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  1. I pointed out his error to him in the comments section on the youtube video.
  2. Bearing….Skytech Now it sports an Energizer…..
  3. +1 for @jetdriven at KGAI. Asked for an oil change while I was in the area on business and during the post change runup he noticed a sketchy sounding bearing in my starter. Juggled his schedule and found a replacement starter that could be overnighted. Was fixed within an hour of the starter being delivered the next day. Great service and likely prevented me from being stuck on a tarmac somewhere. Oh, and allowed me to get out of KGAI before the tornado hit last night….
  4. The POH references keeping the fuel pump on at low boost above FL180. COuld this have been at least part of the issue?
  5. I recently saw an independent lab test of various units. The inaccuracy of many was concerning. Top performer was the Masimo above. I just bought one.
  6. Good question. Depends on the model.
  7. I’m very happy with it. Will post a picture when I get a chance. But yes, I do pull off the access panel anytime I know the plane is going to sit for more than a couple of days. Only takes a minute to reinstall the panel, so not a big deal.
  8. Brandt

    LOP again

    Similar. I usually run 28/2400 at about 15.2. Puts my TIT at about 1580, which is what matters to me.
  9. Possible poultry deviation…. Advise when ready to copy a number. We clearly need a reg to require ducks to file IFR at night…
  10. https://saphir.com/products/renovateur
  11. Glad you shared. My experience was good, but appreciate multiple reports.
  12. Since nobody has weighed in yet, I might be able to point you in a direction, but it’s not close. There are no MSC’s in Indiana, but I have used Bohm Aviation in Pekin Illinois for some work and was happy. The owner, Naomi Bohm worked for Byerly Aviation in Peoria which is an MSC. But last time I checked, Byerly was sending a lot of their Mooney work to Bohm. I don’t know about Ohio or Michigan options. I know there are some Mooneys based at KUMP and KHFY, so we may get somebody to offer additional thoughts.
  13. Simple solution. Ask the local Jehovah’s Witnesses to set up an information stand in the driveway coming into the airport. None shall pass…
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