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  1. Official TCM Overhaul Manual for most variants of the TSIO-360 Turbo Charged Six Cylinder Engine, including the -GB, -LB, -MB and -SB engines used in M20K's. FAA Approved October 1997 edition. Purchased from Aircraft Spruce and in excellent condition--no greasy finger prints, blood splatters or coffee stains. SALE $50 for reference https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/continentalnewmanuals_07-10284.php?clickkey=7889118 List ($201) but not in stock
  2. Hey folks, After a lot of thought and discussion with others, I've decided to put my 231 up for sale. Unfortunately I'm at a point in my life where I can't fly enough to justify ownership. It's been an absolute joy but I'll be glad to see it go to someone who can afford the time. The details: 1979 Mooney M20K 231 - fresh annual (April 2017), 3128 TT, two total owners (I'm the 2nd), complete logs, and hangared in Southern California for its entire life until last October (now hangared at HYI near Austin, TX) Airframe: Brand new fuel tank reseal by Houston Tank Specialists
  3. Having read all the posts of people upgrading from a J model to a K model I find myself seriously considering going the other way and trading in my 231 for a 201. I have a 1980 M20K 231 with the LB engine that has about 1400 hours on it. Good avionics including a GNS480, MX20, auto pilot and all the normal things you would assume a 231 has. Paint and interior are less than 9 years old. I have had the plane for 4 years and it is a great example of a 231. I fell in to this plane while trying to sell my M20C. It is a long story but basically I was able to work a deal where it made more s
  4. ...In every phase of flight it is a really great improvement in performance and in cylinder temperatures! Last Year I bought a Turbo Plus intercooler kit from Jeff Shapiro for my Mooney M20K 231. First, the delivery was very fast and second he gave me a special price for me as member of MAPA. When I unpacked the kit, I was very happy about the really great quality of all the parts. Welding, tolerances and so on. I installed the kit in two days and it was a great pleasure to do. The fiberglass work at the cowling is also very easy, but needs a little bit of trim. When I had finished a
  5. Hey guys...getting rid of my first born. Asking $108k. Working with Controller to update to show that it's a TSIO-360LB model and also put some interior pics on there. Let me know david@liondesk.com if you're interested. It was hangared in San Diego since i bought it and just moved to South Florida 6 months ago. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/31834623/1981-mooney-m20k-231
  6. Hello all, I have the opportunity to buy into a 1979 Mooney 231. The bird is in what I would call fair to good shape. Older paint and interior but both are ok other then some cracking on the front of the cowl. The airplane just came out of annual and a new ifr certification. All compressions look good and the oil analysis was clean. Talked to the A/P that did the annual he has no major issues. The engine and prop are both mid to high time at about 1300 hours. 1979 231 with intercooler 1300 hours on engine and prop garmin 480 and mx20 xm wx, and music JPI 700
  7. Hello all, I am looking into a buying into a Mooney 231 it has 2 items that will have to be addressed tank strip and seal ADS/B solution So what are the best options and cost associated with them. The aircraft has a Garmin Panel including a 480 and MX 20 so we have wx data from XM just need out. Thanks in advance DavidA
  8. 1979 Mooney 231 M20K Asking $75,900 I am selling it because I usually just fly the cub around, I bought this to go places and with work have been very unable to go anywhere. I have owned it for just over a year and put a ton of money into it; bought it out of Alabama with a Mooney center clean bill of health; needless to say our Mooney expert thought otherwise, plane is perfect now and ready to go. Any question you can call or text me at 203.903.3759. Paint is 7/10 (removed big escape sticker from cargo door and found to be the old paint under it) Small chips on wing looks gr
  9. https://mooneyspace.com/uploads/monthly_2017_12/20171218_155542.jpg.1b03bc72f9925b4a23873d57fb92d46d.jpgWe are shipping intercooler kits for your M20K. Visit: Turboplus.com for a $500 December discount. If you already enjoy the added benefits of our intercooler system please visit our Pilot Testimonial and Feedback page where you can submit your experiences, which we would like to publish on our Mooney page. The quality craftsmanship shows in our employees dedication and pride.
  10. Hello,I’ve been searching for my first Mooney for the past 12 months and studied the pros/cons of the models within my budget. I've found a 231 priced like a 201 (for some reasons) and I am about to send her for a PPI but I am having second thoughts after receiving several warnings about the TSIO 360 (this bird is fitted with the LB version with Intercooler).In my view, the pros of a 231 vs. 201 are:- De-iced prop- Option to climb if caught in icing- Climb above most WX- Fly faster in high teens FL- Better original avionics e.g. KFC200The cons are:- Bad reputation of the Continental TSIO 360 v
  11. Round The World Flight, Project Amelia Earhart 1937-2017, in a Mooney Airplane On an early June morning in 2017, pilot Brian Lloyd will climb high into the sky above Florida in his Mooney M20K 231 airplane named "Spirit". His objective will be to retrace an historic equatorial flight route for Project Amelia Earhart, commemorating 80 years since that famous attempt at circumnavigating the world in 1937. For Brian's solo round-the-world flight, his classic single engine aircraft has been newly refitted with a suite of modern cockpit avionics. Also, a Micom 3 HF radio and antenna
  12. We all know that airplanes are faster with a more rearward CG. There is less elevator trim necessary for level flight. I was surprised at the difference in my 231. I fly +/- 10,000 ft in cruise on just about every flight. Rarely do I cruise below 9,500 ft and I don't go above 12,500 ft very often either. The vast majority of my flights are solo, occasionally with one other person and with 2-3 others a few times a year. So my day in and day out flight regimen is to take off with full fuel, solo and climb to +/- 10,000 ft for cruise. I fly LOP at 59% power. That very consistently gives me
  13. I just bought a used 1979 turbocharged 231 mooney. I need to replace the engine, however I do not want to put another turbo CHARGED engine in. Can I do this? Also i would prefer a Lycoming engine instead of a Continental.
