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  1. Update. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your input. I showed the shop theses postings and they quickly adjusted from 9 hours down to two. Yall helped me save $490.00
  2. Thanks all for the clarification, I’ll go pay them a visit tomorrow to discuss. Ed
  3. Little advice / info needed. I currently have my 70C electric gear model in for its yearly inspection at a local well respected shop. The shop said the left gear pre-load needed reset and the nose gear also. The labor on the left gear was 1.5 hours and to set the nose gear its 9.5 hours. Does this labor for the nose gear pre-load sound right ???? Also while I’m In for service my aileron links / bearings are being replace along with the rudder link / bearing . Mooney currently these for $550.00 each with a three day lead time, the shop quoted 12.5 hours for the R&R. Does the labor on all three links sound correct. Thanks for for any input. Ed
  4. I have one, worked when removed 10 or so years ago for S-Tec upgrade.
  5. Pirate

    '67 or '68?

  6. Pirate

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    I’m a 100% in at the discounted price. Do we have a solid 5 takers now ?
  7. Pirate

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    I’m very interested in a group buy if price is good.
  8. I have 540 and my auto pilot is connected to a switch. Nav 1 / Nav 2
  9. Pirate

    Daytona Beach Aircraft Services

    WOW! Very nice panel, something to be very proud of. Work looks excellent, I always hear great things about the shop.
  10. Pirate

    Long Mooney trip to South America

    Spectacular trip. Thanks for sharing your link.
  11. I added a three blade on my C and would never go back. Smooth when ( Properly ) balanced and truley helps a C climb performance on hot days.
  12. Pirate

    Avidyne marketing methods...

    I did not have a 430 / 530, just a good old GX65. I look around tried them all and decided on the IFD 540, 100, 340 full install. Definitely no regrets. I know many others that have done the same.
  13. Pirate

    Why a Mooney?

    No such thing, I have built and flown several experimental aircraft ( checking limits ) above that altitude......
  14. Pirate

    To spend or not to spend

    I’ve had my 70C for many years I know it’s a solid airframe 20 plus years in my heated hangar. As the years passed by and as I had the (cash) I’ve done many upgrades spreader out. The engine, prop, bladders, speed mods, windows, paint , interior, S-etc 30, gpss and just last year I put another 30k into my panel, this time to get ADSB compliant and finally get a wass gps plus some other goodies. I did this all for me! It’s what I,like to do. My wife and I love the little C, great IFR cross country and very economical to operate. I’m almost done building my 200hp RV -7 and originally thought I’d sell my Mooney once completed but it’s been such a joy to own and fly cross country we decided to do the upgrades last year and keep it.