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  1. Annual Time, It’s No Cessna!

    No, not on our Es. (Though I've had mine on and off several times lately working on the SabreCowl. It is tough for one person.)
  2. Annual Time, It’s No Cessna!

    Sounds like what I do including about a day of IA time. I do ask Nathan of AGL to R&R (including safety wire) the oil screen and he's cleans and repacks the wheel bearings. He can do those items much more efficiently than I can. I don't mess with the fuel selector valve or the fuel filter. I want Lynn's eyes on those critical areas. Of course our gentle readers should understand several of the tasks we're discussing are not on the list of pilot approved preventive maintenance and your A&P/IA must be willing to "supervise" and sign off your work. It's potentially your neck and his licences at stake.
  3. Annual Time, It’s No Cessna! M20s non turbo, 23 hours $1610 labor only plus oil, filters... AGL is a MSC with pretty competitive shop rates in our rural area. Too low?
  4. Ocracoke, Nc

    I (and Ron) are only 1.25 hours away... but my plane is in Tampa... missing her!
  5. Annual Time, It’s No Cessna!

    I'd say he's giving you more than a $200 credit. A proper annual, without repairs or installations, is worth at least $1700. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  6. Annual Time, It’s No Cessna!

    $200 to open and close is a little stingy. I do quite a bit more than that -- jack up the plane (in my hangar), remove cowl (and all those panels that are specified in the manual), lube everything per manual, change oil, oil filter, service Challenger air filter, r&r plugs, wheels, disassemble and lube PFS exhaust, remove seats and carpet, all the grunt work, etc. but even if it were just the access panels off and on it is saving the A&P more than 2 or 3 hours. (My credit is well over half the flat rate annual cost.)
  7. ARI Cowl Mod or Not

    No big mystery. CHTs were fine, speed was fine, oil temps were high. I'm not ready to think the new cowl is a factor, my oil temps have been higher than most folks for most of the 6 years I've had the plane. When I get the plane back I expect to change the oil cooler location to look like the J using the J's duct to channel more air through the cooler and to make the rear engine baffle straight across the width of the engine. (I've already had the cooler to Pacific and checked the vernatherm and had the vt seat reamed.) It is not my place to announce the price. David has a plan that we hope leads to a STC expeditiously - the planes done so far have used 337s as test bed examples. I will say that I think many of the vintage Mooney owners following this effort will not be disappointed with the price point which will be much lower than the Lopresti cowl. What would you be willing to pay? I am very happy with the price and expect to be a promoter of SabreCowl. Patience, people.
  8. What do you think of this crazy J??

    We like the 900/930 which gets rid of old gauges.
  9. What do you think of this crazy J??

    The peanut gallery here seems a lot more polite to the seller than it usually has been. What gives?
  10. Aspen Evolution 5?

    According to follow up posts on the BT thread Aspen took down the link. The discussion reflects disappointment that the announcement was really about a rebranding of the VFR version of the PDF (to compete with G5?) and not a better box.
  11. TAS Indicator?

    My '66E has what you're looking for though I doubt it is original since the primary scale is knots and the secondary is mph.
  12. While my posts are not considered "mandatory", I have pointed out to MS folks on several other threads that McFarlane recommends control cable service life should be thought of as about the same as max. engine TBO. I usually make the comment when someone posts a pic of their panel and the knobs look like 50 year old originals. "Recommended Service Life Due to the criticalness of engine controls and considering their operating environment the maximum recommended in service time for McFarlane engine controls is equal to the maximum time between engine overhauls as recommended by the engine manufacturer."
  13. Imron paint job cost?

    Paying attention? I write about stuff; now you expect me to read?
  14. Imron paint job cost?

    Hawk Aircraft at KVDF uses only Imron paints. Several folks here including Byron and Becca (@jetdriven) have had planes painted by Joe Dinolfo. I met him for the first time Saturday when I dropped off my old E. I'm been impressed with his approach. "Quality work at a fair price." If you go on his web site and request a current quote I suspect you'll have it a day or so. Hawk is listed on Scheme Designers' shop reference list.