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  1. stevesm20b

    KX-125, KT-76C, and KN-62A for sale - SOLD

    I'm interested in the KT76C
  2. stevesm20b

    TLS Engine Conversion

    I was wondering if you couldn't put the lycoming 350 horsepower TIO 540 out of a piper Navajo in the Bravo.
  3. stevesm20b

    Selling M20B

    Engine overhaul was done in 2003 with new crank and new Millenium cylinders. New 3 blade prop (no more prop AD). Tanks were resealed in 2011. Landing gear pucks are in good shape. Everything is up to date, all ADs, annual good till Nov 30th. The oil and filter gets changed every 25 hours. Airplane is hangered and flown regularly. I have all logbooks sense new. For more pictures or information you can send me a message with your email or phone. The aircraft can be shown in Apple Valley (KAPV) or in the Las Vegas area.
  4. stevesm20b

    Mooney Ride in San Diego

    My M20B is for sale. I would be happy to give you a ride. It's based in KAPV right now.
  5. stevesm20b

    Selling M20B

    I'm selling my M20B. Asking $36,000. 3800 hours total time. 600 smoh. New updated 6 pack panel, Garmin GMA350, SL30, Collins 251/351, dual glideslopes, KT76A, new aerospace logic 4 cyl EGT/CHT and oil pressure/oil temp, Gen to alternator conversion, Garmin 296 installed on yoke, 3 blade prop, many speed mods including 201 windshield, cowl closure, flap gap seals. Panel picture does not show new Aerospace logic instruments. Will post new pictures, brake caliper reversal.
  6. stevesm20b

    Selling M20B

    Panel picture does not show new aerospace logic instruments. Will post new pictures of panel soon.
  7. stevesm20b

    Selling M20B

    I'm selling my Mooney M20B. Asking $36,000.00. 3800 hrs total time. 600 smoh. New 6 pack panel, GMA350, SL30, 251/351, dual glideslopes, KT76A, new aerospace logic 4cyl EGT/CHT, oil presure/temp engine instruments, Gen to Alternator conversion, Garmin 296 installed on yoke, 3 blade prop, 201 windshield, cowl closure and more speed mods.
  8. stevesm20b

    Garmin GTN650 or Avidyne IFD440

    If I had a 430 I would go with the IFD440. From scratch the GTN650 would be my choice. I have the 650 now and it has a slightly larger screen than the 440.
  9. I switched to the BY plugs and haven't had a fouled plus since. The same price as the standard plugs. Much better choice than the expensive fine wire plugs if you have a cylinder that's using a lot of oil.
  10. stevesm20b

    Southern CA M20C/E ride?

    I'm in the High Desert. I could give you a ride. Maybe meet in French Valley F70.
  11. stevesm20b


    Any pictures?
  12. stevesm20b

    M20C High Altitude Takeoffs

    I go into Big Bear (L35) all the time. I have taken off at gross wt. with DA above 10,000 in the summer. Taking off to the east over the trees you turn left about 15 degrees and fly over Baldwin lake. West bound you can circle over the lake to gain altitude if you need to. If you lean for take off and don't expect climb rates above 300 feet per min close to gross wt you won't have any problems getting into or out of Big Bear. Engine out on take off is the same as any other airport. Heading into the trees you just fly the airplane between the trees. Sure, the wings will get sheared off be will be survivable. Over the lake you ditch close to shore. Both conditions are not great but survivable. Better than a lot of airports in the Los Angeles area where you have houses, buildings, streets with lot's of power lines to try to land around or on.
  13. stevesm20b

    MooneySpace Reunion

    I'm in for Vegas in Dec.
  14. stevesm20b

    How to change the oil?

    The air blows the oil through the filter medium. All filters have a anti drain back feature so none of the contaminants go back through the engine.
  15. stevesm20b

    How to change the oil?

    I just remove the oil in the filter before taking it off. Makes changing the oil a lot easier. I have posted how I do this a number of times.