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  1. Flew into Omaha last night and took this screenshot of my ForeFlight app. Not bad for a 200hp J model . I'm guessing you guys aren't buying it. OK, a B737 with a hell of a tailwind. It's amazing how well ForeFlight works on commercial jets; just be sure you have a window seat.
  2. If you're not ready to pull the trigger on the Aspen I would buy a used NSD360. You can pick one up for about $500 but know you're on borrowed time from day one. I did this and used it for a year. Worked perfectly and I was able to resell it for what I paid for it when I had the Aspen installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Very spendy. Mine was on the fritz and I went the Aspen route. If I recall the overhaul was going to be around $7K. My avionics guy told me they're a problem child. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mine does also, some days worse than others. Before the 345 I used the stratus and it worked perfectly. I won't be renewing SV with my foreflight subscription. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Congratulations! Great looking bird. Taking home that new plane was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I'm sure you feel the same. Enjoy your J; one of the best to come off the line in Kerrville!
  6. PROPULSION Engine Continental IO-550-G Horsepower 310 hp Engine TBO 2,200 hrs Propeller Hartzell Scimitar Three-Blade From the website under Propulsion...
  7. I was snooping around the new Mooney page and reading up on the Ovation Ultra. It lists "typical" useful load at 1,130 lbs. Personally I'm a little skeptical of this claim. The Acclaim is listed at 1,000 lbs.
  8. I'm strongly considering the panel mounted CO Guardian. Does anyone know how much labor is involved? I have a noisy TC that I no longer need so I could pull that and replace it with the CO detector.
  9. Aftermarket or photoshopped, I'm somehow good with it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Great, thank you. I'll PM you on the details.
  11. Just say the word and I'll mark it sold to you. If you need more information off the cylinder or additional pics let me know.
  12. I have an aluminum O2 cylinder, regulator and two oxymizer cannulas for sale. I believe the tank holds 15 cu. ft. of O2. This was included when I purchased my Mooney but I've since purchased new equipment. I have not used this tank or cannulas but other than a hydro test it appears to be in working order. $120.00 with free UPS ground shipping to the contiguous United States.
  13. Dan, This is the most amazing story of survival I have ever heard of. A miracle outcome of a terrible situation. I have one of those $5 CO detectors stuck on my panel but after reading this I'm rethinking it. So glad to hear you're going to make a 100% recovery.
  14. I installed a JPI EDM830 and love it. I somewhat regret not stepping up to the 900 but liked the low cost of the 830 plus the inputs were the same as the 700 that it replaced. I agree with kortopates that the size is perfect. I may upgrade this year and if I do I'll stick with JPI and go with the 900. It's what I know and I've had no problems with my 830.
  15. I thought I'd share what I discovered about my Bose A20 bluetooth headsets as I'm sure many of you use them. I purchased two sets about three years ago. I bought the bluetooth models for obvious reasons and they always worked well. My only complaint is they do not stream music. They also don't stream Foreflight alerts because these audible alerts are sent in music format. I researched it a little and found out only A20s produced in 2015 or later have the version 2 cable assembly that allows both phone communication AND music streaming. In fact, in the newer version you can stream music and if a Foreflight alert comes in, your music lowers until the message is complete. Some of the messages are traffic, 500 call out, runway proximity, sink rate, TFRs, etc. So I call the Bose 800 number to purchase the new cord assemblies and get this really nice lady who tells me as long as my headsets are under warranty they will upgrade the cable assemblies to V.2 for free; shipping excluded. Wow! That wasn't expected; the new assemblies are $295 each. To do this she said she needs my serial numbers which are under the head-pads which are velcro'd in place. So I ran out to the airport, took two quick pics of the SNs and called back, naturally getting a different rep. This is where it gets hairy. This new guy told me he couldn't do it; that they would only be covered under warranty if they were not working properly. He also went on to tell me perhaps I misunderstood. Nope, there was no other reason for getting the SNs and I insisted he was wrong (in a calm manner) and asked to talk to his supervisor. He went on to repeat himself and I asked a second time to speak to his supervisor. At this point he said, "no problem, if you were told this I'll replace them". $17 in shipping later and I have new cords coming. I'm sharing this so any of you guys that have the old Bluetooth A20s can get them updated for free and not have to buy new sets. I'm 100% certain the first lady I spoke with was correct and the second guy was wrong. She knew her stuff and when I told her how impressed I was she replied "That's how it is here at Bose". On a side note, I had a small issue with a Bose iPhone docking station a few years back and their customer service was spectacular; more evidence the second guy was wrong. The number I called was 800-233-4416. Have your serial number(s) in hand if you call.