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  1. Yes John, I’m starting to understand that the lower cowl l should stay with the airplane. Peter
  2. Peter T

    Turbonormalizing M20J

    If you still want to turbo normalize your M20J, I can help you.
  3. I won’t remove the turbo system until I have it sold to someone who is willing to swap their naturally aspirated parts for the turbo system. I am willing to keep it if a good swap does not work out. I did have a 1984 M20J 15 years ago. I was very happy with that and wouldn’t mind going that route again.
  4. The STC is transferable.The turbo was installed In the US before the aircraft was imported into Canada.
  5. Yes, for the right price, I would be willing to swap out my lower cowl with everything in place. All that would be required would be to repaint lower cowl for both aircraft.
  6. The system came with the airplane. My home base is at sea level and I hardly ever get above 10,000 ft, so it does not serve as much of an advantage for my needs.
  7. Have a complete and perfectly functioning M20 TURBO NORMALIZING kit presently installed on my 1993 M20J. Would be easy to remove and install on your M20J. I would want to swap any stock parts removed from your aircraft to mine. Have all paper work and can send you pics.
  8. Are you still interested in turbo normalizing your M20J? I have one installed on my 1993 M20J. It’s all there and functioning perfectly with all the bugs worked out of it. Recently overhauled. I would possibly be interested in swapping back to normally aspirated.


  9. Peter T

    Turbonormalizing M20J

    Hey rxo188 I just purchased a 1993 M20J with an M20 turbo installation. Flew it from Charleston S.C. to my home base of CZBB which is pretty much Vancouver Canada. It performed flawlessly. I am in the process of getting the import and Canadian registration done. I did not necessarily want or need the turbo option because my home base is at sea level and do most of my flying below 10,000 ft. I am not unhappy with it but would consider selling it.
  10. Yes I did Clarence, thank you very much. But I had already got what I needed in the way of a service manual and parts catalogue from a post on February 13. If you scroll back up a few you can see. Thanks again for all the help. Peter
  11. This has been extremely helpful. I am up around Vancouver British Columbia and do not have a local MSC available to me. My AME ( who has been maintaining a 231) and I will do the best we can with what we have. I am glad that there is a large and helpful American Mooney community out there to lean on. I am also interested in having my POH available to me in digital form. Should I have mine scanned and download it or is there one out there for a 93 M20J SN: 24-3287. I believe the POH # is 3202B. Thanks again
  12. Going to be new to Mooney ownership. Am going to want to be involved in owner assisted maintenance. Aircraft in question is a 1993 M20J. Are the manuals specific to year and model? Can I get them free online?Any help is appreciated. If desired, you can email me directly at
  13. Am actively looking to purchase an M20J. Still have this one?