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  1. They have that airplane already. They call it an f-15.
  2. I had the same thing happen on an approach in IMC, barely able to hold the yoke back until I flipped off the electric trim Replaced all trim servos and it did it again and replaced the garmin board. 10k later finally got the problem fixed. It was not the servos
  3. I would love to hear what you find out about the upgrade cost. I have been told by numerous folks that autopilot upgrade is mandatory, then the WAAS upgrade with the VNAV capability (otherwise why do it) and the cost is around 70k. There will also be costs with updating the G1000 software to get Safetaxi and the airway capability in flight planning.
  4. Ovation 2 with the 310 STC. WOT and max RPM to 1500 ft then usually reduce rpm to 2400 to keep the CHT's under 400, at 5 k then I lean to the white line on the EGT. I run 15 degrees ROP up to 8500 then I run LOP 25 degrees lean. I also have GAMI injectors but I don't think there should be any difference. Cylinders made it to 1500 hours before replacement.
  5. Your original post said you were flying West for 900 miles regularly. Two to three times a year I fly from Southern California to CT/MA by way of Nashville. 2/3 of the time there are bad headwinds coming west and I fly down on te deck just above the minimum section altitudes to avoid antennas and such. Going east I climb to a minimum of 13.5-17.5 (a couple of times I have had to stay at 9.5 because of bad wind). Normally aspirated 310 hp, never have had a problem over the Rockies or the Sierras. Take your time and climb high. But if you are flying at night, or in IMC regularly, get the engin
  6. A few years ago I did spec out a new Acclaim with all the options, AC, extended fuel, Fiki TKS, Oxygen, airbag belts, and the result was a negative Payload with full fuel of -30 lbs. so if you filled it up you would have to have the tanks drained. But, if like myself 90% of your flights are solo it is a great airplane.
  7. Well, I am not sure what the point is. But if You install the tip tanks on the new G36 and fill it up you have a payload of 714 lbs. And if the pilot weighs 200lbs then with 3 passengers there is no luggage, no golf clubs, no heavy coats. Still not a useful 4 person airplane. To get the speed up you need to add the turbo, which further cuts down the payload and increases the cost of the aircraft by $60,000. Then you would probably add speed brakes. So there s an upgraded Mooney that will do what you want and it is a TBM 850. Just a few dollars more.
  8. By the way, you will love that new Ovation. I have flown all over the country, coast to coast more than 6 times and the coupled WAAS Approach would be nice but in no way is even an issue. Just go fly.
  9. Really a disappointing issue. About a 70k upgrade. The only good news is that it is unlikely the ADS-b requirement will be enforced by 2020 based on the latest congressional testimony. There will never be a justified return on investment for recreational GA. And the usefulness of the technology is questionable particularly in high traffic areas where the ADS-b is useless because there are too many alarms due to the number of planes in the air. In uncongested areas it works great-except there aren't any other airplanes to worry about. But at least we will all be looking inside the cockpit at
  10. Well that is a little unfair since the Bonanza only has 74 gallons of fuel and only goes max 175kts. With 74 gallons the Acclaim has 550 Lb payload and goes max 242 kts. I hope the pilot and her husband can meet that weight limit. It is all about the speed.
  11. The low hanging fruit in cost reduction has already been picked. You want to sell more Mooney's-improve the product while you control costs. Sell a 200kt cruise Ovation and a 250kt Acclaim. Continue to improve the interiors and the look of the panel, dress them in a great paint job and let those birds loose.
  12. New Cessna 172 is $364,000. Reducing production costs is difficult. Reducing regulation on already certified aircraft and parts=no benefit. Reducing product liability insurance? Lance Wilson estimated these costs at 75 k per unit including all turbo props and small jets so for Mooney the number is much smaller. Eliminating all insurance cost and you turn a $650,000 ovation into maybe a $600,000 Ovation. I can't remember how long the waiting list was for the 2008 Ovations, or for that matter a new Cessna 400, or a new Bonanza or Cirrus. There is very little demand which is why so few airplan
  13. Turbos, pressurized, turboprop or jet engine-even better. It is ALL about the money.
  14. Yes I fly with a Dahon Pu folding bike. I take out one of the back seats and strap it down with the seat belt. No problems-they do have to go in through the front door. When my wife comes along we take 2 Dahons (a bike with fenders is a good idea) we take out both back seats. The bikes weigh about 23 lbs each. They have 20" wheels and ride great. Bike Fridays, Bromptons, birdy bikes are all worth looking at. And when we get where we are going we put them in the trunk of the rental car. Have fun. Go do it and while you are at it get an inflatable paddleboard.
  15. Has anyone had any starter adaptor issues with the Camguard? Mine started slipping (i don't know if that is the correct word) about 50 hours after I started using Camguard. Probably coincidence.
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