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  1. I could ask Ms. Google but was Australia ("unknown") not discovered by the Europeans until sometime after 1580?
  2. There are (at least) two shops in NC with good to excellent reputations: Twin Lakes Avionics in Advance/Mocksville and Sparkchasers in Smithfield.
  3. Nancy and I will be heading to LYH in a few minutes! Looking forward to a fun weekend. MOONEY CARAVAN LYH JUNE 23-25 BASIC FORMATION CLINIC SCHEDULE Friday 1000-1130 Arrive KLYH, park/fuel/tie down your aircraft (if not flying demo), register 1130-1230 Catered lunch – meet and greet 1230-1430 Newbie Formation Ground School, Q&A (Conference Room) 1300-1400 SP & Lead meeting (Pilot Lounge) 1430-1500 Exercises, Walk throughs, Ramp visit 1500 sharp Briefings for individual demo flights 1530-1630 Demo flights (newbies are observers) 1700 Van departs for hotel 1815 Van departs hotel for Macadoos 1830 Dinner at Macadoos Saturday 0800 Mandatory briefing in Hotel Boardroom 0830 1st Van departs hotel for KLYH 0900-1600 Formation Practice - Lunch (provided) 1630 1st Van departs KLYH for hotel 1700 Last van departs KLYH for hotel 1800 1st Van departs hotel for dinner at Shakers Restaurant 1820 Last van departs hotel for dinner at Shakers Restaurant 1815-?? Dinner at Shakers Sunday 0800 Mandatory briefing in Hotel Boardroom 0830 Checkout / Van departs hotel for KLYH 0845-1045 Formation Practice 1100 Briefing for mass formation (Conference Room) 1130 Mass formation rehearsal 1230 Debrief 1300-?? Optional Formation Practice (including 4-ship, advanced)
  4. I have 5 sets of charts on board, 4 current in GTN, GPS 696, phone and tablet, plus out of date paper though I'd have to get those from the baggage area... hope the altitude hold can keep the nose level!
  5. king radio comm

    Yeah, I've done that with my KX155 but that won't help the swap issue. I sold a 197 out of my old panel 5 years ago on EBAY for $625. Bennett Avionics bought it!
  6. @mooneygirl's neighborhood and much of coastal CA north of Santa Barbara and south of San Simeon is really great and I suppose much more affordable.
  7. Hum, I have more Mooney time than most but playing test pilot while low and slow on final while doing the last GUMP, with one eye on ASI, one eye on VSI, a third eye looking out for cross wind drift, and keeping the AOA indicator in the corner of the eyes on the back of my head, with a sharp eye for runway intrusions by machine or beast... no thanks.
  8. David, Bob is ready to take 3RW down after Summit. Or perhaps after KOSH if down time can be kept to 4 weeks or so. The former would be safer I would suppose.
  9. For guys who proudly boast of being CBs there sure are a lot of sharp elbows in the throw money at David line.
  10. We interested in what you're upgrading to...
  11. It might be a little ambiguous, but I agree he intends to note that those details are 201.
  12. That's consistent. I didn't say MS wasn't good for the BUYER.
  13. aka @Sabremech
  14. I just decided that when I sell my old E I will not be listing it here. Who needs the armchair experts telling me, and everyone else, that sight unseen, my plane was overpriced by 25%. And these are my friends.
  15. I wonder if Craig has ever put the paint shops, a finite number, on notice regarding the ownership of designs? I suppose many/most(?) owners would be willing to pay for a design that they liked if they were told what the situation is. Particularly if they knew that for a reasonable fee SD could provide the full size masking or whatever the paint shop gets.