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  1. It did not require a backup on my system previously....
  2. I sent it in for overhaul and they shipped a new unit back instead of overhauling...
  3. The first one lasted over 10 years and 800 hours... I guess that’s pretty good... This one is new I decided to upgrade to G600 so never installed...
  4. It should be a direct replacement for any KI256... It just requires power and ground... looking for 800.00
  5. I have a new KI254 for sale... Perfect for anyone that would like to get rid of their vacumn system... Its an electric version of the KI256 that we all have... Very minor installation required...
  6. For what it’s worth I love my installation... If the G3X certified had been announced 3 months sooner I would have gone that route with the EIS and left off the JPI...
  7. I have a KI 258 for sale which is an electric version of the KI256 that you are probably running currently. Minimal installation wiring and considerably cheaper.
  8. Check the spacers on the lower gear doors... Sometimes they are not placed correctly and the door will press against the caliper forcing it open and resulting in a soft pedal... Just confirm you have clearance between lower gear door and brake caliper...
  9. Nice looking “L”... Did you have any trouble going to the traditional Throttle, Mixture, Prop controls ? I would love to swap mine over...
  10. That is nice... Post the panel and paint it looks like a nice ride... I would love to meet a fellow M20L owner...
  11. Here’s a pic of 1st flight... These guys are great !!! Heath Aviation 5A6 Winona, MS 38967
  12. How much do you want for the VM1000?

    1. jerryg324
    2. Scott Kelley

      Scott Kelley

      If it is fully functional, I'll buy it for that.  Give me a call:

      Scott Kelley

    3. Scott Kelley

      Scott Kelley

      Well, I take that back - the factory says that it will be a major PITA to change the settings for another aircraft configuration.

      Thanks anyhow

  13. I don’t have the exact number but it’s over 40 lbs
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