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  1. Technically, but the state of Al Franken is a blue state.
  2. It used to be. In fact I think my first one was 1400 (maybe 1600).
  3. Lance, clearly the tires on the mains will be happy @ pressure higher than the 30 spec'd for C,D,E,F... but 1) 30 psi should absorb some of the shock of a hard landing, and 2) we touch down on the mains, at least I hope we all do that, and higher tire pressure will result in higher bounces when they occur, not that any MSer ever bounces. (In my infamous SNF arrival I only bounced twice @ 13:17 & 13:22.) FWIW, my Condor 6.00-6 x 6 ply mains do not look "squishy", at least not to my eye.
  4. Not surprisingly that's the same pressures as on the F. A J is just an F with Roy's little tweaks.
  5. Hum, I have a STEC50 that's been in the plane 20 years. I use ALTHLD all the time and I do not believe there's ever been an issue with the pitch (or roll) servo. And the short coupled Es are supposed to be squirrelly in pitch so I suppose the servo is busy, particularly in turbulence.
  6. Mike Busch reminds me of Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers. Educated in math at Dartmouth and Princeton Mike chooses to get his hands dirty while challenging the sacred cows and OWTs. Ray and Tom Magliozzi were MIT grads (Tom had the PhD) who chose to be auto mechanics.
  7. +1
  8. Check the pdf file I posted above.
  9. I doubt that that is right. Even if it is stamped.
  10. The mains were always 6 ply so that does not mean much. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  11. That's your J - 2900 gross?
  12. Then there is 5" more "wheel base" and the nose wheel does support more weight in the F than the E.
  13. Per the attached service manual (104 CDEF) the mains for C/D/E/F are all 6 ply and take 30 psi. The F only has a 6 ply nose wheel tire and takes 49 psi. manual 104 CDEF tires page.pdf
  14. Lance, do you have documentation for that? My manual calls for 30 psi all around. '66E. (I can bounce pretty high with soft tires...)
  15. 4 ply. But I suppose the heavier tire was to handle heavier loads. Our mains are 6 ply and inflated to 30 psi.