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  1. @Whiskey Charlie what app are you using?
  2. Looking for a Radio

    Anyone know which radios would just slide into the existing tray and nav head? Sorry, not sure which nav head he has but I assume it's the factory Cessna
  3. Isn't there private company's that offer satellite imagery,? Seem to remember a website you could go to when Malaysia Airlines (MH) #380 went down and help with the search
  4. On mine there is a doubler inside the tank, sealed nut plates are riveted to the doubler and the doubler is riveted to the rib, there is an inspection plate under the wing that allows access from the bottom
  5. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    I've been thinking about Cerakote, durable and isn't as think as powder coating and more durable than paint
  6. Retract handle boot

    Went with LASAR's which are cloth, don't remember the cost but did both sets of rudder pedals at the same time
  7. Time for a new Mag

    Make or buy a shadow box and hang it up in your man cave or hangar.......I'm impressed it worked at all
  8. Time for a new Mag

    It looks like it came off the Titanic........ Sorry Paul, had to say it
  9. Not sure if this is where I should be posting or even if I should be. I have a friend needing a radio for his Cessna and he doesn’t have a lot of spare cash being a police officer with two small kids and a wife that just got her degree in education. The radio needed is a 300 Com/Nav RT-328T, which I believe is an original radio from Cessna. I’m not real savvy on avionics but from what I have gathered there are few slide-in replacements as well. So if you have one or a slide in replacement on a shelf somewhere let me know what you’ll take for it. Just trying to help a fellow pilot stay in the air...Thanks
  10. M20c rear window replacement

    Never replaced one but like all things Mooney, just a bunch of screws. I would definitely get a plexiglass drill bit for that many holes and use the correct sealant as mentioned above
  11. The dropped pin is Dans Hangar
  12. Seat tracks

    I pulled the rollers off when I painted the seat bases, all 8 rollers were metallic, brass or bronze alloy. I wonder if they are original as I doubt they've been replaced
  13. M20K Binder

    Nice..... Who did the printing on the binder?
  14. Give Dan Morse a call at Morse Aircraft (956) 241-9907, located at T65 (Weslaco Tx)