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  1. Did you still want to get together with other Mooneyspace members in Vegas. How about tomorrow (Sunday 31st)?
  2. Not exactly. Some places are starting to open with many restrictions. Casinos are still closed as most restaurants. More places will start to open after June 1.
  3. I never had a problem getting insurance for a flight. I just call my agent (Falcon) tell him what date I need the insurance for and he puts a binder on it. Is the only reason your not flying the plane yourself is for insurance or do you need a need a ferry pilot to fly the airplane? I'm available and would be happy to fly the airplane from F70 to L18.
  4. Installed Garmin GTX 335 in November.
  5. A number of the ADSB out avionics has only come out in the last year and one is still pending. So it makes it hard to schedule to have something installed when it wasn't available.
  6. July 13th would be my choice. But anytime in July would be okay with me.
  7. Thursday afternoon works best for me.
  8. I'm in Vegas 3 to 6 time a week.
  9. I'm up to meet. I'm not very far away in Sandy Valley (3L2).
  10. Does it have a glideslope receiver like the Garmin SL30?