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Ovation Pre-Buy - Flight Instruction

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Good afternoon folks - this is related to another thread I started earlier this afternoon about my Pre-Buy, but here I'll ask about flight instruction wisdom.

I need to get trained into the Ovation sometime during the next few weeks.  My background:

  • 200 hours in a "J" 30 years ago.  
  • 300 hours complex time in my Lancair 360 20 years ago.  Similar to Ovation speeds.
  • 18 years of no flying until a year ago.
  • Now have my IPC and about 30 hours in rented Diamond DA-40's with G1000/KAP 140.  
  • Recently got a high-performance endorsement in a Saratoga.
  • 750 hours TT.

Insurance only requires I get checked out in make/model by a qualified instructor prior to soloing in the Ovation.  

What's the "smart approach" here?  I'll be looking to pick up the Ovation after the deal closes in Jamestown NY in roughly 3 weeks (but who knows).  Nearest airline airport would be Buffalo (75-minute drive to Jamestown) and Jamestown is about a 5-hour drive from my house near Detroit.  The logistics are a little tricky.

  1. The shop owner did not volunteer any names when I asked about local Mooney flight instruction.
  2. I like the idea of spending time with a Mooney expert instructor.  How to do that in western NY?  Especially when we don't know exactly when the import process will complete.
  3. Should I find a local instructor somewhere close in NY, get checked out in my plane, then take the plane to a Mooney expert for finishing school?
  4. Maybe I try to find a Mooney expert with a plane, and I travel to him/her for work before I pick up my plane?  I'm in the Detroit Michigan area and am willing to take an airline to train with someone (I don't know anyone local to me.)  

I'm sure I'm not the first guy to wrestle with this.


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On 7/15/2023 at 9:21 PM, Ed de C. said:

Thanks guys!  I'll get in touch with Mike.  Both Clarence and SCHLLC independently suggested Mike previously, I should have started there.  Much appreciated.


I can't do the checkout (not a CFI--I really should fix that!), but I own an Ovation here in Virginia and might be able to help move you, Mike, and/or the plane around if you need an extra hand along the way. (With ~1700 hours in Mooneys across all three model sizes, and 175+ hours in the M20R, I expect I'd meet your insurance's open-pilot warranty.)

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