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  1. Just wait till you get yourself the 310hp STC
  2. Robert C.

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    There are many threads that include the information, including in the avionics sub forum. Most of us who have gone through it paid about $31,000 for WAAS+ADSB (GTX345R). Well worth it in my book re: comment on the UAT option (i.e. ADSB only and not WAAS) be advised that in Canada and Mexico (and I assume non US Caribean) you will need 1090ES solutions. UAS is not accepted (when ADSB is fully implemented). Possible NXi upgrade is pure speculation. There is no indication from Mooney that they'll look at it at all, let alone anytime soon. Robert
  3. Robert C.

    Need Mooney Ferry Pilot (US to Germany)

    Check out Guido Warnecke. and also on Youtube He is a professional ferry pilot (and German) who has ferried Mooneys and other piston aircraft accros the pond. Although nowadays he seems to spend more time in turboprops and turbines
  4. Robert C.

    Lost a Friend

    Jack, that was a wonderful tribute, and showed how far beyond the immediate family a loss can reach. Wishing you much strength in the days and weeks ahead. Robert
  5. Robert C.

    Yet another iPad mount

    ditto and ditto Have had terrible luck with screen protectors/glare reducers just like JP.
  6. Robert C.

    Yet another iPad mount

    How old is your "mini"? I have the Mini 2 and find the glare makes it just about unreadable unless I'm in IMC or at night.
  7. Welcome on board! and, good luck with the purchase. I can conform that FlightLevel is a MSC. I have used the FBO many times but not the maintenance shop so can't tell you anything about them. Robert
  8. Robert C.

    Battery Capacity Testing

    My AP tests my batteries at every annual and discuses with me whether or not he thinks it's time to replace based on % capacity remaining. Robert
  9. Robert C.

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    Yep, sound advice. That's what I did right away when I bought my Ovation. Dead simple. And, last I looked, AGL is a MSC so no need to search for one to call Thanks for the reminder Tamara. Robert
  10. Robert C.

    Base a Mooney close to Manhattan

    I live in North Stamford and it's 45 min to KDXR, 35 min to KBDR, 30 min to KHPN. KHPN might be easiest to reach, but it is also quite busy with airline and corporate jet traffic, so you will lose some time taxiing and waiting there compared to the other airports
  11. Robert C.

    Shop breaks a part

    A few weeks ago I took my Ovation to my avionics shop for what turned out to be a faulty magnetometer. They replaced it and didn't realize they needed a new bootblock software update from Mooney (per a published SB). Next thing they knew they had "bricked" the new magnetometer. They sheepishly admitted it, got a new one from Garmin and installed it (correctly this time) and didn't charge me a penny for the extra work or materials or GMU44. That's one of the reasons this shop has a good reputation in this area. Humans make mistakes. You've been getting good advice on the merits of using a reasonable approach in resolving this I know I would follow it. If your's doesn't hold you harmless for a rookie mistake then I agree with those who've suggested finding a new shop after this is all done with.
  12. Robert C.

    Base a Mooney close to Manhattan

    Danbury (KDXR) and Bridgeport (KBDR) and I'm guessing Hudson Valley Regional (KPOU - Poughkeepsie) are reachable by train + Uber/Cab but not "close-in." For PALS missions our volunteer drivers budget about 1-1.5 hrs from KHPN to Sloan Kettering which I believe is near 70th on the east side. That can help you calibrate driving times to other places as well, although I expect Google to be more helpful If you can find a hangar at HPN you should expect $1200/mo or higher. None available at KBDR that I know of as off a month ago. At KDXR there are a few ranging from $500 to $750 (some shared, some T-hangar). On Long Island, Republic (Farmingdale/KFRG) isn't that far out. No idea about hangars or tie-downs there. Good luck! Robert
  13. Robert C.

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    I try to skip belief and trust in science For the Ovation (per the AFM) MANEUVERING SPEED -- The maximum speed at which application of full available aerodynamic control will not overstress the airplane. Maneuvering Speed at: lbs. /Kg. 2232/1012 . . . . . . . . . 104/103 2430/1102 . . . . . . . . . 109/108 3300/1497 . . . . . . . . . 127/126 3368/1528 . . . . . . . . . 128/127
  14. Robert C.

    O2 supplies for built-in systems?

    Do any of you use the boom cannulas? I have heard from a few people who love them and both Mountain High and Precise Flight offer them: Robert
  15. Don't know, have never flown a Navajo. My point was that speculating without data isn't a constructive contribution to us all learning from others' experiences. It is also potentially very unfair to the folks who will be held accountable, without any evidence, by the court of public opinion.