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  1. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm really thinking a short body will be perfect for us (primary mission is "wife & I to the beach, condo, etc"). C/D vs. E, I'd like to have the FI engine and an engine monitor for LOP operations (plus the extra 20 ponies), but how much difference is that? Probably $20k or so? Not sure it's worth it. If I can find something that already has a lot of work done to it but is priced nicely, I'll certainly prefer that over "gotta upgrade from scratch". Just right now price is the bigger factor. Soooo.... Will anyone with a C/D or E be around central AR in the next week or so and be willing to do a demo flight or two?
  2. Time to quit lurking... Is there someone with a C or E model willing to give a demo flight from KSUZ for my wife & I? No rush, I'd just like to get her in the right seat to make sure she'll be comfortable before I try to buy a M20. Speaking of which... Has anyone seen N113TA before / know anything about it? It's a 1966 M20C listed on TAP and ASO. It certainly will need some work, but having your thoughts would be much appreciated.