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  1. Isn't the logo based on Al Mooney' initials?
  2. Being from Harlingen and growing up less than 2 miles from the CAF was a true treat. Seemed like they were always flying something and the closer it got to the airshow, the more they flew. Rebel Field is still in Mercedes TX. (birth place) but is pretty bad shape, I've flown in and out of there numerous times in the 172 but its too overgrown for even it now.
  3. @Daneshgari first report was a “HOT” mag, now you say intermittent issue. Just curious what it is doing? Is it that you cannot kill the engine with the key or something different?
  4. @eman1200 any idea why the wing is off?
  5. My best landings are the ones no one else sees, the opposite is true for the ugly landings..... As far as talking out loud to myself... been doing it for years, sometimes I just don't listen
  6. Make your own? $600.00 will buy a lot of material/supplies/tools
  7. exactly, their rules...we just play be them
  8. true, and I get that part but this was no painting of any kind. On my side of the Airport they are all Box Hangars with at least 10ft between them, the Hangar behind (up wind) mine is now used for painting aircraft by an A&P/IA and other than the smell I havent had an issue yet
  9. @takair our airport hired a new manager who implemented HIS revised Rules. One of the rules was No Painting in the hangars (private or city owned) without prior writen authorization..... I wore him out on little brackets and pieces, so now it's no longer a rule , I think I would need escorted in and out a bunch
  10. I would contact Champion and see what they suggest
  11. Contact the AOPA ASN Volunteer ASN Search HERE, if there is not an ASN for your airport contact AOPA and let them know what is going on. There are very few Airports that do not receive Federal Funding which comes with an extremely large list of "Do's & Don'ts" the Aiport HAS to abide by or they Repay the grant monies issued. The ASN volunteer should be going to Airport Advisory Board meetings and they can bring it up there as well although Covid-19 might have the meetings put on hold for now.