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  1. It's a seller's market right now. I would price it as having a run-out engine new cylinders or not. It's usually the camshaft that starts making metal prompting the overhaul if it's near TBO, not loss of compression.
  2. I’m going to have my mechanic do the windows on my 1981 Rocket. I was curious if anyone knows any tricks or things to be aware of before he goes in to tackle this. He wanted me to ask about getting a replacement for the lower windshield trim piece because he thinks it’ll be tough to keep it straight and if the part isn’t terribly expensive, would be easier to just plan on replacing it. This existing glass is riveted in and the glass in my m20f is affixed with screws. For those of you who have done new glass, I would appreciate any insight you may have.
  3. This thing kicks ass. I’ve hated Garmin and looked for alternatives and just used my phone / iPad, but my rocket came with a 696 and I fell in love with it. At snf, I bought the 760 and the GDL-50, drew a panel hole cover, 3D printed it and stuck the mount to the cover and tested it tonight. I love this thing. It overlays your approach plates on the map, et cetera, calls out traffic / obstacles, et cetera, to my headset. I know other products do this, but I don’t expect this one to overheat in the sun, or be too bright at night or not readable in the sun, et cetera.
  4. For what it’s worth, I wrote a web page that converts JPI engine monitor dumps into logbooks.
  5. Anyone know if the thicker stuff is more difficult to install? I don’t know if it’ll matter much for bird strikes. There is a piper here on the field that had a turkey vulture go through the windshield and out the side window.
  6. There was a vendor at sun n fun that I bought some stick on sunshades from.
  7. Is that worth doing? And can you post more pics of your plane? Also, is that gray or SC gray up front? The front windows look darker than the windows in my F.
  8. When the bulkhead eventually cracks, buy the polished spinner from LASAR. I’m as cheap as they come, but the $2000 for the Hartzell part that I had to eventually buy would have been better spent the first time I had a bulkhead crack rather than the two used ones that I went through with unknown time on them.
  9. Looking at going with the SC gray in OEM thickness with oversized windows for both the pilot side and the door. Any experiences with these options and concerns? This is for the rocket. I always thought my m20f had clear windows, but holding the samples next to them, they appear to have slight tint like the SC windows.
  10. Aside from sticking out a little in airflow for those trying to remove every touch of drag, the snaps don’t fit securely on my F with the LoPresti cowling. I don’t think it’s the cowling specifically. It’s just how the tabs on the end of the strap are loaded that they can pop off the snaps easily.
  11. +1 for these guys. They’re awesome and will remain as my go-to. I went with their cheap cover for my rocket because I’m only occasionally covered and the lighter material takes up less weight and space in the baggage compartment. I like that their design doesn’t use snaps and the extra money for the door flap was well spent. It’s nice being about to access the inside of the plane without removing the cover, especially when it’s windy.
  12. Suppose the 10 inch screen will fit in the area available under the glare shield for a 67?
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