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  1. Hi all, Looking for feedback from other long body drivers regarding your aircraft's stab and elevator trim in cruise. In our Ovation with the STEC55x managing pitch, stab trim is always very nose down, yet elevator trim is slightly nose up. From the picture, you can see the elevator counterweight protruding downward in to the air stream during level cruise. Is this the same in other Ovations (or Bravos or Acclaims)? Appreciate any feedback. Hayden VH-OVH
  2. I've read in a few threads opinion recommending against performing touch and go's in a Mooney. I'm a curious as to why this suggestion is made? If you're in the "no touch and go" camp, can you share your thoughts?
  3. How odd that your spark plugs are located in your exhaust port.
  4. Yeah, our O2 POH says A/C off for takeoff, but leaving it on doesn't seem to bother it all. The thing wants to fly at 50-55KIAS.
  5. How recently did you get it, and who was the factory contact?
  6. With our next AMPA Pilot Safety Program in Perth next month, I am sure this tragic event will be part of the discussion (if not a key theme). For me, it raises lots of interesting questions around decision making.
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