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  1. D'oh! I never knew the Monroy STC holder was a member here. So that makes more sense now. I thought you were talking about some unpublished concept you'd come up with and gotten 337'ed somehow. Mea culpa!
  2. Ha, if you say so. I'm not quite educated enough on the intricacies of the timing of each "extra range" STC and your solution to really determine for myself who gets priority on that. I do know aviators and manufacturers have been trying to figure out various clever tricks to get more range since flying distances became a thing, so "do it on a Mooney" may not be a very good qualifier with which to declare it "novel" or "a new concept". Maybe it is, in which case I think most of us would highly appreciate if you posted a copy of the documentation so we can learn from such a "visionary" idea. Edit: You edited your statement from an objective statement (mine is "first") to a potentially subjective statement ("achievable, elegant"). My above paragraph doesn't really apply to the new text. What are your criteria for "achievable" and "elegant" that qualify your solution but not the existing STC solutions? Not cool changing the text like that. It breaks the flow of the conversation and can lead to large misunderstandings.
  3. Jose, what is novel about your solution? And what new concepts are you proffering to us mere mortals? Seems like you're just re-treading ground the manufacturers have looked at 1000's of times and arrived at the same general set of solutions. In other words, are you sure of your various solutions' superiority because they are visionary, or because of hubris?
  4. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    @moodychief I'll have to see if we can arrange for that sometime. I don't have any idea when, though.
  5. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    It may be a mistake, or it may not. Since I'm not actively in the market to purchase, it's probably not worth arguing with her right now. That said, I do have one question: Is the footwell the same on a mid-body as it is on a short-body?
  6. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    @carusoam that's a good point. Once I'm back to looking I'll give that option some serious thought. Thanks!
  7. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    Yeah, I saw that on the other thread... Can't bring myself to listen to it.
  8. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    Sadly, no. Maybe just north of KLOM sometime first half of next year, but that'll be a work trip and I probably won't have any real spare time.
  9. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    @RobertGary1, I've discussed that with her, and the end result is that she's really not interested in trying. The opening for the legs to go in just isn't big enough for her, even though legs nearly straight out is actually the better posture for her issue... Ah well, "Happy Wife" and such... @Jerry 5TJ, for the money, I think I'd rather have a C33A (or newer, though not a 36) vs. a C210, plus the Bo would be cheaper to insure (from what I heard, around half as much for the same insured value). Obviously that will change over time. In any case, I'm certain that a PA46 is well beyond my budget (to say nothing about my skill & training levels) and will probably stay that way.
  10. afward

    Mooney down KSAF

    Fair enough. I was going off what he daughter was quoted as saying and the fact that the plane itself had been sitting for a long time outdoors but you're right, it might have been mechanically sound all the way to the ground. Not sure which option is worse to contemplate... Either way it is a tragic loss and it is really awkward to have even considered (from afar) the very plane in question. I do appreciate you reaching out to check on me, though.
  11. afward

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    Just as an update on this, we did not pursue the plane mentioned above (condolences to the family affected). My wife vetoed any Mooney after I showed her pictures of my legs while sitting in a C model. She has leg issues and needs more room to move them around, so the tight footwell surround won't work for her. Our flying club has a B33 Deb with a throw-over yolk, and I made the mistake of putting her in the right seat for a trip... Now she wants a Deb (possibly the club's, if astral alignment allows). Or a Centurion (Yeah, no)... Ah well, for now we've decided to wait until she gets through RN school before we look at buying anything.
  12. afward

    Mooney down KSAF

    @Shadrach, my wife liked the price but after I'd explained how much work (and money) would be involved in getting it "trustable", she quit bringing it up. It would appear I wasn't wrong, which is a bit of a curse at times like this. I don't usually post on these "plane down" threads since I've nothing constructive to add, but as always: Prayers for the family and my condolences.
  13. afward

    New Dark Theme Added

    @mooniac58, it appears that the dark theme doesn't show linked threads correctly. It complains the theme is out of date... Thanks!
  14. afward

    MooneySpace Member Map

    @gsxrpilot ditto that for me, please.