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  1. They cannot succeed selling Ultras. They have to become very creative and competitive. I think they should resurrect the J and K models, load them up with experimental/certified avionics and market them aggressively and realistically.
  2. My KFC200 shuts off frequently with no apparent reason. Sounds like you may have a fix, thanks.
  3. My problem is different. The stall warning works, but after flying for a while there’s a weak sound over the headset. Sometimes it gets louder and annoying so I pull the stall warning breaker and it stops. My mechanic replaced the whole unit and it still happens. He thinks it’s a wire rubbing someplace. Still have not found it. Most of the time I fly with the breaker out. Any thoughts?
  4. I have an ‘80J with KFC200 autopilot. I get uncommanded disconnects with no sound alert. There seems to be no reason for the disconnect. I either notice the light is no longer on or the airplane is starting to turn. My avionics guy said there is a very weak magnet holding that switch in place and that could be failing. Any comments?
  5. Yes, I do have a separate CB that I could pull. I try that next time. Thanks
  6. Chris, you’re right I do have a CB. I’ll check it out if it fails again. We had a nice visit at Latrobe.
  7. I have experienced similar problems with the AHRS light coming on and autopilot going off. We have replaced the EA100 and the the cable connectors. That seemed to help for a while, but the problem is back again. I have a KFC 200 autopilot. Mike Studley said we should replace the Ethernet cable. I resolve the problem by holding the REV button for a hard shutoff, then turn off the switch. I wait 30-60 seconds and then turn the switch back on. It goes through the start up and then works fine. It’s like doing a hard shutdown on an iPad. I have a dual Aspen setup so when failure occurs I push the REV button on the MFD so I can keep all my information while I shut down the PFD. Has anyone replaced the Ethernet cable?
  8. I’m planning on being there.
  9. How about a spray on coating using nano technology to keep ice off the airframe as well as the propeller?
  10. We had our engine overhauled at Columbia last year and were affected by the AD. 3 out of 4 of our bushings failed with 2 falling out of the connecting rods without using the tool. The third one failed after 2 turns, they replaced all 4. We shared the cost with Columbia and hope to get something back from Lycoming since it was their parts that failed. Columbia did nothing wrong and neither did we. Customer service is the hallmark of all good businesses and I think Lycoming is coming up short in that regard.
  11. I think it would look great on our blue and white Mooney.
  12. I would buy a whole set, especially if they're labeled.
  13. We had a right turning tendency and found the left flap did not fully retract. A small metal tab caught on the trailing edge of the wing. That was pushed down and burnished into place...problem solved.