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Found 38 results

  1. moritz gauge cluster package is junk, cant get unit repair , dilemmas finding space to install approved replacement the JPI 930 is approved unit will require major panel revamp, 5.5 inches of space is a little too large for left side of panel, are there any other units that are approved as primary and use less space in panel, currently have a jpi monitor that about 3 inch's
  2. Ovation POH needed

    Hello All, I'm in need of a POH for the Ovation2 s/n 29-0323 to 29-0332. any ideas?
  3. N426WU Anyone?

    Hey all, While watching planes land at Clemson on Monday for the eclipse, a nice Ovation, N426WU swooped in. They had to park all the way at the end of the taxiway so I never made it down there to meet them, but by model and paint scheme we were kindred spirits. It's registered to an LLC in Petersburg PA. Any body here wanna' self-identify? Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet face-to-face. Cheers!
  4. Hey folks, Those of you with Ovations and an engine monitor that outputs to a data log (which should be just about everyone, barring some of the early-generation G1000s that haven't been upgraded to WAAS) should open an account with Savvy Analysis ( so you can load your engine monitor data up there on a regular basis. This has two benefits. There is no charge for a basic account, so you can load your flights up and use their online analysis tools to explore your own engine characteristics to your heart's content. If you choose to pay for the Pro service, then you can get Savvy's help with their expert analysis, but what's even better, is you can get access to their report card that shows you how well you are doing compared to others in your class on the most common engine parameters. But here's why we need more Ovations to join in. Right now they don't have enough Ovations in the system to form a "cohort" that allows them to do this group analysis. Strangely, they do have a cohort for Eagles, but I guess with the detuned HP of an Eagle they didn't feel they could lump Ovations into that group. So whether or not you end up subscribing to their service, you can help out the Ovation public at large by posting your data so they can form a cohort and start tracking our models across the board. And in case you're not aware of Savvy Analysis, another great feature of the paid service is that they will automatically run their Failing Exhaust Valve Analysis (FEVA™) on every flight you import, so that if their algorithm detects the potential for a failing valve they will trigger an automatic Alert out to your email so you can have it checked out. I am in no way affiliated with Savvy other than as a customer, but I do think this is a great service and I highly recommend it for anyone who has an engine monitor from which they can dump the data. It gives good insight into how to operate your engine. Also, one of our own MSers is one of the analysts who routinely helps me with my flight data (I won't "out" him in case he wants to remain anonymous!). But really, Ovation owners, start uploading your data! It's free and easy, and very insightful even if you don't pay Savvy a dime. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, this may seem like a kind of dumb question, but... the hold-open assembly on the door of my M20R bent the other week (careless c.f.i.i) and broke off the door so I've been flying around with it taped up so it doesn't swing around. I have an upcoming instrument checkride and this DPE is a hardass, I had him for my private a while ago. If anything is illegal/breaks some obscure rule, we won't be going flying. I understand the door hold-open assembly most likely isn't required to be airworthy, but where would I find a list that's specific to the Ovation? Also, if anyone has any tips on repairing/replacing the assembly, I'm all ears.
  6. Hi all, Just bought an 96 Ovation, have only flown it about 4 flights so far and loving it. I'm having a problem with this dual battery setup though, and am unfamiliar with it. Battery 2 keeps reading low volts (between 18 and 8) so I've just been running it off battery 1. I want to charge it, but don't really want to have to open up the battery access doors as I really don't know very well what I'm doing. I understand that the external charging port is wired directly to battery 1, does that mean that it will trickle-charge over to battery 2 like it does in flight if I plug it up there? Excited to become a part of the Mooney community.
  7. Hi - new member here. I have about 350 M20J hours and have decided to buy a used M20R 2GX or 3GX (2005 or later to get the Garmin G1000 with GFC 700 and SVT etc. Not being lazy, but did not find answers elsewhere on the forum). My mission is ~500nm non-stop in IFR and through Class B, taking off and landing in controlled airspace. Here are some questions I could use some guidance and help with: 1. If I base my Mooney at KSVH (A&P mechanic on site but not a Mooney center) how do I get the plane to the nearest authorized service center if it needs service (if it cant be flown there)? And where might the nearest reliable center be? 2. Where is the nearest center where I could do a pre-buy inspection (could not find anything closer than Fort Lauderdale)? 3. Does anyone know of any good planes (of the type described above) for sale? 4. Can someone please describe the buying process to me and how long will it take; 5. Is it better to buy in NC or CT (I have domicile in both places); 6. Could you point me to a few links/resources where I can better learn about buying a Mooney? Many thanks
  8. Hey all - have a very specific question - and a quick search of the forums didn't come up with an answer. Has anyone worked out the optimal power settings and speeds for the set of commercial maneuvers in an Ovation? I'm going to finish up my commercial soon, and know that the right settings are key to making every maneuver easier - and haven't worked it out yet. Has anyone already done this and would care to share their recommendations? Steep turns, chandelles, lazy eights and eights on pylons? thanks in advance! Greg
  9. 2006 Mooney M20R Ovation2 GX for Sale!!