  14. Finally...pre-approved for an aircraft loan. There was a day in my life when I didn't struggle with getting a loan. I've paid cash for three different helicopters back in the day. But those days are long gone. So the bank approves $100k for a decent 231 I submitted. But after looking at my needs, I'm not really sure I 'need' a 231. Sure, the turbo would be nice for density altitude days. I could carry more people with more fuel. But usually it will either be me alone, or my wife and I with our dog. I can easily do with a nice E, F, or J. And I can save some money for upgrades. L
  15. Do you have HF in your Mooney? Have you thought about installing HF in your Mooney? What type of HF antenna do you have on your Mooney? What HF radio and ATU are you using in your Mooney? Was HF already in the plane when you got it, or did you have it installed? Aeronautical High Frequency (HF) radio has been the mainstay of long distance Air Traffic Control for over 80 years, especially in areas of the world where coverage with line-of-sight VHF radio is not reliable or possible. Although aircraft satellite ATC communications are now commonplace, HF is still very a
  16. Good afternoon everyone, I am currently finishing up my PPL. I have a wife and a four year old. My local FBO only rents Cessna 172's @ 160hr. Wet. I expect my mission to usually include the three of us for ~ 250nm trips, but want to at least carry 3 adults and full fuel (pushing it in the 172). Above all else I want to be safe. I plan to use whatever plane I purchase to immediately start instrument training. I had originally planned on purchasing a 182, but after riding in one the other day I was more impressed with the g1000 it had than the plane itself. Im not afraid to a
  17. I've had my 231 about six weeks and just took it for the first trip of any significance. My first question, what cylinder is the factory CHT probe on ? 1985, serial # 25-878, the normal LB engine. My #3 CHT temperature is limiting everything I do with the airplane and I'm wondering if the factory CHT probe is there and the JPI probe for #3 is on the spark plug. In another airplane it was and the spark plug probe read 50º higher than after I placed it into the same area as the other CHT probes with a relocation kit. The other five cylinders are 45-70º cooler than #3. My TIT was running aro
  18. Don Muncy started a thread about fuel flow transducers, and many have replied but one question remains: what was the original transducer installed in early 231s, the one compatible with the ships gauge for manifold pressure and fuel flow? I believe mine has laid an egg, and would like to find one with a k-factor close to my original so my ships gauge may work with reasonable accuracy. Based on failure of both my ships gauge and my EDM-700, I believe it is the transducer which has failed rather than both instruments or something else. That said, I'm about to delve into the wires, looking f
  19. Hey fellow Mooniacs... I own a 231 with the merlyn waste gate, but no intercooler... I'm near overhaul time and would love to get a demo ride in a 231 with the intercooler so I can decide if it's worth the money to add at overhaul... I would be happy to pay for time and fuel even throw in one of those "hundred dollar hamburgers"...
  20. Hi everyone, Saturday morning planned on flying to Yosemite (KMPI) for a weekend trip...got the plane loaded, IFR Clearance, and took the runway. Applied full power and instead of the usual 40"MP, it capped out about about 29". Aborted after about 200 feet, taxied back and put the bird back in the hangar and spent the next 8 hours in the car. First, i'm looking for a good mechanic in SD to come out to the plane. I'm based out of the Oceanside (KOKB) airport. Secondly, possible turbo failure? Cylinders all seemed to be operating withing normal t/o zones and the runup didn't indi
  21. Had to abort a flight due to cyl 6 EGT going to zero on mag check. Turned out to be not a fouled plug , but a defective Champion plug on the M20K, TSIO 360LB. 2 months ago all plugs checked OK at annual. After engine rebuild 500 hrs ago, have had to replace 8/12 plugs. Have read a lot of negative posts and press on the Champion plugs going bad with ultra high resistance. This plug had over 12K ohms, the others 5K and below. This am changing all plugs to Tempest on next oil change in May. Strongly considering the Tempest fine wire. Although 3X as much, they are said to last the TB
  22. We're transitioning from a 201 to a 231 and should pick it up late next week. In reading a report on MAPA it states that with an intercooler you should use 252 power settings. Our airplane has a Merlyn wastegate and an intercooler. Here's the quote..... So what do you do for power settings if you have a 231 with an aftermarket intercooler installed. I can tell you one thing you better not do - use the original power setting charts for your engine for setting power. With an intercooler, a reduction in manifold pressure is required to keep from over-horsepowering the engine. This reductio
  23. We're looking at 2 airplanes from All American. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about these airplanes? http://www.controller.com/listingsdetail/aircraft-for-sale/MOONEY-M20K-231/1981-MOONEY-M20K-231/1321277.htm?dlr=1&pcid=17527 http://www.controller.com/listingsdetail/aircraft-for-sale/MOONEY-M20K-231/1982-MOONEY-M20K-231/1331809.htm?dlr=1&pcid=17527
  24. Thought this might spark some debate, I found this in the middle of a long thread on Beechtalk about the pros and cons of the TSIO vs TN. George Braly of Tornado Alley Turbo & GAMI fame had this to say about intercoolers. I was wondering how the 231 guys with intercoolers have anything to add, maybe someone with before and after install experience. Anyway here's what he said... For a year, I spent a good portion of my time re-engineering an intercooler installation and obtaining FAA approval for the changes. Very careful instrumentation and measurement. I have more recently done mor
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