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  1. RLCarter

    Owner produced heat shield

    a common issue with exhaust systems is how they are installed, if the system is just bolted down as it goes together it will be in a bind and as it heats up and expands it generally gets worse and parts distort and/or fail. I generally install the complete system before evenly tightening things up, then do the same with the heat shields
  2. RLCarter

    Tempest oil filters

    2 pages of replies and @mooneyflyfast still doesn't like tempest oil filters, the 2 guys in the videos are wrong (not by much, but still wrong), I still get pissed when I see someone back drag a file or saw blade, and for gods sake if you don't know which end of the screw driver to hit with the ratchet when chiseling a nut loose check the internet
  3. RLCarter

    Tempest oil filters

    If you don't feel like doing the math, clocking the crows foot 90° will get you close, but they are wrong.
  4. RLCarter

    Tempest oil filters

    It's only expensive once
  5. Shoot Brittain an email, pretty sure they will answer and send you what you need
  6. The kit through Mooney is wildly spendy, give LASAR a call, they had everything in stock when I did mine a few years ago
  7. +1, if the rubber is playable (fingernail test) I'd install them
  8. RLCarter

    cleaning inside cowl

    the best thing I have found is the guy across the field, a couple pieces of paper is all it takes. It also cleans the whole plane not just the inside of the cowl
  9. RLCarter

    Welcome Home, N1157L!

  10. RLCarter

    Promotional give away

    No pic to throw in but really nice work @bonal
  11. RLCarter

    Now You See IT-Now You Don’t...

    If it has a key ring you should be able to fish it out with a magnet, sounds like the defrost vent swallowed it
  12. RLCarter

    Nose Wheel 65 M20E Help!!

    Can the rim be used long enough to get you home? Twice the work this way but will get you back at your home field
  13. RLCarter

    Abilene, TX: PIREP Request

    Just south of Amarillo, Tx is Palo Duro Canyon. Not as big as the Grand Canyon, but still a pretty big ditch and not that far out of route
  14. RLCarter

    Under attack

    Just saw on FB that LASAR might be in the cross hairs
  15. It does ck the P leads, turning the switch to off monetarily after a flight verifies the P leads are still intact after the flight and is somewhat safe when the engine is off