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  1. I’ve owned my money since 1995, Mooney has opened and closed its doors a few times and I’ve never had a problem.
  2. Northwest Flyers. Gene at 06C was a Mooney Service Center honest and knowledgeable. Fly America . Jeff at DKB was not a service center but pretty Knowledgeable. Currently does my annuals and just did my prop balance (excellent results)
  3. Boy that’s going to be one hell of a expensive lunch, once you fly a 201 you gonna be hooked and buy one..............
  4. For my corporate customers and personal I use cmaviationservices.com aircraft belts.com
  5. I replaced my two blade several years ago for a three blade. I noticed no real airspeed decrease. Climb is much much better on hot days,. ( main reason for upgrade ) I experienced no vibration problems. Make sure to have balanced once installed. My glide is not reduced. A tad more nose heavy but a light weight starter, alternator really helps.
  6. The upgrade process is always a exciting time, will be nice to see photos as you move along.
  7. Talk with Wess at fly America deklab il. ( DKB ) 815-981-3307 Big time flying experience with Mooney’s. Have fun Ed
  8. Aero comfort made a leather cover for me with my N# stitched in. Didn’t cost much....