    Gorgeous, One Owner, Always Hangared, Mooney 20R Loaded with Garmin G1000, On-board Oxygen, FIKI Approved, 102 Gallon Useable Fuel, and Upgraded 310 HP Engine. See our interactive 360° Walkaround View, 50+ photos, complete logs, a high definition video tour, and more: If you have questions or would like to make an offer, please contact our Sales team at (402) 475-6000 or at!
  10. Ovation Speed Issues

    I just picked up a 95 Ovation 1. It seems a bit slow to me for an Ovation. Coming from a 63 M20C its plenty fast for now but I've read they should get close to 180 knots true but I get around 175 true. What can I do to speed it up a bit? I heard getting rid of the McCauley three blade for a Hartzell Scimitar and maybe add EI could help. It does have TKS installed which I hear can drop a few knots. Any thoughts?
  11. Recently I had the pleasure of an unrealized comparison flight between the 2000 M20R I currently rent and a friend's 201. Two weekends ago we took a flight in the 201 to San Angelo (SJT) for a $100 hamburger run. At 7000' and 150 TAS, we were seeing about a 10 knot tail wind for a gs of 160 knots. Not bad. On the return, the winds picked up in the opposite direction, with 150 TAS, we were at a painful 120 knots over the ground. This past weekend I took a friend to Stephenville TX (SEP) for arguably the best BBQ around at Hard 8. In the Ovation we went up to 11,000' 180 TAS, and making 200-205 knots over the ground. On the return with the same type of headwinds, I was at 8000', TAS of about 185 and 165 knots over the ground. The fuel burns in the Ovation averaged about 14 gph while the average in the 201 were about 10 gph. I get the efficiency of the 201 at low fuel burn is really good, and good numbers may be in store with a bit of a tail wind. But you always have that wind working against you on the way back. I guess now that I've experienced the power of the IO-550, it is soooo hard to convince myself a slower, less powerful plane is worth the money. It doesn't seem to me the 4 gph difference in fuel burn Is worth it. Now I see why the Missle and Rocket guys are so amped up about their performance gains. Thoughts? Comments? Thanks, Matt
  12. OVATION heat shield set

    Looks like a new or like new set of heat shields window inserts. All nicely labeled for which window they go in and all stored in a spiffy new blue bag. I have two sets so don't need this one. Aircraft spruce sells this set for $250. I'm asking $125 and I'll pay shipping. glenn reynolds
  13. FS: 1998 MOONEY M20R OVATION

    2698-TT, Engine (Original) TCM IO-550-G (280-HP/2000-TBO): 1671-TTSN, Complete Logs, Annual Due: May 2017, IFR Due: SEPT 2017, Prop 721-SOH on McCauley 3-Blade Constant Speed, New Leather Upholstery Installed 2015, Paint 7/10. Bendix/King KFC-150 FCS, EFIS 40, KX-155 N/C. Garmin 330 Mode S Transponder & GNS-530 WAAS GPS/Nav/Com, Shadin Fuel Flow, BFG WX-950 SS, Speed Brakes, Standby Vac, Asking $159,900. 190+ Knots, 20,000 Foot Ceiling! Call Kevin: 843-360-5399.
  14. My Ovation 2, like all (?) long-body Mooney planes, has a pair of 24V batteries in the tail cone. At a MAPA training session, I was told that switching between batteries while the Master Switch was on was a bad idea as "a fuse could blow." The speaker was an experienced Mooney CFI and long-time Mooney owner. At the time I had about 4 hours of Ovation time so I just filed that away for future thought. I don't see any such warning in the POH. I've looked through the schematics and can't figure out where this "prohibition" comes from. There are two "Master" relays in the plane, and the Master Switch wire is routed to the battery selector switch which controls which of the two is connected when the Master Switch is on. The alternators, when on-line, charge the active battery directly. The non-selected battery is charged through a diode D2 so it is "trickle charged" at one diode forward voltage drop below bus voltage. At least that's I how read it. Typical M20M schematic detail attached. Question: Does anyone know of a problem with switching batteries when the Master Switch is on, with or without an alternator on-line? Or is this warning a remnant of some other model aircraft? Battery Detail Schematic M20M crop.pdf
  15. New Interior

