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  1. A number of the ADSB out avionics has only come out in the last year and one is still pending. So it makes it hard to schedule to have something installed when it wasn't available.
  2. July 13th would be my choice. But anytime in July would be okay with me.
  3. Thursday afternoon works best for me.
  4. I'm in Vegas 3 to 6 time a week.
  5. I'm up to meet. I'm not very far away in Sandy Valley (3L2).
  6. California sucks when it comes to taxes!
  7. Does it have a glideslope receiver like the Garmin SL30?
  8. I have a 231 with the intercooler. I limit manifold pressure to 36" on take off and climb, climb at 120kts. Lean to about 1400 to 1450 TIT, 22 to 23 Gal per hour. Max cruse at 2500 rpm and 28" 1550TIT, about 12.5 to 13 Gal per hour. In descents I use 2300 to 2500rpm and 20". True airspeed is around 170 to 180kts between 8,000 and 14,000ft. Above 18,000 I can get about 190kts.
  9. I'm also looking to have the same thing done to my Mooney. Remove KT76a and KLN 89B and install Garmin GNX375. Not sure where to have that done. Looking in southwest within 400 miles of Las Vegas.
  10. Bought my 231 on 10/24/2018. Sent my registration in on 10/24/2018. Got a 120 day extension on 01/09/2019. Still haven't received my registration card.
  11. I'm still going. Weather is good at Havasu. Wind from 140 at 6 kt, 10 miles, clear at or below 12,000.
  12. I flew down to Havasu today. Practiced the VOR/DME-A. I'm ready for Sunday. Forecast to be windy. Had lunch at Hangar 24.