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  1. Wire welder

    Wire feed (MIG) is better than stick, don't bother with flux core wire use Argon for the shielding gas (the "bottle"), personally I would spend the bucks and go Heli-Arc (TIG) with a foot controller, very similar to gas welding plus with an AC/DC machine you can weld steel, stainless, aluminum, etc....... Cons for wire feed, the wire will bind if there is tight bend in the lead, Cons for Heli-Arc the material has to be very clean
  2. The Nose does take more pressure, me and my A&P did all three legs in around 4hrs. (neither of us had done this before)
  3. EDM 900 owners

    sure sounds like a grounding issue
  4. Druck Transducers

    @Gary R. Jones, In an effort to get your thread back on track, welcome aboard. You might want to add what they came off of and what they measure (better search results). If you ignore your 1st experience, Mooney Space really is a great group
  5. Druck Transducers

    This thread is officially drucksed up,
  6. EDM 900 owners

    Not sure if this has been asked or not..... Has the issues been there since the install, or have they popped up slowly over time? Is this an owner installation, owner assisted, or shop installed?
  7. Fuel Contamination

    Any major fires in the area? They burn Sugar Cane in our part of TX and the ash goes/gets everywhere, I've seen it at altitude as high as 7500msl
  8. ADSB Tracking

    Big Brother is watching.....lol. FlightAware tracks IFR flights and VFR sometimes, there a couple companies you register with then file through the them to fly with a "masked" tail number. Not sure what the fee is but I'm sure there is one
  9. Looking at your other post on issues with your JPI, my guess would be head unit (possible grounding issue) probes do fail but several at the same time is rare, temp probe should be out on the wing so your not reading the heat from the cowl area
  10. pattern etiquette question

    It's not just students, a non-instrument rated pilot might not have a clue as to where you are, even an IR pilot not familiar with the approach would have issues
  11. Hangar space in DC area

    Good luck, friend of mine moved there 2 yrs ago, and still looking. 500 isn't too bad for a short term
  12. Flight instrument removal

    At 57 it ain't no cakewalk, but being 6'1" and 225#'s doesn't help much, luckily my A&P/IA is a rubbery 37 and skinny
  13. pattern etiquette question

    Legal does not mean Safe, and I believe you know the answer for next time. Closer than you would have liked, beat and ready to land and I assume a tighter pattern than you normally fly. Had this been at a controlled field, what do you think the controller would have done? Another thing I didn't see in the comments is if the 150 was on a IFR flight plan he now has both sets of rules to abide by and stands a better chance of violating an FAR
  14. They do become flying projects at some point