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  1. I was talking about the Mooney
  2. It would be great to be able to do that in my 252. Unless I'm flying with passengers in the back seats, I need full trim up once full flaps are set. Might be time to loose some weight on the nose.
  3. I looked at this for France and it seems that you get a VAT and Customs duty waiver if you have owned the plane abroad for over 6 months in your own name and import it as part of a move.
  4. Thank you so much. No luck there unfortunately. There was a file but it does appear to be corrupted. I'll call Garmin in the morning.
  5. That would be great. I tried some old MS-DOS commands yesterday but no luck. Thank you!
  6. I was trying to update my database today and ended up deleting a file from the 480 card by mistake! It’s a file named info.dat located in the upsat folder. Anyone faced the same situation?
  7. Thank you. I’ll have a look there next time.
  8. As a datapoint, I ended up at $3.5k for a 252, hull insured for $100k, PP and 0h retract.
  9. I did look in there yesterday and couldn’t locate it but I’ll double check.
  10. Yes that’s the one I have. It’s below the right wing, about halfway.
  11. My radar alt. isn't working. We have tested the indicator on the bench and it works so I would like to look at the connections but don't want to open many access panels if not necessary. Would anyone know where the computer should be located? I read in the install manual that it shouldn't be more than 2ft away from the antenna which is half-way through the right wing. Thank you!
  12. I'd be interested to know what you end up doing for that. My cowling isn't in great shape and I'm looking for a long-term solution. I saw LASAR looking for one recently too.
  13. Bottle received today. Thank you Jimmy
  14. I agree! and thank you for giving me the last push I needed to pull the trigger on mine.
  15. Some 231 were also fitted with aftermarket automatic wastegate.