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  1. ring thing around door handle

    I'd call it an escutcheon: Mine is missing and not missed but if I wanted to replace it I would visit the hardware aisle of Lowes, Home Depot, or my local hardware store...
  2. We got the bladders in and the holes punched in the old cells for the connector hardware. We should get to finish up the cells installation today. The EDM is scheduled to be back from JPI Monday and we can install the CiES sender and calibrate them. Back in the air next week...
  3. I only take pics of TAS for MooneySpace while alone and lightly loaded.
  4. Sounds like some of these products ought to have child proof lids...
  5. Formation Flying Clinic

    @kaba et al, to register for the clinicyou need to visit where registration info will be up in the next day or 2. , There is a good bit more to read at the website including downloadable training manuals etc. Jim Rigoulot @gyrene, is the MAG coordinator for the clinic. The clinic dates are changed to 3/16-18 (The initially suggested date conflicted with our Texas Caravan Group's Clinic. By moving the date we hope to get help with safety pilots from there.) A huge thanks to @rocketman Ron Dubin for being so generous and accommodating.
  6. Ain't for me, I have a Prestone jug but the little lady...
  8. The add on kit is $3250. Griggs' installed price is $4700 which implies $1450 labor.
  9. I understand your point. But... it's only 5" difference in rear seat leg room. The only concession that I'm prepared to make is that if an owner/pilot is over 6' tall and plans to transport 4 adults she probably would be able to tell the difference between a C and a J. I'm adding the 10 gallons exactly because I subscribe to the principle that you cannot have too much fuel on board... all right, unless your on fire. My very last trip was 5.6 hours and 46.1 gallons. Landing with only 7 gallons on board violated my personal minimums. And even though I did it intentionally in CAVU conditions because I was going to drain the tanks for the bladder install but it still was not pleasant. And I had to run at 8.0 gph to keep from making a fuel stop.
  10. I checked the paperwork this morning, the add on 10 gallon cells adds 7.3 pounds to the empty weight. The original 54 gallon bladders added 29.7 so the total difference is 37 pounds. I seldom would have any need for the extra fuselage. Particularly since it weighs something and add something to drag. (I drive a Crossfire. 2 seats. 1 more than I need most of the time. And I have a Dakota which I drive less than 2000 miles a year.) A vehicle should fit the mission.
  11. The bladders (64 gal. usable) add 37 pounds to the empty weight but everything else being equal the empty weight of an E with bladders should still be lower than a wet wing F. Same engine, same fuel capacity, lower weight... hey @mike_elliott, how can an F possibly keep up with a Super 21?
  12. We'll be finished with our bladder project next week... and our oil cooler is already relocated.
  13. handheld transcom recommendations

    I just noticed the label on a couple of the cables! There appear to be 2 splitters with the comm antenna behind the one I was concentrating on.
  14. How to seal my fuel sender to avoid drips?

    I think your A&P will drill out the 2 rivets and replace the nut ass'y. (But... I am not an A&P.)
  15. handheld transcom recommendations

    I have an antenna Splitter with an open coax port behind the panel. But I'll have to check whether it is VLOC/GS or COM.