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  1. Mooneymuscle56m

    1966 Mooney M20E located in the Pacific Northwest

    Yes you gotta like green. Should be an easy strip, I’d rate the paint at 4 out of 10.
  2. 1966 Mooney M20EI have loved this plane the last 9 years. This plane has taken me to Oshkosh many times. Great short field when kept light. $34.5 obo N9356MSerial #12884125 TT1021 SMOHCompression 76,77,70,731636 SPOHManual gear/ hydraulic flapsPC wing leveler and Britton autopilot rebuilt and works 2010.Kx155 with glide slopeKx170 intermittentAt-50 narco mode c King ADFGarmin 496 in air gizmo Airtex leather interior with new plastic a few years ago. No hail, no corrosion, no damage history known. Full Logs in current annual through 8-19. Can deliver anywhere for expenses.
  3. Mooneymuscle56m

    mooney mechanic in phoenix arizona

    I have nothing but great things to say about the folks at Glendale Aero. The goodyear fbo is not GA friendly. Bad experience.
  4. I replyed Tues July 10th, I will be attending the Monday dinner.

    Andrew Patry

  5. Mooneymuscle56m

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    I looked into it about a year ago, $23k for WAAS, $8k for 345R. Rumor is the NXI is the next upgrade for roughly $60k. For now I’m living with my non waas non adsb G1000... usually time makes technology better and cheaper, not always true in aviation.
  6. Mooneymuscle56m

    "SabreCowl" Update

    Another thing to consider on the larger opening in the acclaim. The acclaim has nothing attached to the cowl. The two intercoolers along side of cylinders, huge oil cooler, Intake is behind the spinner, no cowl flaps. Mechanics I’ve spoken with prefer to work on an acclaim, I guess the bravo has a lot attached to the cowling.
  7. Mooneymuscle56m

    Oshkosh 2018 MooneySpace Social, July 23rd

    I’m planning on Saturday evening. Real Name: Andrew Patry I may have two guests, not yet confirmed.
  8. Mooneymuscle56m

    Gear Door Crack

    I was in a speedy decent and I don’t think it was completely closed. My best guess was it built a little pressure in the gear well and the door fluttered until the hinge gave way. From the corrosion/rust at the break, I’d say it had fatigued over a few years.
  9. Mooneymuscle56m

    Gear Door Crack

    You are lucky, Mooney just soaked me $1900 for the outer on an acclaim. Hinge broke, peeled back, made a mess.
  10. Mooneymuscle56m

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    A friend of mine installed a factory remanufactured LB on his M20K. After 50 hours the engine it would only run on the low boost. Thankfully under warranty. Everyone assumed it was the mechanical fuel pump, replaced with no change in operation. Then the troubleshooting got deeper. Turned out to be the fuel diverter. Continental stood behind their product and picked up the tab.
  11. Mooneymuscle56m

    Lunch in McMinnville Oregon KMMV anyone?

    Those Troutdale guys are fantastic.
  12. Mooneymuscle56m

    Acclaim Tempest Fine Wires

    I should have clarified, idle only stumbles when cold below 1200. When it warms up it’s fine. Thank you all for the feedback.
  13. Mooneymuscle56m

    Acclaim Tempest Fine Wires

    Hello Mooney Fanatics I’m trying to find some feedback on the Tempest Fine Wires URHB32S. I have a champion massives currently and the aircraft stumbles LOP and doesn’t care to idle well until the tach reads 1200-1300. Few questions: Did it save fuel? Was the mag drop spread more narrow? Did it idle smoother? Was it worth the money?
  14. Mooneymuscle56m

    There is something you don't see everyday

    This was the ebay plane. It was in California. It was nice.
  15. Mooneymuscle56m


    You may have already found reasonable insurance. I was in a similiar scenario last June. I bought an non- waas Acclaim, I insured it for $360k with a $500 deductible for $2600 a year with Falcon. Falcon was very straight forward and great to deal with, but they didn’t start at $2600. I had to show similar time in type, thankfully I have some 231 and some Rocket time. The Rocket is extremely nose heavy and I was able to get falcon to accept the rocket as like type. An Acclaim is so much easier to fly than a rocket. My Rocket buddy always flys with 60 lbs in back. If you haven’t made an Acclaim purchase yet, I strongly reccomend the Acclaim even if they screw you on insurance for a bit. Richard Simile is in Chandler, AZ and is available for instruction and strongly encourage a few hours with him.