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  1. If you can swing it, try to avoid putting an EDM-900 on the right side of the panel. The reason is that it requires a remote warning light in front of you. If any instrument hits redline, you get a blinking red light in front of you that says ENGINE. I had this issue with my M20F for when things were in normal operation. Stock fuel pressure gauge calibration red line was 30 psi, but Lycoming's limit is 45 and mechanical fuel pumps now run just shy of 30psi except when you pull power or idling you get this warning light. Same goes for if the prop stays at exactly 2700 RPM for more than a couple seconds. On the rocket, the EDM-900 simply displays the value in red without requiring me to be distracted by the ENGINE light to identify and clear a warning.
  2. Is this the bulkhead that connects the spinner to the prop? I assume it’s a McCauley if it’s an m20j. I have a Hartzell on my F with the LoPresti cowl, so it’s an M20j spinner for a Hartzell prop (some early Js had Q-tip Hartzell props). Here are my experiences and understanding from my Hartzell prop. If you have the bulkhead that attaches to the flywheel, it should have a doubler for every two bolts. If the spinner is not very tight against the hub, it will crack the bulkhead. There are harmonics between the prop and the engine and think of that bulkhead/backplate like a rubber bellow that flexes constantly. If the spinner isn’t tight, it’ll flex more and tear. After mine failed, I first replaced it with a welded and yellow tagged one from a repair station for $600. It failed within 10 hours. I then found a used spinner assembly for $400-$500 and had that installed. It failed in 100-200 hours. I finally bit the bullet and bought a spinner and backplate that attached to the hub from Hartzell, not Mooney, for around $2000 and it hasn’t given any trouble. However, cooling is not as good as I suspect the bulkhead that connected to the flywheel limited airflow from exiting through the front of the cowling, which likely reduced cooling drag, improved cooling and performance. I believe that the Mooney spinner design was one of the minimally incremental things that aided Mooney performance, but with a cost.
  3. That’s what I’m thinking now since I now found one labeled 20COM-2A as well.
  4. So how do you go about removing it? Mine seems like there are hidden screws holding it to the middle overhead panel behind the speakers.
  5. What’s the best way to get to the connector on the front antenna in a 1981 m20k with removing the fewest panels possible? Mine are old and brittle and I’d like to avoid adding any additional cracks to them.
  6. I went to one of those things where you sit at a computer and cram for a couple days. Passed with a 92 or something. Then my written expired so I’ll have to do sim time if I want my ATP now.
  7. It’s probably cheaper to replace the light with an LED than the degraded switch. If it’s got PAR36 lights, go with the Teledyne Alphabeam
  8. I always stagger mag overhauls in case of a bad batch of parts or a bad install. First mag IRAN in my m20f will be replacing with an emag and keeping the one I took off as a spare.
  9. Hypothetical situation, let’s say a hurricane has passed through and your hangar and airplane survived, but the storm dropped A LOT of rain and rivers are passing flood stage. The water will continue to rise for days after the storm has passed and your hangar is at risk of flooding. You have no power to open the door. What is the best way to get the door open? Open the switch box and wire in a power cord and connect it to your harbor freight generator? How much power do those motors typically draw?
  10. Had the same issue with my Rocket. The wire between the two senders was broken.
  11. So what were your fuel flows, RPM, TIT, MP and TAS?
  12. Paging @cujet to the courtesy phone to explain the economics of new airplanes.
  13. With $10M I could be cranking out M20j’s like donuts.
  14. We only have a couple more months before we are at least legally guaranteed a slight increase in safety against being taken out by the random flying burger.