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  1. I'm a little bit higher than Bob Belville, and he strongly recommended O2. We're in the mountains....
  2. I know, I know! This topic has reappeared on a regular basis, but in a partial perusal of previous posts, I have not found the answer to my question: What is the most cost-effective oxygen solution for a normally aspirated E? Bob Belville used a passive Aerox system with pendant cannulae and a 22 or 24 cu ft aluminum cylinder (not sure which, E or jumbo D), but that has been removed from his former aircraft that we inherited, The Gypsy Rose, or N943RW. I'm planning to install or share a hanger refill station at some point, but I'm not sure what hardware and plumbing I would need.
  3. Composite prop—done! Power flow exhaust—done! IO-390? Let’s not get ridiculous!
  4. Actually, the currently installed audio panel is the GMA 340, not the PMA 8000, if that makes any difference. I have a lot of experience with voice recognition, some good and some horrible. I’m intrigued by the possibility of voice commands. The panel already has built-in dual USB ports, OK, not USB-C but.... Bob also installed these cute little LED lights where the ash trays used to be.
  5. Wow! Thanks for all of the excellent input. OK, I paid a pretty penny for Gypsy Rose, so that may give you the false impression that I am profligate. Not at all true. I may even have the qualifications necessary to join the Cheap Bastards Club. I was strongly influenced by the Frugal Gourmet, I drove the same 1991 Honda Accord for 22 years, used 40-watt lightbulbs in my student apartment to save on the electric bill, etc. But at the same time, as my wife reminds me, “We are not rich enough to buy cheap stuff,” meaning poor quality crap that soon breaks and ends up costing more in the
  6. As my dad always said whenever I asked him how much this-or-that was worth, "Whatever somebody wants to pay for it." I look at it as a collector's item. I don't plan to sell it. It gives me joy! I only mentioned the purchase price because it is in the public domain, and I thought it might be interesting how I came up with this somewhat arbitrary number.
  7. I am temporarily grounded after hip replacement surgery, but dreaming of the future. Please don’t tell me to fly for a while and then see. That will only drive me crazy! I had the good fortune to acquire the late @Bob_Belville‘s beautiful 1966 M20E (N943RW) for the asking price of $110,000. My budget includes 25% ($27,500) for initial annual, repairs, and upgrades. Next annual is due April, 2021. The plan is to do any upgrades at that time. Current equipment: Auto pilot - STEC 50 w Alt Hld Stormscope - WX-900 Aspen PFD 1000 SV, AOA, ADS-B Aspen PFD 100
  8. Please add me and send a link to the map. Great job!
  9. Another $50 contribution in honor of Bob Belville, his family, and his beloved bird.
  10. The rumor is true! I am the proud new owner of N943RW, aka "Gypsy Rose". She has been relocated to KBLF. Transition training is soon to commence. Bob was obviously a very interesting and intelligent person with meticulous attention to detail. The logbooks comprise nine volumes with hand-written marginal notes. The gas caps themselves probably cost more than most small airplanes and have locks--why? To prevent the Oshkosh crowd from siphoning fuel?
  11. I recently purchased the late @Bob_Belville's beloved and bewitching bird, "The Gypsy Rose" (N943RW). Does anyone know how his quest turned out? Did Bob ever find the elusive five knots that he lost after the paint job?
  12. I am a 60-year-old student pilot tantalizingly close to his PPL checkride whose training in a Cessna 172 was temporarily suspended first by the Corona virus and then by hip replacement surgery. (Too many marathons!) While convalescing, I took the opportunity to upgrade my airplane. Soon, I will be in the possession of a “new-to-me” repainted, reupholstered, refurbished, modernized 1966 M20E (N943RW, the late Bob Belville’s beloved “Gypsy Rose”). My most-excellent flight instructor reminded me that I should be prepared to be shocked by insurance rates for a retractable: ~$5,000+/yr.
  13. Just a couple of additions/corrections. The A/C unit weighs 42 lb. Not insignificant but also not a tremendous hit. It is truly portable and takes less than 5 minutes to put in or take out of the baggage compartment. Since the weight is in the baggage compartment it moves the CG rearward. An airplane with a rearward CG is actually faster than one with a CG more forward. I've demonstrated this many times with my own airplane with the A/C in and out. The 42 lb. A/C unit is removable?! The airplane is faster with the A/C in?! I had no idea! Please disregard my statement above
  14. I'm a radiologist, not an attorney or an accountant. All I can say is that my accountant recommended the LLC, and for $100 I'm not going to argue. It's kind of like how a 401K is more "protected" from lawsuits than an IRA. It's not foolproof, but it adds a layer of security. My understanding is yes, in most cases they can come after the LLC assets, but not my personal assets. If you have more than one plane, you can put each one into its own LLC. Avoiding probate in the event of an untimely death may prevent costly delays if the estate gets tied up in probate court. Many people don't bo
  15. Hi Sharon! Tom Miller here, aka EchoMax. I regret that I did not have the pleasure of meeting your dad, but obviously he was a wonderful person. I have had a couple of charming phone conversations with your equally wonderful mother Nancy. I am blessed with the honor of carrying on the tradition of "The Gypsy Rose". I promise to take good care of her. Her new base will be at KBLF, only 40 minutes from KMRN. You, your mom, or any of your family would be welcome to take a ride anytime, schedule permitting. We will continue service with Lynn at KMRN. Bob's in a better place. God bl
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