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  1. Prist is both a cleaner, and a protective coating for the plexi. Prevents bugs from sticking. Also improves the clarity by filling the pores and micro scratches. Well worth the cost.
  2. I have one, removed yesterday during an Aspen installation. GDC31 with switch, wire harness, manuals. PM for details
  3. Alternator circuits are relatively simple. The regulator senses bus voltage and sends current to the alternator field in proportion to the differential between bus voltage and set point voltage. The circuit depends on sound connections in the field circuit, and in the ground paths from the alternator to the airframe. Dual alternator systems are only slightly more complex. Load sharing should be equal, and often times when under light loads one alternator will carry the full load, and the other will carry nothing, causing an inoperative light.When that occurs, adding significant load should extinguish the light. Turning on pitot heat is enough load to make the inoperative alternator come on line. If it does, then the system is normal. If not, you have to determine if the problem is in the regulator, the wiring, or the alternator itself. It is rarely the alternator (provided it has less than 1500 hours since new).
  4. An Mooney M20E gear collapsed while taxiing in Modesto, CA on the 29th.
  5. They always fly IFR so night vision preservation isn't as critical. The guy who flies small planes VFR at night needs red interior lighting, so he can readily see outside at night. The current craze of bright panel lighting is very bad for VFR night flight.
  6. The Aztec population is mostly used in commercial operations, so the flight hours will be higher than the average owner-flown Mooney, or Piper Comanche. Meaning that #1, the hydraulic gear design of the Aztec is stronger, and more reliable, and is flown more often by commercial pilots. #2, the owner flown Mooney/PA24/Beech Bonanza fleet has lower average flight hours, all of these planes have an electro-mechanical gear that is more fragile and dependent upon superior maintenance to be trust worthy, and this fleet is flown by casual fliers who may not always be at the top of their game.
  7. Only four days from the previous Mooney gear incident, an M20E had the gear collapse on landing in Provo Utah on July 28th. There were 2213 Mooney gear incidents from 1978-2019. There were 43 Mooney gear incidents in all of 2019. There will be more than that this year at this pace. Contrast that with 1112 Piper Comanche (single engine) incidents from 1978-2019. And 2734 Beech 33, 35, & 36 incidents over the same time span. And, to contrast with a hydraulic gear system, the Piper PA23 Apache/Aztec line reported only 624 incidents over the same span.
  8. There are several good products for dry washing and in most cases it works very well. But don't use wax. Use a paint sealant to maintain the finish. Rejex is tried and true, it works very well, or you can try the ceramic coatings that are all the rage. Any sealant will outlast and outshine wax, and protect the paint.
  9. Miami Dade is run by bureaucrats that don't care about anything but their next paycheck. An A&P can work on his own plane, but can't do much since there are no hangars available.
  10. Another M20J geared up on July 22nd, in Georgetown KY. Right on schedule, every four days or less. Who's next?
  11. I fly so many different planes that I just use the power needed to give me 120 knots in the initial approach, and then reduce a few inches to give 90 knots at glide slope intercept. Power needs vary by the weight as well. You can develop your own chart based on your plane and your typical loading on a vice VFR day. The power settings will essentially be the same as you use in the traffic pattern.
  12. You have any recommendations for brand tires and tubes?

    1. philiplane


      Goodyear Flight Custom III tires with Michelin Airstop tubes.

    2. Aspen2013
  13. Mooney M20J collapsed right gear upon landing, veered off runway, Block Island RI on 7-18-20. Going to run out of Mooneys soon at this rate.
  14. tires that are stiffer than necessary just make things crack. Ask Cirrus. They went from a six ply tube type, to a ten ply tubeless tire on the 2013 and newer SR22. After a year, they had several nose gear legs develop cracks around the shock mount, some resulted in legs breaking off and the nose hitting the dirt. The immediate fix was to lower the tire pressure and inspect for gear leg cracks every 50 hours.
  15. CDT is important, in that it indicates how hard the turbo is working. An unusually high CDT calls for inspection of the induction system for leaks. Running with leaks causes the turbo to spin faster, which shortens the life of the turbo. Turbo RPM can increase from 30,000 rpm, to 70,000 rpm, where the life will be cut by 2/3rds.