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  1. I heard something outside our front door several years back so I went to check it out, our cat had a Wingwing Dove pinned against the door that he had caught. As soon as I opened the door the injured bird came past me and was gaining altitude, needless to say we sent a few hours cleaning what looked like a crime scene and then several days nursing a bird back to where it could be released
  2. SWTA website...... 405-990-7535
  3. Not sure the tail has to be removed to get the jackscrew gear box out
  4. I was told if you draw blood, your using to much pressure
  5. @Hank @Skates97 once the gear is down it’s not much different than the 172. I really like pointing the nose down for a cruise descent at 170~175 indicated, that’s no where close to Cessna
  6. I remember my 1st flight in my E, we were at 4500agl, CFI told me to descend to TPA and start slowing her down to 120, we were 5+ miles out, I finally asked him to pick one, speed or altitude you ain’t getting both
  7. I’ve used my bare hand for 30 years on motorcycle windshields and paint and never damaged anything doing it, clean hands, lots of water and barely any pressure is no problem at all
  8. A pre-buy is a must unless you know the aircraft really well, title search is a must, old liens are a pain to clear when the lien holder is no longer around, escrow depends on you and/or the seller. My E was a cash deal, FAA lost my paper work and i had to send it all in again, luckily I had the 2 partners sign 3 sets of documents, so I had a spare I could send back to them
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