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  1. Serious inquiries only, please. Email: rcbelville@yahoo.com $110,000 (Jimmy Garrison's Mooney value calculator over $140,00.) N943RW, 1966 M20E, serial 929 ~3330 TTAF ~ 780 SMOH Triad Fresh annual 4/20 by AGL - MSC. (AGL has done all annuals since I acquired the plane in 2012.) Blackstone oil analysis every oil change. Savvy account, all flights available. Equipment, all working fine. Auto pilot - STEC 50 w Alt Hld Top Prop - Hartzell Scimitar - new 2014 Stormscope - WX-900 201 windshield 201 panel/glareshield One Piece Belly (Aero Mod Inc w runners) O&N Bladders - expanded to 64 gallons Dec 2017 speed brakes Other mods: 1) Oil cooler relocated 2) Mooney 201 Spinner & spinner bulkhead assys 3) Dorsal Fin Fairing 4) Tail Root Fairing Horizontal 5) Wheel well liner covers 6) Wing Root Leading Edge Fairing 7) Relocated Cleveland wheel brake assys 8) Hinge cover on Aileron, Elevator, & Rudder assy 9) Aileron lower gap seals 10) Flap gap seals since 2/2012: by Belville Aspen PFD 1000 SV, AOA, ADS-B Aspen PFD 1000 to MAX GPS - GTN 750 FS 510 JPI 930 GDL 88 - ADS-B in & out -traffic, weather GPS 696 GMA 340 GTX 327 CYA100 AOA New 3/16" solar grey windows all around w door vent window Powerflow Systems Exhaust Fine wire plugs - Tempest leather interior add 10 gallons bladders (total 64 gallons) CiES digital fuel level sensors SabreCowl Imron 5 color strip, paint by Hawk, including Scheme Designers 2018 Surefly Electronic Ignition New control cables - Mixture, Prop, Throttle 2015 New starter 2018 New landing gear down lock block 2016 New Fuel Injection Servo 2017 Corncorde RG 35 AXC Battery 2015
  2. As removed for a panel upgrade: 1 x 20TC2-BG-25 1 x 20TC2-BG-15 2 x 20TC2-BG-10 1 x 20TC2-BG-7 1 x 20TC2-BG-5 1 x 20TC2-BG-3 Also have the master and fuel prime switches as well as a set of various switch covers. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, Ted
  3. Greetings Mooney Space, A family member is selling his 1980 M20J Mooney Missile due to his age. This aircraft has had the same owner for over 30 years, and was very well cared for. Always hangered, complete logs, and all maintenance completed at Dugosh Aviation in Kerrville, TX. Fuel tanks were just resealed a couple of years ago in Houston, TX. Please see attached spec sheet and pictures. You can call or text me at 817-201-1272 with interest or questions. Regards, Erick McDaniel 817-201-1272 Fort Worth, TX N4052H Spec Sheet.pdf
  4. I have no reason to fly cross country anymore. Probably it's time to replace it with 2 seater. I have no idea about the price, but something like $135,000 sounds like a good start. I am not looking to get rich of it. I have spent a lot of money for annuals and upgrades to keep it in the best shape possible. AFTT 3350 Engine replaced in 1991 with IO360 A3B6 Prop replaced in 1991 ETT 1243 hrs ( crankshaft, bearings, pistons, rings replaced after 974 hrs in 2017 after metal in the oil) 2017 - new starter, new alternator, electric fuel pump, mechanical fuel pump, Painted in 1991 - still nice Always hangared. Airconditioned hangar in Florida since moved from NJ to Naples. Corrosion X applied. Annual 9/2022 Fresh IFR certification All logbooks, parts manual, maintenance manual, electrical schematics All LED lights Reiff engine and oil pan preheater Seatbelts and shoulder harnesess Electronics International CGR30P engine monitor GTN 750 GDL88 FlightStream210 blutooth to ipad GAD29 to interface autopilot 2 x G5 GDL39 - backup for iphone or another ipad Backup vacuum AI Century IIB autopilot - works nicely at GPS, NAV and LOC mode. No altitude hold. Electric trim Left fuel tank developed fuel leak recently. I fly often and regularly when I am home.
