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  1. We fly there several times each summer. Landing/parking fee is $20 but Helen is a nice gal and when you're a Mom & Pop operation....well you have to make a living somehow. Happily endorse the recommendation of Rick's Crabby Cowboy Cafe...lobster rolls are the best we know. Oysters, clams and mussels equally fresh. They open 12 noon every day. Ice cream available as well to keep you cool on the 1/2 mile walk to the beach. Have fun! Robert
  2. Yep, just had the same thing fixed. Definitely is a leak. Don Maxwell has clear instructions on his website. Think he suggested permeated as sealant. Other threads describe how to remove and put on wing walks. I’m lazy and not a particularly good diy person so had my shop do it all. edit: look about 15 posts down. Original by skyking1 labeled Fuel Leak November 18.
  3. sorry for the necro...but this quote may be the answer to my question! I have a leak under the wing walk, a screw near the front...see the picture. Does this look like the "cracked nut plate" that Don Maxwell mentions on his website? Robert
  4. Anthony, I'd love to do the Hudson River Corridor with the winner, but it's more than the 25 sm distance limit (per the FAA) from KDXR Also, I discovered that a local operation charges $225 for an hour's intro flight so I think I'll mention that in the write-up and start the auction/bidding at $100 and see how many people are interested. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Robert
  5. Thanks Buddy, I'll try that hot start procedure. Sounds like a variation on the flooding method mentioned above for the Lycoming.
  6. Well, if you have just flown 3 hours I assume the engine is hot and the 1st hypothesis to eliminate would be vapor lock. With my IO550 the procedure is to pull the Mixture to "cut-off/out" and the throttle to "full/in" and then run the high boost pump for 30 seconds. That clears the vapors and cools the plumbing (fuel goes back into the tank). I then give it a 5 sec low boost prime, 2-3 twists of throttle and half the time I have normal start. The other half requires a little more fiddling with the throttle. Not sure about the Lycoming so I'll let your fellow J drivers opine on the best hot-start method for that engine. Robert
  7. I'm planning on doing it for the 2 highest bids, so 2 flights as part of a single event.
  8. Since it is for a charitable organization the "out of pocket" expenses (fuel, oil) are tax deductible (assuming you have enough deductions to exceed the standard deductible ofc)
  9. Sure, but my own expenses don't matter to me as all proceeds go to a good cause and I like to fly anyway So I'm mostly curious what rates are for sightseeing flights so I ask a number that people will pay or exceed in an auction.
  10. That is actually the plan. But I'd like to have a "minimum bid" that I can ask for, hence my curiosity about what sightseeing flights cost.
  11. Kevin, I appreciate the concern. Fortunately this is a well trodden path and CFR 91.146 is quite clear on the requirements, which I meet. AOPA also has a guide that expands a bit on the legaleze found in the CFR. ( Robert
  12. Hi Gang, I'll be volunteering a sightseeing flight for a church fund raiser. Am thinking of about 1 hr, 2 people max per flight, within the regulatory limit of 25 miles of my home drome. Anyone have any data/pricing on what would be a reasonable price to charge? (All money raised goes to the church ofc). Cheers, Robert
  13. So, I can confess I'm one of the many who in the press of things has forgotten to raise T/O flaps when climbing out. As a matter of fact, on at least one occasion I didn't remember until I was already leveling of for cruise and accelerating past 150kts. During the panel scan I noticed the flap button in the "T/O down" position. Lump of ice in the stomach I looked over my shoulder and saw the flaps aligned with the wing. For sure, i thought I had busted something....but they came out fine on the way down. After the flight I checked in with my A&P who're fine. The newer Mooneys have a mechanism (forget his exact words) where the air pressure just pushes the flaps in/up from the T/O position when above Vfe. I haven't had any problems with my flaps or attachment points and feel reassured that the aircraft can easily handle a distracted pilot forgetting to raise (T/O) flaps. Robert
  14. Thanks Dan, that is very helpful. Guess I'll be looking for a place to enter "other income" on the forms.
  15. Thanks Anthony and Jay. Will write the IRS at the e-mail address in the article and wait for Dan to chime in