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  1. I don't, but you could email or call the MAPA Office. I imagine that they have files of the old issues. Robert
  2. If you have SVT on the G1000 you can (try to) keep the velocity vector at -3deg and simultaneously overlapping the approach end of the runway Kidding aside, I try/practice that periodically and unless you have a perfectly smooth day it's harder than it sounds.
  3. We have done everything described above...and I still need to make sure that after landing rpm don't drop below 950-1000 or it will stall. Sitting idling I can get it to the 900-950 range as long as I reduce very slowly and carefully. I've given up, was spending too much on my A&P trying different things. Hope you have better luck Robert
  4. What GeeBee said ^^^ I did mine about 2 years ago and paid about $31k for for the GIA63Ws and software upgrade for the S-Tec, and the GTX345R for ADS-B. As noted, the issue isn't Mooney but that Garmin has discontinued making the GIA63W GPS units. The newer models are unfortunately not backwards compatible. Also worth exploring is to check with people who understand/know this stuff whether you could get kits for Beech or Cessnas and then have a MSC use the appropriate cabling, s/w etc. for your Ovation. Of course those might be equally rare at this point. Good luck. Robert
  5. It was done as the result of a direct request. He'd already made up his mind (based on his past experience) that the cracks were real. Waiting to hear whether he pulled the cylinders - certainly wouldn't want to pay for that since that could have been prevented if he's done the DPI without my prompting.
  6. Update: Dye Penetrant Inspection was done and no cracks were found....phew Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and recommendations! Robert
  7. Thanks Anthony. I checked the EQ3 info in the MSBs. Dates don't line up, my engine is about 6 months older than the ones Continental identifies. I don't have any info on the 1st 900 hrs, other than that the previous owner started the engine with the tow bar attached. Full engine tear down and a replacement prop later she was back in the air. I put 400 or so hrs on the engine without any cylinder related issues. My AP reviewed the performance data from the G1000 (I upload to Savvy and gave him access) at every annual and neither of us ever found anomalies (other than a loose probe once. I'll be asking my AP about doing a Eddy Current or LPI check, but suspect he won't think that necessary.
  8. Thanks Clarence. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into helping others here on Mooneyspace. Robert
  9. thanks for input so far, pls keep it coming! I implicitly trust my shop. They haven't tried to rip me off ever, and have a well deserved reputation for competence. The charter operation they are a part off got rid of their Barons because of the frequent cylinder cracking they experienced on those, so they have experience with the issue. I just authorized them to take those jugs off so they could look at the cams/lifters/etc. Robert
  10. After a year of trouble free flying I was expecting an uneventful Annual. Engine readouts of EGT and CHTs and oil pressure have been normal all year. 13 year old IO550 with 1300 (TIS) hrs. How naive I am/was! Got an email from my AP-IA this morning with 3 pictures of 3 cylinders cracked between the fuel nozzle hole and spark plug hole. I'm sure we'll be talking soon to discuss next steps. Anything in particular I should know about this failure mode? Questions to ask? Solutions I should explore with him? Thanks in advance, Robert
  11. Guessing that most legacy G1000 drivers saw the SL that Frank Crawford sent out. Good news, courtesy of Garmin. Approaches we lost when v15 of their software came out and which Mooney didn't certify for the pre-Ultra models have been brought back. Flew 2 days ago and confirmed that at least in my part of the world they are again available when selecting an approach (FYI: when the FAA introduced the words: Vertical Descent Angle not available on the charts the v14 s/w couldn't handle it and those approaches disappeared. Garmin's v15 has no issues with it) RESOLUTION This issue is resolved in the following software versions: • G1000, Cirrus Perspective, Embraer Prodigy, G950, and G900X GDU software versions 15.00 and later • G2000, G3000, and G5000 GDU software versions 5.00 and later • GNS 400W/500W Series main software versions 5.10 and later • GTN 6xx/7xx Series main software versions 5.13 and later For products with earlier software versions than listed above, most procedures originally affected by this issue have been restored to the database beginning with Navigation Database Cycle 1912 (effective November 7, 2019). A small number of procedures will continue to be affected and excluded from databases using earlier software versions. Those excluded procedures will continue to be listed on
  12. Congratz! and welcome to the Mooney Bin
  13. The WAAS upgrade definitely involves a software update but I don’t know what the connection might be to the disappearance of the lean assist function. Guess I was lucky as it never went away for me and I still have the peak markings for each cylinder and the delta from last to peak in the information box. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Robert
  14. I fly an O3 with A/C in (out of) Connecticut. The effects of the A/C are mildly noticeable while on the ground, but not a game changer. If you've sat on a hot ramp for a couple of hours enjoying lunch or an outing there is no way the A/C will get it comfortable before take off. I'd swap my A/C for FIKI in a heartbeat. Once I climb above 4000ft ( which is after 4 minutes from T/O) the point/benefit of A/C is moot as the vent gets temps down to a reasonable level and when you get to 9k it is supremely comfortable. Good luck with the negotiations Robert