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  1. Robert C.

    Check Gear!

    When you are flying an actual approach the callout takes place at the actual minimums for that approach. If you’re still in the soup then you’d better go around. Only when you don’t have an approach loaded/activated can you set and get a self defined minimums callout.
  2. Robert C.

    Check Gear!

    One of the nice things about the G1000 is that you can set a ‘minimums’ altitude (even when not flying an approach) and when you hit that altitude the nice lady pipes up...”minimums, minimums.” My pre-descent checklist includes setting this minimums level at 500 AGL and when the warning call comes I do another GUMPS check. Robert
  3. Robert C.

    Wedding news

    ROFL, wiping tears from my eyes. I lived and worked in London for 10 years, and my 1st secretary/assistant there (an "Essex girl") did exactly that. Had completely forgotten the event, now 16 years ago. Her family and friends all thought it was a capital idea (and flew out for the event) and us Continentals and Yanks has a devil of a time keeping a straight face and making appropriately supportive noises. Congrats again Andrew, and hope to see you (again) and meet your better half at KECP next year. Robert
  4. Robert C.

    High Performance Endorsement

    Don't think so. The definition of high performance is now "an airplane with an engine of more than 200 horsepower." Turbo is not a factor, just the hp is. Complex calls for retract and variable pitch, so there also Turbo is not required.
  5. From the Beechtalk forum: .......If anyone is in the south Alabama north Florida we would appreciate some help. We have a tower and a precision approach radar, that if you have never done it is a great learning experience. We are here for 2 weeks and would really appreciate the help. We have about 5 controllers on each system we are trying to get rated by next Friday so any help Beechtalkers can provide would be great. ARMY ATC/IFR..... NOTAMs should have the frequency info; Army also has a temporary tower up at the field. Check the local tower and/or NOTAMs for details.
  6. Robert C.

    Wedding news

    Best wishes for a wonderful day and much happiness in the years to come! Robert
  7. Is this what you were thinking off? bottom of the page is the "periodic review" excel spreadsheet which has all approaches they are reviewing by airport. I also found this table but assume this isn't what you're looking for, right? Publication Dates for New Procedures New procedures are published for use in the National Airspace System (NAS) every 56 days through the Terminal Procedures Publication (TPP) process. However, procedures can also be published during the interim months through the Operations Change Notice (OCN) process. Corresponding dates for 2018 are: January 4, 2018 (CN) February 1, 2018 (TPP) March 1, 2018 (CN) March 29, 2018 (TPP) April 26, 2018 (CN) May 24, 2018 (TPP) June 21, 2018 (CN) July 19, 2018 (TPP) August 16, 2018 (CN) September 13, 2018 (TPP) October 11, 2018 (CN) November 8, 2018 (TPP) December 6, 2018 (CN) Data on this page, including the attached spreadsheets, is derived from National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO) Flight Information Publications. Data is for informational purposes only and should NOT be used as official information in any capacity related to flight operations. For official information, please consult the current Flight Information Publications.
  8. Hi David, take a look at KDXR RNAV 8 and you'll see a LP approach. LP stands for lateral precision and as the name implies it gives the same lateral performance as an LPV, but doesn't provide vertical guidance. So you can think of it as a more accurate LNAV approach.
  9. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration GPS/WAAS Approaches Update 11/15/2018 You are subscribed to GPS/WAAS Approaches ( ) for U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.Twenty-two new WAAS procedures (8 LPV & 14 LP) were added on 22 charts effective November 8, 2018.
  10. Robert C.

    MP vs RPM for % power.

    I'm no engine expert but if I recall correctly the way to calculate hp produced goes as follows: hp = (Fuel Flow (in gal/hr) * 5.8 lb/gal )/ BSFC BSFC is "brake specific fuel consumption" 5.8 is weight of avgas/gal BSFC can probably be found in your engine manual. I found mine (IO-550-G) by going to the Continental website. For my engine they give .39 for best economy and .41 for best power. Take the calculated hp and divide by the engine's listed max and you have the % pwr at which you operate. There is a shortcut of hp = FF * 14.9 which gets you to similar numbers. Attached is the little table I printed and put on my kneeboard with all the other performance table junk Robert Percent Pwr produced function of FF gl/hr hp pwr 10.0 149 48% 10.5 156 50% 11.0 164 53% 11.5 171 55% 12.0 179 58% 12.5 186 60% 13.0 194 62% 13.5 201 65% 14.0 209 67% 14.5 216 70% 15.0 224 72% 15.5 231 75% 16.0 238 77% 16.5 246 79% 17.0 253 82% 17.5 261 84% 18.0 268 87% 18.5 276 89% 19.0 283 91% 19.5 291 94% 20.0 298 96% 20.5 305 99% 21.0 313 101% Note: IO-550-N and BSFC @ .4 or hp at 14.9 per gl IO-550-N percent power table-v2.xlsx
  11. Robert C.

    New (to me) App I found yesterday!!!!!

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing. I've been wishing for a site like this
  12. Robert C.

    BB/VREF/Value Guide - My Idea

    Hi Jimmy, This approach strikes me as eminently sensible. Exchanging information for information is a well established business model and in other businesses you might be able to charge a non-provider of data for the report that you produce. Not sure there are enough Mooney owners to be able to create a paying base (we are CBs after all ) but your expectation that we contribute contact information and sales data strikes me as perfectly reasonable. Personally, I look forward to seeing the report on the GX model Ovations Good luck Robert
  13. Robert C.

    Muffler crack

    Great thread! My muffler went out for repair 1 week before this showed up, if I'd known I would have asked the shop why they didn't do the welding themselves. Muffler repair shops do seem to be busy, I was told I could get a repaired one in a week but at more than twice the price of them fixing mine which might take 3-8 weeks given the back log. Given that the annual was going on and I'm grounded while my ulcer heals I decided to take my chances on the wait and save some money
  14. Interview from 1991, what an amazing career, and what an amazing aviator! Robert
  15. Robert C.

    Don't be "that" guy

    From the annual NATCA awards for controllers who distinguished themselves Northwest Mountain Region Christopher Bancroft and Jacques Mailloux (Broomfield Jefferson County ATCT, BJC); Jeffrey Rawson (Salt Lake City ATCT, SLC) A Mooney called ground control for taxi clearance, but something was obviously not right. It took teamwork to avoid disaster, as this NATCA video shows . (Thankfully, it is rare that controllers must save a pilot from himself.)