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  1. When I overhauled my engine I did the three blade including power flow and never looked back...... I did it for better climb performance on hot days and it sure helped a lot , really awesome on cold days. Some say you will lose speed, I have not noticed any speed reduction Lastly it really looks cool !!!!
  2. Ouch I feel your pain...... If you ever need help bucking rivets when the time comes (I'm fairly good at it) let me know. I’m based DKB.
  3. If you don’t go the G5 / GI275 route then the Stec 901 system will work between your box and the Stec 30 to achieve GPSS I have a 901 I recently pulled out of my plane if you need one.
  4. My second screen is where #7 is but I have a 0360A1D. Sucks to pull and clean, that ones done at every annual.
  5. For price comparison this past July I had 2 G5’s the 29 and 13 installed for $9300 in the Chicago area.
  6. Great Video! one recommendation (I hate to be that guy and rarely am ) but please get some shoulder harness seat belts for you and your lovely wife.
  7. Gene at North West Flyers 06C Used to be a Mooney Service Center, still doing a lot of Mooney work.
  8. I did the two G5’s and went with a second CDI, I love the back up. If you shop around you can usually find a nice used 106 in the $1300 to $1500 range.
  9. Just finished my cables this past week called around with no luck so I Went with MacFarlane, nice cables just like originals.
  10. That must have been one awesome adventure............
  11. Wisconsin aviation purchased Spatial Interiors, they are a great organization catering to general aviation with multiple locations. They informed me of the purchase a few weeks ago while in the Madison location discussing some Mooney work. Generally when I callI get a fairly quick response. As a side note they also do spectacular avionics / panel rework on Mooneys along with regular maintenance. Ed Blu Sky inc.
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