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  1. Yeah, I'm in the same boat on a backordered #7. I finally asked DMax who said that AS is reformulating #7 and that he was using #33 which is probably overkill as I read the specs. I did not have #33 so I had Lynn order a tube for me - he was out of it himself.
  2. Well, my annual is not quite over but very close. I'm waiting for grease for the guide blocks and jack screw. Should arrive from ASpruce tomorrow. Then I can put the belly pan on. We're going to weigh the plane. Then we'll be done -- except for the paper work... unless I can get Lynn to do some more painting.
  3. I'm happy to recommend these folks to Mooney owners in the Carolinas the Southeast. AGL Aviation Services, my home field shop, became a Mooney Service Center during 2016. They're based @ Foothills Regional Airport, KMRN, a fine all weather field with a 5500' runway. Lynn and Tamara Mace would really like to have enough Mooney business to keep them busy taking care of our superior planes even as they expand their shop hangar space and add to their staff. The 10% discount is off an already reasonable rate reflecting our semi-rural location. From their website: !!!PROMOTION!!! It's the time for everyone to be preparing for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Resolution jars are being dusted off and prepared for it's epic reemergence into our changing 2017! A lot of things happened for us in 2016 like becoming a CubCrafters and Mooney Service Center! We are particularly proud of those two accomplishments. In the Christmas spirit and in the spirit of new beginnings AGL Aviation will be offering a YEAR LONG promotion starting Jan 1 2017 for our Mooney and CubCrafters customers (present and future)! ANY Mooney or CubCrafters customer that comes to us as a referral will receive 10% off their labor costs FOR WORK DURING THE ENTIRE YEAR! Drop the name of the customer who referred you and they will also receive 10% off their labor costs FOR WORK DURING THE ENTIRE YEAR! You have to mention this directly to us in order to take advantage of this promotion. This is too good to pass up! All of our customers hold a special place in our hearts - May your holiday season be merry and bright!
  4. I've had my E model 5 years. With several 201 type mods it's fairly fast but since Lynn became a MSC and got a set of rigging boards from the factory we found that the elevators, flaps, and one aileron were all out of rig a little. And one mag had gotten to 22 deg BTC (instead of 20). Along with the broken waking beam that we replaced which was allowing the right gear to droop a little when retracted I expect we've improved in flight drag enough to measure in KTAS. I received a new spinner dome from Hartzell Friday so I'll find out soon. My MS fans will be looking for a pic of the Aspen showing 160 ktas.
  5. It appear to me that Precise is only offering the electric version now. Sounds to me like the cable needs cleaning/lubing, perhaps replacing but I don't know what's involved in that. I bet DMax has run into it though. McFarlane might be helpful if you can be more precise on what the cable/sheathing is. They might be able to make a new cable(s). I'm just guessing. FWIW, I have the original manual version installed 20 years ago. I don't think they've ever needed service. Handy to have.
  6. Another aviation tragedy. Progress? But I said they aspired to...
  7. Another MS thread is reduced to a familiar country(?) song:'re+with&view=detail&mid=19F6A4A99FD2D8FBDA6519F6A4A99FD2D8FBDA65&FORM=VIRE
  8. "no joy" & "tally ho" are proper, current military ATC terms. Civilian equivalents, "negative contact" and "traffic in sight", are preferred according to one source. I have never been questioned or corrected by ATC -- I have a voice that a senior Pan Am captain can only aspire to -- but I'll try to change.
  9. Absolutely. And increases the chance of buggered screw heads. Or fatigue and carpel tunnel. And adds to aircraft empty weight. Seriously, we want to see at least one full thread of screw beyond the nut?
  10. Do a pirep. In my experience it's apt to be the other way around - ATC is painting heavy precip that he's been sending folks around and asks me what my flight conditions are. (Since I trust the Stormscope I'm likely to be able to report "smooth ride, moderate to heavy rain for the last 5 minutes".)
  11. The cable at the bottom of this pic is the throttle. You can see the leads to the LS. I just noticed that the power boost cable is fitted for a LS to activate a panel light that the ram air door is open but the switch is not installed!
  12. Yup. As I've been doing for almost 50 years. Might not be PC, but clear and brief. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. 30" sounds a little too good for Charlotte at about 600 MSL. I'd expect 29". If you haven't done so, take note of the MAP gauge before starting the engine. On a standard 29.92 day in the Charlotte area I'd expect it to show about 29.5 or a little less. If it does the gauge is probably okay. OTOH, if on take off you're only seeing 27" or something like that you might want to inspect the air filter or even the muffler for partial blockages. Ideally with the throttle wide open you want the engine to get as much air as possible. Not sure about the J but for a lot of us, me included, #3 cyl is most often the hottest. But I think that incidental to a bigger problem.
  14. Pretty verbose. If on an IFR flight plan "3 Romeo Whiskey - IMC" would have conveyed exactly the same message and would have elicited a vector. If "nominally" VFR but flying blind I'd reply "3RW, no joy, requesting heading".
  15. From the O&N website - not OOB. "Under the direction of Matt Griggs, Chris Murley and Jeff Ball the currently established repair station facility Griggs Aircraft Refinishing has purchased the Supplement Type Certificates from O & N. They will be continuing to produce the Silver Eagle 210 Conversions, the auxiliary fuel tanks, and Mooney bladder kits. They can be reached at (570) 836-5757 or at Some of us have had a hard time getting Griggs to respond. PM "Marauder" if you can't get through to them. Chris has talked to them recently. There's a thread here somewhere...
  16. The need to change the prop governor from 2400 to 2700 is troubling. Who is helping you? There's nothing unique to Mooney in that IO360/governor/Hartzell Scimitar prop combo.
  17. Do you have an engine analyzer? You don't mention MAP. Are you getting within an inch of atmospheric pressure at take off? Do you have a FF indicator? You should see 18 GPH on take off. You're 1/2 hour from KMRN - Foothills Regional Airport - where I am and more importantly where AGL Aviation Services, the only Mooney Service Center in the Carolina is. Bring it here and Lynn will figure out what's going on.
  18. MSer "Marauder" talked to Griggs Aircraft Refinishing, the new owner of the O&N STC, recently. I'd suggest sending Chris a PM and get an update on whether the new folks have their ducks in a row yet.
  19. That's helpful Clarence. When I did my 1st annual I found that the screws on the larger panels were 3/4". I've replaced all with 8-32R8 but I can see that R7 would be fine. There were at least 4 different length screws in the one piece belly. 1/2" is all that's needed.
  20. Remmeber the last time the Tea Party pillaged and burned stuff? Me neither.
  21. My Mooney is not the only one in the family with a bladder.
  22. Just getting home from an Inaugural Ball?
  23. Another insomniac. I probably should be reading one of the books I received for Xmas. NT Wright or John Goldingay ought to do it.
  24. I replaced all 3 engine control cables in 2015. On my E the limit switch is mounted on the throttle cable right behind the panel. It might be different on your C but with the engine not running you should hear the LS make as you pull the throttle. The top cable in the photo below is my old throttle cable. The slot in the sheath is where the LS rides. (I took the pic to send to McFarlane - the bottom new cable came minus the slot. They immediately made a new, correct cable. Fine folks.)
  25. You're the engineer. But I doubt a plated screw is identical to an unplated one. Is the cadmium or nickel plating uniformly .001 everywhere or is the profile of the thread different? 8-32 tells us diameter, major and minor and pitch as well as the pitch or tpi but that does not define the root, crest, or flank characteristics. Perhaps UNF defines those attributes. Just askin'