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  1. Over the years I've always used this same strap method, actual R&R about the same 30-40 min per leg Quick and efficient, works like a charm.
  2. Finished panel 2.JPG

  3. Definitely carb temp. Gives adavanced caution, nice to regulate.
  4. Painting the wheel wells

    Stripped my wheel wells on my current Mooney by conventional means over 13 years ago with no issues. Just throughly flush (several) times once done. Done many planes this way.
  5. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Some like them and some don't.... For me the Lancair was a real joy to fly,
  6. C Models not IFR?

    I recently had $33,268.00 worth of aviaonics installed in my 70C plus several years ago I did the stec30 gpss and other goodies .Why not with a solid Mooney airframe and a bullet proof 360. These are extremely strong, economical IFR cross country machines. I believe (impeccable very well equipped)turn key C's and E,s can and do sell for top dollar unadvertised quietly, locally by word of mouth. I see it often with our brands and others in my part of the country.
  7. Keep cool & it'll work out

  8. New panel in my 231

  9. Garmin GTN650 or Avidyne IFD440

    I originally had a GX55. Since I was doing a complete install I spent almost a year playing with Garmin and Avidyne. In the end I chose Avidyne IFD 540 MLB 100 and AXP 340 and after a year since my install I feel it was worth every single penny over Garmin. Since every ones different the best thing you can do is get into a plane and fly both for at least a few hours.
  10. Heck, with all the major upgrade / features Avidyne gave us with 10.2 I'd happily wait 5 hours for the download if I had to. This upgrade on my 540 is AMAZING................... Thanks Avidyne!
  11. With PF my heat system is like a furnace, was like that with the stock system too. Another huge benefit with PF is a reduced possibility of CO in the cabin.
  12. More noise ???? Strange comment, first time I've heard that. Most all negatives come from the ones who have never run PF Slip joints, I do them every inspection 20min tops additional work. I've run PF over 10 years and I personally would never go back.
  13. Ifd100 app and Bluetooth

    Go into iPad settings select general select IFD app choose your IFD device such as IFD540, IFD440, IFD550 etc. You can also select and run up to two iPads if you like.