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Found 12 results

  1. Hello All, I am in the process of completing a PPI on a Mooney M20C in Washington state and live in Virginia. I know I could have likely found something I wanted more local but I was somewhat intrigued by the adventure of flying my new bird back across the country. I will be receiving transition training when I fly over there to complete the transaction and likely flying back solo. For those who have completed a trip across the county, especially navigating across the Rockies, what is something you learned that you think would be great to pass along? Is there anything you wouldn't typically think about on a long cross country that I should consider? Should I consider getting a portable O2 setup to catch some of the higher altitudes on my eastward movement and while crossing the mountains? I'm aware that the density altitudes will keep me from staying much about 12,500 but if the winds are favorable and I can get there I'd like to take advantage. I know that weather is always a factor in a trip like this and I'm not IFR rated, no need to dive into the challenges of that necessarily.
  2. Those of you shuttling your families around, how do you handle O2 altitudes with little ones? Mine are 1.5 and 3 years old. We don't have supplemental O2 in our F but I am considering buying portable system. I don't think either of them would leave in the cannulas (3 year old maybe) long term. We like to fly 11-12,500 when the winds are favorable. Would like the option of climbing into the mid teens. The idea of my kids sleeping is certainly appealing on one level but the appeal fades when I consider that it would be from oxygen deprivation. Perhaps we just need to wait until they're both over 5 years of age? They often sleep above 10K as it is. Any thoughts on the wisdom of exposing them to legal, non O2 DA's that cause drowsiness?
  3. 1979 Mooney 231 M20K Asking $75,900 I am selling it because I usually just fly the cub around, I bought this to go places and with work have been very unable to go anywhere. I have owned it for just over a year and put a ton of money into it; bought it out of Alabama with a Mooney center clean bill of health; needless to say our Mooney expert thought otherwise, plane is perfect now and ready to go. Any question you can call or text me at 203.903.3759. Paint is 7/10 (removed big escape sticker from cargo door and found to be the old paint under it) Small chips on wing looks great from 10 feet Interior is 3/10 (front seats are ripped, head liner needs to be replaced) Priced Accordingly estimated repair was quotes at $3800 for all new plastics and leather seats Located at KDXR ~5080 TT/ 620 SMOH / 620 SPOH (Has damage history) Annual due June 2018 IFR Due Sep 2017 (will be sold with fresh cert) Engine Compression is 72/73/72/72/72/72 Meryln Wastegate Turbo Plus Intercooler Gami’s Injectors All new fuel system ( 2017 Annual) Lines, mechanical and electric pump, fuel manifold Baffeling redone (2017 Annual) New exhaust (2017 Annual) New Starter Linkage/ Starter (2017 Annual) New Alternator (2017 Annual) Rebuilt Mags (2017 Annual) Airframe Precise Flight Speed Brakes Monroy Long Range Tanks (104 Gal) New Shock Disks (2017 Annual) New Main Gears both sides (2017 Annual) New Brake lines/ rotors/ pads (2017 Annual) New Gear Motor with throw back spring/clutch (2017 Annual) New Gear Linkage (2017 Annual) New inner gear doors and Spats (2017 Annual) M20R steering horn and front Gear *HD*(2017 Annual) Gears Rigged (2017 Annual) Whalen Strobes (std wing/ LED Tail) (2017 Annual) Oxygen Tank Hyrdo June 2016 (4 Place oxygen factory) Oxygen Tank Pressure compensator July 2016 ($8k) ¼” Glass all around New door and window seals (2017 Annual) New Gas Cap O-rings (x4) (2017 Annual) New Landing light lens (2017 Annual) Avionics Sandel SN3308 HIS Guardian Backup Vacuum Garmin 430Waas JPI JDM700( all new probes (2017 Annual)) JPI Fuel Flow Monitor KX155 with Glideslope BFG WX1000 Storm Scope KMA 24 audio Panel King KT76a transponder Century 41 Auto Pilot with Go around (requires GPSS to interface with Sandel) flight computer and attitude indicator fresh overhaul in august. Horizon Digital Tachometer (2017 Annual) Extra's Comes with Cover, Tow Bar, 2 x Oyxgen Cannulas See below link for a detailed report of the accidents and history on this aircraft Aero-space Report N231PG Accident record.pdf N231PG Avionics.pdf N231PG Airframe.pdf N231PG Engine.pdf N231PG Propeller.pdf
  4. The final report on Dr. Moir's fatal crash in September 2015 has been released. AvWeb's Summary: A leaking oxygen hose fitting likely led to the fatal crash of a turbonormalized Mooney M20 Acclaim off the coast of Atlantic City on Sept. 10, 2015. Dr. Michael Moir, a dentist from Gaylord, Michigan, was the only one aboard the aircraft, which flew on autopilot without contact with ATC for more than two hours at 25,000 feet before descending to the ocean near Atlantic City, New Jersey. Moir was on his way to a Mooney owners safety conference and the NTSB speculated he did everything right to ensure a safe flight. He was still wearing his oxygen mask at the time of the crash but the technical fault made it worthless and he likely became hypoxic shortly after reaching altitude, the report says. Investigators found that a fitting connecting an oxygen line to the regulator on the tank was loose. It may have been missed at an earlier annual and when Moir activated the oxygen system as he climbed to altitude it likely quickly drained the tank. Moir read back a clearance to 25,000 about 16 minutes after he took off and was never heard from after that. Two F-16s were scrambled but the Mooney crashed before their pilots spotted it. The NTSB said the duration of the flight was consistent with the aircraft draining one of the aircraft's two fuel tanks on the flight. NTSB:
  5. I am selling a one place portable pulse demand O2D1 unit from Mountain High. It is a G2 unitI bought last year. I am selling it because I ordered a two place system. If you are going to use it with a built in oxygen system, you'll need an in-line regulator - I am keeping mine to use with the new system. They are available on the mountain high website. It it works great and seems to do a great job conserving the oxygen. I also like the feel of the pulse delivery rather than the constant flow. I can't say how much because I had an oxygen leak fixed at the same time I started using this unit. Previously with the leak and a constant flow system I would empty my large built-in tank in about 5-6 hours. Now I can fly 10hours before I see the needle move appreciably. asking $400. Generic photo below. I should have my new one and be able to ship this one by Jan 4. Brad
  6. Anyone know if this adapter is required in order to use Bose headset using ship power with an oxygen mask+mic? Or can I just plug the oxygen mask's mic into the standard mic jack while the headset is on the lemo jack? In other words, which mic takes priority when a mic is plugged into both jacks?