  5. North T hangar will be available mid to late November. Original roller doors, upgraded electrical. Original floor. $90,000 firm
  6. New in box. I ordered them 14 years ago for a plane that was new to me at the time but found out that my M20F had a C wing! So I never installed them. It’s all from LASAR SOLD….
  7. 1998 Mooney M20K Encore (252) S/N: 25-2020 Registration: N998EC TTAF 1900 1250 SMOH TKS Known Ice Monroy Long Range Tanks (105 gallons) Precise Speed brakes Gami Injectors Built-in oxygen Savvy Analysis Oil Analysis (25 hour change) Aspen 2500 w/Synthetic Vision & AOA GTN 750 GTX 345 (ADS-B in/out with ES) GMA 350C (w/Garmin Teligence) KX165 NAV/COM KFC150 with altitude pre-select Yaw dampener JPI EDM 730 w/fuel KN64 DME No Damage History New turbo and alternators 919lb useful load $239,000 OBO Additional photos and logbooks available online, please inquire. Steve slcoleman@gmail.com 801-898-6530
  8. 820SMOH Many mods including 201 cowl, NEW windshield, one-piece belly, Gami's, JPI engine analyzer, Rayjay Turbo with intercooler, spin on oil filter, electric trim, on-wing mechanical fuel guages, stereo 4-place intercom, wingtips with strobes, etc. This was made when Aerostar owned the company and it's one of the 12 scorpion tail Mooneys made. Located in South Lake Tahoe, CA. $89.9k
  9. Removed for the panel upgrade. Working when removed but it had to warm up before the ENT button would work. Unit and tray, no antenna. I have priced it with a Garmin rebuild taken into account. $6,000. Thanks, Ted
  10. Narco AT165 solid state transponder. Just removed with a fresh 8130. It is plug in compatible with the AT150 and other earlier Narco Transponders. Has several built in functions including Timers and altitude deviation alert that can be wired into the audio system. Two week return warrantee. $475.
  11. Just the control box with connector/ cut wires 700 or BO.
  12. SOLD: Brittain 2 Axis AP with Accu-Trak (B11)-Flite (B12) & Pitch (PC/AH II) Controllers, All servos, DG, TC, Install & Operational Manuals. Selling as a unit. Everything working as intended when professionally removed last month from 1974 M20C Ranger for GFC500 upgrade, items are green tagged from shop. Components were inspected and serviced in the plane by Brittain in 10/2016. Selling by mooney owner as a complete system, $1,950 plus shipping, 30-day returns. No servo brackets or tubbing. PMM if any interest. thanks. Kurt AP Parts: # P/N S/N Weight Brittain Servo BI-706 1 20413-6-0 E0551338 1.0 Brittain Servo BI-706 1 20413-6-0 E0551340 1.0 Brittain Servo BI-706 1 20420-0-0 E1740077 0.8 Brittain Servo BI-706 1 20424-0-1 E0625133 0.8 Brittain Servo BI-706 1 20424-0-1 E0625132 Brittain Servo BI-706 1 20420-0-0 NA Brittain Dynertial Pitch controller and panel interface PC/AH II 1 11674 552001 1.5 Brittain Altitude hold chamber 1 11353 Brittain Autopilot B-11 Accu-Trak controller 1 111-002-500 432120 0.9 Brittain Servo controller (B1 805) 1 20464-200 434108 0.5 Brittain TC100-EVS Gyroscopic Turn Coordinator 1 604-200 14v A433159 2.9 Brittain DG Adapter and panel switch for B-12 Accu-Flite 1 280-003-500 1403312 0.5 Edo-Aire Heading indicator w bug 1 4000D-1 69485F 2.6 Brittain Air Filters 4 123-002-002 Install Manuals: Install Instructions Pitch Stabilization and Altitude Hold 1 402-700-507 Brittain LSA-5 Lateral Stability Aug System Install Instruction 1 2-732-02 Brittain Install Manual B-11 Accu-Trak 1 2-1000-5 Operation and Service Manuals: Leve-Matic or Duo-matic BSS & B2C Opp & Serv 1 3953 Accu-Flite B-12 Maintenance Manual 1 3963 Mooney Positive Control Opp & Serv 1 11990 Dynertial Pitch Control System PC-1 Opp & Serv 1 11804 Mooney Nav Coupler Opp & Serv 1 11990-1 Misc cables, connectors, filters
  13. I replaced it with an NL model while troubleshooting some starter issues. I sent it back to Skytec who said it worked perfectly. Some combination of cleaning corrosion and replacing relays seems to have mostly resolved the starter issue. I do think the NL is a better model, but I'd hope someone can get some use out of the this LS. Installed 9/6/2018 4766.67, removed 1/21/2020 at 5069.88. It was installed for 303.21 total hours.
