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  1. Byron, 2011 was a long time ago, and we don't actually know what their plans are now. If they are retooling, that means someone there has a plan that's better than hope. Let's wait and see what comes out of Kerrville next week...
  2. Y'know, the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced we're all being overly pessimistic and Mooney is "just fine" (for our purposes, anyway)... 90 employees still kept on, not making parts, and the "parts guy" says the rumors of their demise are greatly exaggerated? Yeah, that sounds a _whole lot_ like retooling. If so, that might be a good sign of things to come. Of course, there are still lots of issues they need to deal with: Marketing, new phone system & FTE's to answer it, being properly competitive with Cirrus, etc. Baby steps, though...
  3. While there might be some truth to this, adding BRS to a C182 isn't going to make it a Cirrus killer. The parachute isn't the only thing Cirrus got right (and this is coming from someone that genuinely hasn't ever really liked the SR2x series). Adding BRS to the M20 *might* have been enough to make it properly competitive, but realistically the increase in price and empty weight probably would've precluded that possibility.
  4. I did say "near" for a reason. In fairness, the last 18 months (and really the last several months) have been hard on the stats. 2018 was a good year, 2019 is not going to be. Of course, there's a lot more flying happening, so per mile or per hour the stats might not be as negatively affected as one might expect. We'll have to see once the "best estimate" numbers are available. But you are absolutely right: Humans are terrible at judging relative risk in the face of over-/under-reporting. That goes doubly-true for individualized risk.
  5. Just to amplify what Bob is saying: My wife is a nervous flier, and by all indications is precisely the type of spouse Cirrus markets the 'chute to. She has never expressed an aversion to getting in the plane with me (whether it's our current M20F or the previous B33, PA28, and C172 rentals I had available) if I said I'd like for her to come with. And the statistics are on her side: with proper maintaince, training, and proficiency, GA is not any more dangerous than driving. Don't let the steady drip of bad news fool you: GA safety is near the best it's ever been... The news just does a better job of putting the bad stuff in your face now.
  6. Just as an aside, there's an open-source app I've used for years in place of Photoshop: It is not Photoshop, by any stretch of the imagination, but I've found it'll do everything I've needed to do. That would include loading RAW and tweaking the color balance of an image. Enjoy!
  7. I believe I recall that the competition all had a substantially lower empty weight (something like 100 pounds difference), so the performance of the C162 wasn't good enough to really compete.
  8. OK, that all makes a lot more sense than what I'd previously thought. The (erroneous) thing about him being CEO of Meijing Group completely threw me off track. So I would agree the M10 was the right idea at the right time. I do wonder why it went so far off the rails... Seems like the initial design team made some rookie mistakes.
  9. Dr. Chen was introduced in a few places as being the CEO of Meijing Group at the time of the acquisition. That's all I was working with. I don't think I ever knew anything about the real ownership (though I might've been a little misled by the inaccurate reporting into thinking he had more control of the money than he really did). Thanks for the clarification and details.
  10. I'll do ya one better: There's nothing on the market that competes with a Basler BT-67. Anyway, the idea is that there is a model out there for taking old airframes and getting the effectively recertified as new. That would reduce the cost by a fair margin, though how much is anyone's guess...
  11. Basler has the model for this. Their turboprop DC-3s are considered 0 time, even though all of them were originally built decades ago. Of course, they literally re-manufacture the airplane. By the time they are done, every part, weld, and joint has been directly inspected and either remediated, replaced, or signed-off as "to spec". That would be a really neat program for Mooney to pick up... Buy older planes with run-out engines and crap avionics, strip them down and re-manufacture them with modern panel, prop, reman engine, and interior. Bonus points for applying newer design features along the way (primarily aerodynamic tweaks, but silly stuff like upgrading the overhead vents to NACA inlet style could also happen). I don't think it could be done for 300 hours of labor, though. Maybe 500? Anyway, the concept isn't bad, and in the process would be a revenue stream for the company that would let them continue to compete... 172 money to get into a re-manufactured 201-clone F with Dynon glass panel and a nearly original useful load? Yes, please.
  12. Paul, as much as I want to argue with you, I think there might be some truth to what you're saying. Don't get me wrong, the CEO of Meijing Group has multiple advanced degrees in aviation and probably really is interested, but I'd be really shocked if Meijing Group wasn't at least partly owned by the state and therefore beholden to the Xi regime. Of course, the optimist in my also wants to say they did a temporary shutdown so they could focus on re-tooling the assembly line and/or engineering a new (less expensive to build) model (a short body trainer would be perfect). Alas, I'm aware that's an extremely remote possibility...
  13. Soooo, I should go buy a Phenom 300? Mooney prioritizes speed, Cirrus prioritizes comfort (which indirectly includes CAPS). That's not to say the Cirrus isn't a good performer with lots of things to recommend it, mind you. In any case, most "new high performance piston single" buyers are more interested in comfort and "enough" performance. There are buyers out there who want the higher performance, just not enough to keep Mooney in the black for new production.
  14. Rogue, has anyone ever told you that you're a mess? I say that in good humor, of course.