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  1. A spec and a sliver? As small as they sound, I wouldn't worry
  2. You might try and restore to original , just remember you will loose all that is on there, so transfer any photos or documents before hand, my mini 2 will get to where it's charge doesn't seem to last, I'll charge to 100% then start WingX and let discharge fully until it powers off, and recharge, seems to help
  3. Yep, going to start in the morning (unless it floods again) and I'll actually split the wheels so it will be a long day(+)
  4. For the past few days there has been a slow moving disturbance generating tropical rain fall here in S.Texas. Last night was the worst so far with an unofficial total of 9" in Weslaco, TX. I have 2 planes based in Weslaco (T65) so after hearing of the flooding over night I started making and receiving phone calls to see how hard the airport was hit. The 25 mile trip over there would be easy via the expressway but one there I knew I would run into road closures, after lunch I made the trek to see how far I could get, once there the south entrance was deeper than I wanted to try in my F-150 so I made my way to the other side just to find much deeper water. While parked with a few other motorist a fellow pilot came up in his 4X4 so I hoped in and went back over to the south gate, the first row of hangars showed signs of high water but it had receded, once on my row I could tell there was still 4~5 inches inside so we went to check his hangar. Once at his hangar the water level had only gotten up maybe an inch, thing were wet but even his tail wheel was above the water level. The water level was going down fairly quick so I had him drop me off back at my truck, with in an hour the water had gone down enough to get to my hangar and what a mess there was when I got the door open, everything that was on the floor had floated around including trash cans, shop vacs, buckets and even a 5ft shelf that had fallen over. There was debris everywhere, the water level had gotten over 11" inside meaning both the Mooney and the Cessna get the wheels pulled off starting in the morning, not exactly the way I wanted to spend Thursday but oh well what can you do.
  5. RLCarter

    P-Lead Length

    My keys hang on Baro set knob, short bodied Mooneys with original windshields have no glare shield, plus that's where my CFI use to hang them, so it's an old habit
  6. RLCarter

    P-Lead Length

    @Skates97 remember with the P-Lead disconnected the Mag is "HOT" so no turning the prop. If it were me I would replace both while I had things apart
  7. RLCarter

    Landing Light Wire

    Never seen a shielded wire on a landing light, mine is just standard aircraft (mil spec) wire. Be sure to size it correctly for the load, I would size it for the standard landing light so if need be you could go back if needed
  8. RLCarter

    Burned output lug on alternator

    a bad connection will cause resistance to go up, resistance is heat, was the terminal loose when you took it apart?
  9. RLCarter

    Screw Kits

    I use one of these Black & Decker, small and light weight, not a lot of torque, and buy good bits
  10. RLCarter

    My second annual

    Luckily it only takes a few hours, I like knocking it out on Friday afternoon, then waving to them Saturday morning as I head out to the plane
  11. RLCarter

    My second annual

    I like your attitude, sadly my neighbor to the east has a landscaping business, and the one across the street is constantly working on his yard so I have to keep up with them or get the stink eye when they catch me outside
  12. RLCarter

    My second annual

    In the mid to late 70's I concidered go to Spartans in Oklahoma (one of the few schools in the country) for my A&P, after more research I was making more part time as a motorcycle mechanic than I would as an A&P working full time. Most of the aviation shops in this area are still lower as far as shop rate compared to their counterparts, and the independent guys are even cheaper.
  13. RLCarter

    My second annual

    Nose only brings in closer, but still a good deal. What was the shop rate (per hour)?
  14. RLCarter

    Doghouse Parts Source

    2 hrs per side is my guess
  15. I agree with a doubler, just make sure it goes past the crank. How sloppy is the hinge? Might be a good time to replace it as well