Bravo checklist

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I alway find the concept of using checklists while sitting casually on the ground but not for critical phases of flight, where we are probably more likely to forget something, interesting,


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I guess I missed this when it posted last year.  The attached evolved over several years of operation.  There are actually two sheets in the Excel file here; one for normal ops with a small section on emergency procedures and then a complete sheet on emergency procedures.  I created these so that I could print out on landscape on an 11x17 sheet, cut out, fold in half and laminate.  It's the correct width to fit in the side pocket at my left knee.

I added the complete emergency procedures sheet six months later after lots of practice with my CFII and him calling a particular emergency regularly.  I have punched a hole in the laminated emergency sheet and then attached a 14 ga. red wire to it hanging out of the side pocket so I can grab it at just a touch without fumbling.  I know I need to memorize but as I get older it's tougher to remember all the different procedures.

Hope this helps ... 


N800MS Operations Checklist.xlsx

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