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About Me

Aviation: I have had a PPL since 1969, an instrument rating since 1977, and over 3200 hrs. PIC, mostly in Mooneys. I bought 943RW in Feb. 2012. (I owned 9249M, also a '66E, from 1977 to 1988.) In the 6+ years I've had this plane which previous owners had modified with just about every 201 mod available I've upgraded the panel extensively, replaced the exhaust with a PFS, redone the interior, replaced all the windows and all the control cables, added the extended bladders (64 gallons), and upgraded to the SabreCowl, in addition to fixing all the annoying little stuff. If AAPL hits 175 I'll paint her. :rolleyes: (5/18 - APPL hit 190 and I hope to pick up plane at Hawk Painting next week!) It's possible I enjoy working on a plane as much as flying one.
Career: I studied math at Worcester (MA) Tech but started working in 1964 for a conglomerate as an industrial engineer and personnel manager in a shoe plant in MA. I retired in 2001 having been in manufacturing throughout my working years, the first 6 years with the conglomerate, then with a couple of small companies, one of which I bought. 

More personal: We live is an old (1879?) farm house which has given me a pretty constant stream of project opportunities. I keep honey bees, a good sized garden, make muscadine wine from vines in our yard, and play a little golf - fairly well, scratch, when I was younger. We have 2 married daughters, in MA and GA, and 4 grandsons.