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  1. Make sure your spinner is very snugly against your hub. You may need to add tape to the cylinder that it fits around or you will continue to crack spinners and bulkheads.
  2. A friend of mine hit a sailboat on landing. He was in the backseat of an Extra and couldn’t see it. The airplane was absolutely totaled and resulted in a broken leg and a broken hand.
  3. Someone most likely got paid a lot for a house, or got a great deal on one...
  4. I would be nice if the FAA would enforce the FBO restrictions and rights from the Civil Aviation Act of 1938: https://www.faa.gov/airports/resources/publications/orders/compliance_5190_6/media/5190_6b_chap8.pdf * Right to self-service and self-fuel * Cannot grant exclusive rights to a management company (no single FBO unless the land on the field cannot physically support more than one FBO) "a. Aeronautical Activities Provided by the Airport Sponsor (Proprietary Exclusive Right). The owner of a public use airport may elect to provide any or all of the aeronautical services needed by the public at the airport. The airport sponsor may exercise, but not grant, an exclusive right to provide aeronautical services to the public. If the airport sponsor opts to provide an aeronautical service exclusively, it must use its own employees and resources. Thus, an airport owner or sponsor cannot exercise a proprietary exclusive right through a management contract. Note that while the policy technically extends to private owners of public use airports, private owners may not have the same immunity from antitrust laws as public agencies. A proprietary exclusive can be exercised only for fuel sales and support services, not for use of the landing area itself"
  5. I'm not sure what's been going on with this forum as of late. I'm stubborn and am not the type to take my ball and go home if someone hurts my feelings, but what I've been seeing with the dogpiling and accusations of visitors and other members on this site is not healthy for any forum and can lead to alienation of its productive members to where it's only left with the remaining trash. Ask a question comparing one model Mooney to another, everybody is helpful. Get the occasional true professional (aviation or otherwise) on here and people start shifting the conversation to details where they feel safe. I don't care if the original poster is peddling his own software or not, filing an eAPIS is a pain in the ass and having a developer take the time to support such a small community in aviation is something that deserves commendation, encouragement, and not persecution.
  6. At just over 5ft tall, he’s tough to spot in a crowd.
  7. California is occupied territory. They say the Ivory Coast of Africa used to be a nice place too. Now while there are good people who are fleeing the unfortunate political results of generations of indoctrination in the schools, based on the shifting politics where people from California and New York are moving, it seems that the overwhelming majority are simply parasites who are looking for a healthier host.
  8. I've not seen multiple entries for a single flight in the data, or if I had I must've mended it. I wrote it so long ago that I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure that if I had a final datapoint at speed and altitude followed by a starting datapoint within a short time period that I would've aggregated it into a single set of points.
  9. I bought a golf cart on craiglist for $1400 and a towbar. Learning to tow the plane took a bit of time, but now I have easy transportation all over the airport and a way to get my plane to the self-serve pump without having to go through a full startup procedure to get there.
  10. INS can be made plenty accurate and I’d bet that I could have a decent solution working in days (hours if I didn’t have to do data collection and tuning in flight). No interest in giving it up for GA for the same patriotic reasons that I opted to not be a compsci professor. I know the Alaska guys are flying NDB all over the place and we don’t have the F35 to fight a bunch of proxy wars against shithole countries like our wars have been since ww2. I have zero doubt that in a total radio and radar blackout those F35s in IMC at mach 1.6 will have a better fix on position than we do on our best days. In the event of a major conflict, we can kiss GPS goodbye with a quickness.
  11. I was thinking that Mooney couldn’t have a better opportunity to turn this into a positive all-around, especially for relatively inexpensive PR.
  12. Yes, but at what altitude does that climb start to take longer? The Rocket will get there quickly and then you can throttle back. If it takes 45minutes at 18gph vs 20 minutes at 26gph there are certain flight profiles where the Rocket will be faster and more efficient with fuel burned in the climb. I haven’t done the math and I need to. I am still climbing at 1000+fpm at 24,000ft when I take off at max gross.
  13. Same here. I spoke with JPI at sun-n-fun and they said they can send a PDF on how to adjust it.