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  1. I have a brand new Mid-Continent Glideslope Course deviation indicator MD200-706 I bought it to team up with my Garmin GTN-650, but since I added two G-5s, I do not need this indicator anymore The retail for $2620.00 I'll accept $2000 for it. I have all copies of purchase.
  2. M20D6607U

    Mooney 201 instrument panel

    Very Nice job! Congrats! Ron
  3. M20D6607U

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Hi Brad! Thank-you for this post! Very helpful. I am trying to do much of the work prior to the avionics guy taking over. I would be happy to pay you to make the two brackets you made for the GAD-29B and the GMU-11, if that is possible. Your post has made it possible to take a lot of guess work out of the install. You Rock! Ron
  4. M20D6607U

    WTB Airspeed 200 mph indicator

    Thank you for the reply I called Pacific Southwest Instruments and the are looking up the face plate gasket. I hope someone will sneak in my hangar and replace the gasket
  5. M20D6607U

    WTB Airspeed 200 mph indicator

    The second one should work as it has the same markings. Hopefully the face plate is just dirty. Thank you Ron
  6. M20D6607U

    WTB Airspeed 200 mph indicator

    I have calls into a couple. Also Faeth Aircraft parts are near here in Sacramento. All I want is a face plate gasket. Mid-Continent said the hands are 'radio active' or Hot.
  7. The face plate is leaking on my airspeed indicator. Mid-Continent will not service it. M20D/C If you have one please let me know. Thanks Ron
  8. M20D6607U

    WTB M20D/C Airspeed Ind

    Yes I checked and they want a ton to fix them.
  9. Ron,

    Did you find an airspeed indicator?


  10. My airspeed indicator leaks at the face plate. Anyone have one sitting around? Thanks Ron C
  11. If the spacers were correctly placed when the mounts were replaced prior, the engine will be higher and the proper gap restored. Such is the case with my M20D. Plus less vibration. Then have your prop balanced. It's amazing to see how much weight and pressure are on those mounts and they last as long as they do. All the mounts should be torqued the same amount. You can tell by how many threads are left on the end of the bolt. Not to tight and not to loose. There is a torque setting for those.
  12. Yes a load leveler, helps the angle of the dangle! And yes, attached to the engine lift point and I used a strap around the prop.
  13. There is a trick to replace the mounts. The bolts do not go straight in the mount holes. You have to bent the mount inward to go in. I had small shims on top and thick ones on the bottom. They do fall out so be ready. Do the bottom two first and them the top's will be lined up. I had to modify a box wrench to work in the top left. A cherry picker with a pitch changer works good.
  14. M20D6607U

    I Used To Fly A Cessna C140...

    Very Nice Mooney! Ron From Santa Rosa CA
  15. Hi Par, I have a 63 M20D. It's time to replace the carpet and I would like to take your advice and use SCS for my carpet. I have the same dimensions as you. Do you have their contact info. Thanks for the post! Ron