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  1. FloridaMan

    Need M20K Weldon Fuel Pump

    I’ve heard aeromotors is cheap, but also can be slow. CJ did mine this annual for my rocket and it was around $900.
  2. FloridaMan

    Hangarage in Florida

  3. FloridaMan

    Landing rods dust boots

    I've heard them referred to as "rodent boots" and not dust boots, and rodents in your wings can be far more corrosive.
  4. FloridaMan

    Fine wires for the Rocket?

    Well, maybe next time. In the grand scheme of aircraft expenses, I'm not going to lose any sleep over not going with fine wires this go-round unless it's the direct result of the massives grounding me, which hasn't happened (yet).
  5. FloridaMan

    Voltage regulator question

    Disregard my last post. I got ahead of myself and didn't see you'd posted the same chart that I went and looked up.
  6. I would consider a tank that has no fuel visible in it to be empty for endurance planning purposes and 10 gallons for WnB. Here's how I manage my fuel reserves, starting with how I did it in my M20F prior to the engine monitor. Always look in your tanks. Even if you stop for lunch and come back out, look in your tanks. People steal fuel, sump points sometimes stick, line guys fill you to the tab instead of the rim, they fuel the wrong plane, et cetera. A member here didn't place any fuel order and came back to his plane filled with Jet-A; had he not checked, it could've killed him. My M20F holds 32 gallons on each side. For long trips, I would start off on one tank, climb out on it and switch after three hours or when the engine stopped (if I run a tank dry, it would usually tank about 34 gallons). That, to me, guaranteed that I had at least 3 hours remaining since you burn more on the climb and I didn't include what I burned on the ground. I wouldn't even notice the imbalance. Some pilots like to switch every so many minutes. I don't like this approach as if things got down to the wire and I were into my reserves, I would not want them split between tanks with uncertainty. I also regard switching tanks as having an increased risk factor. I read an account of a vintage Mooney owner who had the selector handle come off in his hand while turning it. Fortunately he was able to access a pair of vice grips from his toolbag to successfully switch tanks. After getting my engine monitor and being certain of its accuracy, I started burning 16 gallons off of one tank, switching tanks, and not switching back until either I burned off 32 gallons or was less than around 12 gallons calculated remaining on that side and coming in to land. I do not trust panel mounted fuel gauges, though the wing-mounted gauges are excellent to ensure you have fuel in your tanks if the needles are bouncing. I have not yet developed a full methodology for managing fuel in the rocket. Fueling is much more complicated with the long range tanks and flappers on the inboard tanks and I don't yet have it down to any sort of science so I carry more fuel than I need for my trips.
  7. FloridaMan

    Flying on Instruments with No PC

    I flew mine for years without working PC. Only until after going through an embedded buildup at night did I fix it. That was an intense several minutes of focusing on maintaining wings level and 120 mph in a climb to put as much distance between myself and the ground as possible; I was working full control deflection through a good part of it. I went through what I thought was a haze layer at 1300ft in the climb and came out of the side at 8500ft.
  8. FloridaMan

    Yoke sticky , hanging up

    Verify your control surfaces aren't sticking to gap seals. I've seen anti-chafe tape come loose and the ailerons stick to gap seals.
  9. FloridaMan

    1st Insurance Renewal

    I'm not quite sure I understand this. Do you mean that carriers insure aircraft that you don't own policies on as a bonus, or does it mean that I somehow get limited coverage on aircraft that are owned by my companies?
  10. FloridaMan

    Fine wires for the Rocket?

    I ended up calling GAMI and asking them as well. I read in another thread that someone had better luck with massive electrodes than fine wires with GAMIjectors. I don’t have GAMIs yet and it was interesting speaking with those guys. They suggested I might not need them for the rocket at all. At any rate, I suspect I’ll notice an improvement with even these new massive electrode plugs.
  11. FloridaMan

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Contact Falcon and Parker. If I renewed my insurance last year with the previous carrier, it would've cost me thousands more. 15 minutes saved me a good 70% with those guys. The market is weird, sometimes the best one year will have rates that skyrocket the next. Even stranger, it was a better deal to get a policy from one carrier for the M20F and a different carrier for the Rocket.
  12. FloridaMan

    New brakes I think I need

    I did pads twice on my M20F over 1100 hours and I operate out of a short strip with regards to brakes being relatively inexpensive. Almost sounds like someone is taxiing with their feet heavy on the brakes. Do you have an owner that has flat spotted more tires than anyone else?
  13. FloridaMan

    Rotate photographs?

    Ok, that worked. Looks like if I open the crop/rotate tool, rotate it back and forth, it gets saved in the correct orientation.
  14. FloridaMan

    Rotate photographs?

  15. FloridaMan

    Rotate photographs?

    Is there a way to rotate photographs with the posting tools? I know the rotation angle is in the EXIF data, but I can't figure out how to rotate a picture after posting, which would be useful when posting from my phone.