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Found 4 results

  1. Hey friends, You didn't know we were friends yet, but here we are. We're all members of the "Owned by a Mooney" club. (Flaps hanging because I shot this picture from a J-3. It was my second-most-mismatched formation flight ever) My connection with this M20C goes back a while. I was a mechanically-inclined airport kid, well on the way to earning my A&P when I ran off and joined the circus. A flying circus, if you will. I crewed for Chris Smisson on the airshow circuit through high school and much of college, and in addition to his fast-movers, he had an M20C. Johnson Bar, hand pump flaps. All the latest and greatest gizmos that 1992 had to offer: A BF Goodrich strike finder, Apollo LORAN, even a widget that deciphered morse code to identify the VOR and the radial you were on. It was a great go-somewhere bird. He sold a small percentage of the Mooney to a friend, Kelly, so the insurance company would be a little more understanding. When Chris died in 2003, the friend bought the remaining share of the bird. Both of these men were like family. Without their patience and generosity, I'd probably be running a grader for the county road department. There weren't a lot of tickets out of my little hometown for kids without means, but they helped me chase a dream. Fast forward two decades. The friend wants to sell the Mooney and make room for other flying machines. He's spent years making ridiculous offers to me whenever he wanted to sell an airplane. He tried to sell me one airplane for $1 years ago but I was making chump change flying RJs for a day job. I couldn't afford insurance on it, much less any real maintenance. I had to say no. This time, the offer was reasonable, and I'm doing a little better flying A320s for my day job and spinning words into stories for some busywork on the side. I'm becoming the caretaker of a bird that's been in my family of flying friends since 1980. I took my bride for a flight, fully respecting her veto power. "If this just had a headrest, I'd be asleep in no time. Buy this airplane," she said. So, here we go. Hi Guys. My name is Jeremy, and I'm newly owned by a Mooney.
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Darby and I have a problem. Oh wait that isn't how intros work in this group? I'm a long time lurker of the forum and have recently been going through some major life changes that makes me want to give a little back to the community and push down the path of my own General Aviation adventure. My user name is "40-0 Flight" because that best sums it all up. I just turned 40 this month, have zero flight time, zero money, zero youth left, and only months from zero kids in the house... (Okay not really completely out of youth but man as I crest this hill the back side is looking steep! ) So now the real fun begins! While my current aspirations, and intentions are grand, my first little project is simple. I have built a mildly complex spread sheet with one purpose in mind. To give a real, true, and honest answer to the age old question. How much $$$ will this lovely addiction cost? The technical side of it is completely in my grasp..... The math I can even manage pretty good. What I'm missing is experience. I have casually researched and written things down for years, but want some real world experience to help flush out this little project with a strong dose of reality. Below I have included a live link and a screen shot of the spread sheet. I have 3 questions. 1. What are some other types of expenses you can think of that would fall into one of the 5 defined categories? ( 1 Time Cost, Maintenance Reserve, Annual Costs, Monthly costs, Hrly Costs) 2. What number does YOUR experience suggest you put to any of these items? (To protect the innocent or married, this question is OPTIONAL) 3. Did filling out the sheet with Your numbers give results You expected? I understand many of these numbers vary and there is no perfect answer to most these costs... BUT my goal for this tool is to make it easier for current or potential owner to play with those numbers based on THEIR belief, and see what that calculates out to in the end. I appreciate anyone and everyone's feedback, and look forward to sharing my future plans as well as making this tool open to the public. P.S. I picked for this, because this has always seemed to be my favorite location for info.. and my plane of choice would be a M20K 252. Link to Google Docs Spreadsheet
  3. Hello everyone! I'm very new to this page and I've enjoyed reading the comments on here. very insightful. I am wondering if anyone know or could recommend a great mechanic or a shop that does prebuy/prepurchase inspection on Mooneys? My offer for a 20j 201 was just accepted and I am very excited but the purchase is pending a prebuy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I already tried to search button but maybe I just didn't see it. If there is a list out there or a previous post, please let me know and I'll erase this thread to not clog up to forum. thank you again! -Vince
  4. After lurking these forums and bugging many members for two years I finally got my first plane back home. My wife and I were super happy after the trip, it's a lot of fun to really be crusing across the ground and having the capability of a real cross country Thanks for all the help, especially from MB65E!