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  1. In the interested of accuracy are you tempted to log more than one landing per flight?
  2. The above mentioned Switzerland Inn (Gary Jensen) hosts several motorcycle club get togethers every summer.
  3. I suspect that most of us occasionally do more to rough up the gear touching down hard than is done rolling out on a less-than-smooth runway.
  4. <chuckle> But I do have a stocked wine cooler there.
  5. Sophia is 82. I do not suppose this pic is very old.
  6. Please read more carefully. I referred to a O2 pulse meter. Oxygen and pulse. No one cares much about pulse rate but the meter displays both. My BP cuffs also record pulse rate but that's not what I use them for. Geez.
  7. I use a finger O2 pulse meter regularly. I generally do not go to the O2 tank unless the flight is a couple of hours or more and above about 8000'. (If I flew at night I would start O2 before takeoff.) Even when not using the O2 tank I find that proper breathing can raise O2 from 90-92 to 95+. "Proper" I'd define as intentionally breathing deeper, not faster, using more of the lungs. The key is to then keep breathing right.
  8. Twin Lakes Avionics in Mocksville NC, Sparkchasers in Smithfield NC.
  9. You might want try a better headset. I replaced a DC PRO-X with the new ONE-X at KOSH last year. Really quiet even with sunglasses and O2 cannula. (I'm 74 and my hearing is getting weaker every year but the easiest listening I do is inside the ANR headset.)
  10. Jolie, I'm glad you shared that story with the broader flying community. Nice.
  11. Sideways or right side up that's a sweet looking cowl for our vintage Mooneys. David may have to quit his day job to meet demand.
  12. I like my '66 E's cowl design better than the 2 piece J cowl. The cheeks panels come off after every trip of any length. I look around with the mind set that there's something amiss and I need to inspect until I find it.
  13. Green-eyed monster.
  14. Geez, what's your beef now? I conceded my place in the line... BTW, N943RW already has Sabremech's signature in her log book. Just saying, not name-dropping.
  15. Marauder, my bad, you're right. That draggy F needs help more than my poor old E and you have my blessing to be the next guinea pig. (BTW, in the future I will communicate with David via PM so that you won't worry about what deals we are making.)
  16. Thanks David, I am perfectly happy to wait while you work out any bugs that come up. My CHTs are fine and speed is okay so I'm looking mostly for pretty - my ARI cowl mod is 20 years old and the FG is ratty.
  17. David, do you suppose that by AirVenture you'll be able to schedule some installs? Am I understanding that w/o the STC you're not going to be able to mod our cowls while we're installing your baffles and send the cowl back to us to complete installation? (My A&P is a MSC with a lot of fabrication experience.) Is there an E ahead of mine on your backlog? That would be fine either way, I'd love to hear some before/after CHTs, CAS/TAS, & maybe OilT comparisons.
  18. I resemble that remark.
  19. Ron, perhaps my experience from last year will shed light. I had a flat nose wheel tire while taxiing last year. It was late afternoon on Sunday and the plane was towed to a maintenance bull pen for the night. Monday morning David Staffeldt who comes in early every year and volunteers as an A&P, changed out the tube and I taxied a couple of miles to the Caravan section in the North Forty. I was challenged a half dozen times by ground personnel who were advised that the North 40 was full. (I had a sign with a row # on it) I assured them my space in row XXX was there. They held me until someone physically drove up there and verified with "Bucko" that the space beside his E was for me. It was clear to me that the ground ops folks were used to pilots trying to bluff their way through and that the guy waving a stop sign at you does not have the authority to let planes go without higher authorization. (Later Monday the airport was closed to new arrivals for several hours - there were no parking spaces available.) Having said all that, if you arrive shortly after the Caravan lands and if you've called me or someone else is the Caravan to learn which rows we're in you might be able to get there or close.
  20. Richard Simile is now in AZ and still selling Mooneys including new ones. Jimmy Garrison in San Antonio probably does more with older Mooneys.
  21. Perhaps it makes a difference. Tempest only lists the "38" plugs for the IO360 but they show a cooler plug for the "TO360". I don't know what they want in a IO360 with an aftermarket blower. I think I'd want to talk to Tempest or Lycoming rather than a random A&P. No offense intended to the fine A&Ps who live here.
  22. I have had excellent performance from Tempest. UREM 38S fits my IO360A1A.
  23. We arrived and parked with the Mooney Caravan in the North 40 last year. We paid the camping rate because we were in a camping area but Nancy does not do tents and sleeping on the ground so we had a room in town.
  24. I like that. And that Aspen MFD isn't doing much anyway...
  25. The Mooney Flyer on line has a listing of well qualified Mooney specific CFIIs including Mike Elliott who travels to ferry planes and do transition training out of FL and Don Kaye who is based in Northern CA. Both are active on MooneySpace.