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  1. @kortopatesis based in San Diego and may have a shop he can recommend...
  2. Bob_Belville

    2100 to 2350 RPM Redline

    You or your A&P might get an answer from Hartzell with a phone call. Pretty savvy tech folks there.
  3. Bob_Belville

    Remove back seats for fuel cell?

    I have 64 gallon O&N (now Griggs) bladders in my '66E. For long non-stop trips I run ~ 8 GPH, LOP, 140+ ktas. That's roughly 900 nm with IFR reserves.
  4. Bob_Belville

    50-state club

    Au contraire mon frère, I said you were hoping/expecting(?) to be younger...
  5. Bob_Belville

    50-state club

    Our multi-talented friend @Amelia lacks only Alaska, I suppose all on her own nickle. (Their plans to do Alaska this past summer in their Screaming Eagle did not work out but she hopes to be younger in the next year or two and finish that bucket list item.)
  6. Bob_Belville

    Paint recommendations

    Joe quickly talked me out of silver metallic as the base. The four trim colors are all metallic. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  7. Bob_Belville

    Training needed near KRYY

    Welcome to MS Etz. MooneyPilot maintains a list of Mooney CFIs: Looks like there's only one listed in the ATL area Jim Stevens, Atlanta. USAF, Col, (Ret), CFII. 404-277-4123. Instrument, Commercial, IPC, BFR, Transition Training, Ferry Flights. 20 Year Owner Of 1968 M20F. Total: Over 6000; Instruction:1500. but I suspect others will speak up with more names:
  8. Bob_Belville

    Paint recommendations

    I am sure my old '66 E had even more dents, scratches and old filler. I don't think Joe is willing to paint over any defects without repairing. When the dust settled I was satisfied that the extra time was worth it.
  9. Bob_Belville

    Paint recommendations

    I do not disagree entirely but that are factors that cause it to take several weeks for a quality job. Weather, especially humidity, must cooperate. My plane has 4 trim colors including stripes that require masking and remasking. That necessitated at least a week in the paint booth in addition to the time spend doing the masking. Repairs and filling. My cowl was particularly beat up due to age and multiple mods over the years. Final assembly. Since everything removable was removed and painted separately. It took at least a couple of days to reassemble.
  10. Bob_Belville

    AOPA and Mooney

    I think she meant MooneySpace and wrote MooneyTalk. I read the article in Pilot and I did not come away thinking that AOPA was against Mooney, I doubt that they are. What struck me was that the article was poorly researched.
  11. Bob_Belville

    Paint recommendations

    Hawk removed all panels, including those which are not required to do an annual, and one piece belly. Everything possible was painted off the plane. All new SS hardware including the 90 deg quick lock fasteners on cowl, oil door, and battery access door with cup nylon(?) washers. Teflon anti chafe tape in several places. Lots of attention to detail.
  12. Bob_Belville

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Paul, I thought I was an early opt in but I can't find the link, please send. Thanks for doing this!
  13. Bob_Belville

    AOPA and Mooney

    Someone, @mooneygirl(?), needs to give Senior Editor a ride in a Mooney. (What's MooneyTalk?)
  14. Bob_Belville


    I have not flown with the GTN 650, you need to talk to someone who has both. It is my impression that the 750 is much more capable and well worth the difference in cost if you can make the panel space for it. And having had the 750 for 6 years backed up with an old KX 155 NAVCOM I would not spend money on a second WAAS GPS. I do have the Aspen with a backup GPS and battery and a Garmin 696 as well as an IPad. Approach plates on 3 devices. I would think my GTN 750 and KX 155 is cost competitive with a 650/430W combo and I know I get more out of the 750 than you'd get out of the 650/430W combo. I use the #2 COM some for ATIS, or formation flying but I never use the #2 NAV. I have had the GDL-88 since it's introduction 6 years ago. There are a lot more choices for doing ADS-B I/O now but my combo has worked flawlessly and with the FS510 in the 750 the weather and traffic appear on the 750, the Aspen and the Ipad. @donkayehas both I think. He can comment on the 650 as a weather/traffic display.
  15. Bob_Belville


    Rather than 2 WAAS GPS you might consider a GTN 750 which has a large enough screen to do justice to all the traffic, weather, charts, and terrain info available. I have a remote GDL88 for ADS-B I/O.