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  1. I don't know the 530 or Foreflight or the FS210 so my comment probably doesn't apply. I use a full size IPad, Garmin Pilot, and FS510 in a GTN750. After the Blue Tooth connection is established it is necessary to open Garmin Pilot on the IPad in order to transfer any data in or out. If GPilot is already running on the IPad it is necessary to close and reopen it.
  2. Frank, a local F, N1967F was just sold for $70k. Pretty well equipped to standards of a few years ago - no glass or GTN and no mods... not even sure it was ADS-B compliant. The plane was much loved and meticulously maintained. The reluctant seller, a dentist, CFI, ATP, with hundreds of angel flights, finally realized his hearing could not be fixed adequately to communicate. A local, relatively low time, Cherokee pilot paid up for a nice plane.
  3. You had me with the snugly blankets. The red motel touch gilds the lily.
  4. I'll trow in a vote for doing as much as you can at once. spending $10k each year for 3 years won't buy nearly as much as $30k all at once... installation costs, down time... plus you'll have the benefits of the goodies more immediately which will help with the IFR training and the usefulness of the plane once you're rated. I spent ~$50k 7 years ago completely updating the panel of my '66E - JPI930, GTN750, Aspen PFD1000 Pro, GDL88... integrated to STEC50. I've had ADS-B I/O - traffic, weather - for 7 years as well as GPSS and access to all GPS approaches. I am very happy and would not change a thing of what I did in 2012. (I do plan to upgrade the Aspen and the STEC this year but the MAX and the 3100 were not, still are not quite, available earlier.) @Marauder has been upgrading his '76F for several years, adding goodies every year and rearranging the panel layout. He has a fabulous, really clean panel now that he probably would not have envisioned back when he started. Have fun! Keep us posted.
  5. Welcome to MooneySpace! Without pictures it did not happen.
  6. Matt, leaving AirVenture I will be headed from KOSH to MA over Flint and Buffalo - north of Lake Erie. I will bring my passport along just in case I have to make an unanticipated landing in Ontario but from what I understand about the only requirement is that we need to be on a flight plan which need not be IFR. I'll be interested in hearing that notion confirmed or corrected.
  7. I would not think that the quadrant would make much of a difference when laying out a new panel. And I'm pretty certain that the steel cage tubing behind the panel is the same for all the mid short and mid bodies. So while the panel support may need to be modified for a new panel I would not think that would be a big issue. IOW, if you like where radios or instruments are in another vintage panel you should be able to copy that. Here's an old '66E which has little resemblance to the original panel. (If you chose to put the EDM to the right, where the tach and MAP you might want to spend a little more for the larger 930. I think that's one of the best choices I made.)
  8. I did that as well. Then I finally noticed that the ell was obtuse. Once I adjusted the angle I no longer needed the friction assist.
  9. Monroe would be my choice over Wilgrove, particularly if weather is other than VFR, and if it turns out that the Rock Hill fees are real. You should confirm with a phone call. Stop by MRN and check us out, particularly if it's Fri or Mon to meet AGL folks. Lynn might be around on a Saturday if he knows you're coming...
  10. 8A6. Should be cheaper fuel, $5/night tie down. About the same distance to Rock Hill as Monroe. Landing is a little more fun. VFR under the Bravo. I have not been in there since I picked up Dr. Bill Heybruck's Mooney a couple of years ago...
  11. My tow bar snaps onto the back of the rear seat. (This is an old pic, tow bar has been painted since!)
  12. My tale reflects the ignorant bliss flying w/o a monitor. 40 years ago in my M20E I was climbing through 5000' after a fuel stop in DE enroute to MA. I was over NJ when the engine "swallowed a valve". I had to dead stick onto an airport, luckily in gliding range. Had it happened shortly after take off or over different terrain or in IMC the outcome would have been more than just inconvenient. In those days, with a single analog CHT gauge and a single EGT we went by the book which was 25 ROP, right in the red zone. I believe a monitor could well have given me a heads up before the #3 exhaust valve burned in 2.
  13. The formula I have for 200 hp engine 65% is 8.67 gph LOP. (FF*15/200). Perhaps the 15 is a round off? I find that at 10,000' or so when the engine can barely make 65% ROP at full throttle, high rpm, it is not possible to get to 65% LOP. But that's not important. I can pull back to 8.7 gpm which might be peak or a little ROP... fine at that hp where it would be to avoid down lower at 75%+ power. (CHTs and OilT should be fine.) For my old, decrepit E that will mean about 145 ktas. It is possible to reduce ff to 8.0 gph or less but that costs at least 5 ktas. At least that's what I see. With no wind that's close to the magic 20 smpg that only(?) Mooneys can touch! (That's for 4 place certified aircraft.)
  14. Busch, and Tempest(?), recommends rotating plugs to even out the anode/cathode effect. For my 4 cylinder IO360 I exchange 1 & 4 top and bottom and 2 & 3 top and bottom when the plugs are serviced at the annual. (My fine wires are supposed to suffer less than massives from ion transfer but the recommendation remains.)