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  1. Has anyone upgraded a KFC 200 to the Aero Cruz 230? Any opinions?
  2. Thank you. I’ve received a lot of good information and will be able to make good decisions.
  3. Thanks Chris. I’ll know more after Oct 23rd. That’s when he’ll learn the final diagnosis. The bone marrow biopsy is Oct 23rd.
  4. Insurance requires Class 3 medical annually because of age as well as annual flight review. Who is Dr.Bruce Chien and how can he be contacted?
  5. A friend of mine was diagnosed with polycythemia vera which is a rare type of blood cancer where one’s bone marrow produces too much blood. Too many red blood cells and platelets. This causes the blood to thicken and flow slower, and can lead to clots. It can be treated with low dosage aspirin and phlebotomy, blood letting, as well as some other medications. Does anyone know if this will cause a failure of a Class 3 medical exam?
  6. They cannot succeed selling Ultras. They have to become very creative and competitive. I think they should resurrect the J and K models, load them up with experimental/certified avionics and market them aggressively and realistically.
  7. My KFC200 shuts off frequently with no apparent reason. Sounds like you may have a fix, thanks.
  8. My problem is different. The stall warning works, but after flying for a while there’s a weak sound over the headset. Sometimes it gets louder and annoying so I pull the stall warning breaker and it stops. My mechanic replaced the whole unit and it still happens. He thinks it’s a wire rubbing someplace. Still have not found it. Most of the time I fly with the breaker out. Any thoughts?
  9. I have an ‘80J with KFC200 autopilot. I get uncommanded disconnects with no sound alert. There seems to be no reason for the disconnect. I either notice the light is no longer on or the airplane is starting to turn. My avionics guy said there is a very weak magnet holding that switch in place and that could be failing. Any comments?
  10. Yes, I do have a separate CB that I could pull. I try that next time. Thanks
  11. Chris, you’re right I do have a CB. I’ll check it out if it fails again. We had a nice visit at Latrobe.
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