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  1. Does anyone have an issue with the finger style not reading with cold hands?
  2. Still digesting all of this that pertains to my TN setup. I did go up for about an hour yesterday to play with cowl flap settings, ran it ROP per the EI program, then downloaded the last 20 flights and will look them in savvy. Temps were all very much inline with all your points. Bottom line is yes, I want to go fast, it’s why I bought a Mooney. I don’t want to do any damage to it in pursuit of speed which is why I came to this forum, and it’s with an open mind I hope to be a better operator. How many in here that commented are running this same setup with the TN?
  3. Still digesting all of the comments and concerns, thank you all. I just pulled the supplement from M-20 Turbos, Inc (in my POH) and found the below in Cruise. Both advocate ROP.
  4. Why do you recommend that? My POH specifically identifies running ROP. I know there is a lot of debate over the two, but my POH and A/P I/A both recommend ROP. I'm not as concerned with the fuel burn as I am engine health and life, so curious to hear about your take on it.
  5. Some very good points here, thank you all. I am leaning towards the higher oil temp as leading reason for lower oil pressure. Spoke with previous owner at length today and he concurred. Going to take her back up this week and test this theory. Would also explain higher oil use on the round trip too. I'm a relatively new Mooney pilot, right at 100 hours since purchase, so figuring some things out as I go along. Grateful for the community here.
  6. Factory oil pressure gauge was removed. I am going up to hangar today to download the last 10 flights from the CGR-30P and see what it looks like.
  7. Flew from Nashville TN to Burlington VT and back, and noticed when cruised out at above 12k feet, oil pressure fluctuated in the 54-59 range (normal is above 70)per the CGR-30P. Turbo-normalized 20J, I've been playing with ROP settings per the POH, and have only recently started flying higher than 12k since buying o2 tank. Never had this issue previously, wondering if combo of altitude and leaning the engine could have this affect? Doesn't really add up to me.
  8. New member, just purchased a '78 M20J. A lot of good information here, excited to learn more about these awesome machines!
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