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  1. Interested in drink holders as well, having manual gear kinda limits things
  2. No kids here, but Happy Fathers Day to you as well
  3. 15 Surefires? Your north of $300, way north...
  4. I have 4 or 5 of the HF give-a-ways as well, didn't mention them as I assumed everyone has at least 1 . $300 7yrs ago, hate to think what they go for now.
  5. Streamlite Strion, 1 small (= 2 A s) 1 larger (= 3 C s), pricey at just south of $300 for both. Batteries lasted 7 yrs and the smaller one spent several hours submerged last year when the hangar flooded. 3 functions- bright as hell, almost bright as hell and strobe. The only thing I don't like about most LED's and Lithium batteries is no warning before it shuts off. Several older Maglites in several sizes, but they aren't as rugged as far as rolling off onto the floor, bulb always bites the dust
  6. Probably, my jacks, tail stand and A-frame are overkill, I tend to overbuild things at times
  7. I use a nylon strap at the top motor mounts, I don't like cherry pickers because they can bleed down over time, so I built an A-frame and bought a chain hoist. I've left my plane jacked for several weeks and never worried about it bleeding down and possibly falling off the jacks
  8. Service Instruction M20-114, is what I follow, I went one extra step and built an adjustable tail stand once it is raised up. Very stable with a chain hoist (can't bleed off) from an A-frame and tail stand to keep it from rocking back.
  9. Not sure if it's still available but try Here
  10. I understood the little ones, I did have to google a few of them
  11. It has to do with rubber and Als only brother was Art
  12. I use my wrist watch, I also use a log sheet that has start & stop times for real time, tach time and hobbs time, takes less than a minute to enter all 6 times
  13. In till it touches, then 1/8th turn, no way I could get a 1/2 turn on mine without tools, a full 1/4 turn by hand would be difficult
  14. Question....... Why wouldn't you set it for 1 hour is 1 hour?