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  1. Greg(?) if you're in Florida there is probably no terrain within 500 nm (GA/NC mountains excepted) to factor in to your decision. Your NA Mooney probably like 8-9000' best. W/O O2, I would not consider staying below 12000 as being "chicken" but everyone is different. If you get an oximeter (~$35) you can fly with more confidence that you're handling the altitude for 2 or 3 hours. I have 2 oximeters and a SkyOx setup in my M20E which I use even at 8000 if it's for 3-4 hours. But I'm really old.
  2. Hum, tanks resealed using modern materials are leaking in 12 years? O&N, who provided bladders for hundreds(?) of Mooneys, has retired. Their bladder business has been taken over by Griggs:
  3. Are you sure about that? The prop ground clearance is the same for 3 and 2 blade models for the same model Mooney.
  4. It is my understanding that, depending upon the approach, not only an IFR approved GPS but WAAS is required for precision (vertical) approaches. "GLS (Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Landing System) Must have WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) equipment approved for precision approach."
  5. ACDC - the yoke looks great, did you just prep and paint? Powder coating?
  6. Good morning Turtle, how's that 2nd batch coming? I want one!
  7. A friend of mine, a local dentist, long time Mooney owner, (N1967F), 100+ Angel Flights, got his ATP along with Commercial, CFI, & CFII ratings for his own satisfaction, all in his Mooney. He flies gliders but does not have a multi engine rating. He's older than I am but likes to say that if the airlines have an opening for a 75 year old, single engine ATP, he's available.
  8. I would not think so. The "cooling" air would not be very great since the airspeed is very low. Shock cooling is achieved by pulling the power when the engine is at cruise temps and pushing the nose down increasing the cooling air.
  9. Mark, and anyone else, I understand from Lee Fox that as of today there is room for 2 or 3 more newbies. I told Lee that I would pass that info on and see if we can't fill the slots. Lots of fun with good guys and gals and I think you'll learn something. There are some minimum experience requirements so visit where most questions can be answered and you can register. There's a block of rooms at the Fairfield Inn near the airport. Check out the OP above for more details.
  10. Hickory's fine but we're closer to Little Switzerland. And we have the MSC on field, just in case.
  11. Bob Kromer talked at Mooney Summit about ice tests they did at Mooney years ago. Perhaps Mike_Elliott or someone else can provide more details.
  12. KMRN is the all weather airport, about 1 hour drive. Enterprise rental are available and sometimes the Inn can provide transportation since the Inn owner keeps his 201 here and is back and forth quite a bit. Nancy and I usually spend our anniversary weekend up there (July 10), temps are at least 10F cooler than in Morganton and the Friday night Seafood buffet is 1st class.
  13. Gary is alive and well and posting fishing pics on FB now and then. He winters in FL and will back up here soon if not already getting the Inn ready for the season. (He hangars his J right behind my E at KMRN.)
  14. The baffle is the metal. the "rubber" is baffle seal. But I suppose the temps that the baffle seal sees are much lower than the tailpipe. More importantly, the baffle seal is not typically reinforced with fiber. I'm pretty sure the seal would not last 50 hours on my plane.
  15. I think the 2 failures I've experienced were due to the stress of the twist. I suspect mine and a good many vintage Mooneys lost the pivoting bracket. With the PFS tailpipe there are 2 "hangers', the one in my pic and another one near the tail end. I think the J model pic in the OP would be in a similar position to the 2nd one which is hung from the bottom of the fuselage at the rear of the cowl flaps. The one I picture with the doubled up strap is hung from the lower firewall.