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  1. Sounds like it's time to put it up on jacks and see if you have a brake dragging or too tight of pre-load on your wheel bearings
  2. When did it weather vane, on take off roll or after rotation, was it a 15kt direct x-wind and how much aileron did you have in. My 65 E handles a direct x-wind of 15kts pretty well
  3. My guess is one of the schools CFI's had one of the FBO's line crew move it. If that's the case I would go by and have the FBO manager call the Flight School manager over for a little unscheduled meeting.
  4. see...sounds better, i'll go back to Fahrenheit in a month or so
  5. 8~12 seconds is called out on the PDF above, and as noted the adjustment is very sensitive and check the retract speed with the nut snugged on the adjusting screw
  6. Knocking over a cooler wouldnt even last long down here, I've been using Celsius just to keep the numbers low (it's a mind game)
  7. LASAR sells a rebuild kit or you can send them your pump. Get your A&P to do it and save the down time FlapPump.PDF
  8. This seems like a common error in at least earlier aircraft, vehicles come with an MSO (Manufactures Statement of Origin) and state titles are issued from it. Since there is no MSO's or titles on aircraft the FAA uses the a date from the Airworthiness Certificate. When I did the ADS-B rebate on my E, one of the things to check was if all the info on the FAA register was correct, mine was actually missing the year model. A quick search on the FAA's site produced a phone number to call for registrations, 10 minutes later it was done, didnt ask any questions or have me send anything in..... quick and simple
  9. Half of what I had heard, and that is for all 4 boards. Odd pricing, at least my thought. So let's hear ideas about how/where this MS Toolbox would work
  10. I've heard there are no ADs on the Meyers, well the airframe that is
  11. Might be a little late, hopefully he found the pins in the past 6 1/2 years
  12. Do mirrored scales on placards and screw them to the boards, a few extra steps but I believe that's how the originals are done