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  1. there is no difference between the brands, other than price. They are made to the specification for the application, meaning they will both use the same grade and durometer elastomeric material, and the same spacer materials. You should replace them every 5-7 years to prevent vibration damage to the airframe. Old stiff mounts transmit vibration that wrecks instruments, cracks aluminum skins, wears out aileron and elevator hinges, and the tail trim on Mooneys.
  2. Why take the engine off the plane in the first place? Pull cylinders as needed to access the rods, check bolt torques, cotter pin them, and reassemble. It's a two day job at most.
  3. Don't over think this. The most likely cause of the breakage is simply improper installation, resulting in loosening of the cotter pin, and subsequent breakage due to vibration. If the nuts were torqued correctly there is little danger of anything coming apart. That said, the shop owes you a fix.
  4. the older and still popular 121 mhz ACK ELT-01 series is known for defective G switches that can activate the ELT at any time, even while not in motion. They carried the same basic design into their 406 ELT, the ELT-04.
  5. The crankshaft speed changes more quickly with a light weight prop, since there is much less flywheel effect. In a prop strike, it's the rate of speed change that dictates the amount of damage incurred to the rotating components.
  6. There are a few repair options. The best one adds a longer spring with more surface area. In the northeast, you can use Pine Mountain Aviation in Danbury CT. In Florida, Certified Engines Unlimited at Hollywood North Perry Airport is the best choice for repairs. If you still had an Iskra starter, there is a chance the $950 shaft may need replacing in addition to the spring and bearings. I would recommend installing a new Skytec C24ST4 starter at the same time. No drag on the clutch means your adapter will last much longer. Your objective is a no-drag release starter. There is no need to carry around the bulk of the antique Energizer starter, since the Skytec ST4 does the same job at half the weight. Do not use the ST3, or the ST5, on an IO-550. The ST3 is not powerful enough, and the ST5 has had some solenoid failures. The ST4 has the same motor as the ST5 but without the redundant solenoid that can fail.
  7. Many vibration problems aren't cause by prop imbalance. Before I set up the balancer, I do survey of the engine compartment. Half the time I find worn engine mounts, or hoses and ducts clamped improperly. Those should be fixed before attempting to balance the prop. I also find worn camshafts or cylinder compression problems, which obviously can't be balanced out. And, prop blades that are out of spec due to aggressive filing.
  8. The only good one south of Fort Lauderdale is the Cirrus Training Center at Opa Locka. Other than that one, quality is inconsistent at best. At Hollywood North Perry, and at Tamiami, the schools are geared towards turning out minimum standard pilots for foreign airlines. Those minimum standard pilots then become flight instructors, so it's the blind leading the blind. Misunderstandings are common, since so many foreign students don''t have the required English skills to communicate effectively. I've heard controllers tell them to fly west, and come back when they can explain what they want. Homestead Executive is a little better, although I have had several commercial pilots from there come to me for airline interview prep that needed a lot of remedial work. Fort Lauderdale Executive has several places to learn, the planes are better, and you can communicate with other pilots in English.
  9. Separate folders for airframe maintenance manuals, parts manuals, Airworthiness Directives, and service bulletins would be useful. Those are the most important items that owners need to keep their "experienced" airplanes airworthy.
  10. on the Comanche site, we have a repository of maintenance documents. It would be a good idea to set one up here.
  11. you can do amazing things with vinyl over a good base paint. And when you et bored with the current scheme, you can change them for something new, for far less than paint.
  12. The voltage will vary a bit with temperature and load. Turn everything on, and the system should maintain 28 to 28.5 volts.You can have a 1 volt difference between an engine monitor and a factory gauge, depending on where the add on equipment is reading the voltage, and where it is grounded.
  13. the CG needs to be 3/4 of the way back in the envelope to get the book numbers. You should see a 3-5 knot increase at the same weight, simply by moving the CG back. Moving it all the way back will cause the speed to decrease again. Same as flying near the forward limit, you get more drag due to the load on the stabilizer.
  14. Let me know if you come across an Icarus SAM