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  1. I had more or less the same issue years ago. See Replacing the mechanical fuel pump did the trick. The engine runs fine because the RSA 5 fuel servo works across a wide range of pressure by design.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have any direct GA experience in Bosnia. So far, I only visited Brac in Croatia and Portoroz in Slovenia. Both places were nice to visit and very GA friendly.
  3. US tools are not difficult to find over here. I would say that half of the GA fleet is composed of US made aircraft.
  4. For those interested, the french NTSB just published an investigation report on a Mooney nose gear collapse. Improper maintenance lead to the failure.
  5. The new maintenance manuals are quite clear regarding 710070-501 lubrication. Unfortunately for me, this piece of information is still not in the latest M20J Maintenance manual (although aircraft are equipped with it). Mooney doesn't care.
  6. - I purchased them from LASAR. Aprox 2 weeks lead time during Christmas 2018 (Mooney had it in stock back then). - Wiring is the hardest part. There are many cables (yoke lighting, PTT, AP disconnect, CWS, Speedbrakes, possibly trim switch if equipped). Wires were cut behind the yoke tube (approx a good meter behind). New wire splices were installed (most of the wires already had a splice anyway). Disconnecting the wire at switch end is another option but it will require welding inside the aircraft for reinstall. Welding is a precision task and I felt that I might not be able to make
  7. With EASA Part-M light, you can now run "on condition".
  8. SB M20-201 (still looking for a spinner aft bulkhead)
  9. I'm looking for a reasonably priced M20J spinner bulkhead if someone happen to have one in stock (p/n : 680031-017) . I got mine repaired but I would prefer to have a spare one in case it cracks again.
  10. I replaced my 17 years old Lords with Barrys last month. They work as expected.
  11. Indeed I had to change a ST microelectronics transistor on my lighting box (M20J) few years ago. Total cost 2$.
  12. This G1000 panel would require (at least !) welding of a new part (340304-501) to the cabin primary tubular structure (if that's even possible) and a new glareshield if your M20J is below s/n 24-3374. I'm not sure how you would deal with that with your aviation authority wth that, but on this side of the pound it would be rather complex. Dual 10'6" G3X is not an approved configuration per Garmin STC. Only a 10'6" + 7' is approved. Remote com does not exist for G3X touch certified. Only for experimental as of today The AoA feature does not exsit for G3X certi
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