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  1. Electroair ordered for M20C

    I see you went with the upgraded red plug wires; good move, I replaced the standard blue ones last year due to radio interference. You'll like the the Electroair system. I'm considering the panel switch at a picture of it if it's not too much trouble. I'd like to see how it looks installed.
  2. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Interesting that it wound up in Wyoming. I'm sure Jesse will chime in shortly to tell us what he knows about this.
  3. Rosen Visors G1000/DX Aircraft

    I have Rosens in my J as well. Really like them as far as functionality but my only complaints are 1. The co-pilot visor sometimes get hit when getting in and out so I push in as far as it will go but it still sticks out a few inches. 2. When used to block sunlight from the side window the visor loosens too much so I just keep one of those short 3" phillips head screwdrivers in my side storage pocket to tighten it up. These are obviously small gripes and overall I'm very happy with them; I wouldn't go back to factory visors.
  4. I remember in my initial Mooney training my CFII pulled the gear breaker while I was distracted to see if I would proceed to land. I lowered the gear and noticed there was no gear down light so I cycled the gear again but nothing. I then noticed the breaker. I look at my CFI a little perplexed and he just smiled; he was pleased that I caught it. Lesson #1: just because the gear handle is down doesn't mean the gear actually is. Lesson #2: always trust the gear horn!
  5. I just installed the Aeroleds yesterday and haven't used it yet but I think the consensus is yes; but it comes with a hefty price tag. If money isn't a factor in your decision I would go with the Aeroleds but for someone who wants not only a brighter landing light than the incandescent but also the reliability of LED, this might be the ticket.
  6. I have a used 14V Whelen Par46 LED landing light for sale, model PLED461L. It is only about two years old, no scratches or damage and in the original packaging. Works normally and was removed from my M20J after installing a Aeroleds Sunspot. Great buy for anyone who wants a quality LED landing light at a very reasonable price. I will ship anywhere in the lower 48 states, UPS ground, at no charge. $120.00.
  7. They have it listed for $34,900 OBO; it's definitely negotiable. At first look it seemed like it might be worth looking into. Flies regularly and all logs are there. They list the interior as "poor" but the real killer for me would be the damage history. Four accidents including two gear ups? I'm out.
  8. My TKS Panel Doesn't Fill Out

    I used to run mine once a month when I first bought the plane but now I run it about every 60-90 days (if it hasn't been used) and I've never had a problem. Got tired of TKS fluid dripping on my hanger floor.
  9. Door Seals

    I'm all in if the price is reasonable. Went with the Aircraft Door Seal and it now drips water. I need to get something done by spring.
  10. So whats too cold for the plane

    This is the winterization plate that an A&P made for me a few years back. I put it in every year once it gets below 30F. The placard reads to remove at 50F but it's out well before it gets that warm. Easy to install and works well.
  11. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    Thanks Lance, I will definitely take you up on that. How exactly does this work when ordering?
  12. Video PIREP On Aeroleds Sunspot PAR46 LX Landing Light.

    Thanks for sharing. I replaced my incandescent bulb with the Whelen Parmetheus (not the plus) about 3 years ago. While it much better with little electrical draw, it's nothing like what I see in your video; that's really impressive. I've been thinking about replacing it and the Aeroleds Sunspot like you have is at the top of my list. From the research I've done this seems to be the brightest available. I just haven't been able to get past the $650 price tag but after watching your video I think I just did.
  13. Fluorosilicone Fuel Cap O-ring Kits

    My fuel cap o-rings are changed every year at annual with just the standard o-rings. Do these last longer or should they be replaced every year as well?
  14. Batteryminder M20E

    I think the hat rack is a common place to put it, like Don mentioned. I have TKS and was able to run it to the filler door. I plug it in religiously because nothing shortens battery life like inactivity. Wherever you decide to put it, make it easy to connect otherwise you probably won't use it. I like the engine compartment idea but it might take a little more work.
  15. I just had my J in the shop to get the Tanis heater repaired and had the oil changed while the cowl was off. I use 7 qts of Phillips x/c 20w50 plus camguard. We talked a lot about oil consumption and intervals. I'm using about a quart to every 8 hrs. He advised changing the oil every 25-30 hrs, don't add until it gets below 6 qts and to consider running a lower rpm. I run wot and 2500 at altitude. He said running it at 2400 should slow down the consumption. I just had this done so I can't say if this helps yet. I've been changing the oil at about 35 hrs previously. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk