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  1. I spoke with someone at the factory way back around 2000, explaining my spinner was about 3/8" lower than the cowl (on the ground). It was explained to me the engine naturally sagged on the mounts when stopped on the ground, but when airborne under power the engine rises and aligns the spinner and cowl.
  2. It's the same hardware card, and the database update can be selected for the region as required.
  3. My backup key system was a spare ignition key hidden in the cabin, a spare door key in my wallet, and a second door key zip tied in the main wheel bay.
  4. In Australia to use the propeller knowing it was somebody else's property would be dishonest dealing or misappropriation. Banks have sent people to jail (gaol) for using funds from ATM's that were paid out in error.
  5. I've sold my E model (2000) and 2 Ovations (2008, 2018) privately, and reckon you should always set the price with a little room to move. Some buyers instinctively want to negotiate, while others will see the true value is there and pay full price. Always keep in mind, you can lower the asking price, but you can never increase it.
  6. Since 2000 I've owned 2 Ovations and previously a M20E, and I always understood the (L) tyre (tire) would wear both more and unevenly because of the torque loading during takeoff. They were always rotated during the annual inspection and seemed to last forever. I never quite understood just how much torque was involved untill I aborted a takeoff at 50 kts, and the immediate effect of the torque removal while the rudder trim was set hard right caught me off guard and was really scary.
  7. There's only one M22 Mustang here in Australia - VH YVE. Still flying as recently as May 2018.
  8. A very sobering story to remind pilots that the fuel you pumped in the day before might not be there next morning. The pilot of the Lancair had built the aircraft as an owner-builder. He and his passenger had intended to fly from Perth, Western Australia to an airshow at Mangalore, Victoria. On the day prior to the accident, the aircraft arrived early in the afternoon at Aldinga, South Australia, where it was refuelled in preparation for the next leg of the flight. The pilot and passenger then stayed overnight with a friend. The following morning, the aircraft departed for Murray Bridge,
  9. Let me relate my experience with owners remorse - in 2006 I placed 50K in escrow on a 2005 Ovation GX2 located in Kenosha with 46 hrs TTIS. Mark Woods (now with Delta) was selling it on behalf of the owner, with a contract subject only to satisfactory pre-purchase inspection. I then flew to the USA from Australia to inspect the aircraft and be present for the PPI. All went OK except for very obvious wet wing leaks (29-0363 images folder) for which it was agreed the aircraft would be returned to Kerville for repair. It was then arranged for my to fly to Kerville with a Mooney factory pilot
  10. Image was captured in 2006.
  11. Here's the failed Shear Coupling from the Standby Alternator of 29-0363. The reason it stopped working was a very minor oil leak past the accessory case seal to the insides of the Alternator which added rotational resistance. The oil leak was first flagged during an inspection about 2 weeks earlier, but so slight it didn't drip onto the floor or inside the cowling. This item had 900 hours service and looks identical to a vacuum pump coupling, except I'd never seen one with the steel spool on which the coupling is moulded. The genuine replacement part from B&C is no longer construct
  12. Yesterday I tested the Standby Alternator in my Ovation 2 29-0363 (905 hours TTIS) all according to the published procedure, and it failed. To track down the fault the top cowl was removed, the prop rotated by hand, and we found the alternator was not rotating, so the problem seems to be the shear coupling. Have any other readers experienced the shear coupling failure, and at what TTIS? Was the alternator replaced or overhauled with the shear key replacement? It seems that the alternator is essential for TKS equipped Ovations, but not essential for non TKS. I'm not overly confiden
  13. Back in 2009 I went to the Indian Airforce Museum at Palam just outside of New Delhi, where they had an extensive collection of civil and military aircraft - some of which I'd never seen or heard of before. What made me smile was the remains of a Pakistani Sabre (I think that's what it was) that had been shot down when the two countries went to war in 1965 - some 45 years earlier. It seems they keep the wreckage as a trophy in a prominent location at the entrance, regularly repainted in silver frost, and stencilled with the Pakistan Airforce symbols to particularly remind visitors who
  14. There's a 2005 GX2 for sale here: https://www.liquidassets.net.au/for-immediate-sale-2005-mooney-m20r-ovation-gx2-freedom-edition/ Getting it to the USA will be the adventure of a lifetime.
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