    I wanted the interior in my Ovation to be nicer to look at and more comfortable to sit on. Fellow Mooneyspace pilot and 231 owner Rico Flyin Bullfrog crafted new leather seats in two shades of grey on new foam for all four seats. He replaced the carpets on the floor and lower side panels, recovered the armrests and improved the seat pockets. He even created a special pouch for the GRC 10 control on the copilot side. The interior is a great upgrade and I recommend his work highly.
  16. Can't believe I'm the first to comment on the Ovation Ultra first flight announcement I saw earlier today. Here's a link to a photo on Flying Magazine's website: It looks pretty much like the Acclaim Ultra only with the Ovation cowling. I'm saving up to get one of the first used ones!
  17. Had an interesting experience yesterday. Was out cruising around, getting some fuel for an upcoming trip. During runup before heading home I decided to test the backup alternator, which I don't always do (but should, I know) but since I have a trip coming wanted to check everything out. In testing the alternator, could never get the flashing Master light to go off, meaning not enough amps into the system. "Hmmm," I said, "good thing I checked this before the trip. Have to call Clowdus to check it out." But on the short cruise home I happened to glance at the amps readout and see that my volts were solid at 28.1 but the amps were pulling +15. And then it dawned on me...I have the A/C on. (And yes, the Ovation 3 is certified to have the A/C on during takeoff.) So figured that was the reason during runup I couldn't get enough amps out of the backup alternator. Since I'm not a big fan of doing a lot of testing in the air, once I landed I went back to the runup, turned off the A/C, and the backup alternator was fine. Note to self, turn the A/C off if I ever really need to use the backup alternator in flight. I'm guessing this is listed somewhere in the POH and I've read it a thousand times, but some lessons you just don't learn the easy way!
  18. I've just had the GTX345 installed in my G1000 equipped Ovation with S-Tec autopilot (29-0363) - one of the first installations in Australia. Firstly the background of ADSB Down Under. For some inexplicable reason, installation was mandated in Australia for IFR not later than the middle of 2017, which means we are the test subjects, and will pay a hefty premium. About 10 years ago when ADSB was in the early implementation stage, the authorities were going to subsidise ADSB, but it's been conveniently forgotten. Since then the cost has skyrocketed, not helped at all by the fact that early adopters of glass panels with S-Tec autopilots have not got any meaningful support from Mooney, and my feeling is Garmin only came out with a G1000 solution when they did to head off the competition. Anyway, having stumped up the money for the GTX-345 installation and expecting a positive result, the G1000 does not recognise the GTX345. The only way to enable it is to go into the configuration menu, tell the G1000 the GTX345 is installed, and then it will display. When powered down, the configuration procedure has to be repeated. I'm still not sure whether it's a software or hardware problem, but Garmin have been slow to resolve it. My concerns are the longer the Ovation sits in the shop, the more cost it will attract, my aircraft is not available until the issue is resolved. The avionics shop asked Garmin to replace the GTX345 but were told no, there was too much of a backlog, so it seems Garmin care less about existing customers and more about new ones.
  19. Hobbs Meter

    I recently purchased a 2006 Mooney Ovation 2. Upon inspection, everything seemed to be working properly. As a former student used to keeping log time by the Hobbs, I frequently open the baggage door and record the hours. A little while ago, however, I noticed that the Hobbs wasn't moving. I took the plane to my local mechanic who told me that the Hobbs meters typically go bad and that they are easy to fix. After a short inspection, however, he told me that the meter itself was functioning properly and that the issue had to be something else. Doing some research through the threads, it appears (although I am not certain) that the air safety switch controls the Hobbs on the Ovations. Not knowing enough about the topic, I elected not to have the mechanics dive into the problem at the time. Speaking with several other pilots, there is a little bit of a discrepancy as to whether or not to even bother to fix the problem as the G1000 still calculates tac time on the panel. So here's where the question to my fellow Mooney pilots comes into play. How important is the Hobbs meter to you and would it be worth sending the plane in for maintenance?
  20. Yaw Damper KFC225

