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  1. Thanks for all the advice and help but my "Hot to Trot" potential new owner from Germany went cold on me ...... N871TX is back on the controller and up for sale Mike
  2. Locking mine is part of my pre-flight..........
  3. Good Morning, Does anyone know a Ferry Pilot that could fly my Mooney Ovation 3 from California to Germany? The new owner would be looking to fly with him/her for the expierence........ Thanks Mike Johnson Mooney Ovation 3 N871TX
  4. Yes....... It turned out to be a bad Relay on the Fuel Pressure Control Board........
  5. My Ovation 3 is equipped with A/C and we are in Sacramento California. It has far exceeded my expectations and will NEVER own an aircraft again without A/C. It even worked great on the ground waiting for clearance release departing Henderson Nevada at 3:00pm in the heart of the heat! Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks for the help guys ....... Mike
  7. Thanks for the advice........ So I understand the GFC 700 upgrade would be 65-70K correct? Mike
  8. Can the STec be upgraded? I think there is a New Stec 5000....... Thanks for the help Mike
  9. Good Afternoon I have a 2007 Mooney Ovation 3 with a G1000/STec 55X installation. Does anyone know if you can use the flight director on the G1000 WITHOUT the autopilot engaged? I have seen aircraft with FD AP buttons to separate the functions but can not find anything in the POH or the AutoPilot supplement / handbook. Also, Is there a way to upgrade the STec to allow Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS) instead of vertical airspeed (VS) hold during climbs and descents. Thanks for any advice..... Mike N871TX
  10. Hey Guys....... I need some help with a fuel pump problem. Just prior to my annual inspection I noticed when I ran the fuel pump on low it would run the pump for a few seconds then stop..... High seems to work just fine. I reported the problem to my mechanic and he send out for a new/rebuilt pump. Same problem after replacement.... This is the email I got after the new replacement pump was installed ...... "We installed the fuel pump, Thursday, and, Friday, found the low side pressure to be way higher than what is stated in the manual. We attempted to adjust the output by adjusting th
  11. Thanks so much for the advice.... I'll see if I can get my mechanic looking in the right direction...... Thanks again Mike
  12. It's happened on the ground during run up and rock solid for an hour on other flights.
  13. Good evening...... I have started having irregular oil pressure readings on my G1000. Oil pressure fluctuates from in the red at about 8 psi up to over 60 psi. My mechanic has checked the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge and has determined the oil pressure is spot on. He has worked over the wiring and I still have the same problem. He even contacted Mooney and they do NOT feel it’s a transducer problem or G1000 issue. Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks in advance for the help Mike Johnson Mooney Ovation N871TX
  14. Hello....... Everytime I update my Garmin Safe Taxi, Obsticle and Terrain data on my G1000 I'm asked if I have have coupons to redeem at checkout. Does anyone know where to get Garmin coupon codes? Thanks Mike Mooney Ovation 3
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