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  1. If I had access to a 152 I would try again. Based on that one experience any good running 152 would make 15K. The one I used was a typical shot box rental, the engine had 2900 SMOH 6200 SNEW it used a qt of oil every 3 hours. The propeller was the original McCauley propeller filed down countless times over the years. I would love to fly a nice 152 with a healthy engine and a new climb prop. HOT ROD!
  2. I am a hard don't tell me it can't be done! Not in the sense I don't listen and learn from people I look up to because I do. BUT, if someone tells me it can't be done and it is possible to do then you bet your ass I am going to do it! I posted this before but I thought it fit in here. I had nice talk with my private/multi instructor. Reminded me of the day I got my private. Like everyone that gets their pilots licence i was excited and I was hanging around the flight school, I couldn't get enough. I had flown only a 152 and I thought it was the best thing since slic
  3. Thanks everyone. My experience is right inline with everyone else.
  4. What model of propeller do you currently have?
  5. that was a big thing on my mind. I spoke to Robert at Lasar Friday. They charge 1700-2200 installed depending on what else is needed. Fortunately mine has been done before and I still have until next annual before I should have it done.
  6. Those of you that have put 500 hours on your J what have you needed to do for maintenance?
  7. Until you need to fuel and maintain it. Like most 550 powered singles it's the usual 13-21 GPH for the SR22. Cirrus's tiny jet uses about 70 GPH in cruise. A "real jet" like a Citation VII uses about 250GPH. The VII goes about 2.5 times as fast on 10+times the fuel. https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/193636115/1998-cessna-citation-vii-jet-aircraft $1.1 M dollars buys you a nice (half kidding) 23 year old jet that will be due for 2 inspections next year. If the airplane is flown on a regular basis the acquisition cost is usually not the biggest overall expense and peopl
  8. I have done their Aviation Survival & Egress Training Course (ASET1) I think it is great.
  9. Why not connect the step to the landing gear switch? Gear down step down. They do it with a cable but old Bonanzas and twin Cessna are like that.
  10. I will call MT Monday. I hope it has not gone up $6K+ in 3 years. I am unfamiliar with hartzell's composite pricing other than a friend I made at the airport and he owns a piper matrix. he said it was $12-13K just to overhaul it. I could see Hartzells being in the $20-30Ks Hartzells are true structural composite propellers where as a MT is basically a wooden propeller with a composite cover simply to protect the wood and is not structural. 1 service benefit I know of is how easy it is to repair a wooden propeller. When I was in Deland having my propeller installed I was able t
  11. I am sure that they have gone up in 3 years but @FoxMike paid about $15K for a 4 blade in 2018. I paid about 13K last year for a 3 blade.
  12. I love Mooneys hence owing a J and looking to upgrade to a long body. That said a Cirrus is a great aircraft. Better than Mooney? I don't think so but the market does. The company is exceptional, they continue to refine the aircraft year after year asking customers and potential customers what they want. They are easily repairable obviously different than aluminum techniques but nonetheless repairable. The chute is precious to many pilots and sometimes more importantly their wife. Mooney wings are great and Cirrus wings aren't breaking either. If I was given one
  13. I second Infinity. I have used them for avionics work.
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