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  1. Performance Air in Greenville, SC at KLQK took excellent care of me when I had a bad mag when stopping for gas. Brian is the mechanic there and I’d go back there without question if I were in the area.
  2. Verified alternator wasn’t bad. Found bad wiring. Once was enroute to Vegas and ended up with an engine failure and landed in a field while leaving the shop that rushed to get me fixed and on my way.
  3. I’ve had three alternator failures in my m20f. All three were due to old wiring and not the alternator.
  4. Clear. You can always put tint on it and I love having good visibility
  5. Energy density by weight. Land as heavy as you take off. For aerodynamic cars, drag doesn’t overtake rolling resistance until you’re north of around 50mph. Most cars need no more than 20-50hp to maintain highway speed. Can a Mooney even maintain altitude at those power settings? Battery powered airplanes are a stupid thing to pursue these days. Efforts for hybrid gas+electric would be far better use of engineering resources as the electric propulsion has room for development and can leverage economies of scale from new power source designs in the future.
  6. I have the EDM900. It’s an ok unit and does what I need it to. I download the data and use it to build my logbooks.
  7. I wish mine were yellow at limits. It’s yellow for oil pressure, but when fuel pressure hits 30psi, it blinks red.
  8. You can program your fuel limits yourself. No need for JPI to do those from the factory. As for CDT, it’s a dead fish on Rocket installs, but because of JPI limitation requirements, it’s gotta be there. Most people just put the probe as far from the compressor discharge as possible and use it to measure intercooler efficiency.
  9. Nope. It’s red for the fuel pressure. Really pisses me off. JPI won’t (or can’t) do anything even though the engine limit is 45psi, the original panel limit was 30 and all new pumps will touch that from time to time when you’re on short final or taxiing around.
  10. Bear in mind you want to mount it in front of you so you don’t have to have the remote light. If your fuel pressure touches 30psi at idle or oil pressure drops below 60psi, you’re gonna get distracted by the blinking light.
  11. I’d use Phil at PJ Aircraft at KAVO, Mike at Double-M at KLAL or Bill Turley at KBOW for a Mooney PPI.
  12. Add your 696 to your Garmin account by the ID number (menu, menu, scroll to database info at the bottom, near the bottom you’ll see the ID number). Then load the data onto the SD card. Install SD card in 696. It will ask if you want to update, say yes, wait for like 10x as long as it takes to update a 430W data card. Database is then updated.