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  1. Bob_Belville

    Tempest oil filters

    The ~$15 oil filter torque wrench I linked above should work in your close quarters.
  2. Bob_Belville

    Tempest oil filters

  3. Bob_Belville

    Tempest oil filters

    Youse guys ever have your "built in torque gage" double checked with a boring old torque wrench? Do spark plugs get more precise tightening?
  4. Bob_Belville

    Tempest oil filters

    If I were doing more than 3 oil changes a year I think I'd buy that one as well. It's a single purpose tool preset at 17 ft lbs.
  5. Bob_Belville

    Tempest oil filters

    I did not think I had to tell you A&P wannabees that torque is a product of length times weight. (That's implied in "foot pounds".) When I torque the filter the "wrench extension" is ~90 deg to the handle. But there are many other dos and don'ts for using all kinds of tools. Be careful out there.
  6. Bob_Belville

    Tempest oil filters

    There's not room behind my IO360 for a socket. And the filter is supposed to be torqued to 16-18 ft lb so I use something like this. It works fine with my torque wrench on Tempest filters.
  7. Bob_Belville

    Improved speed documented

    Bob's cowling started as an ARI, didn't it? Maybe your cowling is comparable to the ARI in aerodynamics. Just my $.02, I don't have any real proof. I think that’s a good point. In my case I think the CHTs are more uniform and perhaps slightly lower than before. And@sabremech is correct, my OilT issue did not start with the new cowl. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Bob.

    Question.  Is the bird on the top of your tail a decal or was it painted on. 

    Looks great!

    Thanks ,


    1. Bob_Belville


      Thanks, Pat.

      It's a decal. 

    2. pstone
  9. Bob_Belville

    1966 M20E Super 21 Ground Up Remodel

    You're new here, aren't you? New Imron paint by Hawk June 2018 SabreCowl Hartzell Scimitar Prop Johnson Bar Manual Gear, hydraulic flaps Speed Brakes, manual actuating 64 gallons Bladders One piece belly, all(?) speed mods including 201 windshield CYA100 AOA STEC50 Stormscope 900 JPI EDM 930 GTN 750 GDL 88 ADS-B I/O Aspen 1000 Pro w SV, AOA, ADS-B, GPSS Leather Interior, etc. 2012 Owned since 2/2012 by long time (49 years) Mooney pilot and flown ~75 hours per year. Maintained by the owner and AGL Aviation Services, a MSC. Not your grandpa's '66E. VID_20180310_112623405.mp4
  10. Bob,

    This is Bob with N1048D which is for sale.    I am bringing her in to AGL on Monday for an annual.  You had indicated the possibility of a ride back to Shelby in your E.   If you are still available, let me know.  I would be happy to pay for fuel and lunch.   Otherwise, I am trying to make arrangements...not so easy.



    1. Bob_Belville


      Bob, wow, timing doesn't work... I had some surgery last Monday and I won't be in flying condition for another week or more. 

      Have you asked Tamara or Lynn? Shelby is less than a 30 minute flight, we ought to have someone there that would be happy to take you there for the gas. Ask about Larry Falls, @Marcopolo... I suppose they have others... perhaps someone after work...

      @AGL Aviation

    2. rmininni


      Thanks, Bob.  I hope your recovery is going well.  I have arranged a ride back to Shelby.  Maybe I'll  see you after the annual.


    3. Bob_Belville
  11. Bob_Belville

    1966 M20E Super 21 Ground Up Remodel

    Without a doubt. Unless one values a Johnson Bar or an engine that has been flown regularly...
  12. Bob_Belville

    Introduction / Request

    Wild Thang gave me my first flying lessons for Xmas 1968. It's worked out pretty well... 54th anniversary last month.
  13. Bob_Belville

    Promotional give away

    I'll put my old E in the hopper, 2 pics from Madison, one from Oshkosh...
  14. Bob_Belville

    "SabreCowl" Update

    It was something that Lynn had on hand, I don't find it on Spruce though I think it should have come from there. It is fiberglass reinforced and is not slick.