  14. Anyone need some brittian things, rudder(2 sets), elevator, aileron(2 sets) servos, alt hold, accutrak, TC, and other small items. You got to take all, not seperating. Make me an offer that I cannot refuse, or a good trade like a Bose A20 headset, More pictures to come
  15. 430 WAAS that was removed from a new aircraft for GTN upgrade. Less then 20 hours run time on the unit. I have previously sold two of these to two different MS members. Not a scratch on the face or screen. $4,500 for 430, GA36 and manuals
  16. I have a never used Bose X microphone and cable assembly (has the control/battery box) with dual straight plugs. I bought it in case I wanted to use my headset with a lemo plug in another aircraft but never had a need to use it. It was $195 new. Looking for $150 OBO.
  17. If you need a couple of cheap, but very functional, Emergency Backup Headsets for passengers...then this might be the deal for you. I'm selling my two old Lightspeed QFR Solo headsets, just $60 for the pair of them shipped ground in the US. Let me clarify when I say a pair of headsets I mean two pair...or two sets...oh whatever...both of em! These are old school headsets, but they're fully functional and in pretty good shape considering their age. There are no tears in the cups or other damage. One of the microphones is missing the foam cover. They've got individual volume controls and a 3.5 mm jack for audio input. No Bluetooth or ANR, of course. I think this model was actually made from shooting earmuffs... they're very similar to my old Peltors. These served my kids well, back in the day. They don't owe me anything, so I'm happy to pass them on cheaply to someone who might be able to use them. Have a good week, all. Ross
  18. After our upgrades, and now that I'm no longer planning any flying in other aircraft, we no longer need our year-old GDL 50. It's in great shape and handy as a back-up or for taking in rental/borrowed aircraft, for providing traffic and weather and GPS data to your tablet. We've used it with both Pilot and ForeFlight. It also has position sensors, to feed attitude data to Garmin Pilot's synthetic vision and "instrument" display. Ross
  19. I ended up with two copies and only need one. I'm selling the autographed one, which is in excellent condition. The pages are shiny and look new - no dogears or damage. The dust jacket has no tears or wear and is perfect, except for the bottom edge being rolled very slightly. It seems Amazon sellers are pretty proud of these...one is listed for $190 right now! Crazy. I'm happy to part with this one for $60, plus shipping. If you're interested, let me know and I can send you some pics. For an established MSer, I'll ship it you you before payment so you can check it out before paying. Ross
  20. Does anyone have a need for a pair of inner gear doors, off of a modified '66 E (which means I actually have no idea which models they will fit or what these might have originally been for). Photos below. Neither one is bent, but they do have some scratches on the paint and some interference wear. I also have a small bag of the hardware that came with them. I will never reinstall these, because I want the additional clearance for dirt or grass. So hopefully somebody might have a use for them. Ross
  21. I love my Halos but my wife doesn't...she's not a fan of the inside-the-ear-canal headset. So, I'm selling the pair we got for her. She's only worn them twice and they are in great shape. $250 shipped FedEx in the US. These are in the zippered case and include all the original ear inserts, except for the one pair she used (which I'll discard). Feel free to text/call me at 928-554-5219 or DM me, if you're interested. Thanks much! Ross
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