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  1. When I first had the issue I stopped immediately and had some mechanics look at it. They suspected a fuel leak and checked everything they could without being too invasive on the fuel system. (Pressure checked the lines, checked the tanks for contaminants, dropped the belly and checked the screen and gascolator) couldn’t find a thing and they basically told me “good luck” I’m going to make a point of having the fuel system thoroughly checked at annual (annual is at the end of the month)
  2. Are those known to help significantly? Trust me I’ve read that thread many times whilst sitting in the plane trying to fire it up almost killing both batteries.
  3. for what its worth i've taken my bravo into a few grass strips in ND and MN, its doable but I highly highly recommend ensuring the condition of the field and the length of the grass before giving it a shot.
  4. I had my mechanic take a look and they think y'all are correct about the fuel servo, Most of the time when I experience this its in level cruse flight after having been trimmed out for awhile. However I believe what youre describing is something I hav e experienced before, they are prone to these types of issues Level cruise flight is the only time I notice it, it seems to be well into the cruise never right after leaning. I run 20 degrees rich of peak typically. ( I try to keep the TIT's below 1600 and the CHTs below 400 at all times!) I noticed this in the la
  5. hey everyone, sorry fir the issue with the video. Here is a re-upload of it! this is one of the more mild times it happened however it comes unannounced and its hard to catch. I had to sit there with my phone ready for this for about 7 minutes to catch this one! IMG_1277.m4v
  6. Im showing 93.2 in the last 90 days in my Bravo. Fun Fact too, I just found out my bravo is the last serial number bravo in the world as well.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys! This may or may not be related but over the last few months hot starts have become almost literally impossible. I happened to stop at my mechanics airport this morning so I’m going to see what they can find.
  8. Hey there everyone! I’m having a weird issue with my bravo. I’m having EGT fluctuations that happen in all cylinders at the same time. They first cool down 20-50 degrees then back up 60-70 and back to where they were when I leaned the engine out. This is in level cruse flight without any adjustments to the prop, mixture or throttle. My suspicion is the engine driven fuel pump. The only other correlated indication I’ve noticed is the fuel PSI gauge which will flicker from it’s normal cruise level of 40psi to 36 or so for just a second. Shortly thereafter the EGTs start their
  9. Hi yall! Its been awhile since I've been on so I figured id show my LED Upgrades. (Whelen Prometheus and Teledyne Alphabeams in the wing, Orion 650E in the wingtips and tail, Whelen 71080 on the belly) and Wig Waging the Recog lights because there is no STC for anything LED. IMG_0111.mov
  10. Update: Autopilot ended up being the Circuit board in the autopilot itself. Its out at STEC right now. Speed brakes have since stopped functioning to a large degree. 9/10 times they refuse to deploy and when they do they're still slamming into the wings. Precise flight want me to send them the logic box for them to inspect. Im not sending them the brakes themselves because they were sent down there about 2 months ago for the same issue I was told they were cleaned and the Clutches were replace. New problem!!!! Because the more the merrier! - I found that my stati
  11. they were sent to precise flight about 15-20 hours ago and theres about 700 hours on the airframe. and its a 2006. Thanks everyone for the replies I'm about to head out to the airport now to go fuse searching!
  12. Ive had several persistent maintaince issues that seem to be reoccurring and I was hoping that someone could shed some light on these issues. 1. Autopilot. So I know theres been many posts about what a horrid combination the G1000 and the Stec 55 is and Im learning this. Long story short whenever ANY pitch mode is activated the autopilot runs away. Typically up but sometimes down. So After a few trips to the shop my avionics tech has asked me to disconnect the Altitude Transducer from the Autopilot to see if that remedies the issue. I spent the better part of this afternoon trying to get
  13. Has anyone heard anything Since the last posting on this thread? It caught my eye by chance and has now scared me about the possibilities/Price of upgrading as I'm one of those 20 STEC G1000 bravos and Id like to have WAAS as I'm finding a disproportionate number of ILS's vs ILS permanently out of service Notams. The other thing that worries me about the more recent posts Is who Samurai Husky talked to. If its the person I think it is, I wouldn't trust what he's said. He tried selling me an Mooney that ended up being pretty grossly misrepresented I have 0 Trust for anything said by th
  14. The guy insisted I use his head set Ive since done a good amount of aerobatics and haven't had many problems!
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