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  1. I don’t know what it is. I have newish engine, I have been using the 65% power setting and dialing that back 10% for speed and dialing up the fuel burn 10% and I’m still going slower and burning more than that adjusted profile. Maybe I should check my MAP gauge calibration.
  2. I have been using the Foreflight performance profiles for my M20T (LB1) They seem to overestimate TAS and underestimate fuel burn. Anyone else experience this? Thanks
  3. I too had a terrible time with Continental. I ordered a remanufactured TSIO360LB in early 2018. It was supposed to take around 6 weeks but instead took about 5 months and I finally got it around October. The delay was attributed to exhaust although a crank or cam may have also been cited, I can’t recall. When the engine arrived it was beautiful. After hanging it and breaking it in became clear the exhaust was really leaky. I had to use the warranty and order another set of parts for the passenger side of the engine. It’s still a bit leaky but “within spec” so I’m living with it. The customer service during the rebuild was terrible. Nobody knew anything about where the engine was or at what stage of the rebuild it was in. The poor agent I was speaking with most, seemed the most in the dark. Next time I think I’ll just do a field overhaul or use a local rebuilder. Thank goodness I have a really good shop here in Hillsboro - Northwest Aircraft. They bird-dogged most of it and took Comtinental to task on the delays etc. As to being test run, I’m sure Continental test ran the engine in a rest cell. After the test run they replaced one faulty cylinder and wrote it up in the engine log book. Sorry you are going through the same thing. If you need help with exhaust or finding a welder, Dirk at Northwest Aircraft can probably help. If it helps, it’s been nearly three years and almost 600 hours and the engine has performed really well . . . Knock on wood. Ethan
  4. I installed a step in my 81 M20K. I love it for Angel Flights. In my experience loading hundreds of people in an out of my Mooney, I have learned that most people over 40 have enough orthopedic trouble that Mooneys become a special multi-step torture tool. It’s true that once inside all is good, but getting there is like playing Twister and Tetris simultaneously. The step (or step-ladder) eases this struggle somewhat. The step is easy because it doesn’t take up baggage space and it is always there. My CFI also thanked me for it the other day.
  5. I had an inner gear door crack on my Mooney 231. I took both off and sent the damaged one to Don Maxwell in Tx to fix. He did a great job.
  6. Angel Flights are great! I have flown more than 100 in my 231. I am based in Hillsboro, Oregon. The farthest I have gone is to El Monte, California. I have also gone as far East as Montana. Most flights are from Portland to Seattle. Last week I flew a passenger from Palo Alto to Ashland, Oregon. I meet interesting people and have great excuses to fly to places I’ve never been. Angel Flight is a well-run, professional organization, it’s great at communicating with pilots and passengers, and has a cool app to use to review upcoming flights and sign up for them. The 231 is a bit tight. I tell my passengers that getting in is like playing gymnastic Tetris but that once you’re in, it’s comfortable!
  7. Gordin, The Skylane is the most versatile single-engine airplane under the sun. You can load it up with people and gas, fly it to grass strips, land it on really short strips, take off from really short strios, you won’t forget to extend the landing gear, it’s easy to fly, it’s a great instrument platform, it’s cheaper to own and maintain than a Mooney. You would probably be happy with it forever. So what if you can’t go as fast as a Mooney . . . flying is fun, spend more time aloft! I do love my 231, but I would love a 182 just as much. What sucks about the Mooney is I am a little hesitant (some will scoff) at landing at grass strips - especially short ones. When my taildragger buddies fly off into the wilds of Idaho to camp, I just look forlornly at the horizon and tell them I can’t join them. I would join them in a 182. Good luck
  8. I change the oil in my 231 every 25-30 hours. At 25 hours is when I notice the oil darken and break down. After 25 hours the oil usage increases and I have to add 1/2 quart of oil every 5 or so hours.
  9. The best part of the turbo K model is the amazing ability to climb out of icing and get into smooth air. I hate the pucker factor of climbing 300 fpm at 15k just to get out of the whispy cloud tops where lots of the ice accretes.
  10. I have a 1981 M20K (turbo 231) with 210 horsepower. I live in Oregon and fly with passengers all over the intermountain west and northwest in all kinds if weather. It’s a fantastic airplane and I love the turbo. It allows me to worry less about DA, climb to the higher western MEAs - some are as high as 16k. In the winter, it will climb quickly above ice. That said, I have only owned this single airplane but I love the turbo. I suggest looking at the Bravo, 231, 252 and Ovation, compare useful loads, operating costs, maintenance expenses and acquisition costs. 231s are usually the least expensive and they often have equivalent or better useful loads than the others. I have heard the TIO-540 in the Bravo is maintenance heavy and fuel hungry but I have no experience flying or owning one so I’ll leave that to others to comment upon. Ethan
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I fly a 231. Here is my low budget ipad technique. I can’t figure out how to orient the photo. My main concern is space and simplicity and this fulfills both goals. I saw a really nice Mygoflight yoke mount but it was $148 and it requires a really neat yet bigger ipad holder. It seemed that if I got that setup it would hold the ipad up and away from the yoke more than I would like it to. I am short so I slide my seat to the most forward stop and I don’t want any ipad hitting me or snagging on anything
  12. I got a soft cloth holder for an ipad mini built by the “Ultimate Kneeboard” folks then just clip the top hem into a old-tech yoke clip used to clip-in NACO charts, it works just fine.
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