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  1. RLCarter

    Shroud of Turin

    Here ya go https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/jpi_brd-fb-sleeve.php?clickkey=3890731
  2. Pretty sure the FAA uses the date the Airworthy certificate was issued
  3. RLCarter

    How many Mooneys do you have on your field?

    (1) E, (1) G and (1) seasonal Ovation
  4. I found a vendor with 2 in stock over a year ago, sold the spare to another MS'r so his wife didn't have such a climb getting in
  5. Brittian is in the process of being purchased and re-opening.
  6. RLCarter

    Brittain Industries coming back

    This is awesome news
  7. RLCarter

    Backseat of an M20J - Not so bad

    Correct, I was just saying I fit some what comfortable in a short body, so the mid body would be no problem for me
  8. RLCarter

    Backseat of an M20J - Not so bad

    6'1" and 220#, have riden in the back seat of short body, it's not that bad and actually easier to get in and out of
  9. They (CFI) needs to be able to demonstrate the maneuver
  10. Yep, same boat, can't seem to find a CFI (that I like) with Mooney time. The one I used for my IR is now a DPE and stays busy out of town. With the rule change I'm considering knocking the Commercial and CFI out in the Cessna
  11. Removing the bulb makes it in-op, it would be better to disable the system by killing the power to it
  12. RLCarter

    Fuel Selector Help!

    FYI, It's a Stat-O-Seal
  13. RLCarter

    FAA aviation safety inspector.

    Why? In the end the FSDO is going to look at your logs and your plane so might as well get it over with. If you think the FAA is out to get you, you damn sure don't want them pissed as well
  14. RLCarter

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    We (GA) still have an average of 1 a week that try to get an internal combustion engine to run on air. The FAR's state what the reserves are for the type of flight. Personally I use 1 hour, yep on long x-countries I stop more than I should but I'm not in that big of a hurry or i would have gone commercial. Knowing exactly how much fuel and where its at is a huge plus if your going to push the minimums but for me, a "Stick & Watch" gets me to my next fuel stop, besides I would much rather stretch my legs than my fuel. Oh and if mother natures calls, I land as well.