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  1. Post annual run-up by IA. He called me and set the prop went full pitch and the engine wouldn't go past 2000 RPM. He pulled the prop and governor and sent it off. Has anyone experienced this? My best guess is an obstruction in the governor causing this, but also, this would be a bad thing to have happen on my 2800ft runway if she decided to feather halfway down my takeoff roll.
  2. @gsxrpilotlooks like I’ll be flying in this year.
  3. Someone failed to secure the front bulkhead to the hub, or failed to secure the spinner tightly to the bulkhead. The spinner wobbled and broke it. Good luck getting the shop to take credit for their f*ckup and repair it for you.
  4. In case you're unaware, there are those fittings in the floor board on the copilot side that are there specifically so you can run hoses to the fittings and sit inside the airplane with the instrumentation.
  5. And the 1RPM over is wrong, just like the 30psi limitation on oil pressure for the IO360 in my m20f. Even though redline was 30 for the original gauge. The fuel servo limit is 45, and Lycoming’s service bulletin for engine overspeed allows 2% over for redline with digital tachs. Not to mention, my JPI on my F has a yellow region below the red for oil pressure that wasn’t on the factory gauge or in the limitations, but my rocket does not. I assume there’s a similar allowance for Continental as well, though I haven’t stumbled onto a service bulletin for it yet.
  6. I believe you nailed it. I pushed it hard on the way up there — 2400RPM at 34” and was at 23,000ft. Engine monitor data showed a drop in oil pressure about a half hour before landing. I didn’t see it as my workload was concentrated on the accumulation of ice I was experiencing through the descent and the JPI didn’t alert me to oil pressure dropping below the green as the red doesn’t start until 10psi. I’m somewhat annoyed at this as it loves to flash all sorts of warnings that don’t matter and aren’t placarded in operating limitations, such as RPM over 2500, or mp over 35”, et cetera, yet doesn’t fucking say anything when the 0.1” high numbers under oil pressure drops below the green arc. Pulled intake filter. Turbo is toast. Ordered remanufactured turbo, checked compression, bore scoped, checked dipstick tube pressure and inspected oil filter for metal. All is well except for the turbo. Will fly for 10 hours and check filter again for metal once new turbo is installed.
  7. At one point in the climb, I was around 100kias and cylinder #1 hit 430 out of nowhere. I opened the cowl flaps, enriched the mixture and leveled the wings to bring it back under 400. One thought is that maybe a ring cracked and let oil in the cylinder and that increased combustion temperature and pressurized the crankcase.
  8. The tailpipe didn’t look bad.
  9. N9801Y. There was some oil on the gear doors, but not a significant amount. I lost close to 6 quarts.
  10. Lost a bunch of oil in my Rocket and decided to leave it on the ramp until having a diagnosis. I can fly my mechanic up as I’m only a couple hours away, but if there’s someone recommended up there it might make it a bit easier for me.
  11. I ended up flying to VGT and getting serviced at Lone Mountain for $120. Here at KSPG they charge me like $45.
  12. Looks like one of my sight gauge faces disappeared. Apparently they’re glued in with silicone and are magnetically coupled to the floats. Anyone got a source that doesn’t require purchasing the entire assembly?
  13. I’m in Vegas and need to top off my O2. Is there somewhere you locals go to get this service?
  14. The ailerons on my rocket drift up in cruise.
  15. If they’re not replacing the alternator, chances are you’re going to end up replacing the regulator twice and the alternator once. Regulators sacrifice themselves to protect your avionics from a bad alternator.
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