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Hotter or cooler fine wires?

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I think I’ll switch to fine wires this annual in the rocket. There are two temperature versions:32 and 36 listed. I think the 32 matches stock temp, but I’m thinking the 36 range plugs may help keep TIT under control for LOP operations with the side effect being higher CHTs and increased risk of detonation at high power settings. Thoughts or suggestions on this?

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Higher odds of detonation and hotter CHT's would be enough to deter me. I would think TIT control is still largely a function Black Knob position, even LOP. I say this as a K-model operator of the TSIO-360, which also begs the question, how damn fast do you want to go? Was looking at Rocket power settings the other day, and concluded you can still haul ass while being kind to that engine. Just my $0.02...

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A spark plugs heat range is its ability to transfer the heat of combustion to the cylinder head. Spark plugs have to operate hot enough to burn off deposits to reduce fouling but cool enough to prevent them from glowing and be a source of pre-ignition

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While Continental's engine manual specifies 32 or 36, the Rocket's flight manual supplement specifies 32, so I'd go with that.

During the last annual, we found 36 fine wires (RHB36S) in the plane. The A&P said hotter plugs can be installed if there are fouling issues or in cooler climates. We replaced them with RHB32S

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