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  1. flying characteristics between a 201 vs the m20E

    The E is "shorter coupled" which might make it less stable in the pitch axis but I doubt that there's a lot of difference. When @Danb dropped me off at MRN on our way home from Sun 'n Fun his longer, heavier Bravo bounced us around a little in what was reported as a 3 knot breeze.
  2. fuel sending units.

    Jerry, if your customer wants to do it right the CiES is the way to go. I think senders are about $350 ea. They can be analog or digital. JPI gets another $350(?) to convert their EDM to digital input which includes a new cable.

    Ain't we all? Well, not me, I'm busy spending my children's inheritance.

    For one thing it's Busch. If "drinking his Kool-Aid" refers to using Savvy Aviation expertise and being grateful for @kortopatescontributions to this space then there are a great many Kool-Aid drinkers here, including me.
  5. Southwest Uncontained Engine Failure

    I understand the need to transfer communication from center to approach to tower but that did add to her workload as she pointed out at one point. Surely there's protocol to minimize freq changes in an emergency...? She had a copilot and apparently her spare engine had adequate power, even with a lot of fuel and a full plane to allow a reasonably normal landing - I think she must have requested a long final to avoid any steep turns?
  6. How much did Mooneys cost new by year/model?

    My first '66E left the factory at about $18,000. I bought it in '77 for about $18,000. And I sold it in '88 for about $18,000. I have a little more than that in my current '66E. While the airframe changes have been pretty modest, the panel is many times more valuable. In the eighties I recall paying $10,000, including R&R, for a factory new IO-360-A1A (Norm Bender). That engine would be over $60,000 today. I doubt that there have been any significant improvements in that old design to justify the increase. I think the recommended TBO did move from 1400 or 1600 to 2000.
  7. First time cutting my oil filter. Take a look.

    I cut the filter at every oil change and have Nathan r & r the screen at about every other oil change. Always happy to find nothing. (Nathan safety wires screens almost every day and makes it look easy.)
  8. Ovation down north of San Antonio

    It seems unlikely to me that the engine was stopped before hitting the curb. I wonder if that stout street curb stopped the engine dead when the first blade hit it?
  9. Exhaust spring question

    Auto Zone doesn't carry a tuned exhaust... well maybe for a Chevy big block...
  10. TAX DAY-$$$

    Ditto. I do not lend to the government. Their interest rate is zero. We will drop the checks off at the post office before it closes.
  11. Exhaust spring question

    To be precise, we spend $$$$$. Except Don Kaye who spends $$$$$$.$$. But I think you know you're a hypocrite to point out Hank's silliness.
  12. Exhaust spring question

    Actually $8 or less. So free costs more unless your A&P spent less than 5 minutes making it. I judge that the store bought hanger is tougher, purpose designed, with holes punched... Mine is several years old and going strong.
  13. Exhaust spring question

    The auto parts retailers sell muffler hangers for about $10.
  14. Sun n Fun 2018

    Mike, can you make it to the MAG clinic: 2018 MAG Formation Clinic – Danville, VA (KDAN) – June 22-24, 2018
  15. Sun N Fun Learnings

    Oscar, they intend to have the same display at AirVenture.
  16. Sun n Fun 2018

    KP, Nancy has already reserved a room in the University dorms. I guess I'll room with her.
  17. Sun n Fun 2018

    I might add that for non campers KOSH has it over KLAL as to rooms and ground transportation.
  18. Sun n Fun 2018

    My lunch in the main food cafeteria was $20 with a bottle of water ($3). Food was mediocre. To make it worse, we then discovered that Mooney International had (free) pizza and drinks and plenty of seating. (The Mooney set up was first class and they'll have the same display at AirVenture.)
  19. Sun n Fun 2018

    DanB and Jerry Hinshaw (MS handle?).
  20. Sun n Fun 2018

    I expect Dan and I will stop by Mooney International in the morning. Someone want to pick a time? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  21. 1975 TN M20F EXECUTIVE

    I suppose that that summary reflects "stock" versions of the 4 models. The Lopresti clean up of the M20 airframe and induction system gave the J its improved performance. Of course there are probably more vintage Mooneys in the fleet that have been modified with "201" features than there are stock Cs, Es, and Fs. I suppose the typical, modified M20E is not 20 knots slower than a J. In fact, given the difference in gross and empty weight alone, an E might be faster than many Js. (Es have a gross of 2575 vs. early Fs and early Js at 2740 and the later Js of 2900.)
  22. Sun n Fun 2018

    DanB and I will be on the grounds Thursday. Catch us if you can.
  23. When do engines fail on takeoff?

    Yeah, reduce to 25 square was the accepted wisdom in 1969 when I started flying a Mooney. And I know that many older pilots, including a friend who's a CFII, ATP, long time Mooney owner, still pull back the throttle and then the prop shortly after raising gear. But SOPs change. We also leaned to 25 ROP for cruise, and never, ever let the MP/RPM be over square.
  24. but we'll still need Garmin Pilot to get DB updates to the GTNs through the FS510, right?

    $1427.35 Triad Aviation. We did not mess with the spider or injectors.