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About Me

Aviation: I have had a PPL since 1969, an instrument rating since 1977, and over 3200 hrs. PIC, mostly in Mooneys. I bought 943RW in Feb. 2012. (I owned 9249M, also a '66E, from 1977 to 1988.) In the 5+ years I've had this plane which previous owners had modified with just about every 201 mod available I've upgraded the panel extensively, replaced the exhaust with a PFS, redone the interior, replaced all the windows and all the control cables, in addition to fixing all the annoying little stuff. If AAPL hits 175 I'll paint her. :rolleyes:It's possible I enjoy working on a plane as much as flying one.
Career: I studied math at Worcester (MA) Tech but started working in 1964 for a conglomerate as an industrial engineer and personnel manager in a shoe plant in MA. I retired in 2001 having been in manufacturing throughout my working years, the first 6 years with the conglomerate, then with a couple of small companies, one of which I bought. 

More personal: We live is an old (1879?) farm house which has given me a pretty constant stream of project opportunities. I keep honey bees, a good sized garden, make muscadine wine from vine in our yard, and play a little golf - fairly well, scratch, when I was younger. We have 2 married daughters, in MA and GA, and 4 grandsons.