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  1. Sometimes you have to get at least one jab in. I also have to keep myself reeled in at times so I can stay in the good graces of the Admins
  2. Good job of getting back down, but your posts are confusing, steep turns?, 90°?, usable runway?,
  3. Durability probably isn’t as good as a silkscreen, and as far labor invested, doesn’t look like it to me
  4. Product Liability and Insurance companies rolling over BS lawsuits has damn near ruined several industries. I watched a podcast several years ago from AOPA with one of the guests being the CEO from Cessna, he said on average 40% of the cost is product liability
  5. 4 door Truck, seats 5, I don’t know 7 people I want in my vehicle......lol
  6. @Hank I’m a truck guy as well, about the closest I’ve ever came to owning a car for my use is an El Camino in 1980, everything before and after has been trucks & motorcycles
  7. Hope it has a RH yoke now, kinda dangerous for the co-pilot in the event of a sudden stop
  8. Google Translate ain’t got no Big Words to Little Words button, so go easy on me
  9. 30 was the asking price, might have sold for less. Either way on the face of it someone probably did ok
  10. I heard they are phasing out the Radial stuff at least from the written
  11. Slick don’t make good candidates due to the cost, a few years back there were some really junk PMA’ed parts that didn’t help Slicks reputation (high failure rates). I just replaced a Slick with over 2000 hrs, it had never been in for ANY type of service, the only thing in the logs was Points & Capacitor at 1200 hrs of service
  12. I just did this on the 172 (6 cyl), it was only 150 more to go NEW Mag kits which had everything needed, mags, harness, plugs, gskts and hardware
  13. We have an Aviation School locally, the Oral & Practical for Gen, A&P is all done at once..... not sure if that’s a school thing or not
  14. Isn't it actually 9 test total? Written, Oral and Practical for the General, Airframe and Power Plant