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  1. There are still some good deals out there it’s just finding them, the one I had at my disposal was picked up a garage sale for under $100 about 6 years ago
  2. lol, sorry to bust your bubble, $1800 is new price, the Vibrator is another $900. In working condition the testers bring about $500 on the low side. Good find on your part
  3. I got all the plastics to cover the nose wheel well from Plane Plastics a few years back
  4. Thanks @Hank, I believe it’s Wren that makes the handheld, or at least the one I saw on Spruce. I bought the cutter blades from spruce and pulled the guts out of a $7 engraver and machined an adapter to joint them together
  5. For the past 5 years or so I have had unlimited access (stored in my hangar) to both the Champion spark plug vibrator cleaner and a Champion tester and really got spoiled having them at my disposal 24/7, that all changed when my IA moved out of state and took his equipment with him (the nerve of some people). With an 0-300 (6 cyl.) and and IO-360 (4 cyl.) needing the plugs serviced during annuals or the occasional buddy dropping by to do his plugs I decided just to buy the right tool for the job, WRONG !! New was going to run me just south of 2700 so the search for used began, my search turned
  6. It is a cool table, haven’t been over there in a while due to the COVID-19 crap
  7. A guy on the field “had” that STC on his BO, requires a lot of Hp to taxi
  8. Your the guy that bangs his shin on the trailer hitch aren’t you....
  9. That is what I did, the original coating was cracked and peeling, looked and felt terrible. After removing the old coating I painted them (corrosion protection), then taped new wire for the PTT switches. Took them over to a local auto upholstery guy who knocked them out for a around $125.00, well worth the effort & money for both comfort and looks
  10. I’ll need to check but I’m pretty sure the 1st logbook started by Mooney has a flight log section as well
  11. thanks @M20Doc..... @Matt Lindeman you might give your favorite MSC a call and see if they have one available, if they do not have one ask if the part numbers given here are interchangeable, either way I will ck for the material in the morning
  12. @Matt Lindeman I don’t think I have any material left (I’ve made several) but will ck tomorrow when I’m at the hangar. Your C shows up as a 64, I don’t have a parts manual for yours, the ones I’ve made are p# 913020-2 which are early 65 models. Will send you a PM tomorrow and let you know one way or the other
  13. I did mine a few years back, I don’t remember it being all that difficult
  14. My old CFII has a 140 and 3 hangars down is its big brother 170. The 140 is from Washington state and the 170 came from S Carolina, you’d swear they were redone by the same guy, paint and interior are damn near identical
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