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  1. Mooney Wake

    Looks like a nice party Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  2. Mooney Wake

    I'm thinking that spar is still pretty stout. Good imitation of the famous factory pic with 30 Mooney associates on the wing of a J.
  3. Mooney Wake

    Not positive but I thought as much.
  4. Mooney Wake

    I can't make out faces but that looks like Becca so I assume Byron - Jetdriven is there...
  5. What do your CHTs look like? Mine are fine, even while oil temp is pushing 210. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  6. I do run @ 2550 most of the time. Since the IO360A1A with a Hartzell Top Prop has a prohibited RPM range of 2350-2550 for MAP > 24", I could run at lower RPM above 6000' but I usually leave it at 2550 because 1) the engine seems to like 2550, and 2) I don't have to move the prop when I change altitude and the MAP goes over 24". I'll try a lower RPM and see if OTemp behaves as it does for you.
  7. Yes, but not necessarily with the same OAT, power settings, etc. I'd suppose that when all else is equal, going LOP reduces CHTs 10 or 15 F. I suppose it has less effect on OilT. Add to that, I tend to tweak cowl flaps if temps rise.
  8. I've been striving to reduce temps for 5 years. At this point I'm waiting to see what David's cowl does before further tweaking. Coming home from MA Tuesday (623 nm, 4.7 hours, 40.1 gallons), the port side CHTs (#2, #4) both averaged 309 in cruise; on the starboard side CHTs were 336 & 350. Very acceptable. Oil Temp, with the cooler mounted behind cyl #4 and with a full ARI cowl closure, averaged 197. Since it was a cool day and I was running at 60% LOP that's where I hope to see some help. (I think I've done everything except replace the cooler.)
  9. My oil cooler has already been moved and a second landing light occupies that spot which should mean much less on the backside to interfere. My RAM air is worth 1.0-1.1" vs. the Challenger Air filter below it.
  10. Low oil pressure in 30 hour engine

    Ron told us it is a factory rebuilt engine. I assume there is no meaningful "before".
  11. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    I take satisfaction in @201er's video showing that one of the mains had stopped and that the other was spinning very slowly when the gear started up. I hope Mike can tell us how freely those wheel turn by hand when he can get the plane on jacks. It is obvious to me that the bearings, brake pads and a other factors make our gear a great deal different from a 15 speed bicycle. I have a great deal of Johnson Bar experience. I have almost never applied brakes before retraction but I cannot say that I've ever felt the gyro effect. At the start of the TO roll I move my heels back so that I can toe the rudder without inadvertently getting the brakes. On rotation I automatically am on the right rudder pedal offsetting the P factor. I will try to add the brake tap, it can't do any harm, but you know about old dogs and new tricks. It's not like anyone refers to a written check list at 100' AGL...
  12. EDM 900 owners

    Terry, this is a note from my avionics shop dated 7/2013. This was the resolution after numerous exchanges trying to eliminate electrical noise etc. To me, their language clearly implies a problem they'd rather not have to properly solve. "JPI looked at all your data (including the last one) and they think the sensor is just a little to sensitive for your aircraft. They are sending us a dampener for the sensor. I haven't had to use one yet but they say they have had to put a dampener on a couple other aircraft with similar indications."
  13. Stephen, I have since replaced my windows but before I did that I had plugged the OAT hole in the side window with clear silicone. I preferred that patch to having the post of the gauge hanging out, costing me some fraction of a knot!
  14. EDM 900 owners

    I had forgotten your saga. I guess that sometime after my experience (August 2013) JPI got tired of providing free snubbers and set up a "stall and maybe they'll go away" procedure. I do remember that the snubber connection was a mismatch (the only snubber they had was NPT, the transducer is AN) and I had to find a fitting(s) to do the install. I'm pretty sure the snubber wound up in the line but not right at the transducer. However the fix did work.
  15. ADSB Tracking

    @Marauder (what's that about?) and several of our family members track my plane when we're going somewhere. I check out FlightAware for the tracks myself much of the time. (Today was a 4.7 hour VFR flight from 6B6 to KMRN.) Personally, I hope everyone installs ADS-B and leaves it on whenever they fly, there's a lot of traffic concentrated in populous areas and I wish those planes that could become potential conflicts would appear on my moving maps.