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  1. 18's and DC3's were everywhere down here on the border back in the contraband days
  2. My IA had me replace mine (was noted in the pre-buy as being missing)
  3. Don’t forget to factor in your credit score
  4. There definitely should be hoses connect to those drains, flap pump rebuild kit I got from LASAR was spot on
  5. I use four points, Nose, LH & RH Wing and Tail.....even then my pucker factor is elevated slightly
  6. That is my understanding as well, and the initial CFI was handed over to the DPE’s as well
  7. Ok, doesnt look as bad on a computer screen as it did outside on my phone
  8. doesnt it need a logbook entry as well?
  9. Looks to be a lot of corrosion, looking where it’s broken off should shiny but it’s dark in color which indicates it’s been cracked (failing) for some time. Looking at the photos I would have the entire nose gear assembly and mounting points inspected, big bucks if it collapses...
  10. use to be, but they are free to go where ever....and they can do 3 rides a day vs 2 a few years back
  11. answered your own question.... and Mooney's aren't alone, but I did see a Cherokee 140 about 10yrs ago with dual 430's in it for sale, basically buying the panel and you got a tired 140 for free
  12. The USCG had a LORAN station down here until 2010ish, might have to fly around and see if the facility is still there
  13. No problem, Don is the go to guy in this area to get the older boxes repaired