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  1. AAIB Published their findings this week. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5f7ed012e90e07740f167109/Mooney_M20K_G-OSUS_11-20.pdf Summary: The aircraft was in level flight and had been flying for approximately 15 minutes when the baggage door opened and detached. It struck the right tailplane and remained wrapped round its leading edge near its tip. This caused the pilot control difficulties and increased drag. The pilot declared a MAYDAY and made a successful emergency landing at Membury Airfield. The investigation found the safety clip for the internal emer
  2. Message from the engineers “We have now inhibited the engine(a few weeks ago) and have now removed the tail. We have also removed the tailplane skin at the outer end. What we have found is that in addition to the outer end damage, the distortion that is causing the whole tailplane to sit at a jaunty angle in relation to the fuselage is caused by the stbd attachment point on the tailplane being distorted forwards ( resulting in the tailplane ending up back on the stbd. side) We are investigating the possible solution to this distortion, but as you can imagine this area is
  3. Old tail coming off. Notice the 5 missing rivets and torn weld under the inspection panel. Scary stuff. IMG_0105.mov
  4. Hi MS, Following our little incident last month we need to source a M20K tail (main damage to horizontal stab + R/H elevator controls) & baggage door. If of any one knows of spare parts for the SN please comment. Thanks, Steve (for G-OSUS)
  5. I have a free prepaid parking space at EGFT, perfect fit for a Mooney If you can make it across the pond! ;) Anyone have experience in a Aviat Husky? Looks like a fun stock gap whilst the Mooney’s I’m the shop (estimated 3-6 months depends on how difficult it is to get parts) ps we are in the second hand market looking for a J/K tail & a Cabin hatch door if anyone has a spare kicking around....
  6. I thought I would share the take off and landing into & out of Charlton Park. (private estate of The Earl of Sussex & Berkshire, not too shabby!) As you can see both were bumpy but nothing unusual for a grass strip, most notably the hatch door remains shut. IMG_4417.MP4 IMG_4418.MP4
  7. Went to see AC, unfortunately the damage is a little more extensive than I first imagined (without taking off the tail) you can see that the airframe has twisted to the right all the way up the tail and the skin is deformed down the side of the fuselage half way up towards the baggage door on the right. Really hard to see in the photos. The impact from the door has also pushed the horizontal stabiliser back a good 10cm compared to the left side. You can see the 1cm gap thats been created at the joint where it connects to the empennage. Finally, and most worryingly the debris & st
  8. Going to visited the AC today. I’ll keep you all in the loop once I have more info/photos. If anyone has a spare hatch door for a model K I maybe in the market....... think mine is a little unsalvageable. Thank you for all the kind comments, my wife and I really appreciate it, lots to take in. The first question she asked when we got in the cab home was ‘how long do you think it will take until we’re flying her again?’
  9. Door was latched not locked outside. Gave everything a good tap & tug in preflight and checked over my shoulder at the inside latch on power checks , all ops normal. The AC only came back from annual ARC yesterday which is playing on my mind. With the debris on the wing and the new hole in the fuselage I could feel the extra drag (you can see me fighting the yoke with two hands in the video) the AC wanted to roll right and pitch nose down, it was a challenge to keep her level, the trim definitely helped. I tried to keep the air speed above 100kts all the way round until final putting
  10. 22nm after take off, mid point between Charlton Park(Private) & Fairoaks (London) the baggage hatch blow off which then could caught & wrapped it’s self firmly around the right hand tail elevator. We immediately lost lift and declared an emergency with ATC who had us on a basic service, lucky we were within distance of a 770m grass / gravel strip between some solar panel farms. Other than the damage to the elevator and hatch looks like we were extremely lucky to walk away unharmed. (3:52) in the video
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