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  1. Couldn't a simple jack to USB cable plugged directly into a laptop work? e.g. something like this
  2. I've heard the same thing from a few J owners. My source for engine parameters is this article: http://www.mooneypilots.com/mapalog/M20K252_evaluation_report.htm I'm still learning to run this engine properly though so I might be wrong to trust these recommendations.
  3. I guess the only way to get rid of that would be to get a JPI that's primary, allowing me to remove that probe and get consistency across all 6 probes.
  4. And removed both upper and lower cowlings to have a look at the probes. Here are cylinders #2, 4 and 6. #2 seems to be set up at a different place and I believe the other cable is the OEM probe still showing on the old CHT gauge.
  5. So I managed to do some investigating today and believe that I found the EDM700 port:
  6. AirMods? they are in NJ but the owner spends some time in GA.
  7. Could it be that hole on the left? Some placards would have been nice...
  8. I don't think I have yet but I read posts on MS and try to follow the guidelines of the MAPA article. It's a steep learning curve from a PA28
  9. It's a 700. I haven't seen any USB port and I'm not sure I located the jack for it but I'll have a look behind the panel next time I'm at the airport.
  10. Yes, I ordered these but it seems that their software is going to need an old Windows running laptop...
  11. We did try that in flight but only for short periods of time. Nothing happened. Are you suggesting to try that for a few minutes?
  12. Great idea. I need to get the necessary cables first. I didn't get any upon buying this plane.
  13. Thank you. I'll do that before my next flight.
  14. On a long cross-country yesterday, I noticed cylinder #2 with a CHT of around 430/435˚ F when the others are between 385/400. I was cruising at 28"/2500 RPM, RoP (13.7gph) at 7,500ft. That seems high to me and the EGT of this cylinder was at c. 1485 which was one of the lowest across cylinders. So I wonder if this is a probe issue or an blocked injector which would make this cylinder leaner... Any thoughts from fellow turbo owners? Thank you!