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  1. Jon beat me to it. Lynn @AGL Aviation, as of the last I heard, had had only one plane with issues with Surefly - the one with massive plugs. Secondly, I believe he was told by SF that the EI worked better with wider gap than spec'd.
  2. 54 gallon O&N installed 1997. 11/2017 added 10 gallon option. We had the opportunity to examine the original cells during the new install. They look like new. I expect the bladders to last as long as the airframe and as Chris says even if a cell had to be replaced that would not be a big deal. (With 64 gallons = 7+ hour endurance I no longer fill the tanks until I know how much I will need for the next flight. IMO the rubber need not be wet all the time and is fine because of the fumes. Even with "full" tanks the ceiling area of the outer cells are not wetted.
  3. I think "supporters" are spared from seeing some(?) ads. And I think a donation makes you a "supporter" for a year.
  4. AI contraire. For an serious IFR pilot concerned about not bending his plane, XM/FIS-B are not much more than amusement telling almost nothing about how the ride is going to be... a SS otoh tells her that the “red” stuff is just heavy precipitation or that there’s a cell building. The latter must be skirted, the former might get an inquiry from ATC: “3RW, say flight conditions”; “smooth ride in heavy precipitation.” Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I suspect that Jerry is less concerned with flying that cream puff than dealing with NY airspace.
  6. I have a GPS 696 mounted as you are intending. ISTM you would want to be able to tilt the tablet toward the pilot.
  7. In defense of the M20E vs the relatively ubiquitous C... (I'm possibly prejudiced by 20 years of E ownership and 3000 hours in that specific model.) As mentioned above, the IO360 is normally well balanced as to gami spread and will run LOP without GAMI injectors. With Griggs bladders (O&N) fuel can be 64 gallons in an E and endurance of over 6 hours with ifr reserves. (8 gph, 145 ktas.) 200 hp vs. 180 hp is not nothing. Extra power means, shorter takeoff, better climb, faster cruise speed, and higher ceiling vs. M20C. The IO360 installation in an E will have the engine running cooler than the O360 in a C. If the acquisition premium, everything else being equal, is upwards of 10 AMUs for an E, and the mission is traveling (as compared to training and local flying) the E is the better choice. And, unlike $10k spent on typical airframe and panel improvements, the extra initial cost should be recouped when the plane is sold.
  8. +1 for the WX900. Even if it needs repairs it is worth keeping for summertime IFR flying. Nothing short of on board radar gives you the real time info that a Stormscope does.
  9. I use the external plug. I have a wire pair with alligator clips that I touch momentarily to the battery of my electric tug and to the external plug leads. That provides the power needed to make the battery relay. Once the battery minder "sees" the battery it provides enough power to keep the relay made. I've never had it drop out even after weeks.
  10. Installed GDL 88 in 2012. ADS-B I/O for last 7 years. Traffic displays on GTN 750, Aspen, and IPad. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. We had a great year, logged 130 hours, all in our Mooney. (Recent years have ranged from 50 to 80 hours.) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. @AGL Aviation has done several now, including my E. 4 hours should be a good estimate for the install. Well, maybe a little more if the A&P has to remove interior side panel to run the wire to the battery. FWIW, I have about 20 hours on the Surefly. Zero issues. I did not have to change harness or re-gap plugs. Tempest fine wires with about 500 hours on them.
  13. Kris, most of the G5 installs I've seen are not flush mounted. Ugly, IMNSHO. Garmin offers a bracket to do a flush mount. Well worth the few bucks extra... particularly in the great panel you're planning.
  14. I suppose most of the times I’ve had the keep speed up instruction I’m landing on a 8 or 10,000’ runway with an airliner sequenced behind me. If I come down the glide slope at ~130 kias to 200’ and chop power and level out there’s plenty of runway to slow to gear speed and touch down before midfield, no flaps. In all likelihood the tower will have what they need and allow me to slow sooner. What they don’t need is someone setting up a nice stabilized gear down and full flaps 4 mile final flown at 75 kias with a line of 737s behind him doing twice that speed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk