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  1. Peter T

    Shadin Miniflo-L malfuntion

    On my 93 J the transducer is mounted with the wires up with a 45-deg elbow at the inlet. I would not consider 45 degrees to be a sharp bend. Also, I cleaned and back flushed the transducer with brake fluid, and it has not acted up since.
  2. Peter T

    Cracked glass on vacuum gauge

    I am hoping to replace the glass
  3. The glass face plate on the vac gauge in my 93 MSE is cracked. Any body know how to remove it for replacement?
  4. Peter T

    Fuel Flow Gauge

    I had the same experience. It was intermittent for a couple of weeks. I checked all connections and ground. Finally I removed the transducer and soaked and cleaned it with carburetor cleaner as per suggestion on this site. . I gently washed some carburetor fluid backwards through the transducer. It has been working flawlessly since then.
  5. Thank you all for your input. Factory tack was fairly accurate at 2000 RPM. I will check it at high RPM and go from there.
  6. Governor is McCauley 290D
  7. Data as of March 2018 governor is a MCCAULEY C290D5G/T17
  8. I don’t hear or feel it increasing but I do notice when I bring it back down.. This is the information on the prop. Is that what you were looking for?
  9. Aircraft is a 1993 M20J with the original McCauley prop. During a static run up I can get the RPM up to about 2600. During the take off roll and early in the climb, I will see 2700 RPM. Then a very short time later, if I let it, the RPM will move all the way to almost 3000. So right after take off I have to start rolling the prop control back to prevent that. I have had the tach checked and it is accurate. Prop has about 2800 hrs ttsn and 120 ttsoh in 2013. Any thoughts?
  10. I am looking for the front left panel. Do you still have that one?
  11. Peter T

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please include me.
  12. Apparently Mrs. Sandman is the present owner, the widow of the previous owner of the STC
  13. So after doing more research and getting educated by this forum, I realize that the STC for this installation is not transferable nor is it available at this time. Jetdriven (Byron) was especially helpful in sharing the research that he had done on this particular topic. I apologize for not having had complete and accurate information before posting this. In the meantime I have come to appreciate and completely enjoy the M20’s capability and performance. It is a privilege to have access to the accumulative knowledge and experience of this community.
  14. Peter T

    Shadin Miniflo-L malfuntion

    So I get to the airport today, and start it up. The miniflo comes to life and works perfectly. Went flying and continued to work as always before. It is likely a connection issue and will look next time I have a reason to remove the cowl. Thanks for all the help.