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  1. CO Detector Discounts

    Dan, thanks for the update, remind us what was determined to be the source of the CO in your cabin, a muffler failure contaminating the heater shroud air or something else?
  2. Ovations Needed for Savvy Analysis!

    Jeff, I hope you won't mind me expanding your appeal to other model owners. In addition to Eagles Savvy has identified another cohort for F/Js. That combo surprises me a little in that the Es have the same suffix IO360 A1A as the Fs while the Js are a variant of the IO360, and not all the same. I should think that the engine would correlate better than rear seat leg room. Perhaps Es should be in the same cohort? @kortopates? That would leave Cs, Ks and the newer models that need to join in.
  3. My Acclaim's right fuel tank is leaking. Sigh.

    Now, excuse me but that statement, not the leak, seems silly to me. Of course my old E model has 20 year old bladders, something an Acclaim should never need since it was built after wet wing technology was absolutely perfected and owners would never have to deal with tank leaks again.
  4. CiES Fuel Senders Resource Thread

    My plane is down for a week or so - fuel injection servo - so I could send JPI off to deal with a couple of issues having to do with data storage and download. They'd update the software and firmware while they had it. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  5. CiES Fuel Senders Resource Thread

    @fuellevel, @Marauder @kortopates Believe it or not I have a question I don't think has been covered here. If I have to send my EDM 930 back to JPI now for other reasons and while they have the unit I have them make it ready for CiES' frequency mode senders and further if I plan to leave my old resistive senders in until my annual in February... will my old senders still work with the updated EDM in the interim? I suppose this is a question for JPI... I'm afraid I can guess the answer.
  6. pulling the mixture

    Better to take preventive action. We see a lot of pictures posted of panels that reveal that folks are spending a lot of money on avionics and do not realize that those 30 or 40 or 50 year old cables, throttle, prop, mixture might be ready to come apart at an inconvenient time. McFarlane says the life of a cable is about the same as an engine. 1 AMU should take care of all 3.
  7. Check those fuel tank vents!!!!

    Yikes, what was I thinking, I know'd better, thanks for the correction.
  8. Check those fuel tank vents!!!!

    We've got experienced A&P here who probably will comment. I think I'd use a pipe cleaner to see if there's any debris in the end of the tube.
  9. '66E with bladders: This was done by a previous owner about 15 years ago. (FWIW, when the shop calibrated the JPI they could only get 26 gallons in each side.) stick 0" left 7.4 right 7.1 stick 17" left 27.4 right 27.5
  10. Single GTN 650 Updates

    If you use other devices like the Garmin portables, I have a GPS 696, tablets, smart phones, Garmin's bundle includes those devices and no or little extra cost. I use the OnePak US Standard + Flite Charts and I get everything for the 750, the 696, and Garmin Pilot for an Android tablet and an Android phone. This is half what they charged a year ago for the 750 and the 696. United States Standard + FliteCharts OnePak $799.00 Including Garmin Navigation, Obstacles, SafeTaxi, Airport Directory, FliteCharts, IFR/VFR Charts, Terrain, Basemap, and Frequency databases. Also includes Garmin Pilot Premium Upgrade.
  11. Check those fuel tank vents!!!!

    This pic is cropped from a wider view so the resolution is poor but I think you can make out the forward looking vent behind the mast that was added to prevent icing of the vent. I have O&N bladders. Tanks w/o bladders may have vents facing to the rear. In any case the other end of the vent tube is at the very top of the outermost tank. If you fill the tank to the brim and park the plane in the sun you'll know pretty soon if the vent is working.
  12. Well, not good reading.

    As discussed in an earlier thread, a key factor in the value of new at $750k vs gently used at $250k is the financial advantages of new. Investment tax credits, accelerated depreciation, low cost, extended period financing... a profitable, privately held corporate entity cannot afford not to buy it new. I suppose most of the decision makers who Mooney needs to be hustling are lunching with their accountants and not looking for the best place to buy tires cheap on MonneySpace.
  13. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    Yes, I was sure that that was the case but an earlier poster had questioned whether the extra 10 could go in planes that had originally only 52 which would be primarily Cs and Es.
  14. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    Bill, but do you remember if 64 was available? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  15. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    I'm pretty sure that the Es, which I'm also pretty sure were all 52 gallons originally, are eligible for the 64 gallon bladders. I have the 54 (nominal) gallon original version. Griggs must still be working on their web site which does not include Mooney bladders info yet. The old O&N web site is mostly dismantled and has lost the bladders info as well. @DrBill added bladders to his '65(?)E - he may have 64 gallons...