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  1. Tom, According to the 190-00907-00, G1000 System Maintenance Manual, Page 5-109 you can see what values of airspeed parameters are specified for your aircraft: - GLIDE - Vfe - Vne - Vr - Vs1 - Vx - Vy Screenshot from MM is attached as example of this page (Cessna T206H aircraft configuration is shown). In Config Mode on PFD, use the large FMS knob to navigate to the GDU page group, use the small FMS knob to navigate to Airframe Configuration Page. MM says "The data on this page is protected and cannot be changed."
  2. Please see attached GTN Xi Series TSO Installation Manual, 190-02327-02 Please note: it is not current rev. GrmnGTN750Xi_tso_190-02327-02_04.pdf GrmnGTN750Xi_tso_190-02327-02_04.pdf
  3. Are there any red X in System Status Page? What error messages do you have? I recommend to use both G1000 Maintenance Manual for Mooney, doc # 190-00638-01 and the one for STANDARD PISTON/TURBOPROP AIRCRAFT, doc # 190-00907-00, which are available for downloading from Garmin official website. See GIA 63 and GMA 1347 Troubleshooting sections. From my experience, first of all clean GIA 63 #1, GMA 1347 D-Sub and coax cable BNC connectors by LPS MICRO-X CONTACT CLEANER or analog, and test COM 1 once again. Please note that COM antenna MUST always be connected to GIA 63 LRU. Transmitting without an antenna can damage VHF COM transmission path of GIA 63.
  4. Hector, Do pos 3 and 4 come with FAA FORM 8130-3?
  5. Mooneyspace test ok! Pronounced like G1000 system’s the famous message: "TAWS System Test OK"
  6. Neilpilot, is your Skybound G2 is still available? if yes, please send me PM Regards, AVDB
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