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  1. Installed another pair of AV30's in a Stinson this week. The owner is very happy with them!
  2. I put one of the first 7035-28's in my previous plane and it lasted over seven years. It would have gone longer, but I moved that plane to Florida after 5 years. Florida heat kills batteries. All batteries- plane, car, Duracells. Up north they last much longer. I've been putting the new 7243-16's in Cirrus aircraft. They have more amps than the Concordes, and so far, the same durability. Even in fleet planes logging 500-600 hours per year, batteries rarely last longer than 3 years due to the high ambient temperatures.
  3. always remember- MPSAWTD. Most People Suck At What They Do. It's the Bell Curve in action. Finding the good people is harder than ever because so many young guys won't consider aviation due to the liability issues, and low starting pay. So we already have an extreme shortage of real talent. More than half of today's IA's will retire in the next 5-10 years. Thank your government for pushing liberal arts degrees in advanced basket weaving, instead of tech schools. All trades are affected, but aviation is affected the most. And lot of the best techs won't work on smaller planes any
  4. A Mooney M18C gear collapsed upon landing, Newark Ohio. October 17th.
  5. Garmin recommends performing a compass swing every 24 months in the G1000/500/600 systems. There are some additional tasks to be done if you have a GFC series autopilot.
  6. at X51 you can use Robert's Air South 305-246-0179. They are reasonable people.
  7. Here are a pair of AV30's that I installed in a friend's Cherokee 140 today
  8. The ASI, VSI, and altimeter are the lightest and most reliable instruments, removing them would be the very last thing to pursue.
  9. I've had good results with Guardian Avionics products. 7 year calibration. They have many different models for all aircraft. Yes, they cost more but I'm not a CB when it comes to keeping my butt safe. https://www.guardianavionics.com/aero-553-panel-digital-display-multi-function-co-detector-tso-certified-aircraft
  10. How many hours on the magnetos? Install fine wire Tempest plugs if you don't have them already.
  11. Leave the oil filler door open after shut down. Heat now has a direct exit from the engine. Hot start problem goes away.
  12. M20F gear collapsed on landing 10-2-2020 Denver CO M20G landed gear up 10-4-2020 Winnsboro SC back on track for an awful year.
  13. It costs MUCH less than paying for dead people. And it's extremely rare, a tiny fraction of the number of gear ups.
  14. Within the DOT hydrostatic test regulation is a built in extension to the test requirement. You do not need to test at the end of the 3 year or 5 year (as applicable) term to continue using a full bottle, but you can't refill the bottle after the end of the term. Meaning that you can fill your bottle at the end of the 3rd or 5th year, and use the bottle until it is empty. Then it must be tested before refilling. So if you are a casual user, you might gain another full year of use before needing to test & refill it. This acknowledges that pressure cycles are more important that just calenda
  15. An M20K had a prop strike upon landing in Seeley Lake Montana. This was posted today by the FAA, but with an incident date of September 3rd.
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