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  1. Robert C.

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    Just to make sure y'all have complete information: while the GIA 63 is no longer manufactured Garmin has said that they will continue to support/repair the units. So if something goes wrong and the unit is repairable you'l be good. I seem to recall, but have not verified it, that you actually only need 1 GIA 63W unit for WAAS. So if one breaks completely you should be able to replace it with a GIA 63 and be back in business.
  2. Robert C.

    G1000 AHRS failure?

    Thanks Mark, that's a very helpful addendum to this post. Robert
  3. I sat out this year because I was grounded with an ulcer. However, last year Tyndall gave me a vector shortly after take-off and promptly forgot about me. When I called to ask when I could proceed on-course I got a snippy reply that he had instructed me to do that 10 min earlier. I politely invited him to check the tape and note that even if he had transmitted the instruction he had not received a “Wilco” in reply so he should have known it wasn’t received. color me unimpressed with Tyndall. Robert
  4. Robert C.

    Mooney Summit VI

    Around the corner from my favorite hotel in London (The Rookery) and a few doors down from one of my favorite restaurants (Comptoir Gascon, although I'll admit that Smith's is fun too)! Wedding rings? Are congratulations in order !?
  5. Well done Jeff! Enjoyed the read and appreciated the counsel. Robert
  6. Robert C.

    An Absolutely Horrible Day! deepest sympathies. Now you have me worried about my annual which starts in 4 weeks! Good luck with the repair. May want to consider the 4 blade MT prop while you’re at it and someone (else)’s insurance is paying Robert
  7. Robert C.

    Importing a plane from Canada

    I seem to recall seeing an AOPA guide on this topic once. Have you checked their website? and/or COPA?
  8. Robert C.

    Video series on weather analysis shouldn't have said that On Thursday the 27th and Friday morning the 28th some 160 participants (at least 100 aircraft I'd guess) will attend the Mooney Summit at KECP (Panama City Beaches) in the Florida panhandle. A fair few, like myself, will fly in from New England and the mid-Atlantic seaboard. Feel like doing one of these series for that group? Related but separate....We should connect you with @mike_elliott and @Seth_Meyers who run the Mooney Summitt about getting you on the program next year Robert
  9. Robert C.

    Video series on weather analysis

    That was a fun and educational series, thanks! Robert
  10. Robert C.

    Bitchin' Betty Behaving Better

    One of the many reasons i’m so happy with my AOA indicator. I ignore the Bitching Betty and focus on the “blue dot”
  11. Robert C.

    Cut out at idle

    Hi Brian, i went through the same problem with my 2006 O3. My engine regularly quit on the runway or right after turning off. Generally in the summer but not exclusively. A big tip-off to my A&P was that I couldn’t get my engine (when hot) to idle below 920 rpm. Clarence - M20Doc - is (as usual) correct. Get the fuel flow at idle adjusted and you should be good. Robert
  12. Robert C.

    Savvy Analysis ALERT

    2006 O3: Aeroshell 100, 60-61 psi in cruise @160F; I usually have 6 qts of oil by the 3rd or 4th flight after an oil change and it stays there for a while. Robert
  13. Well done, so glad to hear you got down safe and sound! Time for another presentation at the Mooney Summit methinks Robert
  14. Robert C.

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Congratz! Welcome to the club
  15. Just wait till you get yourself the 310hp STC