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  1. Yeah I would love to see that picture
  2. Hello All, I’m looking to put together some offers for a Pre-J Mooney (B,C,G) so I need to start thinking about some logistics. I am on a couple different hangar waiting lists at the moment but until then I need to start making some outside tie down considerations. I want to be prepared both for proper tie downs as well as grass occasionally. Also I will be sharing time between Southern California (KSNA) and somewhere in the PDX area. Some questions I have: -Covers: Interior fitted window covers? Or external empennage? Cowl inserts? Prop covers? what are your experiences with these
  3. Yes Dan provided me with his contact. I have left him a message. I’m hoping he has the time to work with me.
  4. Oh that looks like some good reading I’m going to dig in tonight.
  5. Found it! https://lasar.com/prebuy-check-list
  6. Hey all, I saved the capital...then waited a several more months to have 2x what I think it’s going to cost to buy a Pre-J Mooney. Ha! I’m ready to start conducting some Prebuys and putting in some offers. I want to be ahead of the ball here and see if I can start building a relationship with an AP/IA mechanic that is very familiar with Vintage Mooneys. Does anyone have a line to a mechanic in SoCal? (I’m based at John Wayne KSNA) Do you know if they do local prebuy inspections? Also are there a short body Mooney prebuy inspection checklists that people use for reference?
  7. Oh yes interesting on the back seat. I think she would like that idea too to spread out when she is reading. Also couple extra knots wouldn’t hurt.
  8. Very helpful. The logical part of me says that the extra 20 hp is only really going to save me like 15 mins on my 600-750nm long missions. And it would be saving 10k in acquisition costs. So with your validation and a cool head I think I’m going to start the process of having some buying conversations for an M20c.
  9. Yeah I think that is what I am thinking. My mission is a lot of hundred dollar hand burgers, weekend camping trips to paved strips or very well manicured/maintained grass strips, and a trip from the Pacific Northwest to So Cal a little less than once a month. This seems to be checking all of my boxes. My only question now is the age old M20c vs. M20E discussion. I have done a lot of research on the pros and cons and differences. Based on my mission what do you think makes the most sense? I’m flip flopping almost daily on which way to lean. -Trent
  10. That is very encouraging to hear. In the older cessnas for x country I would just have the right seat all the way back on the track and there was plenty of room. My Girlfriend is a lot smaller than me (Thank god) so would think it would be tough for it to be a real issue for us even if we don’t stagger the seats.
  11. Wow I remember this plane from Flight Chops! I just watched the episode last night. I’m sad to hear that you have to let it go.
  12. Hi All, I am very encouraged to see how active Mooneyspace is! This is my first post on the forum and hopefully it will be one of many to come. I am 27 years old at 225 hours and in the market for my first airplane purchase. Based on my research when it comes to economy and speed for 2 people and a small dog in a certified airplane there doesn’t seem to be a better option than a Pre-J Mooney. That all being said I’m a larger guy (6’1” 240lbs w/ wide shoulders) and am a little nervous about Cabin space for some longer X Countries. So here is the offer...Calling any Pre-J Mo
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