  7. a pretty sweet set up auctioned by the gsa . I know everybody want one, but who lives near North Dakota It is in North Dakota or I'd get it. North Dakota Forest ServiceForest River Fire Department Po Box 103 Forest River, ND 58233
  8. Hey all, I just picked up my first portable oxygen system to give that a try, see what it's like to use some O2 in my O3. I had it shipped empty to save costs, so I'm looking around for where to fill oxygen in the northern Atlanta area. Google doesn't seem to provide any obvious choices. Does anybody in this area have a favorite place for this? Tanks! (yes, pun intended)
  9. 2006 Mooney Ovation2 GX M20R N969RP - S/N 29-0436 Hangared at Pickens County (KJZP) Georgia $285,000 (Brokered through Lone Mountain AVIONICS Garmin GDU 1040, 10” Primary Flight Display, three axis flight dynamics, air speed, altitude, VS, HSI with perspective modes Garmin GDU 1040, 10” Multi Function Display Garmin GDC 74A Integrated Digital Air Data Computer, Constant display of TAS, CAS, Wind Direction, VSI and TAT GRS77 Solid-State Attitude and Heading Reference System Dual Garmin GIA63, Integrated radio modules with IFR approved GPS, VHF navigation with ILS and VHF communication with 16-watt 8.33-kHz transceivers GMA 1347 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon and Intercom GTX 33 Integrated Mode S Transponder w/TIS Garmin GEA 71 Airframe/Engine Interface Unit Garmin GMU 44 Magnetometer Stand-by instrumentation, including ADI, A/S, Altimeter and Magnetic Direction Indicator with emergency lighting Garmin GDL 69A Satellite Data Link- Weather radar, satellite text, graphic weather data link and audio infotainment Garmin GFC700 AFCS w/WAAS (added November 2008) ME 406 ELT AVIONICS –OPTIONS Attitude Indicator Stand-by Electrical Installation of hot-wire plugs for Bose (pilot & co-pilot) AIRFRAME –OPTIONS Platinum Engine Extended Range Fuel – 102 USG Useable AmSafe Airbag Pilot & Co-Pilot Seats only Air Conditioning (25,000 BTU engine driven) Oxygen System (77.1 Cubic Feet w/Four Masks) Yes, there was damage history in 2007 at 300 hours. Hard landing at night with off-runway departure. The airplane now has over 875 hours without a squawk. Complete repairs performed by Dugosh and new paint at Tejas. After the repairs, WAAS, GFC700 and 406 ELT were added in November 2008 at a cost of over $50K.
  10. Hello all, I am in the process of acquiring an Ovation 2, and I have some questions regarding the oxygen system. It has the built-in 115 cu. ft. system (which I believe is standard on the Ovation 2 models). What type of system delivers the oxygen? Constant flow, EDS, etc. How long will that last me at altitude? I figure I will be cruising at 15000-17000. I am also looking at masks with built-in mics. Any recommendations? I heard that Mountain High makes a good mask for a good price. I appreciate any help you can provide, as I am new to the Mooney and its systems. Thanks, Mike Novak Commercial ASEL AMEL IRA
  11. My plane does not hat have an oxygen system. Yesterday, I flew with my son at FL160. The plane came with a portable bottle. It has a T -adapter. I used the nose cannula and my son had a mask. The whole set-up was sub optimal. What equipment do I need if 4 of us fly? I live in Germany and plan to frequently fly across the Alps. When I file IFR I fly FL150 for approx 45min each leg and dont want to fill up my bottle for each trip. What portable system do ypu recommend? In particular a system that I can use when I fly on my own, with 1 passenger, or even with 1-3 passengers?
  12. Here are the two types I have seen so far! Looking for any personal recommendations of what you like best and where do you recommend I get them? Any Pros or Cons for either of the following? I have the mustache style now and it is everything but comfortable and easy to deal with in the cabin for both myself and the passengers! The Pendant Style Oxymizer features a close-coupled reservoir that fills with 20 ml of expired air at the initial phase of expiration, which is enriched or replaced with oxygen during the remainder of expiration. Pilot's choice for comfort and economy. The Original Oxymizer, or mustache style, contains an oxygen-conserving reservoir in the face piece, with soft nasal prongs that offer maximum comfort. It also stores oxygen in a reservoir during exhalation and delivers a bolus of 100% oxygen upon the next inhalation. Thanks in advance