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  1. RLCarter

    FAA aircraft registration slow

    Took OK city 1 year when I purchased my E, the paper work was lost and had to be resent.......
  2. I had one that was cracked, gave it to our local sheet metal guy and whipped one out in less than 30 minutes, it fits better than the OEM filler.
  3. RLCarter

    IPad 2-factor authentication?

    If someone stole an iPad and it was password protected I doubt they would return it to its rightful owner, either way its stolen and I'm off to the store to replace it
  4. RLCarter

    IPad 2-factor authentication?

    I don’t even bother with a password on my iPad, open the cover and it’s ready to go. Nothing sensitive on it anyway
  5. RLCarter


    Carefull what you wish for, we had a flight school out of Mexico on the field for 3 years, they would bring in 50 new students every 90 days or so. Now that was a PITA, and I don't mean "Planes In The Air"
  6. RLCarter


    If it’s a Federally funded airport there isn’t much you can do to keep them out, good radio com with either their pilot and/or ATC makes it pretty much a non-issue
  7. RLCarter

    Boneheaded mistake

    The yoke would have much better results, just not enough throw in the trim to make a difference
  8. RLCarter

    Vacuum failure

    That’s all fine and dandy if your glass with back batteries/ units but the original post sounds like he has steam gauges
  9. RLCarter

    Vacuum failure

    Stay/get proficient on partial panel, as much as I love my iPad, it would be my last resort for keeping the aicraft right side up
  10. RLCarter

    Suction gauge Requirements?

    The Type Certificate Data Sheet will tell you if the Vacuum gauge is required
  11. RLCarter

    Boneheaded mistake

    Good save. What is your reason for full up trim for taxi?
  12. RLCarter

    Contrarian attitude in your CFI

    If he gets invited
  13. RLCarter


    Seven Oh and go, 70% might be passing but it sure makes for a long oral on your checkride
  14. RLCarter

    Contrarian attitude in your CFI

    @gsxrpilot I agree, my CFII I've used for the past 12 years is now a DPE and stays really busy and away from the area. Spent the last 2+ years looking (not real hard) for a CFI to finish up my Commercial been through 5, 2 I really liked but the airlines liked them more.......
  15. Yep, write the check and move.........