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  1. Hi Bob,

    Hope you & Nancy are doing ok.  Becky & I missed the last Summit.

    Is your E still on the market?


    1. Bob_Belville


      Yes. I have 2 buyers ready to jump when I say it's time.

    2. neilpilot


      I should have moved faster.  I wasn't certain I could find a hangar, so delayed.  

  2. I should be clear, I am not in a hurry to sell. Selling is recognition that I'm not Methuselah. The only place I've mentioned selling is here on MS. I'd be happy to continue to fly for months, particularly since most of us are locked in. If I get to where I need to move it I can call Jimmy.
  3. I went with the 930 in my ‘66E 8 years ago. It’s just money. I’ve forgotten how much the 930 cost but I’ve enjoyed the functionality of the 930. Info is pulled together compared trying to scan the whole panel. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks! We were camping with Mooney Caravan last year at KOSH. I generally cruise at 145-150 ktas LOP at gross weight. (8.7 gph is 65% power.) If I'm looking for maximum range I'll dial in 8.0 gph. With 64 gallons fuel and CiES accurate fuel gauges that's close to 7 hours plus VFR reserves or close to 1000 nm, no wind. Last summer my grandson and I non-stopped Grand Canyon to Oklahoma City and then Oklahoma City to home drome in Western NC. Little or no help from winds.
  5. I went to a PFS exhaust when I needed a new muffler in 8 years ago. Happy improvement but it cost me 3 pounds UL. (old: 17 vs. PFS: 20 pounds.)
  6. One thingy I don’t think has been mentioned... MGW of 200 hp models. An E is 2575#, an F and most Js are 2740#, and late models are 2900#. So, would you rather take off from Flagstaff, e.g., in an E at 2675# or a late J at 2800#? The E is 100# over, the J is 100# under MGW. Essentially same wing/airframe, same power. Runway required? Climb performance? Whatcha think? So, spending several AMU to get 4# additional UL... really? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. And then there's the reliability factor. The EI has no 500 hours inspection... no moving parts.
  8. I've had $95k hull on the plane for several years. I could have raised it to $100k this year but I left it at $95k. This would be enough that the carrier would not be tempted to total the plane say after a $35k gear up.
  9. McFarlane seems to be doing business as usual, I get regular email promotions from them. Great company. I removed cables to get good measurements to fill out their forms. A little quicker and saves shipping hassle.
  10. Serious inquiries only, please. Email: rcbelville@yahoo.com $110,000 (Jimmy Garrison's Mooney value calculator over $140,00.) N943RW, 1966 M20E, serial 929 ~3330 TTAF ~ 780 SMOH Triad Fresh annual 4/20 by AGL - MSC. (AGL has done all annuals since I acquired the plane in 2012.) Blackstone oil analysis every oil change. Savvy account, all flights available. Equipment, all working fine. Auto pilot - STEC 50 w Alt Hld Top Prop - Hartzell Scimitar - new 2014
  11. @Sabremechis working on his "type II" version. He intends to offer it to J and older models with a STC. (Mine is one of 4 cowls, David's personal C, my E, an F, and a G, done with field approved 337s.)
  12. @MooneyStrike , you should contact Jimmy Garrison @ All American near San Antonio. https://www.allamericanaircraft.com/Default.htm He has an inventory of Mooneys plus he brokers more. And he recently partnered with Paul Maxwell of Don Maxwell Aviation. http://donmaxwell.com/ Get Jimmy's valuation worksheet. He puts a value on the bladders, one piece windshield, airframe and engine hours... and much more. Here's the model history Anthony referred to: http://www.mooneyevents.com/chrono.htm FWIW, IMNSHO, you're targeting the perfect Mooney. My '66E cruises at 145 ktas on 8 g/
  13. I know a fellow who has a C with a fresh engine that ought to have a SabreCowl II. @AGL Aviation
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