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  1. Hi, Would you sell only the rear bulkhead ? Thanks.
  2. When POTUS comes to France, he usually lands at the airport where I'm working as ATC. Vectoring AF1 is .
  3. Basically the same. I try not to use them but sometimes they are convenient when arriving too high (due to terrain or airspace / ATC restrictions).
  4. I had more or less the same issue years ago. See Replacing the mechanical fuel pump did the trick. The engine runs fine because the RSA 5 fuel servo works across a wide range of pressure by design.
  5. Unfortunately I don't have any direct GA experience in Bosnia. So far, I only visited Brac in Croatia and Portoroz in Slovenia. Both places were nice to visit and very GA friendly.
  6. US tools are not difficult to find over here. I would say that half of the GA fleet is composed of US made aircraft.
  7. For those interested, the french NTSB just published an investigation report on a Mooney nose gear collapse. Improper maintenance lead to the failure.
  8. The new maintenance manuals are quite clear regarding 710070-501 lubrication. Unfortunately for me, this piece of information is still not in the latest M20J Maintenance manual (although aircraft are equipped with it). Mooney doesn't care.
  9. - I purchased them from LASAR. Aprox 2 weeks lead time during Christmas 2018 (Mooney had it in stock back then). - Wiring is the hardest part. There are many cables (yoke lighting, PTT, AP disconnect, CWS, Speedbrakes, possibly trim switch if equipped). Wires were cut behind the yoke tube (approx a good meter behind). New wire splices were installed (most of the wires already had a splice anyway). Disconnecting the wire at switch end is another option but it will require welding inside the aircraft for reinstall. Welding is a precision task and I felt that I might not be able to make
  10. With EASA Part-M light, you can now run "on condition".
  11. SB M20-201 (still looking for a spinner aft bulkhead)
  12. I'm looking for a reasonably priced M20J spinner bulkhead if someone happen to have one in stock (p/n : 680031-017) . I got mine repaired but I would prefer to have a spare one in case it cracks again.
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