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  1. David, Apologies for not responding earlier. I've been in Europe and am behind I had my upgrades done 2 weeks after Paul at LV Avionics and paid the same as Paul. Am very pleased with the new capabilities Robert
  2. Would anyone be interested?

    Current engine technology is from the 30s. Diesel and Rotax would be a lot simpler to operate and lower maintenance cost and equal or better performance (in fuel effectiveness especially). lot’s of room for improvements. Go for it!
  3. STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    hmm..thread has been removed. Not sure what was in it as I'm just back from travel and catching up. However, my impression from other discussions was that the 3100 won't work with the G1000 without Mooney doing a SB just like for the WAAS upgrade. Robert
  4. Buying an Airplane

    We have! Diamond DA-42 and DA-62 Aren't they running something like 7-9gph per side of Jet A?
  5. Alpha AOA Install

    Can't help with a recommended installer as I'm on the other coast One bit of advice: be sure to tell your guy/gal to set the probe angle to 40 degrees ( If you don't he'll have to do it after your first flight when you discover the original angle didn't work). Less tongue in cheek: I found the Alpha Systems extremely helpful. They'll happily talk to you and your AP so when in doubt give them a call. Will likely save you time and hassle.
  6. What a TFR Intercept Looks Like

    I went through the MD-3 vetting process about 2 or 3 years ago. My first flight to College Park (CGS) was on a semi-VFR day and I had filed IFR. Over Baltimore I was descended (late ofc) towards CGS and broke out around 3000ft looking at a landscape I'd never seen before. CGS was very hard to find with its short runway and given that I was higher than I should have been. When I visually acquired it it was too late to go straight in or properly join the pattern so I tell Potomac Apr that I'll fly over the field (all the time heading straight for the Mall in the not so far distance) and join a left downwind. So I get myself down to pattern altitude by midfield, having made the CTAF calls to make sure ATC was right about there being no other traffic. Focusing hard on timing base turn (did I mention the narrow and short runway and unfamiliar sight picture?). On base, quick scan left and right to clear the airspace. And, there he is...3000ft offset laterally from the runway threshold at pattern altitude....all black and hovering and watching. Not sure what branch he was but having a Blackhawk hanging there observing your every move is an interesting experience. I don't doubt that if I hadn't turned and joined the pattern I would have had a close up view quite quickly
  7. What a TFR Intercept Looks Like

    Too bad he didn't say more about the Civil Air Patrol and didn't give them some credit. It is actually one of their (many) missions to provide aircraft for these AF/ANG training sorties.
  8. Buying an Airplane

    Gorgeous! Did you consider a 310R as well? Or was it automatically a Baron for you? Curious about the pros/cons of each.
  9. Thanks Steve, would love to see it, and we should aim to meet up anyway and have lunch somewhere. Let's see when the cold wave ends and make some plans!
  10. ditto, for me it's usually below 250F and this morning (AGL OAT 15F) at altitude it didn't even hit 200F.
  11. Cruiser, I may have misunderstood the drawing he showed me. I'll check with him. Robert
  12. Realistic TAS for Mooney Ovation

    yesterday: 9,500 ft, 2550 rpm, WOT 15 gph 181kts 13.3 gph 175 kts (~50 LOP)
  13. Opinions on This M20R

    If you are planning on doing long X-C trips you'll want O2 for sure as you'll want to spend time above 10,000ft on a regular basis. It allows you to take advantage of the winds and to lower the Fuel Flow. O2 also reduces fatigue on long, high, flights. Fly at night? O2 above 6-7000ft is pretty darn helpful for night vision. FIKI is more of a question mark. If you plan on skipping IFR in the winter you're fine without, but if you want long X-C flights in wintertime and someplace cooler than California you'll find it very helpful Good luck finding your dream ride! Robert
  14. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    yeah, like I said, it feels like a red herring. All that data to play with now that i have data logging!!
  15. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    Update for those of you who still might be interested We swapped the probes for #2 and #4; Also, did a flow test on all 6 injectors. All injectors tested as clean and undamaged. Flew over 2 hrs today and the EGTs now no longer bounce all over the place, so it looks like moving the probes around solved that problem. While troubleshooting all this I did look harder at CHTs (during cruise). I noticed that cyl #2 & #3 sometimes have a wave pattern with CHTs rising and declining by 10F. Frequency can be anywhere from 1-6 minutes. The others are more stable. Any thoughts on whether this is worth worrying about? Thanks for all the input and suggestions! Robert