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  1. Not so far. Pontoons would be an eye catching STC, though.
  2. Disagree. The Mooney is fine. Just make sure you hire skinny doctors who believe in traveling light…
  3. During my IFR checkride while flying a partial panel approach right at MDA.
  4. Brandt

    Vision Jet

    I remind people that if it was a really great idea, 737s would have parachutes….
  5. When you account for differences in fuel burn, I believe a Cirrus and an Ovation fueled for the same range have roughly the same useful load.
  6. I have an Acclaim Ultra. C of G has never been a problem. Short strips aren’t a problem. I wouldn’t fly off of gravel or grass. Plane is too low to the ground and the gear design is not rough field friendly. Parts are available. Mooney is open and making parts. Sometimes a little slow, but who is lt these days.
  7. Brandt

    Vision Jet

    No turbine for me. Just found the analysis interesting. And I was was advised against the 310 update for the Acclaim by a couple of people I respect. I really don’t think it would add much to cruise. Likely helpful short field, but not worth it to me in terms of engine wear.
  8. Brandt

    Vision Jet

    I’ve always viewed Cirrus skeptically. They’re an OK airplane, but the parachute marketing causes me to roll my eyes to the point of spraining them. With that in mind, I found this comparison of light jets fascinating. Assuming it’s accurate, Cirrus underperforms.
  9. Not exclusively software, but I have found the Flightinsight and Flying like the Pros videos on YouTube helpful. Flight Insight does offer an online product. You can preview for free. Flying Like the Pros hasn’t posted in a long time, but their G1000 videos are excellent.
  10. Check with counsel about adding the company as a named insured on your policy, and ask what liability limits would make them comfortable.
  11. It has been a bit like throwing a match into a gas can…. I blame myself.
  12. Ahh, you’re one of those “because I said so” types… I’ll be watching you from now on…
  13. Secondary combustion event? I can only envision that if unburned fuel is passing through the exhaust valves with sufficient remaining oxygen to allow for combustion, which is certainly possible ROP, but LOP I wouldn’t think so? But even if that’s the case, I’m having a hard time with this concept. I would think TIT would be an average of all six combustion events, rather than somehow additive to temperature? I don’t know what I don’t know, so I’m not saying I’m right, just trying to parse this out to make it more understandable.
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