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  1. I plan to be there Sunday through Wednesday. However no camping for me. It would be great to meet up.
  2. PIREP - KNR Aviation I just returned yesterday from my annual at KNR in Evanston, WY. I have had ten annuals on my 1979 J since I have owned it and only wished I had found Kerry McIntyre a long time ago. He is an amazing A &P, super knowledgeable regarding Moonies, willing to teach owners, patient, and thorough. Owner assist is okay with Kerry. I highly recommend him and will be using him again. I think he told me he is nearing 700 Mooney annuals. If you need more information see his website; www.knr-inc.com.
  3. Thank you so much for organizing this event - again. Two attendees; Randy and Paul
  4. Hi All, I just noticed this advertisement at my home field and it reads as follows: 1970 M20F, EX21, 840 SMOH. 775-385-0484. One photo was attached but it doesn't really show much. I really do not know anything else about it, but from observation, over the past nine years, I don't think it gets out of the hanger often. I suspect it would be a project. Randy
  5. My last one was 1789 ppm lead with 2463 ppm claimed as the fleet average in their database (similar engines and similar time on engine; AvLabs). I typically change at 25 - 30 hours using AS W100 Plus. This engine has 788 hours since new.
  6. Stratus 2. Works fine. In original box with all accessories less one (currently missing and searching for the top of dash mount-pad). Original manual included. Unit is no longer needed now that I have Lynx 9000. Price: $375 plus $10 for shipping. If interested send a PM. Randy
  7. Great Idea. Please add me. Thank you. Randy KEKO
  8. The RAF museum in suburbs of London is great. That may or may not be the official name. Also if you are I. To WW II genre, visit Blechley Park Movie Imitation Game). It is a short, 1 hour, train ride N of London.
  9. I second everything Randy B said above. I passed thru Hawthorne several times in 2009. Betty was doing the ambassador thing then. A really nice lady.
  10. I have been about six times and was there Monday and Tuesday this week. I did not fly into OSH however. Landed at ATW and rented a car. This year I made a point to go to the seaplane base. Very nice, less crowded and low key. Took in two forums and the military theater Tuesday at ten - talk about the Ravens in Laos late 1960s and 1970 if I remember correctly. It was great! 18. 4 on the Hobbs. Maybe someday I will get the nerve to land there.
  11. Bob, I have a 79J, with Century. Not sure of the exact model but that is the way they feel on my unit. After the momentary push, a light will tell you the ' mode '. No mechanical feel at all. Must be electronic. My manuals are at the airport/hanger. Let me know if you need something scanned or whatever. Randy
  12. I will be there with my nephew Sunday thru Tuesday. Landing at Appleton though. Less stressful. Hotels and rental car pricing is significant and possibly adjusted for the event. I did this routine last year also so I do know what I'm getting into. Monday of the event last year was extremely hot. Fly safe.
  13. Metallurgical Engr working in mineral processing. Marked - other.
  14. How about Salem, OR? Denton Honbeck or Honback. Now has a B and flys helicopters for a biz. Let me know as somewhere around here, I have his info. Randy
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