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  1. I’ve heard some shops keep upgraded ES in stock so I’ll try to get that done before year end. Thank you for the always useful replies.
  2. I just bought a K and it doesn't have ADS-B yet. Ideally, I would be flying with the current panel for at least a few months (or years) then decide on an upgrade, however, Jan 1 is just around the corner so I have to decide on a temporary solution. Below is my current set up (XPDR is a GTX 33 remote so can be upgraded to GTX 33-ES). Any thoughts? Thank you!
  3. I am in the exact same situation with a K. My instructor is a CFII with c. 3000h of which 800h retract and time in both J and K. He is based in NJ though.
  4. Thank you all. I’ll get that trust set up.
  5. Hello, I am closing a deal on a Mooney and just realized that US aircraft ownership for foreigners is not that straightforward. I live in the US but on a visa so reading this, I believe I can only own through a trust or a foreign corporation: https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/aircraft_certification/aircraft_registry/register_aircraft/ Has anyone here been in a similar situation? I know Europeans owning N-reg aircrafts in Europe use trusts but wasn’t expecting to have issues being US-based and with a US-reg aircraft staying in the country. Thank you!
  6. Would you mind sharing what your premium was? I’ve been quoted $4.5k for a $100k hull value. I’m c. 200h total, 0 time in type, virtually 0 time complex. Thank you!
  7. There is also this one https://www.continentalmotors.aero/diesel/engines/cd300.aspx EASA certified, FAA one pending
  8. Will do. I have received a few already but will actually ask for factory reman quotes vs overhaul since these will be apples to apples.
  9. Thank you for the range, it's exactly what I needed!
  10. So I've eventually found the right K and it's a 252. She's going for a pre-buy over the next few days and the only thing I'm trying to get my head around is the fully loaded cost of an overhaul. I should be able to get 300/400h on this engine before having to do that but I've had Mooney owner friends having to do it before 1500h :/ I am getting quotes from a few shops recommended on other MS threads but would be curious to hear about actual fully loaded cost of an overhaul or factory reman for this engine. Really excited to get my hands on this aircraft!!
  11. Thank you for all the valuable tips. I fly a lot in the UK and will do so with the IR and that's why I would like to encounter some weather during the training and not first the first time as a new minted IR pilot. I would also like to work on my ADM and develop personal minimums as well as really understand situations like icing... I guess the night training could be a good way to do it during the Summer then I could always fly with an instructor on some winter days to learn more about the specific weather.
  12. Good afternoon, I just passed my IR knowledge test and I’m able to take 3 weeks off over the Summer so I am thinking about going through some sort of intensive IR training to get the rating done. I would prefer to fly at times when the weather is worst to get as much real IMC experience as I can but I don’t think I’ll often have the opportunity to take 3 weeks off from both job and family. Would you have any recommendations? I’m flexible and happy to be anywhere in the US as long as the training is good and the costs reasonable. Thank you !
  13. Yes, that's exactly what I am considering right now. Not the easiest one to get to from Stamford but tie-downs are relatively inexpensive and I can certainly get a hangar spot after some time. Would love to move closer to Stamford and be 15/20 mins away form the airfield but she is actually pushing to be in the city. I managed to get my plane, you have to choose your battles
  14. Thank you. It would be great if you could send over his contact details. Many thanks,
  15. On another note, any recommendations for a Mooney instructor in the area would be really helpful. Thank you all for the very helpful replies.