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  1. https://www.amazon.com/BOSCH-PS31-2A-Two-Speed-Driver-Batteries/dp/B003BEE2LU the best, and most useful drill/driver for aircraft work.
  2. Aspen Pro MAX display, ADBS weather on the HSI The Aspen has 14.5 square inches of screen, (6 inch diagonal) plus dedicated menu keys around the perimeter. The GI-275 has 5.7 square inches of screen, and only two knobs to access the features. So two GI-275's combined are 30 percent smaller, and harder to use.
  3. the Aspen has at least 30% more usable screen space than two round gauges. It's less cluttered while showing more information. The traffic and weather presents better because of this.
  4. buy the new Lightspeed Delta Zulu headset, it has a built in CO detector. Plus you protect your hearing with the latest and best ANR available. I know the CSOB in all of us hates the price up front, but remind yourself that it's less than a quarter of the price of hearing aids... https://www.sportys.com/lightspeed-delta-zulu-headset.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=&creative={AdId}&device=c&matchtype=&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-JacBhC0ARIsAIxybyMt_EBbPx0W0nqzDDVy-hNzinjUOq0DvS97uoIb-tclXd5HK7IPBT4aAu4jEALw_wcB
  5. Tempest and Champion make their filters in the US.
  6. I go with a Class 3 because it's 20 minutes in the doctor's office, and $100. As long as I can walk in under my own power, see and hear reasonably well, have normal blood pressure and no diabetes, I walk out with the certificate in hand. Basic Med takes too much time, and time is one thing I don't have. And let's be honest. A lot of people go with Basic Med because they're unhealthy enough that they probably wouldn't pass a Class 3. And a Class 3 is not a very high bar to begin with.
  7. Optimize your CG to get the most speed. You'll find best CG is about 75 percent of the way towards the aft limit. Push the seats back in cruise, and use ballast as needed to achieve the best CG. Optimum CG is generally worth 4 to 7 knots.
  8. Continental has their own AD from 2020, on IO-520/550 cross flow type cylinders made from 2014 to 2018. Worse yet, the AD instructed you to modify the cylinder head by grinding away some excess casting flash, which was supposed to prevent them from cracking in this area (next to the exhaust port). But now it seems that modified cylinders are still cracking.
  9. it's taking the FAA six months, minimum, to process new applications to re-register airplanes. If aircraft registration has expired and a renewal certificate has not been issued, received, and placed in the aircraft, then the aircraft is without authority to operate. Expired certificates cannot be extended. This is why the process starts six months before expiration, when prompt action will enable the timely delivery of new certificates, and leave a few extra weeks to recover from most inadvertent errors. After the registration expiration date the Registry will send a notice to the owner to tell them when the N-number assignment is scheduled for cancellation. If the owner wishes to keep the N-number they must, before the cancelation takes place, send a request to the Registry asking that the aircraft's registration be cancelled and the N-number be reserved in the owner's name, accompanied by the $10.00 N-number reservation fee. If the N-number is canceled without being reserved, it will not be available for re-assignment or reservation for the next five years.
  10. I would not buy a plane that has been de-registered. Let the current owner fix that mess.
  11. you can't move it anywhere, it was de-registered over a year ago. Re-registering planes that have had registrations cancelled by the FAA is a giant headache. They get cancelled when the owners fail to return the registration renewal that the FAA sends out six months in advance. Usually because of an incorrect address where the letter gets returned to the FAA. I've got a friend caught up in that, and it's been nearly a year and it's still not fixed. On a plane he bought new in 2007.
  12. The trim in a Cirrus is an electrically driven spring cartridge. It assists the control, it doesn't move a trim tab. And it has a limited range. So if you should have full trim in any direction, you can still control the plane without any superhuman strength.
  13. If you give us the tail number, you might get a better response, since there aren't that many Mooneys down here. It might save you the trouble of a pre-buy if the plane isn't even worth looking at. Or it might help you get a great one if others know it's a plane worth owning.
  14. 1 to 1 tach time RPM is usually lower than you might think. On 2575 max RPM constant speed prop engines, it is only 2292 RPM, almost the same as a 2700 RPM engine with a fixed pitch prop, which is 2297 RPM. The highest ratio I have seen for a non-geared engine is 2400 RPM. The 1 to 1 time is not really a cruise average, it's an average for a one hour flight including the lower RPM of descent and landing. Your tach would normally show the ratio on the data plate.
  15. I used to do pre-buys all over the country, then fly the plane home with the new owner. And they would get to help with the pre-buy, learn about their new bird, and then get a number of hours toward their insurance requirements on the way home. In the past few years it's been harder to align all the pieces to make it work, and still have a reasonable cost to the new buyer. I will give one piece of advice though, don't look for the lowest cost, look for the best value.
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