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  1. Pretty much but, It is smaller with more power=speed/range A larger engine making more power on the same gas through efficiency. while the engine is heavy it means the power density is lower and is likely to have a better a service life. getting to the front seat of a PA-46 is a challenge for some impossible for others. I have never measured it but it looks like it is wider than it is tall. You step down in to a M22. Again pipe dream but it would be nice if there was another pressurized piston single available.
  2. This is what I think about when I am not doing anything. Imagine this, working with what already exists starting with a M22 and a IO-720. Do 201 like upgrades to the M22, bring it up to todays standards, raise the pressure differential to 5.5-6PSI, increase fuel capacity to 130 gallons and up the gross weight to 4300 pounds. Turbo normalize the engine Keeping it at its regular 400HP with high compression pistons. Why you ask. Regardless if you are Boeing or Mooney a clean sheet aircraft is extremely expensive. As every manufacturer has shown it is WAY less expensive t
  3. If top speed is your goal I would think the 2 blade hartzell is the best. I didn't gain any speed from the MT propeller.
  4. I tried to find the post I have been referring to and I forget what model airplane he had but he reported no gain in speed. At the end of the day it is hard to go wrong with a brand new no AD propeller. On top of that short of hitting something you will get at least one smooth sailing no blade replacement overhaul. I bring that up because I don't think everyone thinks about the value of hedging future maintenance when buying a brand new prop as opposed to hoping that you can overhaul a 20-30 year SMOH propeller.
  5. @Stephen Slate I think this is a good starting point. have them do a check on how thick your blades are. If there isn't enough meat left for them to file off to make the profile then I would agree with @0TreeLemur that a new propeller regardless of which make/model you go with is the best bet.
  6. It doesn't. It is documented on Hartzells website the it sacrifices take off performance. Someone on here bought one. If I remember correctly he didn't hate it but was disappointed that it didn't preform any better than the stock propeller.
  7. What are you looking to gain if anything? If you are simply looking to get rid of the AD and have healthy propeller take your propeller Overhaul it with a B hub. That is by far the best value.
  8. By failure I mean it was/is rarely used in any airplane OEM or STC. Looking at high power applications with my non engineering education level I would think it would have been a great engine. These are a few examples that come to mind.. Why is pulling 375HP out of only 520 cubes then add the complexity of gearing it good for a 421? A 720 would seem great, slow it down a little to get 375 and use just a little boost to pressurize the cabin and hold power at altitude. Why was it better to spin a 541 in a beech Duke at ear piercing 2900RPM boosted to (I think) 42"MP to get 380HP. Again
  9. I use Celsius. This is the only thing I care about 98% of the time I look at it is ice. It is rare I am looking for a max performance take off so I really don't care how it performs in the heat.
  10. I have had a good experience as well. I have had a few problems along the way but they always made good on it. I have been buying from them since 2012.
  11. Getting back to the original question. @FoxMike (who did a nice write up on his MT here) myself and a somewhat lurker member I forget he user name but his real name is Scott S. have MT propellers. There are many others but I have not met or spoken to them so I won't speak for them. I was interested in the MT for noise and vibration reduction. Most would agree that a 4 cylinder Lycoming is not the smoothest engine. Before dropping $14,000 on a propeller I wanted real opinions. One of my pet peeves is "I heard from a friend " so I wanted to speak to people who actually owned one.
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