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  1. Official TCM Overhaul Manual for most variants of the TSIO-360 Turbo Charged Six Cylinder Engine, including the -GB, -LB, -MB and -SB engines used in M20K's. FAA Approved October 1997 edition. Purchased from Aircraft Spruce and in excellent condition--no greasy finger prints, blood splatters or coffee stains. SALE $50 for reference https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/continentalnewmanuals_07-10284.php?clickkey=7889118 List ($201) but not in stock
  2. Thanks Carusoam. For the last month I have been asking myself "What have I done?" Feeling like I have lost someone really dear.
  3. @FJC I have a PowerTow Thundervolt with Mooney adapter for sale.
  4. SOLD TO A NEW BONANZA OWNER 4/24/2021 Changing family priorities, like building my wife's mountain dream home inorder to be close to our grandchildren, but 60 miles away from my hangar and my wife joining me in retirement this year has prompted the sale of my Mooney. The sale closed last Friday. The new owner (Jay) has flown N262MB more in the first three days of his ownership than I flew all last year! I am sure he will take good care of her as he commutes weekly between Texas and California. I have encouraged him to participate on MS. Anyway, I have a bunch of aviation stuff that I have accumulated during my 11 years of Mooney ownership and I would like to sell. The first of which is my Power Tow Electric aircraft tug. Here are the details: Power Tow Thundervolt 12 volt electric powered aircraft tug with adapter for Mooney aircraft. {See: (https://www.powertow.com/ThunderVolt-12-Volt-DC-Aircraft-Tug-_p_17.html.) and (https://www.powertow.com/Hook-Up-Kit-For-Mooney-KIT-0201_p_566.html)} Features as described on the Power Tow web site: Quiet operation meets low maintenance in this battery operated tug! The ThunderVolt Aircraft Tug includes one set of hook-up adaptors. Additional adaptors and extensions are extra. Ideal for aircraft up to 6000 lbs. depending on conditions. Rated for: Bonanza, 55 Baron, Cessna 150-210 & 337, Seneca, Cherokee, Lance, Saratoga, Twin Comanche, Diamond, Mooney, Columbia, Scott tail wheels. And more! Easy for one person to maneuver aircraft quickly and safely in tightly stacked hangars or staging on the ramp. Includes a smart deep cycle onboard charger. I have replaced the battery about 5 years ago and the unit has the adequate power to push a 2900 lbs Mooney up hill and then up the ramps to get over the threshold of my hangar door. It is in good condition. I believe you could probably put the unit in the back of a Mooney by removing the sealed ACM battery, the handle bar and the adapter extensions, but I haven't tried it. The cost for a new one is $2499 and the cost for the adapter for Mooney aircraft is $170. Adapters for other aircraft are available from PowerTow. I am asking $1,300, and you'll need to pick it up at KBJC. I have been a long time MS member, but haven't posted in a very long time. I know there has been some scamming on the Forums, so I don't blame you for being wary. However; one of the more active members, Vance Harral, knows me very well and has flown with me countless times. I think will vouch for my authenticity. I'll be posting additional items for sale in the next few days. Alan Higgins Former Owner of N262MB KBJC
  5. I would like a name tag too. Planning to arrive Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and staying till Thursday or Friday. Alan "FlyAggie" Higgins N262MB
  6. Marauder, Thanks for the link. I had been there before, been looking for the MFG for a couple of months. Someone still makes them for Mooney. Did you see my PM to you?
  7. The patent info wasn't that helpful in locating the manufacturer http://www.google.com/patents/US4148002
  8. It is your picture and I copied it from a previous post in this thread. Yes, I am trying to find a source of theses switches. Where did you buy your your set?
  9. Does anyone know the make and model of the lower switch? The upper one is a Klixon model 20TC used in the late 70's Mooney's. The lower one is used in later Mooney's. I thought it was also a Klixon, but can't find anything that looks like it.
  10. A similar question was posed to the Mooney Rep at the Mooney Owner Forum on Wednesday afternoon about refurbishing older Mooneys. He did acknowledge that was something they were looking at not really some much as a business line but as a means to restart their customer service operations. He was pretty noncommittal on any details.
