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  1. I talked with my highly respected avionics shop at RFD today. The shop stated they did a 540 yesterday and bricked it, sent it back to Avidyne. Think I'll wait for them to do several first. I will be happy to pay a few hundered in shop labor, it's chump change for what I'm going to get in this upgrade.
  2. I agree. I've been doing this for the past 15 years, I just leave my dip stick partially off and leave the hangar.
  3. Good for you! Its great to see another Mooney owner, sure is a beautiful plane you got there.
  4. It will be well worth the wait...........
  5. Last month I had a similar problem while advancing throttle as always slow and smooth. I would get a slight hesitation (cough) enough to know it wasn't right (mag check at run up was good). I whent back to the hangar got all the plugs cleaned and tried again with same problem. I ordered all new plugs (this time fine wire) and problem resolved, runs like new. The old plugs only had 300 hours on them.
  6. Great Autopilot. When I had my S-Tec 30 with GPSS installed labor billed was 41 hours.
  7. Just because a plane is flown 20 hours a year means nothing, maybe it was flown locally for .30-.45 min flights weekly. I know many retired guys just flying local sightseeing or Sunday morning gatherings. If frequently flown it could be much better than a guy flying 50 hours a year on occasional 5 hour flights.
  8. I don't believe your sale was luck. Locally over the years I have seen (prime) well updated Mooneys and other brands sell quickly at much higher prices by word of mouth.
  9. Congradulations! Big accomplishment.
  10. Not to difficult, order some aluminum from Wicks and make your own.
  11. I did pick up 4-5 knots in cruise but I also did the air filter conversion along with it. Nothing scientific to prove the speed gain but after a few thousand hours in the same plane you get to know her pretty well. The main reasons I converted to Powerflow was actually not for the speed but the increased climb performance and dramatically reducing the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  12. I believe ALL exhaust systems should disassembled and inspected at every annual, anyway my Powerflow takes no more than a half hour to unbolt and inspect. Never a problem yet.