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  1. Depending upon your mission, I don't think it is terribly far off. You're not likely going to need to spend money on engine, paint, or interior so if the panel which is fine for VFR non certified GPS flying suits your needs you should be good. Many folks flying Cs do not need to shoot GPS approaches.
  2. I agree that the ad is poorly worded with non-standard abbreviations. I suspect the engine is 678 SMOH, not sure whether that was by Lycoming. So it's a clean looking, late model C that looks to have been well cared for. Certainly not a hangar queen at 6700+ TT.
  3. Enough already! Does the C172 have a chute? The PC-12? We know what you Monday morning quarterbacks think, give it a rest or take it to the CirrusSpace space. Geez. The Ultras just got certified about 10 minutes ago. After rising from the dead to a viable company with a visible presence at shows, ads in aviation publications, a reinvigorated MSC network, a retooled factory, and almost 200 employees I am pretty certain the Mooney International folks need for this little corner of the relatively small GA world to be cheerleaders. A role I'm happy to play. I and my old M20E are much better off than we were in 2012 when I bought a plane built by a company with about 8 employees sacrificing to keep the type certificate active. Now, let's all stand and sing "Count your many blessings..."
  4. See above
  5. I'd vote to make MooneySpace a chute free zone. (I am a member of a facebook group: "beekeeping techniques", That group had to adopt a policy about a new gimmick that makes harvesting honey easy. The header post now includes: :PLEASE READ THIS FIRST. NO MORE FLOW HIVE POST. WE HAVE 2 POST ABOUT FLOW HIVES SO IF YOU WANT TO TALK FLOW HIVE SEARCH FOR EITHER OF THOSE 2 POST. ALL FLOW HIVE POST WILL BE DELETED FROM THIS POINT FORWARD.") IMNSHO, posts about chutes are our flow hives.
  6. For some business types buying new can be a good financial choice. A Mooney owning friend bought a Bo in December. The timing was on the advice of his accountant. Accelerated depreciation saves on corporate income tax.
  7. I just cut mine out and attached with contact adhesive. Nice improvement.
  8. My shop's fixed rate annual is based on 23 hours @ $70. (M20C-M20J) and that's all the owner is charged for unless there are repairs, upgrades to be made per the owners instructions. The shop would not survive if all they did was 100 hour/annual inspections. But doing thorough annuals at a fair price creates satisfied customers and satisfied customers are sticky. AGL Aviation Services. KMRN
  9. AGL Aviation Service is a Mooney Service Center in Western NC. An E model takes 23 hours @ $70. Their flat rate annual charges are available on their web site. They are thorough and very customer oriented.
  11. I'm a long time fan of DC. I bought the new ONE-X at KOSH last year and gave Nancy the PRO-X set I have had 3 or 4 years. Both are great, the ONE-X has some nicer features.
  12. Naw, galvanized from a farm supply store. Ring in the floor is good but my A&P borrows my portable version. And my fixed height holds the tail up as well as down which makes the plane really stable while we climb on and off during annual.
  13. Just semi? My A&P is jealous. My Harbor Freight dolly rolls easier than his and I'm really proud of the swivel clevis gismo that fit a length of old steel tubing perfectly. (Embedded "T" on the bottom.)