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  1. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    I'm pretty sure that one was at Clarkson, the other at SUNY. Farid died a few year ago, Sylvia is retired. I saw her last at our grandson's memorial service last Spring.
  2. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    No, we came close one time driving home through the lakes region but we knew they were out of time at the time. My grandsons have an interesting DNA mix. Farid came here from Pakistan for grad school where he met and married Sylvia who was here for grad school as well - from Korea. Nancy's DNA is half Swedish. Only in America.
  3. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Eric, @aviatoreb, did you perhaps know Farid and Sylvia Haq? They were librarians in two of your colleges there. (My daughter was married to their son, Arif.) I think they lived in Canton.
  4. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    I notice you do not mention the cost of snow removal or your thermal LL Bean's budget.
  5. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    I like the new Mooney tag: "Pilot Perfect".
  6. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Summit is 9/27-30 (KECP) and MAPA Reunion is 10/11-14 this year (KERV). FWIW, we hope to ride a freshly painted, GDS Aero LLC (@Sabremech) cowled, Super 21 to both events. The 64 gallon Griggs/O&N bladders should make the ERV trip a one stop instead of 2 trip.
  7. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Yes. And the CiES were an easy swap out which I did while adding the bladder 64 gallon capacity. I've flown only one hour long test flight after that work before pulling the cowl to ship to @Sabremech. Hopefully in a week or so I'll be making pireps on all my new toys.
  8. Looking to purchase a Mooney M20J

    I'd rather remove the side cheeks and top cowl on my '66E than strip a J down for an oil change. Almost all camlocs. After 6+ years of ownership I can't imagine that my E is more expensive to maintain than a J. Manual gear, hydraulic flaps, one piece belly... and the older Fs would be similar. I finish the annual today (except for installing @Sabremech's new cowl)... several days of my time and maybe 4 hours of my IA's time. The required ELT battery will be about half the out of pocket cost. The key is to fix stuff when it needs it.
  9. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    My E runs hotter than your late F. I suppose that's because of your extra exit air capacity. Based on Bob Kromer's data I have extended the range of the cowl flaps which should accomplish the same thing. Of course it also increases drag... Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  10. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Well, David has a new filter for mine anyhow. I'll have the Challenger available if someone is interested in buying but I'll wait until we have the cowl back @ MRN.
  11. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    I bought the Challenger (PC1176) from PowerFlow when I bought their Exhaust. It was a direct swap out for the Brackett I had before that.
  12. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    I think Challenger and K&N are the same?
  13. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Matt, looking great, is that a challenger air filter? David sent me pics of my cowl which look great. (@Guitarmaster)
  14. MAPA Pilot Proficiency Program

    That's great Dan, we'll look forward to seeing you. New England in the fall... another reason to own a Mooney!
  15. MAPA Pilot Proficiency Program

    I intend to do the Manchester NH PPP September 7-9.
  16. Took my 90 year old grandmother up today!

    Nancy's 93 year old mother passed away 6 months ago. She would never fly in a Mooney... or a Boeing. But, as we'd reminded her would happen some day, we flew her urn back to MA for interment beside George. Her children, grands, and great grands were amused.
  17. Bladder conversion

    6 of my O&N bladder cells are only 21 years old. The 2 add on cells (now 64 gallon usable) were installed in December. Headed to paint shop next month but Lynn Mace could have cut the new access panels and painted to match good as new. Never a leak or other issue.
  18. 2018 Caravan Registration

    Lee's going to contact you. It's not MAG, not even Caravan apparently.
  19. 2018 Caravan Registration

    Sox says that's not a Caravan or MAG sponsored event. Who is it? FFI?
  20. 2018 Caravan Registration

    KP, Goat will be updating that notice. He has had to move the site from LYH to DAN, hotel unavailability. Same weekend.
  21. Pilot maintenance signoff.

    Just about everything is defined. There's some possibility that lawyers are involved in regs.
  22. Pilot maintenance signoff.

    Paul, I think the crux of his question was whether an aircraft owner who does not have a PPL can sign off on work that is permitted to be signed off by pilots.
  23. Pilot maintenance signoff.

    I'm pretty sure that a private pilot's licence is required if the aircraft is certified but I'll be interested in better informed answers.