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  1. Why a Mooney?

    No such thing, I have built and flown several experimental aircraft ( checking limits ) above that altitude......
  2. To spend or not to spend

    I’ve had my 70C for many years I know it’s a solid airframe 20 plus years in my heated hangar. As the years passed by and as I had the (cash) I’ve done many upgrades spreader out. The engine, prop, bladders, speed mods, windows, paint , interior, S-etc 30, gpss and just last year I put another 30k into my panel, this time to get ADSB compliant and finally get a wass gps plus some other goodies. I did this all for me! It’s what I,like to do. My wife and I love the little C, great IFR cross country and very economical to operate. I’m almost done building my 200hp RV -7 and originally thought I’d sell my Mooney once completed but it’s been such a joy to own and fly cross country we decided to do the upgrades last year and keep it.
  3. M20F prebuy - Chicago area

    Strange. Northwest Flyers does get very busy at times but I never had a issue calling Gene or Skip, rarely it takes a second call the following day.
  4. M20F prebuy - Chicago area

    Gene at northwest flyers 06C, big time mooney experience . Ed
  5. Thoughts on this M20C?

    May be a really nice plane, only way to find out is to take a look. The price wouldn’t scare me a bit if It’s a actual 9 or 10.
  6. Sound good, let me know.
  7. Dynon Certified thread

    Getting ready to pull the trigger for my RV-7, soon as as its ready for my 70C I’ll do that too.
  8. New paint job...what do you think?

    Dare ya to tell your wife no shoes allowed
  9. Over the years I've always used this same strap method, actual R&R about the same 30-40 min per leg Quick and efficient, works like a charm.
  10. Finished panel 2.JPG

  11. Definitely carb temp. Gives adavanced caution, nice to regulate.
  12. Painting the wheel wells

    Stripped my wheel wells on my current Mooney by conventional means over 13 years ago with no issues. Just throughly flush (several) times once done. Done many planes this way.
  13. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Some like them and some don't.... For me the Lancair was a real joy to fly,
  14. C Models not IFR?

    I recently had $33,268.00 worth of aviaonics installed in my 70C plus several years ago I did the stec30 gpss and other goodies .Why not with a solid Mooney airframe and a bullet proof 360. These are extremely strong, economical IFR cross country machines. I believe (impeccable very well equipped)turn key C's and E,s can and do sell for top dollar unadvertised quietly, locally by word of mouth. I see it often with our brands and others in my part of the country.