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  1. hardware store screws seem to be soft and tend to strip or break
  2. I know that plane.... hey Michael, how have you been?
  3. My E had had the ORIGINAL disk (old style), had to get new shock towers (3) to go to the new style disks. I called Dan at LASAR and had him send me ALL the parts (collars, bushings, towers, disc...etc) plus all new hardware, it was spendy for everything
  4. lol, was just about to ask for a link... LEMO plugs are delicate, most that I know just leave them plugged in
  5. The lower bolt in the tower has one flat milled on the head so it will clear on the nose gear, I paid 50ish for it 7 years ago from LASAR, all the other hardware was reasonable through LASAR
  6. not sure on value but your market just got really really small
  7. There was a 172 down here for a while that had all kinds of “Art” work on every inch of it, looked like a Low Rider with wings. It was some kinda Fugly
  8. That’s how my IA taught me, one leg gets cut in the middle of the nut and the other in the middle of the bolt
  9. We put LED strip lighting in my Mooney and buddies Cessna, no interference on either, but my LED lighting (12 8 footers) for the hangar plays hell with the radios as well
  10. You say it seems to be getting worse, how long AFTER the install did the problem start?
  11. Too embarrassed to post, but thanks for asking
  12. My CFI is big on checklist for the commercial, but he’s also old enough to know these older birds had very basic checklists
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