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  1. 8S2 Cashmere Dryden 1,800x50’ has a decent slope, land west, leave east. M20TN It will never happen again.
  2. I’m sure if it had the wastegate and the intercooler he’d be bragging about those mods. I have flown a GB 231 and I’ll say this, what a piece of crap, it’s either hot or cold, it was never happy. Then it blew up on my buddy with his family on board over Ely, NV in December. He got it on the ground thankful. He hung a factory reman LB with the intercooler and wow what a difference. Thing is a nice machine now. Aircraft brokers are one step above realtors. Usually didn’t drive a city bus in a previous career.
  3. You’ll be fine, one thing I noticed with my E model that you’d start to round out for the flare and the horn would come on way earlier, like someone else said, add some speed. The Acclaim, has a weak useful load, but flys faster with a heavy tail.
  4. A M20J is bulletproof, good for rentals and training.
  5. M20K 252, but get some turbo training and enjoy.
  6. You are absolutely correct. I consider myself a fairly handy guy, but have no formal aviation maintenance training, I usually look for obvious things. I will be adding a turbo wiggle to my checklist when the cowl is removed.
  7. I am very fortunate to have access to a good shop. My TIT runs in the 1550 ballpark in cruise. I usually do 4-6 hour legs with stock fuel tanks. Also never has any abnormal oil consumption.
  8. I have a CO2 monitor, it has never given an elevated reading.
  9. Yes I am very fortunate and thankful it was discovered. My normal flight could take me 20-30 mins to get it on the ground if it came apart or started a fire. It just reminds me the kind of trust we put in our mechanics and our equipment. Liability assumed by these shops is staggering. Workmanship is life or death.
  10. I have noticed the discolor, It has been discolored since I have owned it, 3 years 310 hours. I figured it was due to the extremely temperature it takes.
  11. That would have been yours truly. I have found broken egt probe clamps, I never thought to wiggle the turbos. I will be adding that.
  12. Hello Mooney folks I just got this attached video from my MSC. The plane had no symptoms of any loss of power. I was told 1000 hours is normal life, I have 1340. I fly LOP most of the time 2200/27.5-28.5ins. Was told $3k each is worst case scenario. i regularly change oil with Aeroshell 15-50 every 25-35 hours and have never done a turbo cool down. I found it just heats up everything. Any Acclaim folks have Turbo experiences to share? IMG_3884.mov
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