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  1. Bob_Belville

    A&P Says "Oh no a Mooney?!!"

    My friends at @AGL Aviation, are not that impressed with any advantage working on Bonanzas. I don't recall details, Tamara may chime in.
  2. Bumping this thread. We already have 16 pilots (including at least 5 first timers) plus 11 guests signed up for the June 14-16 KHKY clinic. We anticipate the largest clinic yet, you can help @kpaul, @Marcopoloand Wild Thang by registering early.
  3. Bob_Belville

    M20C panel upgrade?

    I can recommend Twin Lakes Avionics who does my work. They won't be the cheapest and they're booked into Nov. but they'll do it right. I suspect that any shop that isn't pretty busy right now is going to be suspect.
  4. Bob_Belville

    Mooney Emergency Landing with Gear Up at KVNY

    I'm sure the admin knows. In addition to registered members there are always a pretty high % of guests viewing content - nearly as many as members. OTOH, not everyone here is a Mooney owner.
  5. Bob_Belville

    Panel Advice Requested

    An Aspen would make a lot of sense with the STEC autopilots. It would replace the VSI and the stand alone GPSS. (I have the STEC 50, working fine but I just send Aspen a check for their Max upgrade and I'm scheduled to install the STEC 3100 in Oct/Nov. My BU AI is the only vacuum instrument but I need vacuum for the retractable step in my old E.)
  6. Bob_Belville

    Financial Pieces University

    @David_H, I resemble that remark.
  7. Bob_Belville

    Capehart Lifetime Machined Aluminum Oil Filter

    2011. The long time Mooney owner who is selling me the filter says he used the filter on 2 different Mooneys and never had to replace the seal/o-ring.
  8. Bob_Belville

    Capehart Lifetime Machined Aluminum Oil Filter

    I paid $200 for a new in the box Capehart to a Mooney owner who has sold his plane and is cleaning out his hangar. It will take less than a couple of years to pay for the filter with savings on the throw away filters.
  9. Bob_Belville


    $10 a year will make you a supporter and the 2015 appeal is still current. You may be seeing ads. supporters are spared.
  10. Bob_Belville

    New Mooney Pilot

    That's fine though I would round off those numbers since you're not staring at the ASI in the pattern: 90 kias on downwind, slow to 80 as you fly base and roll out on file at about 75. Remember, the stall speed and consequently the correct speed on short final is weight dependent. 65 kias is about 1.3 times Vso at gross. At 2300 pounds you'd want to be about 5 kias lower to minimize float. And a Mooney will float if you arrive at the intended landing point fast.
  11. Bob_Belville

    M20C panel upgrade?

    Yeah, when I redid my panel 6 years ago the avionics shop modernized it. It is flat, in one plane though is is in 2 pieces to get it in and out. They had to modify the panel supports somewhat.
  12. Bob_Belville

    M20C panel upgrade?

    It took a while, but I found something...
  13. Bob_Belville

    Capehart Lifetime Machined Aluminum Oil Filter

    I bought the Capehart version. It's different from the Challenger but seems to operate in the same way. I just changed oil so it will be a few months before I find out how I like it.
  14. Bob_Belville

    A&P Says "Oh no a Mooney?!!"

    Good advice.
  15. Bob_Belville

    A&P Says "Oh no a Mooney?!!"

    That sounds like the good folks at @AGL Aviationwho would rather work on Mooneys than most other brands. While they enjoy replacing old Cub spars and fabric, I think they'd be happy with DMax's business which is Mooneys only. To be fair, some tasks take a little longer with a Mooney. No big deal. The cowling sides, and top, come off to change oil, etc. About 5 minutes to remove 8 10-32 screws and about 30 1/4 turn fasteners. The bottom piece is more of a bear but there is seldom any reason to remove it. (I've owned 2 vintage Es for a total of 18 years.)