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  1. @RogueOne I think you win the Internet. In all seriousness, I've been known to jump into large online debates and do genuinely enjoy the back and forth of them. There's a certain draw to intellectually challenging oneself against the knowledge & wisdom of many others; Learning happens when confronted with the truth, and many people (especially aviators) are "compulsive" learners. That said... Nobody is immune to losing objectivity in such debates. Some have a higher tolerance than others (and an unfortunate minority effectively have none), but the end result is that there is always a risk for a debate to devolve into an unproductive spewing of words. Given that we, as pilots, spend so much of our training and effort trying to mitigate and manage risk, it just makes sense that we would extend that mentality to our aviation-specific "water cooler". That's not because we want to drive people away ( @Tommy ), but rather because we DON'T want anyone to feel un-included or un-wanted. Ultimately, politics will still make an appearance here fairly regularly, and that's OK if handled properly... What's not OK is when the politics become the focus of the discussion and it drives a wedge between otherwise very good (virtual) friends. That's what I see this petition trying to avoid, and as a semi-formal agreement I think it is a very good solution.
  2. afward


    On desktop, you can also hover over the user's name, and in the info box that opens there's an option for Ignore User.
  3. afward


    Penalty flag: Moving the goalposts. You obviously aren't making a good faith effort to have a good conversation. Welcome to my ignore list. ALL: If anyone needed any proof as to why politics should continue to be banned on MS, can we agree that this thread is it?
  4. afward


    Dr Duncan I. Steel, BSc, MSc, DIC, PhD, FRAS. Discovered 12 minor planets. Former ESA Research Fellow at Lunds Observatoriet. Established and directed first Southern Hemisphere program to detect and track near-Earth asteroids. Technical expert to Australian Department of Defence. Noted climate skeptic. This... isn't a coherent response to what I said, and shows a deep lack of knowledge as to what I've posted on these forums. Rule number one of hurling insults: Know your target. Frankly, nobody has to prove anything to anyone here. It's the internet, by definition none of us should be believed without significant reading and cross-checking. Approaching it from any other angle is pretty well guaranteed to end in [virtual] tears. And with that, I say adieu to this thread...
  5. afward


    You do realize that there are highly credentialed people in the world (read: people with brilliant-looking CV's) that would fail your "test" gloriously, right? Don't insult our intelligence by presuming we need you to show us who is believable and who isn't. That's not OK, and takes a hell of an ego to think otherwise.
  6. Yeah, after clarifying a couple items on the quote from Lone Mountain, I'm less than impressed... I'll also note that I was told they have a "wide open" schedule; Seems like a pretty big red flag to me. They won't be getting my business. I'll give them a call later. They are also on the field where I'm meeting the owner for the test flight, so that might work out pretty great.
  7. So does anyone have any other suggestions for a pre-purchase shop? The quote from Lone Mountain was a touch less than DMax' standard, and includes an oil change. I'm thinking that's not terrible, but given @KLRDMD's previous less than great experience I'd like to see if there are other options. Thanks!
  8. I'd seen some posts about that previously, but hadn't put it together until now. That definitely changes my plans. Thank you.
  9. I have. There's not a broker involved and the seller/owner is still pretty low time (much better than me, but still in the early part of his flying career). He responded with his open pilot policy info (scanned) and said he's good with it given the insurance requirements are met (300 total, 25 retract, 10 make/model). Thanks for bringing that up, though; It's an excellent point.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be sure to ask questions and be "involved" (as much as I can remotely).
  11. Very cool. I'll give them a call. I'll also note that the plane just got its annual sign-off last month, so I'm not sure it makes sense to re-annual it so quickly...
  12. I'm scheduled to go test fly an F early in the afternoon of the 13th at the North Las Vegas airport (yes, it'll be hot... scheduling just worked out that way). I'd like to have a very Mooney-experienced CFI meet us there if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? Bill Custer out of Reno, maybe? The next step would be a prebuy the week following; Any suggestions near Reno/Lake Tahoe? I do note that the closest MSC is in Vegas (Lone Mountain Aviation). Thanks!
  13. Fair point. I did learn some things to look for in the process...