first 7 hours on the plane at Bakersfield Muni. The baggage door was shut however the latch wasn’t secured. I heard a little buffeting in roll out after full power input. I thought that it was the main door then once I ruled that out figured it was the crosswind coming through the pilot window hatch. I however didn’t abort take off (because I didn’t voice my pre take-off abort protocols). Upon rotation the hatch popped open and the interior piece ripped off and luckily cleared the tai
  13. Update: After input and research on plastic safe compounds. A razor blade was used to clean old brittle glue off and score the surface needing to adhere to the window. New plastic safe gorilla glue gel was used and has worked like a dream. Feels solid and dried clear as a posed to the old cloudy glue.
  14. https://www.ocair.com/generalaviation/docs/jwapilotguide.03.31.2017.pdf Save this to your efb. I’m based out of John Wayne. I reference this one pager all the time. It’s basically what niko is saying. The only thing that I have noticed is sometimes both runways are on 126.8 and sometimes they have the NW side of the field on 126.8 and the SE part of the field on 119.9. I have noticed that it seems to be based on traffic and workloads. Also be ready and aware that they may ask you to side-step to the other runway. This happens to me about 1/4 of the time. I always prepare my landing
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