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  1. Hi folks, My Ovation is missing its hub capa ans I was told that they help keep the whees clean. Does anyone know the part number for the hub caps on the mains for an M20R? I’ve searches on airxraft sprice and it seems like there are many options more based on the wheel than plane. Are there several that will fit the wheel size? As long as the wheels will retract properly maybe it doesn’t matter whoch brand? Thanks!
  2. Do you have airport and more info on AGL, the only one I could find was in the Carolinas. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Mlm20c! I will check them out.
  4. Hey there, who knows where the nearest MSC to Dayton, OH is? I’m looking for a place for pre-purchase inspection that knows Mooneys. Thanks, Stig
  5. Thank you for your insights, thoughts and musings. I will talk to my mechanic about the options to get it done. Cheers, Stig
  6. How about adding a composite prop on the front to offset the reduced weight in the back? MT shave ~15-20lbs off and McCauley boast 35 lbs savings.
  7. The market has continued to increase and rather markedly. I have been shopping for M20Es, M20Js and most recently an Ovation and in the close to 2 years I have seen Es go from 30s and 40s to 50s to 70s; J’s went from low 70s to 90s to 130s-150s and Ovations from 150 to 170s to over $200k. Of course TT, engine time, extras and overall condition affect price. There are still some deals to be had out there but there seem to be fewer and it seems like a sellers market. Best of luck. Stig
  8. Hey Carusoam, what do you lose in UL with the 310 STC and what is the increase in fuel burn overall. The 280 hp Ovation is amazingly economical compare with other similar planes and even other IO550s (ask me how I know ;-). Thanks
  9. Has anyone replaced their sealed lead-acid batteries (concorde ?) with lithium batteries like these: https://earthxbatteries.com/product-category/certified-aircraft If so, how did you get the approval. Or are there products with an STC? Thanks, Stig
  10. I believe you on that. Figure about the same for me to get really comfortable but it seems like a pretty well behaved airplane so far. But that may just be I have not taken myself to my limits yet ;-).
  11. ...but dang! I am loving every minute of it. What a plane.
  12. Btw, I am only some 30 hours flying the M20R so still learning much about this plane.
  13. My POH says they are accurate on the ground and not to use in flight. I use it as a check only: needles are moving, something is sloshing around in there...
  14. Mine are the same. Up to 30 they seem to be good, then after that not so much. And yes, I use them as a means to know what I have starting out. A couple of flights lately, I have needed greater accuracy so I don't land too heavy i.e., fill as much as possible )for next flight) but with 4 people and bags, don't want to land over 3200#. A good fuel stick would give me accuracy to know I had let's say 55 gallons... I think mine are around 3 gallons low in flight. The attitude of the plane is a little more forward than when on the ground and I suspect that makes up for the difference. The go
  15. I would have loved the wing sight gauges to go to 44.5. Anyway, time to drain one tank and fill and mark.... Thanks, Stig
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