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  1. The FAA has relaxed some over the past few years as to what an AME can sign off on, some things still have to go through OKC the 1st time but then the AME can sign it off the next (assuming nothing has changed).
  2. I used local guys for powder coat ($50.00) and a local hotrod shop for the leather ($125.00)
  3. ?.. I’ve walked out with my 3rd or 2nd class medical for the past 15 years when I got back into flying
  4. They just hand it to you at the AMEs office if there are no issues that have to be reviewed by OK city
  5. Patience, elbow grease and your favorite solvent to soften it up, My original style seal had multiple layers of contact type glue EVERYWHERE, it must have been applied with a mop
  6. Half are correct, but sure how many tries it took....... lol, compass card? I thought it was a spreadsheet for a major X-country
  7. Leather or Powder Coat, leather looks and feels good but the power coating is cheaper.
  8. Pretty close but I think in the original Mooney logo the body forms an "A" for Al and an ""M" for Mooney.... But what do I know
  9. Looks like a kit you get through a MSC, if no longer available Mooney may be willing to send the technical drawings
  10. I would image it would be to the highest rating held?
  11. Guy here found a bucking bar in the wing of a new 182 during its 1st annual several years back
  12. My ass puckers just raising my aircraft on jacks, raising one that high would require medical attention
  13. The slab can run as much as the building as can the doors. Manual doors are the cheapest and can be opened when the power is out, hydraulic doors can make a huge mess when a hydrolic line bursts. Skylight panels can leak over time but they do provide a lot of light even on a moon lit night. LED lighting and plumbing for a bathroom would be on my list as would a garage door for good cross ventilation, if you plan on painting the floor do it ASAP. These guys generally have good prices HERE
  14. I would think ALL (2 or 3 depending on Powerplant) cylinders on either the left hand or right hand side should be pulled for a good look at the cam/lifters