  11. You are invited to attend a Mooney Ambassador “get together” at the Rocky Mountain Airshow and Fly-in being held at Denver’s Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (KBJC) on August 16th, 17th and 18th. Here is a link to the Airshow’s Home Page. http://www.cosportaviation.org/home.html The Mooney Ambassador event will be extremely low key, but a great reason for flying your Mooney to the mile high city, hangar flying with other Mooney Pilots, watching the airshow from the ramp and explaining the benefits of General Aviation to the public and of course brag a little about our Mooney’s! You and your passengers’ admission to the airshow is free, if you bring your airplane with you. The details about the Fly-In and the NOTAM can be found here: http://www.cosportaviation.org/flyin.html The airport is providing a FREE breakfast to the first 100 pilots who preregister for the Fly-In. You can save time by preregistering online at: http://www.cosportaviation.org/forms/acregistration.html Hope to see your there!
  12. This afternoon I did my first IPC and it was a little windy at BJC: KBJC 160245Z 24017G23KT 30SM FEW080 BKN150 BKN200 18/M10 A2992 KBJC 160148Z 24019G26KT 30SM FEW080 BKN150 BKN200 18/M11 A2992 KBJC 160045Z 23009G14KT 50SM FEW080 BKN150 BKN200 19/M11 A2991 KBJC 152345Z 27015G21KT 50SM SCT080 BKN150 BKN200 20/M11 A2991 KBJC 152247Z 26020G26KT 60SM SCT080 BKN140 OVC220 22/M12 A2991 KBJC 152158Z 26020G30KT 50SM SCT080 SCT120 BKN200 23/M13 A2991 KBJC 152048Z 25020G26KT 50SM SCT080 SCT120 BKN200 25/M14 A2992 KBJC 151945Z 00000KT 50SM FEW080 SCT120 BKN200 22/M13 A2994 In fact a Navion had an incident on landing on Rwy 29R and the airport was shut down for awhile. Fortunately all four occupants walked away. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/4-walk-away-from-small-plane-crash-at-rocky-mountain-airport My instructor and I had been playing "20 questions" and were unaware of the accident until we taxied out. The tower opened up Rwy 29L just in time for our departure. This was my first IPC and was probably the roughest conditions in which I have attempted to fly instruments. We discussed rescheduling, but decided to go ahead to see how I would perform in challenging conditions. There were 500 FPM updrafts/downdrafts, which made holding altitude challenging and we were knocked around quiet a bit by mod turb. I had done a few approaches in the simulator last week with my instructor and needed to finish the IPC in the airplane with recovery from unusual attitudes, a circle to land and some partial panel work. My instructor had no problems setting up the unusual attitudes---all she had to do was let mother nature take control of the plane and tell me to look up! We flew up to KFNL and flew an approach there with a CTL. On our return to BJC, I flew the 29R ILS approach with a partial panel, but 29R was still shut down so the Tower had us sidestep to 29L. The tower reported the winds as 24020G30 at the time we were landing. At about the same time we "broke out" and I lifted the foggles, we hit major downdraft (BJC is located on top of a plateau so sink off the end of the runway is to be expected with any wind.) I over applied power to counter the sink and wound up being too high and fast, so elected to go around. I flew a conventional traffic pattern and chose to land with flaps up and added 1/2 the gust speed to my approach speed. I was ready for the sink the second time and powered through it coming out of it on glideslope and at 80 knots. I love the way the Mooney handles crosswinds and received kudo's from my instructor for my landing. By the time, we debriefed the IPC and put the plane away, they had moved the Navion to a hangar near mine. I drove by and took the attached picture. It appears both wings were severely bent and the prop, but so glad no one was hurt. High crosswinds are not something to be taken lightly. Alan Higgins, N262MB, M20K w/Trophy 262 Conversion KBJC
  13. Attached is a pdf showing some screen shots and comments from playing around with Garmin Pilot on the iPad. (Sorry I didn't see an easy way of merging screen shots in with text.) Edit: I am unable to attach the pdf. I'll try another appraoch.
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