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  1. So do we (as well as the logbooks and pictures so far), and we've decided to pursue purchasing it. I plan to go take a look in person on Saturday. So in prepartion... Is there a good PPI shop near KLOU? Any recommendations on a Mooney CFI near central Arkansas (KSUZ)? @Bryan, didn't you mention you knew a guy in Conway? I'm looking at probably next month, assuming the engine isn't going straight to overhaul.
  2. Yeah, seller #1 doesn't reply very fast to anything. It's... not very comforting.
  3. According to the broker, it has 70+ compressions all around and isn't really using oil. The owner just retired after using it for business transportation, so I can't imagine it's sat for very long. The big thing, of course, is to do a PPI and make sure the engine is OK, but that probably goes without saying...
  4. The former is N6520U discussed in the Vintage topic. The latter is, sold by Sounds like the '68 has been flying regularly and the engine is still in good condition, though a careful PPI will definitely be required and an overhaul budget already allocated at purchase.
  5. Well, I'm having a little difficulty getting eyes on the plane I have under consideration (seller isn't the most responsive and at best I'm a couple weeks out from being able to go myself), so... Would it be better to buy a '63 C that's already ADS-B compliant, has a mid-time engine and non-AD prop hub, but needs IFR re-cert (and probably AI overhaul + new clock), probably new gear pucks, and doesn't have A/P or GPS, OR... ... a '68 C with GX60, STEC30 w/ alt hold & "GPS nav tracking" (GPSS?), 6-pack panel, Strikefinder, nice paint & decent interior, sold by a broker at a lower cost, but has a beyond TBO engine and needs a new CDI to be IFR legal (has a single HSI now)? Edit: Or should I hold off until there's better inventory available?
  6. Ha! OK, dead weight it is. Thanks!
  7. So an interesting twist: That's a Mooney Autopilot controller, and it is INOP. I found one that looks like it on ebay (an ARC C-593B-2), but my Google-fu wasn't strong enough to find evidence anyone can/does overhaul them. Does anyone know anything about these and whether the box / servos are just dead weight to be removed vs. fixed?
  8. Ordered. @Yetti thanks for the reminder.
  9. @larryb You make a fine point about the test flight. Of course, that takes me back to the problem of getting to the bird to check it out... I did just receive the last ten years of logbooks, and I'm told he has the rest but hasn't digitized them yet. I'll probably spend some time tomorrow going through what he sent.
  10. Yeah, I'd seen your location before and thought we might arrange a meeting sometime if I ever got around to a real introduction... Didn't realize there were so many Mooneys over there, though. That said, I know at least one SUZ-based short body and have been in it for a couple flights (not PIC). My wife has also sat in it, though the front seats were out at the time for annual. Are any of the Mooney pilots there current CFIs? SUZ doesn't have a Mooney CFI (the club has four or five CFIs, but none are Mooney-specific).
  11. Put it in a cargo plane. I'll see myself out...
  12. If we move forward with an offer and PPI, I certainly will go to the plane to fly in it. At the point I know we're moving forward I'll also search out a CFI for transition training. It'll probably be more than just the minimum hours just so I know I'm comfortable with it. We'll see how it works out... My impression is that Mooneys, in general, don't tolerate sloppiness like certain other types... Not a bad thing, IMO. I don't doubt I'll get pretty good at going around before I get good at not needing to.
  13. Wow, lots of good commentary here. I have a lot of thinking to do. For what it's worth, the primary mission is "Take the wife on weekend getaways (no more than 3.5 hours away), vacations, and family visits". Uncommonly we'll have our 6' tall son with us, but that shouldn't be too difficult (probably shorter flight segments, though). Our daughter probably won't ever go with us (college bound in August, and has a bit of an aversion to flying in general). I'm sure I'll also do my fair share of $100 hamburgers, sightseeing, fly-ins, informal pilot meet-ups, etc. Thanks, everyone!
  14. Looking at the map, I see a couple people that might help. I'll reach out to them privately. I started a separate thread to discuss the plane itself (seemed appropriate to split the discussions). It's over in the vintage topic if you'd like to jump in there. I'd certainly appreciate any advice or commentary anyone can provide.
  15. @tigers2007 I forgot to ask him when we talked. It did sound like he flies pretty regularly during the warmer parts of the year, so I don't imagine the overhauls are ancient. @BKlott I'd seen that history already. It's old enough I'm not really concerned, though certainly that would reduce the buyer pool at resale time (should I purchase this one). I did ask about corrosion and his answer was that he hadn't seen any on the front portion of the cage, but that I'd certainly want to have it all looked over during the PPI. Since I plan on a PPI anyway, that's a fair answer. @NJMac I agree, but my target price limit currently doesn't support much that has an IFR GPS and doesn't have a run-out engine. I'll have to discuss that with the household CFO...