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  1. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    Thanks Paul. I don't see any anomalies in the behavior of CHT #4 (over multiple flights) so I'll ask my shop to start with checking the probe connections. Any thoughts on the GAMI spreads? Number #4 is never the 1st nor the last to peak. When seeing a .8-1gph spread can adjustments narrow that or should I lean towards buying GAMI injectors?
  2. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    Hi Jim, I was wondering about injector cleaning so good to hear from someone else that it's a possibility. I'm using their "free" service at the moment, so no recommendations from them. Oddly enough I got an e-mail from them just a few days ago trying to persuade me to become a paying customer by flagging that my oil pressure was higher than 75% of the peer group and the oil temps below average. Both are solidly in the green range though and I'm not ready to sign up yep.
  3. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    On this flight # 3 and 4 which both peaked last at 14.5 gph (at an altitude of 9500ft). #6 was the 1st to peak at 15.6gph.
  4. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    CHTs look steady; don't fluctuate much including for #4. They range from 220 (#6) to 300 (#5) with #4 at 280 after starting at 285 after leaning.
  5. Didn't know a data logger could be so interesting! F.e., discovered (courtesy of that on most of my recent flights the EGTs on #4 and sometimes #6 fluctuate more than the other EGTs. The attached screenshot shows one example of EGTs graphed against FF. The LOP pull is very obvious and the rest is a cruise segment. On other flights #4 has also fluctuated more but wasn't higher than the other cylinders. GAMI spreads have been between .8 and 1gph. Any hypotheses that I should discuss with my A&P/IA? Robert
  6. Jose, Make sure you pre-book your shop. The one that did mine is already beginning to turn away walk-up business because they are too busy and he expects it to get worse in 2018. Robert
  7. Pre Buy Mechanic Nr Hartford, CT

    Yep, that's the one: 203-743-5100. Feel free to use my name and tail number. NorthEast corner of the field, at the departure end of Rwy 26. Pale blue hangar. Good luck!
  8. Pre Buy Mechanic Nr Hartford, CT

    Ralph is selling his S ? =:O Hope all is well with him. Robert
  9. Pre Buy Mechanic Nr Hartford, CT

    Well, my shop (Reliant) at Danbury (KDXR) maintains my Ovation, a "J" and a "C" as well as some other brands' piston planes and does a good job. Head of Maintenance for Reliant (Steve Disorbo) has a great reputation. At my 1st annual he found a number of things that the MSC that did my "pre-buy into Annual" hadn't found. There is a MSC at Norwood (OWD) MA but I have no experience with them. Robert
  10. yep, delightfully easy. My 35 min flight home from the avionics shop sufficed to "validate" the installation. No need for any of the rigamarole of doing turns and climbs/descents in "rule airspace." Robert
  11. 9) Just discovered today that the new software will fly DME arcs for us Guess that is old hat to the 530W and 430W users, but new for us ! @Txbyker Russ: how does the database replication work? Robert
  12. Full Power Climb

    Now that is interesting. My AP-IA all but refuses to set it for more than 26.5gph, claiming that is what the STC and TCM give as the target number. Maybe I should look for a nearby shop willing to make that adjustment.
  13. Thanks Mike. Looks like a good alternative to McGuire.
  14. Thanks everyone. Keep them coming, especially a bit further East
  15. Dutifully leaned to fly DME Arcs during IFR training; every now and again I improvise one for general proficiency purposes, but have actually never flown one from a published approach. Do any of you know an airport/approach in my general neck of the woods that has a DME arc on one of its procedures? Robert