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  1. Thanks, I'll look around.
  2. I press the middle 2 buttons to get the screen I posted above. I'm asking how that screen gets formatted to show the extra info. I'll check my PG.
  3. Paul, can my 930 be programmed to display the flight times? By me or my A&P?
  4. Chris, I believe the installing shop set the tach to the old tach which was zeroed at the factory reman engine installation 2001. The 2 values do not increase in tandem. The "Hobbs" is 939.6 higher than it was at the engine change.
  5. I suspect my plane is or will be more common in that I have a JPI 930 and it's memory is the only place that "tach" and "Hobbs" time are accumulated.
  6. What? Somebody grease your gear?
  7. I want to be supportive, among other things he's about 6 months older than I am, but I think I saw that earlier in the same flight he reported in as "helicopter 123" and then corrected himself. We do have to be concerned about our older brains...
  8. I owned a '66E from 1977 to 1988 flying it about 2500 hours. Early on I switched to fine wire plugs and I supposed I might have put 2000 hours on them. When I bought another E 5 years ago it had Champion massives. The second time I had to taxi back to the maintenance shop from the run up area with a fouled plug I ordered a set of Tempest fine wires. There is no comparison.
  9. It takes about 5 seconds in the case of my E model for the fuel pressure to peak. Perhaps a little longer if cold.
  10. Mark, sadly, I know you didn't get to PU your J yesterday. I'm headed to the airport - anxious to see what Lynn has learned. I hope to see you Saturday. (We have a church group coming to our house Saturday evening so I would like to pick you up Sat. AM @ KIGX.)
  11. My vintage E a 201 style cowl with smaller air intakes. But I have seen several experienced Mooney drivers open the oil dipstick door when they are making a brief stop. I suppose that can't hurt though that does not directly vent the top of the engine.
  12. IMNSHO, CHTs are too high, even for a C model with dog house. I am still tweaking baffle and baffles seals after 5 years of ownership. (I've been able to reduce climb and cruise temps significantly w/o sacrificing speed. And we're going to make another mod to the cowl today.) There should be threads here on the subject and maybe a C owner will make you a list of things to check to improve cooling. Repair and seal dog house. Check cowl flaps, perhaps rig them to be 1/2" open in the closed position. Check oil cooler and vernatherm valve. (What is the oil temp at the top of your climb?) Increase climb IAS.
  13. +1 Switch to Tempest fine wire plugs, a Concorde battery and DMax's simple hot start technique should work fine. The IO360 is easy to flood so best practice is to err on the side of fuel starvation by cranking with the mixture in cut off position w/o the boost pump. If engine doesn't catch quickly I pump the red knob once. As soon as it shows a sign of catching quit cranking and give it a little mixture while getting the left hand to the throttle.
  14. Many of you know Paul is in rehab following surgery. He has meant a great deal to our little corner of GA. My plane carries his parts and mods as badges of honor. We just replaced the gear lock block last month! Shery posted this message on her FB page within the past hour. It's probably not how the Wharton folks teach how to sell a business but it might work in Mooney Land: MOONEY FRIENDS: Many of you know that Paul has had health concerns lately, but we want you to know that LASAR is alive and well. Paul is going to be fine, too, but it is time to retire. We have 10 wonderful employees, but none are interested in taking over our business. We would so like to keep the legacy of LASAR going for our employees and our Mooney community. Please private message me if you have any suggestions, or know of anyone who would like to purchase LASAR. We would work with any serious buyer any way we could. It is time, and we are motivated! Please share to other Mooney sites; I'm not sure how to do that!!
  15. Mine put me on my butt a couple of times before I realized that the angle of the foot to the handle was slightly obtuse. After a little adjustment in a vice making that angle slightly acute I've had no problem with the bar slipping out of the axle. Duh.
  16. AGL thinks a Rigging Check Fly In @KMRN would be a great event! We're thinking April... (The 201 being picked up today had flaps that were 3 deg. down when full up.) Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  17. Lance, you're so right. That's an old pic and the tow bar is a smart shiny black now.
  18. I've owned 2 '66Es. The first one had only the Brittain PC system when I bought it and I liked it a lot. Now that our Vintage planes are 50 years old it should not be a surprise that there might be leaks in servos and the plastic air lines. These are relatively easy to find and fix. And relative to anything aircraft related, cheap. That PC is a life saver. I will permit you to look away for a while without the plane trying to do an aileron roll on you. Mooneys are slick, at least compared to Pipers and Cessnas. The knob to tweak the wings level can also be used for command turns. Play with it.
  19. For descent in reasonably smooth air and absent ATC restrictions I push the nose over to near red line and get paid back for the investment I made getting up to cruise altitude. I reduce throttle as necessary to maintain an acceptable rate of descent and I only tweak the mixture knob when engine gets so lean it runs rough or when I get to pattern altitude. At ~155 kias CHTs will look great.
  20. I have a '66E (IO360-A1A) I would expect to see about 18-18.5 gph BttW takeoff unless it's high DA. Climb at 200F ROP, perhaps 1300F EGT or a little less. That should pretty quickly in the climb be 13-15 gph which I would use as flight plan "climb burn". For maximum range, I pull back to about 8.3 gph LOP which is 62% power (8.3x15/200). I flew nonstop about 600 nm on 39.4 gallons 4.7 hrs KMRN-KMSN going to KOSH and 38.8 gallons 4.8 hours KMRN-KMHT for a PPP last year. My Mooney has fuel bladders and holds 54 gallons, nominal. I've thought about adding the extra 10 gallons available but 4.5 hours is already past the range of my personal bladder.
  21. Mine registers a little higher on the ground, teens ppm, and zero once in the air. (PowerFlow exhaust.)
  22. I'm thinking I've been thinking the same thing. And I'll bet AGL would be willing to host such a party. Maybe another "Mooneys to the Mountains" fly-in.
  23. Non-ambiguous Terminology: the metal is the "baffle", the "rubber" is the "baffle seal". AFAIK.
  24. +1 for the 24V Nose Dragger Dragger. I bought mine used from a guy on the field who had sold his plane a couple of years earlier. The battery was bad and I've been using 2 12V old Concordes in series for about 4 years.
  25. Not so great for routine maintenance, getting to plugs, etc,