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  1. My understanding is the GFC500 interfaces with the G5 only. If you need to interface with the G500 or Aspen PFD you have to go with the GFC600. So those of us who have Aspens in our panels may only have the GFC600 as an option. At least that's how I understand it but I could be wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Copied/pasted from an article on To express interest for the certification of additional aircraft types for either the GFC 500 or GFC 600 autopilot, please contact and provide specific aircraft make/model information. For additional information including autopilot interface compatibilities and more, visit:
  3. Looks like the GFC is a direct competitor to the Avidyne DFC90. This is good news for Mooney drivers as it doesn't look like Avidyne will ever add the M20 to the AML. Hopefully Garmin will soon.
  4. I just did the same thing with my seats a few weeks ago. Aero Comfort is amazing. My new seats must be a little heavier but there was no weight and balance change.
  5. That useful load is incredible. That alone should sell it for you!
  6. Thank you everyone for the compliments. AC cuts no corners and my 35 year old J now has that new car (plane) smell. Hector is the master and I told him that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The word is something big is coming. A friend of mine was going to do some panel work and the avionics guy told him to hold off until after the announcement. The avionics guys said he knew what it was but swore to secrecy. Funny thing is my friend was thinking about putting a JPI EDM930 in his A36. I can't imagine Garmin is going after the engine monitor business. Personally, my money is on a replacement for the G500. Stay tuned I suppose.
  8. The guys in our body shop use this stuff. It preps the surface and allows the tape to stick better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. No. They used the seat frame of course but all new foam. They sent back the old stuff because I guy I know wanted it. Funny, I sit noticeably higher in the seat now and one notch back from the panel. The old stuff was pretty compressed and I'm sure the new will wear in as well.
  10. Not bad at all but it probably depends on how the trim panels are attached. I asked Hector the same question. Mine were attached using double-sided tape and I re-attached the new ones the same way. I also used an "adhesive helper" I guess I would call it from 3M that helps the tape stick better. The cargo panels were simply 10 screws. Not having to pull the carpet or plastic panels made it much easier. If I had to do that I think I would've made a trip to San Antonio.
  11. I wanted to give a shout out to Hector from Aero Comfort in San Antonio for the magnificent work he did on my seats and trim panels. A little background...the interior on my '82 J was done back in 1999 and was in "reasonably" good condition. The plastic was good and the carpet was very good. So I decided to send my seats and trim panels down to AC and have them reupholstered. I had previous experience with AC when they leather wrapped my yokes about three years ago. The work on those was perfect so I knew I was in good hands. Plus, I've read nothing but raving reviews regarding their work. I wanted to go with black leather but it didn't go well with the carpet so I went with a dark gray. I also added headrests and had the cargo area reupholstered as well. While everything was out I cleaned up all the plastic panels with soapy water and a magic eraser and also cleaned the carpet. Attached are before and after pics. I think I lost 3 lbs of water weight installing the new stuff but the reward was well worth it. I'm very happy with the work and would recommend Aero Comfort to anyone considering new interior. This option of sending everything in really saved me a lot of money. I'm not a member of the CB club but I do like saving money where I can!
  12. Hot starts can be frustrating and it doesn't build a lot of confidence in your passengers either; I've been there. I have a J so my hot start is just like Don's video. One thing that helped me a lot was switching to fine wire plugs. Have you done this or considered it? If all else fails I would fly to a shop or to a fellow K pilot and have him demonstrate it to you. Facetime is another option as well. Perhaps there's an issue and it's not your procedure. Good luck, hope you figure it out.
  13. At the recommendation of several mooneyspacers I use Plexus. A little spendy...about $15 a can but works very well. A can will last quite a long time. Windex is a no no. Anything with ammonia is not good I was told.
  14. It takes some guts to admit a mistake like that. If it makes you feel any better you're not the first and certainly not the last. I came close (twice) doing the same thing. Just came in a little fast and really light. Bounced once, then twice, gave it moderate power and was able to make a safe landing. Both times were early on and once with my wife. She was very unimpressed but still flies with me. I should've gone around but I made a split second decision and fortunately it worked out. We all know what happens on the third bounce. The silver lining to this story (and yours) is events like this make us better pilots. For what it's worth, I signed up for the Mooney PPP in Des Moines, IA in October. Anyone here in the Midwest should consider it. Training makes us better and I believe prevents accidents.
  15. My guess is it was his third attempt to land and he was bound and determined to get it down this time. Came in once again too fast, tried to force it down, prop struck, attempted a go-around and the rest we all know. I routinely land at 0F3. It's 3000 x 50 and when landing to the south, a downhill slope. I watch my speed like a hawk when coming in there. Never over 70 kias and sometimes 65 if I'm really light. This poor soul either didn't watch his speed close enough or was taught by someone to fly faster approaches; my guess is the latter. Coming in a little long and at 80 kias would really push the envelope.