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  1. Talk with Wess at fly America deklab il. ( DKB ) 815-981-3307 Big time flying experience with Mooney’s. Have fun Ed
  2. Aero comfort made a leather cover for me with my N# stitched in. Didn’t cost much....
  3. pirate


  4. I say go for it and have a blast doing it. I think it’s awesome when people breath new life into a any old airplane. I purchased my 70C as a total runout back in 95. I practically replaced every nut, bolt, rod end and all other components you can think of. I did have a AP / IA that worked with me during this process which I think is a must, it will save you a lot of $$$$$$. Some Of the (best) mods I did are flap seals, cowl closure, power flow and three blade prop , all combined helped immensely with climb on hot days. Every where I land I always get compliments, every shop that has annualed it since my IA retired is stunned with its condtition. I hear many that say it’s only a C, you will never get over 40-50K out of it, I call baloney. I’ve been offered way north of that many times just by word of mouth with locals in my general area. I had so much fun over the years restoring my C I got very bored afterwards, I’m now pretty far into building my Vans RV-7 which is another fun build...........
  5. Realy happy for you!!!!!! Amazing Mooney,.....
  6. I always use the electric trim for cruise and landing. After landing I manually reset to take off, quicker.
  7. Not sure if this is what you have ? Way back I Installed the eclectric (TAIL) trim from aero trim by Norm. The web is aerotriminc.com.
  8. Tha aspen E5 can be used for IFR............
  9. Your quick!!!!!! Thank you Ed
  10. Terrific video. Thanks for sharing.
  11. You can add me if you like Ed KDKB
  12. AWESOME looks great!!!!!!! The only way to do it.............
  13. Most all controllers I have dealt with are very professional even here in the Chicago area I totally understand how controllers can get frustrated with some people. Paychecks are delayed, they will get everything owed to them.