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  1. I found a pitot tube on eBay so should be good. Thanks everyone.
  2. Well it turns out it's not the switch. The pitot tube was removed and bench tested. It has a short in the heating element. 24V tubes are plentiful but the 12V model not so much. I'm on the hunt for a good used PH502-12 or AN5812-12
  3. The accident in Iowa happened about 40 miles from where I live. The story I'm hearing is that the student pilot was the 15 years old girl with very few hours (4-5) trying to land the Dakota, N91770. Very sad but also preventable. While we initially all believed the pilot suffered an in-flight heart attack, the real cause has pilots in my hometown talking about CO detectors. It sure reaffirms my decision to install a panel mounted Aero 551 at my last annual. @alextstone's story shows how fast something bad can happen so it's a good thing he had a detector and was alerted. @DanM20C, good work keeping this topic in our conversations. You're story is truly remarkable and I have no doubt your efforts to get CO detectors in our airplanes have saved lives.
  4. That’s a really good idea. I was also thinking of powering the pitot with a 12v battery with a 15A fuse in there to see if the fuse blows. Thanks Clarence, I’ll try your idea first Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. That’s interesting. $3,200 seemed outrageous. Thanks for sharing that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I'm going to run out to the hanger tonight and see what I have in there. Looks like an E-T-A switch and I'm hoping either the nav light or landing light switch is the same type so I can change them out and confirm this is the issue.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I looked the best I could for wire chafing and didn't see any. Sounds like I really need to rule out the switch before buying a pitot as it seems more and more likely this is the real issue. Just need to figure out an easy way to test it.
  8. When I turned it on to test it, it switched off after about 3-4 seconds. What's strange is I removed the four screws that hold the pitot in place, disconnected it and tested it for voltage and continuity. While I know just enough about electrical issues to be dangerous, they both tested normal. After I reconnected it, it worked normally and I thought it was a connection issue but the next time I flew, I turned it on and it switched off in about 3-4 seconds. My mechanic, who hasn't had a chance to look at it yet, told me to start looking for a used pitot but now you have me thinking it might be the switch.
  9. The pitot heat is tripping the circuit breaker that's built into the switch and I'm told there's something going on internal to the mast or heating element. I'm also told a new pitot tube runs $3,200 so I'm looking for a good used one. If anyone has one laying around or can point me in the right direction please let me know. '82 M20J. Thanks, Kevin
  10. +1 I bought my J through Tim. He's a good, honest guy who won't steer you wrong.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I plan to be even more vigilant after seeing this.
  12. Unbelievable. Are you absolutely sure it came from fueling the plane? Any chance your seals are leaking and water got in before you refueled? In any case, nice job catching it!
  13. When you reinstall the seats you may want to consider switching them around to even out the cushion wear. I do a lot of my flying alone so the passenger seat doesn't get much use. Someone here posted that he does this once a year which is probably not a bad idea. If you typically have a passenger, I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Better late than never. A little sloppy; it will be much easier next time around. Thanks for posting your instructions! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. They increase the gross takeoff weight significantly but not sure why. In a Bonanza the UL increases by over 200 lbs if I”m not mistaken, making it a very popular mod. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk