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  1. More info on the program in the Word doc attached. Mooney05(a)(3)(A)PosterPreProgram(2017-5).docx
  2. The MAPA Pilot Proficiency Program was scheduled to take place in Dubuque, IA but they couldn't make it work due to all the hotels being all booked up for their foliage season. They looked at Cedar Rapids briefly and there were some hiccups there as well. They have now inked a deal with Elliott Aviation in Des Moines, IA (KDSM) on October 6-8th. This is a great opportunity for all of us in the Midwest. DSM is good pick for this; friendly controllers, good runways, plenty of parking and the facilities to accommodate everyone. I've signed up and looking forward to it. Hope to see some of you there!
  3. Good idea Paul; go ahead and add me. I'm one of the few Iowans here. KCIN
  4. According to the report Jerry posted the pilot was a 71 year old male. He and the three pax all have the same last name so presumably they're family. One nice thing about flying in the Midwest is lots of fields to pick from when a problem arises. Glad everyone is OK.
  5. +1. A Mooney CFI taught me this the day I picked up the airplane. Good advice.
  6. I was told once never to top off completely to the rim because the fuel will expand with temperature and possibly start a leak. For this reason I fill to 1-2" below the rim unless I'm departing immediately. Not sure if there's any truth to this but owning a '82 that's never had the tanks resealed I'm taking every precaution while on borrowed time.
  7. I never run the flaps, up or down, without running trim in the opposite direction. As noted previously the motors run at the same speed so if you time it correctly there is absolutely no pitch. It's become second nature to me.
  8. I like the typically higher UL the Eagles have but for me to consider one would require the 310hp upgrade and more importantly an attitude based autopilot. Unless I'm mistaken most Eagles have the S-Tec 30 and that would be a deal breaker for me for that kind of money. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hmmm. Being flown regularly between 2012 and now would make me feel better about it. Hopefully some of the mechanics here will chime in and be able to advise you on this one. Good luck with your purchase.
  10. What would be important to me is how often the low hour Eagle was flown. 500 hours over say 16 years is 31 hours/year. So the question is this; was the plane flown somewhat regularly? Once per month perhaps...or did it sit for two years or more with no activity? Look it up on flightaware and also ask if he has any flight logs.
  11. Great video. N205J has to be the best looking J I've ever seen. A work of art.
  12. Best tug ever! And I'm a Jeep dealer so I should be able to come up with something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. This is exactly the problem I'm having; those days when it melts and freezes. I get stuck about 5 times a year and the manager gets the tractor out. Looks like I'm in the market for a winch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. That's the trade off. The sidewinder is very handy and works well when the pavement is dry. The EZ tug would be quite a bit more clumsy. Ideally I'd like to have both but I can't stomach sinking $4K into tugs. My neighbor has a winch bolted to the floor in the back of his hanger and uses a wired remote control to pull his A36 in. Works well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I really like my the spring, summer and fall. It's worthless in the ice and snow. As soon as the tire gets wet you aren't going anywhere. I might have to look at a 40 EZ tow before next winter.