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  1. RLCarter

    When should I change the oil?

    Nope, what is on the screen is all
  2. RLCarter

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    Engine oil removes heat, lower oil levels can't dissipate as much heat. As the oil temp goes up oil pressure goes down....
  3. RLCarter

    When should I change the oil?

    @kpaul, @DonMuncy we did the same at a shop I worked at, we just drained a single qt at a time into a 1 gallon water/milk jug. We never ran it anything other than our forklift due to the fact it was a potpourri of brands and weights.
  4. RLCarter

    When should I change the oil?

    I use to be really good at Math, pocket calculators and the personal computers have all but ruined me
  5. RLCarter

    When should I change the oil?

    true...but not wanting to get into a piss'n contest it will change the resulting torque..Pythagorean Theorem
  6. RLCarter

    When should I change the oil?

    here is the formula (Desired Torque X B divided A +B
  7. RLCarter

    When should I change the oil?

    top of the list, well 5 item down on Mooneys100 Hour-Annual Inspection Guide
  8. I think he retrieved (pulled) them from his app
  9. RLCarter

    When should I change the oil?

    I change the oil & filter every 40 hrs which gives me a 10 hour buffer if needed. Oil is cheap compared to the parts it protects. Personally I see no point in waiting hours or even days for the oil to drain, warm the oil up either by idling, taxi or flight, warm oil drains better and it suspends the byproducts so they flow out with the oil.
  10. Air will eventually work its way "up"..... But why not just follow the procedure in the maintinace manual?
  11. RLCarter

    ARI mod and Wing Landing lights?

    Didn't the tooling for both the cowl closure & 201 windshield get damaged or something?
  12. My guess is it's 2 seperate pieces of software, one for the applicationand and a seperate one for the registry
  13. If memory serves, the hole is beveled on the ball side
  14. Should have parked it facing uphill.........
  15. When I got me IR it only took a few weeks for the new plastic to come in, but that was 5yrs ago. When I purchased the plane it took almost a full year, I called several times to see what was going on (web said pending), was told no issues, just backlogged, then they lost all the paper work and I had to send it all back in...3 or 4 weeks on the second try