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Found 16 results

  1. Hi. Need an advice. Trying to fix a problem. My EGT shows only last 75 F from the Peek. The Engine is fresh after TBO. The same numbers were before engine overhaul. Suppose the Probe has not been replaced. Any suggestions? thanks, lg,m
  2. What kind of CHT, EGT's and Cruise speeds do yall get up at elevation? What RPM setting do you use? Mooney Zoom's with a tail wind and LOP - 8.6GPH SAD HEADWIND ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hey there everyone! I’m having a weird issue with my bravo. I’m having EGT fluctuations that happen in all cylinders at the same time. They first cool down 20-50 degrees then back up 60-70 and back to where they were when I leaned the engine out. This is in level cruse flight without any adjustments to the prop, mixture or throttle. My suspicion is the engine driven fuel pump. The only other correlated indication I’ve noticed is the fuel PSI gauge which will flicker from it’s normal cruise level of 40psi to 36 or so for just a second. Shortly thereafter the EGTs start their
  4. Question on how best to troubleshoot: About 4 hours out of my last annual, on a cross-country, the Moritz EGT gage started to fluctuate wildly (was running LOP at the time), and then eventually settled at the bottom (around 500F as I recall). The EDM was stable and the Engine ran just fine. When I start the plane up when it's cold, the EGT starts showing the increase in EGT, but now stops at the low end/display at/around 500F.I It hasn't been essential for operations since I have an EDM700 that displays everything I need to know. Still, of course I want to fix that. My mechanic told
  5. Hi all, I am a proud new owner of a 1980 M20K 231. A bit more than I need, but I hope to grow into it. I have been reading this forum as a guest for a while and have just signed up to hopefully get some answers from some experienced and willing people. Keep in mind, I am very green. This is my first airplane and although I started flying over 10 years ago I have only been licensed for a couple years. So still learning lots, and trying to read as much as I can. Just a quick run through: I have the TSIO-LB360. It is at about 1000 hours SMOH and was taken apart in 2013 due to a pro
  6. Hi ... And happy Thanksgiving to everyone! For those who have seen some of my posts you know I am a big fan of engine data and watching for things the might be a potential future issue. Below is a trace from a flight on an M20J using an JPI EDM830 and uploaded to Savvy’s site. The flight is about an hour long and as you can see the engine was set up in cruise and left that way; steady RPM, MAP and FF and normal CHTs. Notice the oddity on the EGT for Cyl#2 - this pattern has been seen off and on during other flights - however on some flights, #2 is steady and grouped well with the oth
  7. Based on the related thread in "Modern Mooneys," I've been considering this topic but didn't want to muck up commentary on someone's big bore Continental with balanced injectors by blabbing on about my trusty but primitive carb'd Lycoming O-360. Specifically I've been musing about my EGTs and leaning technique in climbs to high DA,, or takeoffs from high DA. Though I've never actually done the latter, I might make it to Leadville one day. Because leaning to "target EGT" at WOT seems precarious to me, I decided to figure out as accurately as possible what that target value is. I looke
  8. Factory EGT gauge on 97J stopped working on last flight. I checked probe and found it completely gone (burned) inside exhaust pipe. IPC shows part # 880005-503. My search shows Alcor #86310 is current part no. Cheapest I can find is at AS for $395. Is there any other option to replace this probe?
  9. I am looking for response from anyone flying a turbo or turbo-normalized aircraft. Most of the engines have a max manifold pressure based on continuous ROP max power settings. Have any of you experimented with trying to attain high horsepower numbers on the lean side of peak? I am assuming that running 80-90% HP while LOP may in some cases require MP in excess if not over redline. I know of more than a few TAT modded Bonanzas that are regularly operated at 85-90% power with excellent CHT numbers, however it does require enough MP to get to 70 to 100LOP. I would ask that those of you that use
  10. Guys! Need your help again with some issues on my 1989 M20J MSE. Few months ago I had a major electrical failure (you can read here), and now, after lots of avionics repair, we're getting things as they were before, little by little. But still got some annoying troubles: - We had our R1 Eletronics International Tach replaced by a new one, but now we have approx. 30-60 RPM error, for example, at T/O, full power, full high RPM, the tach displays 2730-2740, and once the plane starts rolling, it may rise to 2760. We have no reasons to believe that the prop its really at more than 2700 sinc
  11. Hi Folks. For those who have a G1000 system in their Mooney, a question about variance between EGT readings. I've been experimenting with different power settings, which is making me focus on the EGT/CHT gauges to see how my engine reacts. Today I noticed an interesting thing: the EGT gauge in the standard Map mode (the small sliders on the left) which shows and denotes the hottest cylinder is reading out exactly 100° hotter than the same cylinder shows when you put it on the Engine page. This is only true for the EGT reading...the CHT reading shows the same in both modes. Anybody eve
  12. I have been analyzing the data from my newly installed JPI 730 and noticed that towards the end of a flight from PDK to ORL the EGTs on cylinder 2 have begun to look like a sawblade. It can jump or drop 100dF in a matter of seconds. I'm afraid this means that I have a sticking exhaust valve. Does anyone else have any suggestions to why it is doing this? This did not appear until last week. Here is a link for a shorter flight that where it is doing the same so you can see what I'm talking about: https://www.savvyanalysis.com/flight/487165/3ee05526-c621-4950-b2ec-e39ee45c4002 and
  13. I have read a lot of post on the forums that mention swapping fuel injectors to help with EGT and GAMI spreads. I have not seen an overview of the process from ground zero. As I have read some of the threads it seems as simple as swapping the high EGT injector with the low EGT injector. As I read more it seems like there are contributing factors to EGT discrepencies such as induction leaks, probe placement, spark plugs and fine wire spark plug cables. I asking this because my plane is going in for its annual and would like idea of what questions to ask before having them swap injectors or i
  14. My "J" is ready for its first annual since I bought it one year ago. My new mechanic refuses to sign it off because the original EGT has been replaced with a EI analyzer which he says is not a "primary" part. He wants me to replace it with the old original part. He also has an issue with the nav lights because the nav lights were replaced with LED lights and don't have a Form 337. So I am wondering why the last eight mechanics didn't have a problem with it? Also, the "J" I owned before this one had the same 4 cylinder EGT/CHT guage and that passed as well. I've seen the same gauge
  15. Hello Forum, I just bought my first Mooney (a '68 M20F with J windshield, cowl closure, and other mods). What a great plane. But on the 15 hour flight back home, I noticed EGT readings I didn't understand. I was wondering if anyone on the forum had any thoughts on the issue. The plane has an Insight GEM 602 for EGT and CHT on all cylinders, plus an analog EGT meter in the panel. After engine start, EGT's and CHT's come up evenly across all four cylinders, and come up further during the runup. In climb running full rich, they remain fairly even across the board, and CHTs remain aro
  16. I've been messing around with running LOP and like the results as far as GPH (8.5 at 7-8k) and CHT temps ( -30 degrees) go. My question is regarding my EGT's. While running 100 degrees ROP the highest and lowest are on average only 10 degrees apart. LOP they are 80-90 degrees apart and overall about 75-100 degrees hotter with the hottest being in the mid to high 1400's. Is this consistent with running LOP vs ROP? Engine runs smooth, although it did feel a little weird pull back so much the first few times.
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