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  1. Bob_Belville

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    Replaced corroded cam and lifters with 692 hours (13 years) on a factory reman IO360A1A. (Discovered during prop strike engine teardown so I don't know how long the condition existed.)
  2. Bob_Belville

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Thanks Dan, I agree.
  3. Bob_Belville

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for and asked Scheme Designers to help me create.
  4. Bob_Belville

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Antique (production) planes (built at least 30 years ago) are allowed 2" numbers. (If I were to leave the USA I'd have to use temporary 12" numbers.) Here's Scheme Designers really nice summary which links to the appropriate section or part 45.
  5. Getting very close... here's a tease from Joe. (Bird decal goes above the MOONEY.)
  6. Bob_Belville

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    Agree. Dumping flaps just adds to a busy workload particularly since extending flaps was accompanied by a lot of up pitch trim that will have to be undone while pushing yoke down.
  7. Bob_Belville

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    I'm with you. That makes sense and I have asked about whether the 100 mph flap limit applied to partial but I have never had anyone official or from the company confirm anything except flap speed is 100.
  8. Bob_Belville

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    I will have to dig out the PPP manual, a very good resource, I do not recall ever seeing that distinction and my instinct is to ask "who says", or "says who?"
  9. Bob_Belville

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    Mine are controlled by a pseudo Johnson Bar beside the gear Johnson Bar! They stay where I put them. Gotta love vintage...
  10. I had the EDM installed with the avionics by the avionics shop and was completely satisfied but if I were doing it again and it was just the EDM I'd go with @AGL Aviation who has plenty of experience with JPIs. An A&P's hourly rate should be less than an avionics shop and the installation of the EDM is at least as much mechanical as electronic.
  11. In 12/12 I paid $5300, plus a few hundred dollars for incidentals, for the EDM 930 plus 36 hours labor. (The labor was reduced from 40 hours on the original quote based upon multiple units being installed at the same time.)
  12. Bob_Belville

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    I wonder if (partial?) speed brakes would help mitigate the "slick airframe" during maneuvers. (I've never done the commercial flight maneuvers.)
  13. Bob_Belville

    Oshkosh 2018 MooneySpace Social, July 23rd

    @Danb, registration is closed with more newbies signed up than safety pilots the last I heard... but contact Goat, he might have cancellations.
  14. Bob_Belville

    My second annual

    I've witnessed this AGL hospitality several times including a Bravo (or Ovation?) who needed help starting his engine when we hosted "Mooneys to the Mountains" here a few years ago. That was a Saturday, late in the day.
  15. Bob_Belville

    Oshkosh 2018 MooneySpace Social, July 23rd

    Yeah, me too Dan! Joe sprayed the final trim color Saturday. I have a MAG Caravan Clinic @ DAN I need to attend beginning noon Friday. So I hope to bring it home Thursday. Cutting it really close. I will be talking to Joe today and hope to fly down Wednesday night. I think you can be sure that I will post a pic or 2 here.