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  1. I have one that came with my 1993 M20J. I don’t think that I will ever use it. I am in the Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. Whereabouts are you?
  2. Hey John, I loosen all of the camlock‘s and attach one bungee cord on each side of the lower Cowl to support it so that it does not drop to the ground. I then roll an office chair, with the back removed, under the cowl. I unhook the bungee cords and allow the Cowl to sit on the chair. With the prop in the horizontal position it is easy to roll the chair, with a cowl on it, out from under the airplane. Reinstalling it is just the reverse. See if that works for you. Peter
  3. I have a digital copy that I believe I can share with you if I had your email address. PM me if you like.
  4. Unfortunately we are strictly into the Apple products.
  5. I trained in a Cessna 152 as a 36-year-old. After my PPL I had a deal to fly that Cessna for another 50 hours. I then put a few hours on a piper archer because I always liked the low wing. At about 100 hours I was looking for my own airplane. At first I thought that the logical way to go would be with a paper arrow. But with a bit of research I soon realized that a Mooney was the airplane for me. I bought a J and received 10 hours of dual to satisfy my insurance provider. I put about 600 hours on it in the six years that I owned it. Other things got in the way and I left flying for almost 18
  6. Thanks Brian. That is basically what mine looks like. I thought that there might be a cover for that whole thing so that the red release lever did not get knocked around accidentally. Peter
  7. The aircraft has 2800 hours total. I believe the cables are original. I have had the airplane for almost one year. It turns out that as the weather got colder, the cables got stiffer. The weather has now warmed up and the cables are much easier to operate. My annual is coming up in just over a month, and we will take a close look at the cables then. Probably try to lubricate them and then see what happens. Thanks for all the good info .
  8. I am having an issue with a stiff throttle and prop control cables on ‘93 J. What was the successful procedure with the tri-Flo?
  9. I WOULD like to know how it actually works.
  10. If I had to use the emergency gear extention in flight, I’m not sure if I would want to have to find a screwdriver to remove some screws before I could use it.
  11. My ‘93 J came without an emergency gear extension cover. I would like to know how it is secured in place. Does it just snap in place over the handle? Does anyone have a photo handy of what it looks like when in place? What are the pros and cons of having it replaced? I am trying to decide if I want or need it. Peter
  12. On my 93 J the transducer is mounted with the wires up with a 45-deg elbow at the inlet. I would not consider 45 degrees to be a sharp bend. Also, I cleaned and back flushed the transducer with brake fluid, and it has not acted up since.
  13. The glass face plate on the vac gauge in my 93 MSE is cracked. Any body know how to remove it for replacement?
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