    Is the Yaw Damper option available with the KFC225 system in long body Mooney airplanes? My 2000 Ovation has the King 225 autopilot with most of that system's options but no yaw damper. Anyone know if it may be installed?
  21. Late 2008 Mooney Ovation2 GX. 190+ KTS TAS. 280 HP IO550 Platinium. 310 TTSN, 2000 TBO. Always Hangared 9.99/10.00 Inside and Out. NDH. Beige Interior. Useful Load 1068 lbs. 100 gal Fuel Tanks (6+ Hours Range). It’s easier to describe what this airplane does not have first. It does not have AC, FIKI, or onboard Weather Radar. It has pretty much everything else. G1000, SVT, GFC 700, GDL69A (Full satellite weather, TFR’s, winds, etc., and XM Radio), Speed Brakes, Oxygen, Level II TCAS (L3 Skywatch), TAWS, Jepp Plates, Bose plugs front and rear, Bose Headsets Included, Precise Flight Pulse Lights (Very Cool), HID Landing and Taxi Lights, AMSafe Airbags, 406 ELT, rudder pedal extensions, tinted windows, ground charging system, plus all the standard features found in late model Ovations. Many Hangar Extras (Gas Tow, Jacks, etc...) 20,000 ft Service Ceiling. Current Annual and IFR Cert. No Squawks, Zero. Meticulously maintained by Mark and Tom Rouch at TopGun MSC in Stockton CA. This airplane is pristine, like new! NOW ASKING ONLY $349,000!!! (MooneySpace Only)
  22. Good Morning, Does anyone know a Ferry Pilot that could fly my Mooney Ovation 3 from California to Germany? The new owner would be looking to fly with him/her for the expierence........ Thanks Mike Johnson Mooney Ovation 3 N871TX
  23. Good Afternoon I have a 2007 Mooney Ovation 3 with a G1000/STec 55X installation. Does anyone know if you can use the flight director on the G1000 WITHOUT the autopilot engaged? I have seen aircraft with FD AP buttons to separate the functions but can not find anything in the POH or the AutoPilot supplement / handbook. Also, Is there a way to upgrade the STec to allow Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS) instead of vertical airspeed (VS) hold during climbs and descents. Thanks for any advice..... Mike N871TX
  24. Hey Guys....... I need some help with a fuel pump problem. Just prior to my annual inspection I noticed when I ran the fuel pump on low it would run the pump for a few seconds then stop..... High seems to work just fine. I reported the problem to my mechanic and he send out for a new/rebuilt pump. Same problem after replacement.... This is the email I got after the new replacement pump was installed ...... "We installed the fuel pump, Thursday, and, Friday, found the low side pressure to be way higher than what is stated in the manual. We attempted to adjust the output by adjusting the boost pump regulator (it is essentially a voltage regulator) as described in the manual and were unable to get a consistent reading. We contacted tech support, Monday, and they indicated that rarely the regulator fails, but oddly enough have come out with a retrofit kit that removes the current style regulator and replaces it with a “new” style. The kit has a 120 day lead time and is $1700. I then contacted another Mooney service center to see if they had any leads on the old style regulator or had the components necessary to assemble a retrofit kit, no joy. They recommended contacting another service center in Texas, who happens to repair the “old” style regulators. I have sent it to them for evaluation and quote for repair. By talking with other techs they verified that we had a pump issue. So it is good that we put the gauge on it to verify pressure as to not wear out another pump." This is email I got today.... "We received the pump back late Tuesday and are having the same issue(s). Pump works when voltage is set high for high output, but when trying to adjust to low output the pump doesn’t operate." Does anyone have any experience with this issue? I have not been able to fly for about 6 weeks .... I miss my Mooney! Thanks for the help Mike Johnson Mooney M20R N871TX
  25. 1995 M20R Ovation with TKS

    Hi all! This one is well equipped, well maintained and spent most of its life in Massachusetts. It's been hangared, has complete logs, speed brakes, a new 406-ELT, Garmin 480 with WAAS, glide slope, Bendix/King: KX-165 nav/com, KCS-55A HSI, KAP-150 2-Axis autopilot, KN-64 DME. Also a Garmin GTX-33 remote mounted mode S transponder with traffic info, Garmin MX-20 MFD with Chartview/Terrain, BFG WX-1000 storm scope, WSI data link weather, Insight 610 GEM, Shadin MiniFlo L fuel management, standby vacuum, 2nd horizon, dual 24-volt aircraft batteries (installed new in 2013), oil cooler, portable oxygen, original paint (rated 7/10) and leather interior (rated 8/10), Tanis heater, June 2014 Annual, IFR due: Nov 2014, 2594-TT, 1477-SMOH by Teledyne Mattituck. De-Ice for wings, prop, windshield. $165,000., 704.794.8477. SC based.