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  1. @Adi It might also be worth checking the wiring. I thought a nav bulb was dead a few months ago but upon checking, it was just a bad grounding.
  2. I got this pump overhauled last Summer, wasn't cheap but helped with hot starts which are much easier now. The shop sent it to Aircraft Accessories in OK and their turn around time was relatively quick.
  3. What antennas are required for this one? Thank you,
  4. I’m considering it with a CFI friend on board.
  5. @ChrisN205me Not sure that helps but I have a similar color scheme from 1987 and here are the references from a repaint in 2001:
  6. Could insurance coverage be an issue?
  7. @squeaky.stow What oil are you running and at what level i.e. topped off to 8qts all the time?
  8. Have you checked with Aerox? I believe they are in FL If you can ship, TurboProp East in MA is a great shop and a lot less than what you got quoted but for inspection only (no OH of the regulators).
  9. This one is (I checked with the MSC). I’m not sure whether or not there are restrictions e.g. for the very early ones. It’s a Mooney factory mod, not a STC.
  10. 820lbs Nice thing with the 252 is that you can get an extra 230lbs of UL with the Encore conversion.
  11. @tmo I looked into that too and actually got a quote from CAV for TKS or FIKI but as mentioned, over there I know I will have much less time to fly so I'm thinking joining a partnership or a club could be smarter than bringing the Mooney over.
  12. @carusoam I'm considering that but over there, I know I will have much less time to fly (and would rather have a FIKI bird).
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