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  1. Wow, I don't think that thing would allow me to close the hangar door!
  2. Me too... 40 years ago.
  3. I have this. Aircraft Components Inc PN2037 Gear Alert System iaw STC SA01644AT
  4. Yep, I've yet to have a complaint from some lucky stiff who got to ride in my short bodied E model. (The video is of a non stop flight to SunNFun and the guy taking pics from the back seat is a 6 footer who somehow survived a 4 plus hour flight in the back seat. He and his instructor rode with me, their Piper would have taken over 6 hours with a fuel stop.)
  5. I check plug resistance with a simple multimeter. If I were running massives I might have to invest in a resistance tester!
  6. I rotate fine wires. Either the Tempest site or Mike Busch has pics of asymmetric erosion of electrodes which differs with polarity.
  7. Ditto. (I fly 60-80 hours per year.)
  8. John, I find starting tricky when it has been a couple of hours or more since shutdown. I assume a hot start and start cranking with the mixture at cutoff and throttle at idle. If it doesn't catch in about 5 seconds I pump the mixture - not much. Sometimes I find I can release the starter before I hear the engine really start and coax the engine to life with the mixture and throttle before it stops spinning. I don't recall ever getting a backfire.
  9. McFarlane can get you cable is about a week if you fill out the dimensions on their easy to use drawing. You will have to remove the cables to get accurate measurements. Call McFarlane, they can walk you through it. You are an A&P, right?
  10. I keep several copies of those last 3 pages around the hangar for quick reference for doing the annual.
  11. Mooney Service and Maintenance Catalog - Manual p/n 104. Section II. E. Lubrication page 2-7 Through 2-14 The code for lubricants is page 2-14. (The emanual I have was revised July 1980 and does reference Tri-Flow or equivant for the step, rod end bearing and several other components.)
  12. Tri Flow. Shop around the price varies quite a lot.
  13. I might exaggerate. It has happened. My screws are as yours. runners are wonderful if you do a gear up landing. The runway scraps off 1/2" or so of FG runners which are easily built back up.
  14. He was kidding!