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  1. I'll take a pic of my old one. The hole is a little egged out and there's a small step worn in the front.
  2. I used to be much taller. Don't get old.
  3. I replaced my 51 year old down lock block @ this annual. The old one probably was good for year to come but I love the solid click of the new one.
  4. Nonsense.
  5. Given your mission as outlined, you may not need the extra 5" back seat leg room that come with the F, J, K. For any given budget you should be able to get more panel, mods, P&I, etc. in a C. A 180 HP C model seems to suit many folks here.
  6. David, let me know if there's another shot you'd like to see. The cowl is off at the moment and I can take some more pics tomorrow. Edit: I notice these pics are quite old and do not reflect mods we made. I'll send more tomorrow. Bob
  7. FWIW, I have the LASAR relocated oil cooler accomplished in 1997 "Oil cooler relocated by Lake Aero Style STC SA2513NM". The upper cowl has some mods to line up with baffle seals, we add a couple more. Probably do to the difference between the '67 and the older cowls.
  8. I do not think I have anything to add to this thread. Oh, it will be necessary to get David's cowl. But that all. Except for paint.
  9. No, what I recall is that the Controller ad had a NC city, not Edenton, as the contact for the owner = George.
  10. I recall being a little puzzled that George was soliciting inquiries on the plane to an eastern NC city, I don't recall which one.
  11. I heard that was no big deal.
  12. I ain't selling nothing. Except a little perspective. It seems to be getting pretty tough to find a nice "E" anyway. There are only 3 Es of any kind in the US, none in the East, on Controller and about 6 on Trade a Plane at the moment. Of course after you eliminate those with 50 year old avionics, no A/P, or are overpriced for what they are they may not be any. Be prepared to move quickly when something you like comes on the market.
  13. Why not. Shoot for the moon. Personally, I will be happy to see a steady 164 ktas at 70% ROP cruise. Should be realistic from where I am now.
  14. Here's an older one, trust me, there are 2 adults in the back.
  15. I gotta take some new pics...