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  1. Im never in such a hurry that I can't land and use modern plumbing.
  2. Years ago I went to an public auction of a local aero-space company, there were 4 or 5 big wood boxes (pallet size) full of 1,000's of assorted sizes of cleco's. When they came up for bids they said it was being sold as one "lot". I can't remember what the winning bid was, but it was around $200.00 or so
  3. I would start with polishing compound, rubbing compound might be too aggressive
  4. Rivets are cheap, I built this kit and should cover anything I should need
  5. It happens more than you'd think... Was tracking a buddy in his "C", couldn't find his tail number in the system, but there was a C-150 that just left the same airport, transposed numbers clicking along at 150+ knots
  6. I'm partial to darker panels but a lighter color wouldn't be a deal breaker if I was in the market.
  7. Best thing would be trace the wire and see what it goes to in the engine compartment (easiest) and go from there. It seems to be common practice to cut wires and leave them in place for some reason. By chance is the wire labeled (printed) as to what it is? Might have to check along the length to see
  8. It looks cut not pulled part. Cant tell on this small screen but the circle in upper left is the other end?
  9. drill new ones and eliminate the chance of a screw up, is what I would do
  10. will let ya know in a few weeks when my prop comes back. What door seal did you use?, mine has the one on the frame (cant remember manufacture) but its junk, will be going back with OEM seal (door mounted) in a few months