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  1. afward

    New Dark Theme Added

    @mooniac58, it appears that the dark theme doesn't show linked threads correctly. It complains the theme is out of date... Thanks!
  2. afward

    MooneySpace Member Map

    @gsxrpilot ditto that for me, please.
  3. afward

    1988 Mooney 20J Turbo Bullet

    Those are definitely good problems to have.
  4. afward

    1988 Mooney 20J Turbo Bullet

    Add the fields as discrete data points, but don't make them required. That would help to normalize the data for those that are searching for particular details (my wife!), and would highlight the ads where the owner takes the time to fill them out... Kinda like a pre-prebuy of the owner. Don't get in a hurry to do it, though. Whoever does your UX design will probably need some time to think through how it should look and operate within the site.
  5. afward

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    My immediate thought is that this won't be close enough to count... However, I will freely admit this is getting into the minutia that needs attorneys. BTW, from my understanding of the way uAvionix' does it, don't think "antenna" and do think "side-channel". We like to think of the electrical system as this nice, consistent 14 or 28 VDC signal, but the reality is that it is extremely noisy. uAvionix just realized the transponder's transmission would induce some decode-able noise on the electrical system.
  6. afward

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    Maybe so. I didn't see it listed on their website, but I might've just missed it. Yeah, in patent litigation that is true (he who spins the better story, right?). On the other hand, the Inter Partes Review is specifically intended point out examination errors, such as failing to realize the patent is just applying a known technique (prior art) to another application with no novel elements (but do it on a airplane!). Lots of computer and business process patents have been invalidated via that route and for that reason. I'm just hoping the same applies here...
  7. afward

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    I imagine you meant Garmin? That's not a bad example, though. Honestly, I don't know if that will be important... Over my head, though. In theory, anything that listens for a periodic RF transmission, decodes the transmission, then re-transmits the data in another format would qualify. I'd probably start looking in the HAM radio world... Interestingly, the '301 patent calls out decoding the reply transmissions from a 1090MHz mode A, C, or S transponder. If uAvionix' product does not include a 1090MHz RF receiver (pretty certain it doesn't), the whole patent really shouldn't apply. Again, grain of salt...
  8. afward

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    For those that can find prior art for Garmin's '301 patent: The process has been used quite successfully in the software industry to invalidate some pretty heinous (and obvious) patents. In this case, I'd focus on systems that extra data from a radio transmission, then decode and rebroadcast it via another frequency, modulation, or encoding. It doesn't have to be an aircraft transponder to show that the idea is obvious. Of course, I do software for a living so take this with an appropriately-sized grain of salt.
  9. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm really thinking a short body will be perfect for us (primary mission is "wife & I to the beach, condo, etc"). C/D vs. E, I'd like to have the FI engine and an engine monitor for LOP operations (plus the extra 20 ponies), but how much difference is that? Probably $20k or so? Not sure it's worth it. If I can find something that already has a lot of work done to it but is priced nicely, I'll certainly prefer that over "gotta upgrade from scratch". Just right now price is the bigger factor. Soooo.... Will anyone with a C/D or E be around central AR in the next week or so and be willing to do a demo flight or two?
  10. Time to quit lurking... Is there someone with a C or E model willing to give a demo flight from KSUZ for my wife & I? No rush, I'd just like to get her in the right seat to make sure she'll be comfortable before I try to buy a M20. Speaking of which... Has anyone seen N113TA before / know anything about it? It's a 1966 M20C listed on TAP and ASO. It certainly will need some work, but having your thoughts would be much appreciated.