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  1. Mooney down in CT - N53CP

    It's been talked about before but a great way to support the Mooney Summit is through the Amazon Smile program. A small percentage of every purchase you make on goes to the Mooney Summit. I encourage anyone who uses who hasn't signed up to do so. It's very easy; just go to
  2. Flying to UNV for a game

    Local airports on game day are always interesting. I would call the FBO and ask about parking. I flew to Indy for the Big 10 championship game two years ago (Iowa / Mich State) and that was an eye opener. The put me in a hold, in IMC, and told me to expect clearance to land in 30 minutes. Turned out it was about half that but crazy busy nonetheless. They moved most of the airplanes to a remote parking area and I suspect the same will happen at UNV. We all know the risk of damaging the nose gear if this is done incorrectly so I made sure the ramp crew was aware of it, and they were.
  3. Why don't we chalk this up to "lesson learned" and let the banned member back in.
  4. Sorry, I probably wasn't very clear. I wouldn't consider the 600 if it was available because of the expense. If I owned a long body model I would. I agree the 500 should work well on all M20 models but I'm predicting, like many others, that the 500 will be Approved for short and mid bodies and the 600 will be approved for long body models. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I really hope down the road that they allow third party PFDs to interface with the GFC500. I would be very interested in this if so. I won't pull my Aspen and even if the 600 was STCd for the J/K models I could never justify the cost. In a long body the 600 would make more sense.
  6. What's interesting in the article is they flew a C172 with the GFC500 without electric trim or the yaw damper and they don't think either is necessary. The yaw damper may not be necessary but I think the electric trim is a must. Why invest that much money in an AP and have to trim it manually?
  7. According to the article, the 500 has a base price of $6,995. The primary AI is $2,149 and the G5 heading indicator is $2,449. If you want pitch trim that is $2,100 and the yaw damper is $1,500. Base price of the 600 is $19,995 and $23,995 with electric pitch trim.
  8. I was just reading the November issue of the aviation consumer and there's a story on the GFC500/600. The 500 is about $14K plus install and that includes the pitch trim option. The 600 is about $24K plus install and that also includes the pitch trim. There was no estimate of labor involved, only that as you add options such as auto trim and yaw damper the installation cost naturally increases. The article read both units performed very well. What I don't like is the G5 is required with the GFC500 but third party PFDs like the Aspen will interface with the GFC600. So basically I would have to remove my Aspen PFD if I wanted to install the GFC500.
  9. What a great looking plane. Regarding the avionics, where does one stop? My $.02 is go with the Aspen and EA100. Remove the strikefinder and relocate the AI there. I would also add autotrim to the S-Tec 60 PSS. I have the same AP setup with the autotrim and to me it's a must. Replace the second nav/com with a 430W or just a KX155 and I think the panel would be ready to go. If the new owner wanted to take it a step further, he could add a backup AI and remove the vacuum system increasing safety and useful load. The problem is doing it now will increase the sale price and you would be gambling on what the future owner will want.
  10. Hawaii to Oakland in M20K

    Not a bad idea...just might do that. Thanks for the info! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I came across this on the Mooney Pilots Facebook page yesterday. Check out this flight from Kona to Oakland. Is this by chance a Mooneyspacer?
  12. Today's flight for 2017

    Wow, just watched 16 Right The Romance of Flying on DVD last week for the first time. Yeah, I recognize that airport. Great documentary that I suspect almost every pilot has watched. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Questions about a M20j for sale.

    co2bruce has his '99 Screaming Eagle for sale. He's asking $165K and it has a UL of 1142. This has to be the highest UL in a Mooney I've ever come across. Not a turbo, of course, but may be worth considering.
  14. Mooney tatoo

    My 19 year old daughter wants a tattoo. I told her it would very much disappoint me and if she did it I would, in return, disappoint taking away her 2017 Jeep Renegade. I think that kaboshed it. In any case I will be sharing this quote. It's spot on!
  15. Questions about a M20j for sale.

    I added an Aspen PFD when my HSI was on the fritz and later added the Sandia SAI340 as my backup, pulling the vacuum system at that time. That got it to 895 and installing the LEDs last year pushed me over the 900 mark that I was after.