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  1. I'll probably have to. Ah well, such is owning a 52-year old machine, I guess.
  2. DMax said Mooney had it listed at $1,063. Do I need to email Mooney directly?
  3. Soooo... The new plane still has its original downlock socket and really needs a new one (the thumbnail check would best be described as "sloppy"). The J-bar is latched solidly when I check it (in-flight!), but I'd really like to replace the socket soon. Does anyone have any ideas on where I could find a good one without paying the factory mark-up? Note, I do have a replacement socket I can use from Texas Air Salvage. It's also worn (not quite as bad), but I'd prefer new or nearly-new. LASAR is out of stock. When I called, they said their "guy" wasn't making any more, so there's no telling how soon they will have stock again. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, I got the download to work with another (16GB!) drive I had on-hand. I did re-format it because I'd previously used it to install a Linux distribution (which means it wasn't set up the "standard" way). Needless to say, that drive is now the JPI download drive and will be used for nothing else. Side note: The drive that wouldn't work is a USB3 drive. The one that does is USB2. JPI specifically calls out USB2 in the documentation, so I wonder if the EDM 900 just gets confused when presented with USB3... It wouldn't be the first time I've seen supposedly backwards-compatible hardware fail to work with downlevel clients. (For anyone not aware, USB3+ connectors are all supposed to have blue inserts inside to differentiate them from USB2 and below, which are usually white).
  5. Changing USB sticks worked! Thanks for the advice, everyone. @kortopates I'll review the pilot's guide and try again. Thanks.
  6. I'll have to try different USB sticks and see if that helps. Hopefully it's as simple as that. I came up with the same answers from their site. I do have a voicemail in to them to call me back, so maybe? I've thought about swapping those wires. Not something I have to get done right now, but it's on the list. The K factor page didn't appear to let me make changes, but that might be a mis-read on my part. I'll take a look again. Thanks!
  7. OK, I'm not going crazy then... Wait for boot, exit the refuel question, put in USB, wait 10+ seconds, nothing. I might need to try a smaller USB stick or a different adapter. Go figure. FWIW, the JPI was installed two owners prior to me, and wasn't the best install (k factor is high, tach/hobbs time left at default, amps read backwards, etc.). I wouldn't be shocked if the installer failed to hand over those parts to the guy paying for the install... Maybe next time I try calling JPI I can get someone useful on the line.
  8. My Google-fu is weak... What is the magical incantation of cables, adapters, & devices to get a USB-equipped EDM-900 to download? I tried a generic USB A -> USB B adapter and a Verbatim 8GB USB 2 stick, but the EDM wouldn't recognize it... Calling JPI hasn't be fruitful. Thanks!
  9. As I understand it, lead-acid is used because it will sink over-voltage events and save your avionics. I know Li-ion can't do that. Not sure about LiFE, though I think it is limited as well.
  10. Can it be "Yesterday's Flight"? My CFI and I flew my new plane home yesterday: We stopped for fuel in KPGA and KHBR, deviated around buildups just west of ABQ, and spent a good bit of time riding the mid-day bumps over NM and TX. Wheels up in NV at 7am local, tied down in AR at 9:15pm local. It'll be quite some time before I fly that much in one day again... I got pictures en route to KPGA, but threw my phone in the back seat when we got ready to leave Page and I forgot to take any more pictures. Ah well, here are a couple I did get: And of course, the obligatory picture of the plane in Page:
  11. I'd be shocked if Garmin's source code management process was sloppy enough to allow this. If it was, I think they'd lose their PMA approval for anything including the software...
  12. ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ Building a working exploit for a single device that doesn't glitch or crash the device is hard enough. Building working exploits for multiple devices that must coordinate their actions and do so without being apparent to the pilot and ATC is orders of magnitude more difficult. Nobody will waste their effort with that unless there's a specific target and the attacker is well-funded. Based on the complexity and limited scope of application, that's solidly nation-state level work and not something any of us will ever have to concern ourselves with.
  13. A "Like" just doesn't cover it. Thank you Mike for providing us with continued updates on Mark. This is great news, even if there's still a long way to go for him.
  14. Jake, there's a M20C at SUZ that has a 3-blade and is really smooth. @Cody Stallings did the dynamic balancing on it, so I highly recommend you reach out to him when the time comes (or for anything prop-related at all, for that matter).
  15. Ha! Rich is who I'm working with for my PPI. Hard to get on the phone, stays really busy, but seems to be good. Probably gonna get to mine on Monday.