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  1. I agree! and thank you for giving me the last push I needed to pull the trigger on mine.
  2. Some 231 were also fitted with aftermarket automatic wastegate.
  3. @jgarrison I would be interested too. I have a Kevlar one which is over 15yrs in my 252 so the whole O2 system is INOP. Thank you!
  4. I'm ok with old cars/motorbikes. Aircraft, I'm just starting but an engine is still an engine, right?
  5. As much as I can, idea is really to learn what to look for and how to do some basic owner maintenance properly.
  6. Hope you’re all safe and able to fly despite the circumstances. I’m getting closer to my first annual for the 252 and feel like I still have a lot to learn so it would be great to make this one owner-assisted. I don’t mind flying half-way through the country for a great shop. So far, I’m considering the following shops but don’t really know which would be happy going for owner-assisted or not... Weber, AGL, Cole Aviation, Maxwell, Minnesota, Canada? Thank you!
  7. They are also on the K but the position is too low to ever think about looking at these.
  8. Thank you! I was also looking for a new one. On a separate note, does anyone know how to adjust the display dimming on these? Mine is very dim and difficult to see during the day. I tried cleaning the photocell but no luck. Thanks
  9. Thank you Anthony. I'm actually looking at 3 options right now: - CRG 30 (combo) - GI 275 - G3X/G500 with EIS Leaning towards a CGR combo as the GI 275 seems more limited and trying to show a lot on a single display.
  10. I have an old EDM 700 which will be upgraded over the next 12 months. I am also not confident at all in the OEM fuel gauges so really looking forward to that. Haven’t decided on a model though. Thank you for spotting the safety wire issue. I’ll get that checked ASAP as I’m still noticing some oil leaking on the cowl flaps.
  11. @HIghpockets I'd be interested to hear what you ended up going for as I have exactly the same question. My KX 165 is dying and I'm looking at three options: GNC255, GNC355 or GTN650 (my primary being a GNS480W which I plan to replace by a GTN750xi down the line). Thank you,
  12. I was about to send a 231 for a pre-buy when I stumbled across this article. Lucky enough, I found a 252 close to home and so far have been very happy to have the additional benefits of the 252. Not sure if they still do but Airmods add a couple of 231 upgraded to 252 firewall forward last time I checked.
  13. Thank you both, I'll add it to my (long) list of things to review during the annual. I haven't had any problems since that flight so I'm now convinced it was an issue with running the 100w on a very cold winter morning and without having pre-heated long enough. This is what I could see on a recent flight (running 22/2500 to let a J driver catch up with me @jkarch)
  14. The one they had for rent ended up in the ocean last Spring but they might have added another one since. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/225587 They had a late model J for sale a couple of weeks ago.