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  1. Partitioned and Distributed Annual

    Are 100 hour inspections (prop, engine) required for planes operating under part 91?
  2. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Okay, it's your privy*, but as old Pilate said, “What I have written I have written.” John 19:22 * Maine humor(?)
  3. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Mimi, I did take advantage of the Aspen sale but I already have a CYA 100 AOA which I like a lot. Under $1000 installed. Sold through Aircraft Spruce.
  4. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Oh, Midlife Crisis Mimi does not just have any old airplane... wait 'til you see what the little lady crawls out of on the Sheltair ramp! Her much loved K is mourned no longer.
  5. Can't help with the before data, the cooler was relocated 20 years ago by a PO. But I'm not so sure I really should be worried, the oil temp pickup is in the rear, right in front of the cooler, I think(?) and would be the hottest sample point. Some oil temp pickups on in the front of the engine. Perhaps @M20Doc or @kortopates or someone who can quantify the typical delta t for different pickup taps.
  6. Yeah, my oil temps have gotten higher than I like again. They used to go over 210 in climb and were close to 200 in cruise. I checked and did about everything to little avail. Then for about a year ago the temps were perhaps 15 degrees lower for no apparent reason. I do not think the CHTs, which I deem much more important, correlate very well. Now, starting with formation flying and our trip to KOSH the oil temps are back up. go figure. I emphasize that CHTs are fine. For all the Sherlock Holmes who live here we've: checked and modified baffles and baffle seals including the baffling below the cylinders which had a broken rod at one time. (the port cylinders run 35 degrees cooler than the starboard even though the oil cooler is on that side of the engine. (David's baffling that fits the alternator and starter much better than mine might result in higher pressure air above the engine and in front of the cooler which ought to help.) the oil cooler was inspected and clean by Pacific. They confirmed that the Vernatherm at the same time the oil filter adapter which includes the seat that the vernatherm closes against was removed and the seat was machined by the engine shop/ the cowl flaps are adjusted to be 1/2" open when in the closed position. The cowl flap position does affect CHT and OT in cruise. I've quit tweaking for now since David's cowl with change everything. This flight was several practice approaches...
  7. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    100 million sounds like the entire country. Back out from the total population children and all the other folks who do not use credit or banks... are some couples a single customer? So, you might not be affected if you're a 3 year old from El Salvador, even though you are counted in the census.
  8. Oil level and pressure

    Anthony's list matches my experience, mostly limited to my one IO 360, and is in the sequence I'd look for. I have deal with all these, some more than once in 6 years: Valve cover gaskets,' oil return lines, filler tube gasket (at bottom of tube). Quick change valve seat, prop governor gasket, Oil "leaks" may come from oil breather line, spills from filter change, adding oil, r&r oil screen or other rmaintance I protect the mags and spray about everything below and behind the baffles/seals with Gunk and rinse thoroughly with a water hose, then run. It's nearly impossible to find anything on a dirty engine
  9. Matt's air filter goes inside, I guess the oil cooler goes to the rear via the LASAR STC or is that part of your field approval, @Sabremech? (Mine is already relocated.)
  10. Cruise RPM

    The Hartzell (Scimitar) Top Prop on my IO360A1A has a tach red zone from 2350-2550 for MAP > 24". Even though we cruise at altitudes high enough that WOT MAP is below 24", I normally climb at 2650-2700 and cruise at 2550, both at WOT (If above 8000' and clear of visible moisture I add RAM air). Everyone on board has an effective David Clark headset so noise is not a consideration. Subjectively, istm the engine "likes" 2550 better than 2350. On a long flight I might pull the tach back to 2350 to check the effect on miles per gallon. Will the reduced FF justify the reduced GS.
  11. Brittain autopilot

    Bernard, there's a very recent thread here praising Brittain. The owner called Tulsa, they factory diagnosed the problem, coached him on removing the unit and sending it to them. They turned it around quickly and charged him under $100. ISTM this is typical for Brittain. FAQ: WHERE CAN I GET MY BRITTAIN FIXED? Just give us a call, we can provide bench repairs for all Brittain systems. NEED TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS? STOP! Don't pay for Brittain technical documents, just send us an e-mail or give us a call. We'll send them right out at no cost to you.
  12. Money For 4

    Weekend trips should not require a lot of luggage. If the 80% or 90% of your missions are 1 or 2 people as are mine even a short body works. This was a trip to a funeral, 3+ hour flight, one overnight. The ladies had a dress for the church and an outfit for the next day. On the other hand, if you have a partner to share the higher costs, acquisition, operating, maintenance... a long body is nice.
  13. Brittian Autopilot Repair

    Not just any "aircraft equipment repair" but an autopilot! AP repairs are notoriously expensive and slow. Is that not so?
  14. Sad Mooney

    '66F serial 670047 (The first year for the F), last registered to Bert Sharp, Longview TX Registration expired. Not all Fs have the extra side windows but Fs are the only model that does.
  15. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Keven mentioned possible weak starter. Problem could also be the battery or the plugs. A new Concorde RG 35 AXC and a set of Tempest fine wire plugs might end your frustration. If you have an EDM check to be sure you're seeing at least 13.8 V when the engine is running.
  16. Step Retract Bellows M20C

    2013 sounds about right. according to my logs I replaced mine 1/4/2013 and Brittain was having no problem at that time. I received an exchange unit immediately, before I sent the bad one back. I recall that some months later another Mooney on the field needed one and Brittain had a problem replacing his.
  17. Thinking of straying from the fold

    Most of the pre J Mooneys, except for a few hundred Fs, are also 45+ years young.
  18. Thinking of straying from the fold

    I had inexpensive access to a 300hp Lance ($100 wet) back in the '80s. It was no where near as much fun to fly as my M20E but it was about the same speed and very comfortable. And of course it was roomy with club seating in the back.
  19. Thinking of straying from the fold

    ISTM that older Comanches, and Mooneys, are really great buys and worthy of upgrading. Of course all Comanches are now "older".
  20. Thinking of straying from the fold

    I guess that was even after the tail was beefed up?
  21. Thinking of straying from the fold

    If you don't like that because you're short you are too near the panel and the yoke you won't find any improvement in a longer Mooney. That dimension does not change much if at all. FWIW, I'm short, and "husky", and I agree that there's little room for anything mounted on the yoke. OTOH, I don't want or need anything on the yoke except the clock. That what the panel is for. I favor flying an airplane to operating a computer
  22. Withdrawals...

    I am not responsible for what DOM read into a reference to the difference in dimensions of another guy's Mooney.
  23. Withdrawals...

    She ain't going to get excited about 5".
  24. Another annual survived

    Ditto. "The whole Hartzell kit" is the Scimitar with prop, bulkhead, spinner.