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  1. Hi John. I’m located at KCIN in Carroll, IA. At this point the TKS is just taking up space so if you have a way of transporting it, it’s free of charge to you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. George, No doubt Cirrus is an incredibly innovative company. I must say, you make probably the best argument about buying a new Cirrus over it's competitors that I've heard in a long time. I suppose I'm stuck in the 90's and still like that look and feel. Acquisition and maintenance costs were other factors that kept me from looking closer at a Cirrus. Aside from the $15K chute repack, which has it's obvious benefits, I was under the impression that annuals and insurance were much higher as well but after reading more of your posts, perhaps I was wrong. Regarding cost, the few I looked at online that I liked were around $250K and I had a max budget of $200K. I knew the useful load in a Cirrus was much better than most but I did not know it was over 1200 lbs with TKS and A/C. What generation do you have? Enjoy your new bird. I know my Ovation will serve me well. I bought it planning on it being my last airplane. Suddenly those plans may have changed. I don't know...we'll just have to see what happens.
  3. As long as TKS or A/C isn’t installed and little or no baggage, you’re right. I looked at a 2000 O2 with TKS, that’s still for sale, with a UL of 917. With only 50 gallons of fuel we can all do the math. My point is not to bash these fantastic planes we fly but to point out a weakness I would like to see addressed. I’m glad I found the Ovation I purchased because I don’t think I would ever be happy with a Cirrus. Coming from a J with a UL of 900, I just wanted an airplane that could carry a load and feel lucky I found it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I agree. We all know the UL is the Achilles heel in Mooney aircraft but it's speed and efficiency is the trade-off. It definitely costs them sales. I seriously considered a Cirrus only a few months ago for this very reason. Then I came across a 98 Ovation with a UL of 1066 and jumped on it. Once I remove the vacuum system and add LED navigation lighting I'm hoping to get it very close to or even at 1100 lbs. Like other models, such as Bonanzas, it seems like the newer the airframes the heavier they are. BTW, I also agree that if I'm going to spend $800K on a new aircraft, it better be able to carry four average size people or I'll keep looking.
  5. When I think about why Cirrus is selling so many more aircraft than Mooney a few things come to mind. Cirrus is appealing to a different buyer. Wealthy middle aged people with minimum flying experience; i.e. the people buying new airplanes. These people are typically tech savvy and Cirrus fills that lane. All glass cockpit (for the most part), side stick control, designed for the most part to be flown on autopilot, modern airframe design and the icing on the cake is, you guessed it, ballistic parachute. Say all you want about BPS but it does two things for the buyer; it satisfies the wife and friends who are scared to fly in small planes but also gives peace of mind to high income buyers who may believe their demise will have bigger consequences than that of the average person. I think a good salesman could paint quite a picture to a prospective buyer with an important position within his occupation. The Cirrus may not be any safer than other aircraft but perception is king and all that really matters. One more thing, the SF50 gives Cirrus buyers a step up option that would be fairly easy to transition to. Even if a SR-22 buyer can't ever afford the SF50, they will always dream and this may weigh into the buying decision. I think Mooney drivers are quite different; we're purists who love the speed, handling and efficiency of a Mooney. Unfortunately, we are the minority in the buyer pool and the reason Mooney is in this situation. It may be too little too late but, in my opinion, to survive and sell new aircraft in this day and age, Mooney will have to really modernize and come up with a new or modified airframe with a higher useful load that's easier to get in and out of, with side stick control and I hate to say it, BPS. In essence, they need to build a direct competitor to the SR-22 because that's what most people want today. Just my $.02
  6. I took a closer look at the cradle and they are short 1-2" tabs however they don't appear to be causing a problem. If you're still interested just let me know. Thanks
  7. I’ll take a look and take some pics of the tabs. As far as age I’m not sure. I bought it with my J in 2013. It was about half full at the time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Depending on the distance (and the wine) I’ll consider it. Given your username How far could you be? I’m in Carroll, IA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I know this is a long shot but I have about 16 gallons of TKS fluid in a 55 gallon barrel along with a metal stand for tipping it to its side and moving. My new plane does not have TKS and no one locally has any need for it. As you can see from the pic, the yellow stand tips over and there is a spout for filling a container. It sits on four wheels when tipped so it's easy to move as well. Unfortunately due to it's size it really can't be shipped. I'm located in western Iowa and looking for $100. I know it's worth more but I'm trying to make it attractive because of the cost to pick it up. Let me know if interested.
  10. If I recall, they were mounted with a single bolt that you can see in the pic. Not sure of the thread size. As far as mounting them in your C, I really don't know. Perhaps there is someone here on MS that can answer that for sure.
  11. Price lowered to $100 with free UPS shipping.
  12. For Sale: Original Mooney M20J sun visors. These were removed from my previous 1982 J model. Good condition and an easy replacement for someone with cracked or broken visors. $100 shipped UPS ground CONUS.
  13. I have a Aerospace Logic FL202D graphic fuel gauge that I purchased used from a local pilot based at my home airport. I planned to install it in my J along with CiES digital fuel senders but sold the plane beforehand. I purchased an Ovation that already has a EDM900 primary so I no longer need it. This is the digital version to be used with digital senders only. It was installed in a Bonanza and used for about a year before being removed as part of an avionics upgrade. It was never installed my my plane but works perfectly according to the previous owner who I know very well. $500 shipped UPS ground, CONUS.
  14. That’s what my mx said. Instead of 280hp, I probably have about 284. Lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. So the plot it turns out a small crack was discovered in one of the cylinders and is being sent back to Zephyr for them to look at. While my mx was talking to them about the crack he mentioned the one P10 oversized cylinder they did. The response was "we would never do that". As it turns out they oversized all six cylinders and Sarasota incorrectly logged it as only one. I suppose that's a good thing as they are all balanced and if the cracked one is replaced I can only assume it will be replaced with a P10 as well. In case anyone is wondering why I started this thread, I sold my J and purchased a 98 R. All this was discovered during the PPI. Jason from JED-Aire in Benson, MN (a Mooney expert) is going to finish the annual, get a cylinder replaced and hopefully within two weeks I'll have my new bird home. I turn 48 tomorrow and owning an Ovation has been a dream up to this point. Possibly the last airplane I ever buy. Thanks everyone for your help. Attached are a few pics.