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  1. I am writing about my recent experience with replacing my Continental TSIO-360 The original motor was running fine but was at TBO hours and had served for 35 years. WIth planned use including IFR and night work, I was keen to have the feeling that I could rely on that engine up front... So after weighing up the alternatives, and being dissuaded from field-overhauling the current motor due to its complexity, I decided on a 'zero-time' reman. unit from Continental, delivery expected in February - due to a 'crankshaft line supply problem' this was delayed to May Despite best efforts, I Still don't have my aircraft back. I have been told that (so far) the installer has found: 1) Overboard exhaust pipe assembly does not properly align with turbo and wastegate 2) Dip-stick does not fit in tube, cannot be used 3) Bendix magnetos installed (Slick were specified, for which I have the correct RPM sensors) Continental quality control? I am thinking that such a concept must be totally unfamiliar to them. Can this engine have been test run? - it certainly wasn't assembled fully. Anyone else had similar problems?
  2. "I have a KFC150 in my 252 and no vacuum system. (Well technically I still have a vacuum system but it's only connected to my speed brakes) Nothing in my panel is connected to vacuum." gsxrpilot - I would be interested to hear whether you were able (allowed) to tie your electric Vac pump to the speed brake switch... I am planning to remove the engine Vac pump so will be in the same situation and would like to only run the electric pump when it is actually needed (ie only when the speed brakes are active)
  3. The KG102A checked out ok on the bench. Turned out to be corroded contact at KG connector - now rectified. Beware these antiquated connectors that are very difficult to clean and re-connect. (M252 may find this information useful) They also looked at the WX-11 and found a minor fault in the display power supply - so altogether it was a good day! I am however considering upgrading to a G500txi so would be interested to hear how others are enjoying this... (Vac system still needed for the speed-brakes)
  4. Thanks A I spoke to my avionics guy and he agrees with diagnosis and will provide a loan unit while they check out the existing one. I plan to upgrade the panel in due course (but not yet) Only a 45 minute flight to YSBK... Regards C
  5. Hi Carusoam, thanks for responding. I noticed that my KI 525A HSI compass card was not turning with the aircraft - although it had slaved correctly before takeoff. I did a 're-slave' manually with the slave/free switch and it responded correctly but continued to not turn with the a/c. The symptoms do sound very similar to those discussed above, so I was considering swapping out the KG102A as a first step in the diagnosis. Any suggestions would be welcomed! C
  6. HI Johannes Did you manage to resolve this problem? I seem to have similar with my 252... Thanks
  7. The screen darkening thing most likely has the same cause as the 'contra-rotating' propeller. It is just a mismatch in the refresh rate between the screen and the fps rate of the camera - hard to fix. Great setup - I would like to know whether you had a JPI EDM previously and whether you had to install a new set of Garmin transducers for temps, pressures fuel flow etc... I assume you have a KFC 150? Can't quite see the model number
  8. Did you resolve this issue? I am looking at replacing the nav lights on my K - the original are 'flat' connectors but I think you can just bend the wires over to allow the longer leads to fit into the socket. However, after reading the above I will be looking at the LED replacement - is this what you used? Chris K
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